An eclectic thursday

Hello! Here's my wee face just in case you had forgotten what I looked like ^_^ I wore this Vero Moda polka dot dress on a night out for my lovely pal Dominique's birthday. We went drinking and dancing and I stayed over at her house, and luckily I didn't feel too hungover the next afternoon when I had to drive to Stirling to get some of my half sleeve filled in.

A clam and pearl is the newest addition to my arm. That's the space all around the front covered, and I'm going again on saturday to get the back finished up. Stephen has drawn up a lovely message in a bottle for me to complete it all so I'm pretty excited about getting that done.

Remember the chair from my Out There Interiors wishlist? Well here it is! It's a wee beauty, and as you can see Dexter has totally claimed it as his own. John has been away working on a cruise ship for the past month so Dexter has been keeping me company with lots of cuddles at bed time. John is home tomorrow though, can't wait. We've got a busy weekend planned.

I had another night out last friday for Leah's birthday :) Her boyfriend arranged a surprise do for her at the Tiki Bar, which is a brilliant place for cocktails and thai food if you're ever out in Glasgow. Just realised I had my Abandon Ship Apparel kitty dress on in the last post too (I just can't get enough...)

Leah loves pandas so I couldn't resist getting her some cupcakes made from Cupcake (also in Glasgow) They looked too good too eat, but I did eat one and bloody hell it was GOOD. If you follow me on instagram (@hellorogue) or tumblr you'll probably have seen the above photos before. I'm getting quite bad these days for going out and ditching my SLR. Lazy Ayden :( So here are some better quality photos of what other lovely things I've had my hands on recently...

I've been using the Phyto Gloss Colour enhancing express treatment from Lookfantastic on my hair to keep it shiny and give it a wee blonde boost until my mum dyes it for me again. There's about 6 applications in the tube and I've only used one so far but found that it has made a good difference to my hair! I didn't notice it properly until Luisa's 1950's themed hen do on saturday. My hair looks so much lighter in the pictures and feels really healthy (It is also available in brown, copper and platinum)

See what I mean? :) I'll share more pictures from the hen day in my next post. Think I will definitely use this product once a month to keep giving myself a wee boost between actual colouring sessions.

A pretty little box arrived on my doorstep last week too. This pink Mulberry cardholder from Harrods. It is super soft leather and very girly - I love it. I've been using it to keep my work related cards in - business bank card, Costco, B&Q Tradepoint, Country Baskets and Ikea Family Card. All the necessities when it comes to prop buying for television shows! It was this time last year I bought my Mulberry handbag, and although for the first two weeks I was frightened to take it outside, it never leaves my side now. It is starting to look a bit worn but what's the point in having a pretty bag if you don't use it eh?

Dominique and my step mum both got me Topshop kitty socks for my birthday. They're too cute and I haven't even had a chance to wear them yet.

Leah got me surfing vouchers and this awesome Gizzi Erskine cook book for my birthday. It is full of absolutely amazing recipes that I can't wait to try out. I am 11lbs down now but I still love my food and do like to have a treat at the weekends. So Skinny Weeks & Weekend Feasts sounds like the perfect book for me!

My favourite savoury and sweet recipes from the book which I hope to try out first. YUM. I am totally obsessed with Peanut Butter anything right now.

The heatwave we've been having in Scotland has meant sandals at the weekend and tootsies painted! I am totally loving this bright pink 'Loving Beauty' from Dielle. Their nail polishes are completely non toxic and cruelty free, with a lot of the proceeds going to help woman and children in Haiti. This ticks all the boxes for me. Plus it goes on like a dream! One coat wonder.

I was feeling really girly with all my new pink things, until my inner goth shines through again with this new skull top from Iron Fist, and these two cardi's by Banned, all of which I got from Pulp. Which is one of my favourite stores in Glasgow cause I'm a great big emo at heart ye know! Is it bad that I want the weather to go rubbish again so I can wear my new cardigans?

And last but not least, my new glasses from Firmoo. I have blogged about Firmoo in the past and the first pair free programme that they offer. They are constantly updating their site and seem to stay very on trend, with whatever style of glasses you are looking for. These ones were $40 including delivery and my prescription lenses, and arrived within a week of ordering. My main glasses are raybans which I am far too precious over when I'm at work. I'm too clumsy and I'm painting etc a lot and hate leaving them down anywhere. So I ordered these as a comfy alternative which I don't need to worry about too much. They're pretty robust!

