Silver & Gold

A couple of weeks ago I spent a lovely wee afternoon prancing about the grounds of Glasgow University with Ashley. She took my photos while we got filmed for a case study of a great new app for photographers which is about to launch on kickstarter. I'll get a link up and explain more once the campaign is up and running - it would be great to hear the opinion of all you great photographers out there.

Apart from my preppy jacket from New Look many moons ago, the favourite part of my outfit was my new ring from Rocks By Rana. I've got the Kathmandu Jali ring in Moonstone. Here is a pretty close up...

There's something about the moonstone that is just mesmerising. I've not taken it off since I got it and I'm a bit ashamed to admit it is the first 'proper' ring that I own (something that doesn't turn my finger green after a few hours!) The brand are extremely proud of their British Nepali heritage and the amazing silver and gemstone workmanship which takes place there. And no wonder - with hallmarked sterling silver, homeland sourced gems and the most beautiful designs, I am utterly in love. It reminds me of the rings and other jewellery that my Mum used to wear when she was my age, and I always remember twiddling with on her fingers or around her neck. Rocks By Rana are offering a 25% discount for my readers with the code LITTLEBLOGOFHORRORS. This offer is valid until 31st of March. I think I actually might get something for my mum for Mothers Day :)

Not much jewellery on at all in this picture, but here's one of my Mum when she was just about to turn 24 too. That little bubba is me of course :) I absolutely love my Mum's style when she was my age, and to be honest it isn't far off my own. Denim shorts, chunky brown belt and bright tshirt. I think I'd quite happily wear that dress I have on today if they did it in big people sizes too!

I've been enjoying a couple of weeks off work at the moment but my own bits and bobs have been keeping me super busy. Had a proper big spring clean of the flat yesterday and rearranged a lot of furniture, and my girl Katrina flys out to South Korea tomorrow for a year. Our wee home won't be the same without her :( So we're going for some Thai food tonight as a last supper (I need to promise myself that I won't cry all over my curry) I ended up not making the Scottish Blogger Valentines night at the weekend because I'm still a bit sore on my crutches, and a trek to Edinburgh on my own was perhaps a bit too adventurous of me to consider. I'm so not used to getting out and about at a super fast pace like I normally do! Everything seems to take ten times longer. But tomorrow I have the hospital to get a check up and MRI scan on my knee so they should be able to tell what the damage actually is.

I've not had any opportunities to get all glamorous and dressed up this year, so I have been taking a lot of pleasure sitting with my leg propped up and finding some dress inspiration for parties, nights out and other social events this summer. White, gold and bare legs seem to be quite a theme. I better get rid of these crutches soon and get some sunshine about my pale skin! :) All my picks are from MissesDressy.

Do you like? There is something very Katy Perry-esque about the last two which I just adore!
See the Complete MissesDressy Formal Evening Dress Collection on their website. I think I took a bit of inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence and her bridal glam look at the Oscars. What an absolute babe, and a really cool chick too.

Picture source: Celeb Buzz

 Tomorrow after the hospital I've got a preview screening of a movie I worked on during the summer. It's the first big feature film that I've worked on so I'm really looking forward to getting a sneak peek. All the details are pretty under wraps just now, so it's not the sort of event I'll need to jump on the red carpet with a fancy dress like the above for. So I'll just need to save that for the premiere ;)

Come gather in my lungs, Scottish wind

I love the fact that in Scotland you can drive out of the city and within half an hour be in front of these incredible landscapes. I've had a busy start to the year work wise and after my macbook needed to go in for some major repairs I thought it was about time to take my cluttered brain up north.

Money Supermarket gave me £20 to celebrate life's 'little wins', and asked what I would do with finding a spare bit of money that I never knew was there. Have a look at the video they have running for the campaign, makes me all gooey inside seeing people happy. It actually reminded me of when I lived at home about 5 years ago and I stumbled across 10 x £20 notes curled up inside my Hello Kitty piggy bank. I must have saved up the money from a birthday or christmas and COMPLETELY forgotten about it. I still remember clear as day what I did with that £200 - I bought my snowboard. With nostalgia getting the better of me and my lungs gasping for some clear, cold country air I decided to spend my £20 towards a day pass at Aviemore.

