Holiday vs Home

Hello lovelies! There's something about the colour yellow that makes me instantly happy. I went for afternoon tea at the Hidden Lane Tearooms with my friend Ashley and she snapped some portraits of me out in the lane in front of this wall before we left. Over tea and cakes I've been contemplating my plans for this summer. With a steady tv job until the end of august, I thought a holiday would definitely be on the cards for me. A BIG holiday. But now a curveball has been thrown this way. My Uncle is looking to buy a property in Glasgow and wants to rent it out to me and John. So as of august/september we will be finally moving in together! :) We are both over the moon at getting our own place, and I'm already looking at sky deals, council tax and all the other things we'll need to sort out once we move. We will be helping my Uncle with the selection process and going to viewings so hopefully things should start to move quite quickly soon

Amongst my homely excitement I had totally forgotten about our plans to book a holiday for september. We wanted to enjoy some time away together while we both have steady money coming in (which is pretty much never at the same time!) but with a house on the horizon I feel like we should be saving every spare penny for furnishing what will be a completely unfurnished home. I've picked up bits and bobs during my time of renting other flats but it is all a bit mismatched and I definitely don't have everything we need. John is moving out from his family home so he doesn't have much either. So in a way it would be nice to start from scratch and buy all our own furnishings together :) Here's some inspiration of the options of a holiday vs a home that I have been oogling over.

When I say I was in the mood for a big holiday I wasn't thinking of a last minute city break. I am absolutely desperate to go back to America - in particular Las Vegas. Katy Perry, The Hangover and Fear and Loathing totally sell it for me.

My friend Kyle was in Vegas last year and he got to see Katy Perry in concert there! Must have been an absolutely amazing gig. He said the shopping, casinos and restaurants were all absolutely brilliant too.

One place I've always seen pictures of and wanted to visit is the Neon Graveyard. If I had all the moneys I would take Ashley there to do a photoshoot! This picture doesn't do it justice but if you google it you'll see what I'm talking about.

I can't talk about Las Vegas without mentioning something it is renowned for - the casino entertainment. Remember the Friends episode 'The One In Vegas'? It is one of my favourites. Joey had taken a job in Ceasars Casino/Hotel as a Gladiator and that's where they all stayed. I remember seeing clips of the famous Bellagio too and thinking WOW. I am not much of a gambler as I have mentioned before but I don't think I could visit Vegas without playing some games at a casino, wearing a fancy ballgown and drinking cocktails.

My only knowledge of the games they have on offer is from the films I've seen set in Vegas. But I would love to get all dressed up and have a go on the slot machines (like Phoebe in Friends when she's head to head with a local) try my hand at Blackjack (and have an absolute HOOT like Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation) and see if I could pull a good poker face like Matt Damon in Rounders. I was thinking how amazing it would be to get to work in the film industry out in America and do a big feature film in Vegas. There certainly have been enough movies set in and around the city and the casinos there.

My Vegas holiday research smoothly linked in to finding some amazing homeware inspiration.

These light up letters are from Out There Interiors and totally resemble the signs in the Neon Graveyard that I spoke about earlier. I think one of these would look fantastic in my new home! But they do come with a bit of a price tag. A girl can dream though eh? Out There Interiors have some pretty awesome and quirky designer furniture (Even their Rattan Furniture is cool! Giant Apple daybed for the garden anyone?) Here's a few more of my favourite finds from their site.

Cow storage cabinet

Teacup stool

Stripy baroque armchair

Distressed painted cabinets

The last one is very similar to some upcycling we did for the Kirstie Allsopp programme last month, which was a job that also added fuel to my homeware inspiration flame. What do I do you guys, book a holiday or furnish my new home?...

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  1. Vegas sounds like a dream - I've always wanted to go! How exciting about moving in with John!

  2. Neon graveyard is on my bucket list too!

  3. Such a pretty post :) and congrats on the new house!x

  4. Seeing Katy Perry in Vegas sounds like a dream come true, even just visiting anywhere in America would be a dream come true for me! Congratulations on the new house :) x

  5. Vegas looks so amazing! Congratulations on the new house indeed! The teacup stool is to die for :) x

  6. I personally would choose to decorate the new home instead, as it's something you have to see everyday for quite some time, & furniture you're not happy with can put a dampener on even the nicest of flats.
    Although Vegas would be very tempting....!

  7. Omg omg omg omg omg I need the teacup stool!!!! Seriously make your own graveyard letters. MDF , some bulbs, bit of white paint? You could do it no probs lass!! How exciting about the move though, eeeep. Yeah me and Dey are on a bit of a save spree, we want to move out of the flat and get a house, you know room for a baba and all ARGHHHH. I'm so excited to plan and have a baby!!! But AMERICA is pretty epic, we are going to NYC and Indiana in April/May. Woop woop! xxxx


    We're hoping to get married there in a couple of years! Went when I graduated uni and I loved every minute! It is something else! Cannot wait to go back!

    Congrats on the moving in together too! Exciting :D xxx

  9. Squeeeeee! Love the photos on the yellow brick pretty lady. The homeware is to die for... that cow!

    Georgia x

  10. looooove this yellow background!
    and i think going to vegas would be an amazing adventure ;>

    [my cute weirdoland -]

  11. that cow storage unit is literally the best thing i've ever seen.

    Vegas is incredible, so worth the money - do it! I'm not a big gambler either, and when i was there I was all 'oh can't do vegas and not gamble, eh!', put $5 on black, lost it and headed straight for the bar. forget that.

    brilliant post. xxx

  12. That must be so exciting! Congratulations! I know how you feel about having a big holiday. I really want to go somewhere far away and just enjoy it but it looks like I'll have to wait a little bit more :)x