I have been getting a lot of tension headaches lately and don't know if being naughty and not wearing my glasses has been the fault. So I'm glad these glasses arrived when they did. Did any of you manage to catch Fill Your House For Free with Kirstie Allsopp on tuesday night? I Art Directed the series, so if you watched it I hope you enjoyed it and liked my pretty shop set. It will be on every tuesday on channel 4 at 8pm, and had the highest viewings for channel 4 that day :) Very proud. It's a great show so hope you tune in next week. Watch out for my name in the credits! Weeeeee.

Foodie Days

My lovely friend Chloe came up from London to visit me last weekend, and I'm not ashamed to say amongst the massive catch up our time mostly revolved around food. Woo hoo!

Last time Chloe visited we spent a lot of time in the city centre, so this time I wanted to take her out of Glasgow and into the countryside. We headed towards Loch Lomond and went for lunch in the newly refurbished Tullie Inn, Balloch.

Blogger issues - don't take a bite of that before you've got a photo! The Inn has been refurbished beautifully, with quite a soft and vintage nautical look running throughout. The perfect theme for any bathroom or kitchen at home - think white washed/distressed paint finishes, driftwood, shells boating ropes, and a beautiful blue colour pallette.

For started I had Mussels and Chloe had chicken tempura. Both were very yummy. I absolutely love mussels and they were in a nice creamy broth too which I dipped my bread in at the end.

For main I had a ribeye steak, which was medium rare with chips, onion rings and peppercorn sauce. Absolutely lovely. I wasn't used to the very small streaky bits of fat that run through a ribeye steak. It kinda caught me off guard at the start but it was actually very flavorsome and not too fatty tasting at all. Chloe had a good old fish and chips which went down well too.

We were both pretty stuffed by this point, but the menu contained my favourite dessert - sticky toffee pudding - which I just couldn't resist! And I'm so glad I went for it because it was GOOOOD. Light fluffy sponge soaked in butterscotch sauce with a side of ice cream. Happy Ayden.

With our tummies fully satisfied (and us feeling almost ready for a snooze) we took a drive round to Loch Lomond shores for a gander at the shops and a walk along the beach. We've had a bit of a temperamental summer here in Scotland with things going from one extreme to the other. So unfortunately the sun wasn't really shining when we went a wander, but I don't think Chloe was expecting much less from the Scottish weather.

I wore my Abandon Ship Apparel kitty dress, Topshop cropped denim jacket and new leather fur lined boots, which are believe it or not by UGGS! They are so comfy and really different from any other Ugg boots I have seen or wore in the past. I know Uggs seem to get a lot of hate in the blogging world but I don't know why. They are amazing quality and very comfortable as I mentioned before. I don't know what I would have done without my Ugg mittens in Iceland over new year, they were absolute life savers! I'd much prefer to pay for one expensive and reliable piece of clothing/shoes, rather than loads of cheap throw away pieces. Does this sensibility mean I'm getting old?

I had a brilliant wee weekend with Chloe, and I feel really lucky to have met such good friends via blogging. Would love to get a wee visit down south to meet up with all my favourite blogger ladies soon, so watch this space ^_^ I promise I won't get drunk and end up in hospital like last time... (HI ROSIE!) haha.

After pigging out at the weekends I do always go back to eating well during the week. I've lost 11lbs so far which just goes to show you can still incorporate some of your favourite foods and treats into a healthy lifestyle. I've not really had to do any cooking lately as we get catering on set, but I decided to take up the #ElectroluxAtCannes flavour of film challenge, to cook up a meal that related to a movie. I ended up making some home made meatballs and spaghetti. I love cooking in my wee kitchen, and although it is pretty small it's modern and still has all the usual things like a built in oven and integrated washing machine. The only thing I don't have in my kitchen is any windows! :( Which can get a bit smoky and claustrophobic if I burn anything (I promise that is NEVER) haha. But yeah I guess that's what cooker hoods are for! ;)

My presentation skills aren't the best but I promise it tasted amazing. And the irony of it looking like a dogs dinner is that it quite literally was a dogs dinner in one of my favourite films, Lady and The Tramp

I hope my food related post hasn't got you desparate to get home for your dinner! I have one small favour to ask before I go... I've entered a photo competition to win a night at the penthouse suite at the Blythswood Hotel for my first Suicide Girls shoot that me and Ashley are doing soon. It would mean so much to me if I was able to use this lush interior as a location. So if you could take two seconds to vote for my picture I would really appreciate it.

