First day of my life

Well, it's been a while. But here I am again sitting in bed drinking tea and listening to Bon Iver (oh I'm a walking cliche, I know) and I realised how much I missed my wee blog. The dynamics of blogging have changed for me over the past year or so, and I feel like sometimes the blog bosses me about instead of me doing what I want, when I want! I never want this little corner of the internet to feel like a chore for me. Ever. So I took a step back while things were busy with work and I spent every spare moment with the people in my life who make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I've just had a week off and literally have no idea where it went to, and now I start a new job tomorrow on a childrens tv show for 14 weeks. Now that's a pretty long haul for me! With guaranteed wages every month and weekends off it's safe to say I feel pretty blessed right now. So for the forseeable future I will be a 'normal' person with grumpy monday mornings and that friday feeling come the weekend. And I cannot wait ♥ Here's what I got upto in my blogging absence.

Met the very tanned and glam Lauren Goodger at the INAA Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards bloggers event. We had a lovely night full of canapes and cocktails, and hair and beauty demo's from various brands at the Apartment 29 private members club in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow. My favourites were Bumble & Bumble who did some awesome va-va-vooming of my hair! We also got a sample of Lauren's tanning product in the goody bag and I can honestly say it is fantastic. This girl from Essex knows her stuff when it comes to fake tan! Would certainly purchase the full size bottle.

Apart from cocktails and beauty bits and bobs, you know how much I love food, right? Well you can imagine how much I started drooling when I was invited along to a blogger evening at my FAVOURITE food store, Wholefoods in Giffnock. I am already quite familiar with the store, but it was great to get a proper tour of the layout and learn a little bit more about their story and each department. I really like their mission statements and values, and generally what they are about as a company. Good ethics and good food. I couldn't really afford to do my big monthly shop here, but the high quality of their produce is unquestionable. Big up Wholefoods!

My best girl Gemma's little boy Harris was christened a few weekends ago, so it was nice to join Gemma and her boyfriend on this special day for the wee fella.

The weekend after it was my little sister Tylers first holy communion. She looked like an absolute princess on the day and it was amazing to get home and catch up with the family.

John and Tyler

Mums buffet of home made canapes was amazing!

My Gran, Mum, Me and Aunty Elaine

Us again joined by Aaron, Tyler and my Papa. Tyler got changed into a second outfit for the later part of the day like a proper wee diva!

My Step-Dad Paul, Tyler and Mum

Gran and Papa with Tyler

And then came work. Pretty much three solid weeks of 7.30am-9.30pm days which started off with lots of antique shopping and prop sourcing, followed by the fitting out of our shop location and then a week of filming. I won't mention the name of the programme physically on here but you can see what it will be called with the lanyard card above. Kirstie was lovely, very down to earth and I got papped on her twitter at one point ^_^ Fan girl ahoy.

This is the only sneaky picture I can share at the moment, but the set looked fab and I was really pleased with the final outcome. Should be on your tellies come July so I will be proud to scream it from the rooftops closer to the time!

A final bit of loveliness, John and I were featured in my favourite magazine Things & Ink. They were asking for couples with matching tattoos so I submitted these photos a good while ago and was over the moon to find out we had been included! My favourite bloggy girl SJ over at Cowbiscuits got featured too :)

Well that's all for now, I need to go pack my bag and make my lunch for tomorrow. These first day nerves come far too often for me. Have a great week whatever you are upto!


  1. I kinda love that your blog posts aren't really regular, because when you do post, they're jam-packed full of AWESOME. Your job sounds amazing and it's refreshing to see something different! Really love the dress you wore to your sisters holy communion too xo

  2. Wow! That is one hell of a brilliant time! Best of luck in your new job and thanks for sharing such wonderful photos! :) x

  3. hectic few weeks for you, but wso glad to have you back AND I cannot wait to see your beautiful Scottish face next month.

  4. Such a lovely post and collection of photos :) looks like you've been having a great time xx

  5. New kirstie show! Amazing! I spotted you in things and ink but i had it delivered quite late, so didnt want to tweet you that i'd seen it incase you'd heard it all already!
    Excellent catch up post :) Your family are gorgeous X

  6. I love Kirsty! I have sort-of met her a few times through work and she is the most lovely lady x

  7. you look so much like you mumma!! Love catching up on your posts missy <3

    P.S me and my boy are taking a trip to Glasgow soon ;)xx

  8. It's always nice to see your new posts. It looks like there is a bunch of great things happening to you. I love the way you enjoy the life. Amazing :)x

  9. Oh wow! I didn't know you guys had matching tattoos. So cool how you got them before you met.
    I've never been to a Whole Foods, but we have a place called The Fresh Market, that I think is similar. I like that place a lot.
    Hey, I just realized I've never added your blog button to my "favorite blogs" section on my own blog, but I need to right now. :)

  10. Ooh I do love these little catch ups you lovely wee haggis. :)
    Work stuff looks mega exciting, I'm a big fan of Kirstie so I'm a little jealous.
    Love all the family piccies, gorgeous bunch, and your mums buffet goodies, wowzer!

  11. Yay! You're back! Lovely update, so many fabulous things happening! Your little sis is super cute bless her xx

  12. Yay you're back!! I missed your posts.
    Congrats on your new job :)
    Paris x

  13. So exciting you worked with Kirsty, loved her last Homemade Home show. Your wee sister is adorable and totally your double. Looking forward to your next post!!

  14. Wholefoods looks incredible!! It reminds me of Marsh's in Indiana. How exciting, you can't beat Kirsty, she's a doll. Tyler is a beaut, she looks amazing xx

  15. wow Great pics i like the all of them