Here's the picture I entered from an afternoon tea I had at the Blythswood. To vote you can click HERE and my entry is about 14 rows down. There is no signing up or anything needed if you have facebook, literally just a click! I've had about 20 votes so far and the person in the lead is at over 100, so I could really do with your support on this one lovelies ♥

We're running wild

A couple of weekends ago me and my friend Leah had a night in and a long overdue catch up. We decided to take on MoneySupermarket's Big Night In challenge. With a budget of £50 to have an interesting night in, we had a lot of fun! Decided on the theme of an 'end of the world' sleepover. What food would you have and films would you watch if you knew it was your last night on earth before some sort of crazy apocalypse? We headed straight for some calorific goodness...

Leah got a pizza and cookies, and I'm ashamed to say the selection of crisps and chocolate are mines! (I also got some more substantial food don't worry)

It was 2 dvd's for £10 at HMV so I got the apocalypse film 2012, along with a Scottish film that I have wanted to see for ages called Angels Share. I'm pretty proud of the film and tv industry in Scotland and know a lot of people who worked on this. Both of them were brilliant!

My last meal before an apocalypse would definitely be a selection of Japanese food. I shared this with my flatmate and we ordered in noodles, katsu curry, salmon teriyaki, prawn tempura and some grilled salmon maki and ebi nigiri. So good! I've been doing well with my clean eating over the past few months so safe to say I felt pretty ill after all of this. But hey, it's the end of the world so surely I can dine guilt free? ;) With a bit of forward planning you can definitely spend as much for 3 people on a brilliant night in, as you would as 1 person on a night out.

Thankfully, the zombie/robot/natural disaster apocalypse didn't hit so I was able to try out some new makeup goodies I've got my hands on lately.

The lipstick has a lovely formula that glides on, with a good mix between creamy and matte. This shade is probably as light as I'd go when it comes to nudes. Great for wearing during the day, especially at work.

I have never thought to try Shu Uemura's eyeshadows before. This palette contains the two staple colours I'd wear on my eyes for during the day makeup. I am really impressed as they are highly pigmented, blend well and have little fall out. I can see myself wearing these two shades every day!

I tried out Biotherm's Auto-Bronzant Self Tan Gel, and was quite nervous initially as I have never used a gel before and it didn't have much of a colour indicator in it, so apart from wet skin I couldn't really see where I was putting it.

The gel was really smooth and easy to apply, but for a 'dark' tan it didn't give me much colour at all. It smell lovely though and my skin felt very hydrated. Most fake tans dry my skin right out so this was a nice change.

The lack of a colour indicator did confirm my worst fears. Not being able to properly see where the gel was going or if it was rubbed in enough, I ended up with quite a few streaky patches despite how thorough I thought I was being. I wouldn't use this tan before a big night out or event, but think it would work well as a top up in between. If Biotherm put more of a colour indicator into the gel they would be onto a winning product in my opinion!

I've been much better with my skincare routine lately, and this wee gem also from Shu Uemura has been an absolute life saver. The Cleansing Beauty Oil is applied to dry skin with the palms of your (also dry) hands. I'm used to wetting my face and hands with most cleansers so this felt quite odd! But once I had rinsed it off my skin felt so soft and clean. It was also kind enough to use around my eye area without causing any irritation. I'd love to try more Shu Uemura products - they are a brand that have totally slipped past my radar over the years! What items of theirs would you suggest?

I'll round up the food and beauty elements of this post with a dose of fashion. Here's my current shoes wishlist from the epic website that is Spartoo.

1 - Rocket Dog Daisy Shoes
2 - Rocket Dog Anchor Slip Ons
3 - Floral Dr Martens boots
4 - Iron Fist platforms

Have you been saving your money by having nights in, or splurging on some lovely new things for yourself? Got to know how to treat yourself every now and again ♥