Well hey there! Here's me somewhat resembling a marshmallow wearing pj's with my friend Pete at the Cairngorms a few weekends ago. The weather wasn't in our favour however and there ended up being a total white out only a few hours after we arrived. 10% visibility isn't the nicest condition to board it so we called it a day by the early afternoon. We did have the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted though :) That half day on the slopes planted a little seed and I found that my boarding bug was raring and ready to go by the next weekend.

I headed to Glencoe with Kyle and the conditions were brilliant. We got some great runs, and ate our lunch and drank tea in the middle of the snowy mountains.

Kyle and me on his instax mini, which I am absolutely lusting over! An hour or so after lunch I took a jump but landed it on my opposite foot with my legs not bent enough and my knee took all of the shock of the landing. At first it just felt like a really bad cramp, but it turns out I have partially torn a ligament in my knee :( We still had a brilliant day and I got a lift back down the mountain on a snow mobile which was FUN. A day and a trip to a&e later I've got crutches and an MRI scan next week. So although my inital £20 got me a blizzardy false start on the slopes and a second shot which ended in tears, I still couldn't be happier and I can't wait to get back on my feet (and board) again :) Would you rekindle any hobbies that tend to lay dormant when you have a lack of funds or time to do it in? Just erm, don't injure yourself like I did.

Before donning my crutches I took some pictures for the Boohoo Global Styler Campaign. Feeling awfy proud to be Scottish in this post, can you tell?

I wore their gorgeous floral skull playsuit with simple gold chain belt and brown wedge heels. With #globalstyler you can win a holiday for you and a friend, plus £1000 Boohoo vouchers just by following the steps below.

Let me know if you enter! I have been searching the Global Styler hashtags for Belfast as I am going with John for his birthday and St Patricks weekend. Trying to stumble across some bloggers from the city for hints on things to see and do. So if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear from you.

I am so not used to this sitting still malarkey. Trying to take it easy this week as I have the Scottish Bloggers Valentine event in Edinburgh this weekend and Kyles birthday/club night. I'm sure cocktails and crutches don't mix so I'm saving all my energy for saturday. While my macbook was away I found I had so much time (or maybe just less distraction) for reading, watching films and crafting again. I think I need to close my laptop more often and remember to spend time relaxing which doesn't involve staring at a screen. Cause lets face it, that's not really relaxing is it? I've got the first two issues of Knit & Stitch magazine to keep me occupied. It is quite challenging but the magazines are so pretty. Can you knit? I am a complete beginner so have been using the introductory dvd and have started making a little pink teddy bear for Dexter (and you know I genuinely say for Dexter after how obsessed he was with the bright blue knitted mouse John got him from a craft fair one day!)

I left my homework in the laundrette

(Photographs by Ashley Baxter)

Just a wee update to say that normal blogging will resume shortly :) My MacBook is in for repair at the moment, and I should have it back by the end of next week. I have never been so grateful for apple care - 57 days left on mines and I'm getting the top case and display replaced for nothing. My IPad has been a wee gem in the mean time for emails and general stuff, but I don't think I realised until now how much I relied on it for photo editing and actually just uploading them in the first place. Lots of nice stuff waiting to come your way soon, promise! I'm having an early night listening to Belle & Sebastian and packing as I'm up early tomorrow to head to glencoe for some snowboarding. Have a lovely Saturday night whatever you're up to chums.

Ayden x

Nights Out/In & girly things

I have been very well behaved when it comes to clean eating and going to boot camp 3 times a week, apart from a little treat at the weekends. Which lets face it - I'd be lying if I said I was going to deprive myself of. A couple of weekends ago I sorta had a BIG treat before I started my healthy eating and fitness routine properly. Call it a 'last supper' if you may...

Pizza goodness right there. Me, Greig, Leah and my flatmates had a brilliant night in with Pizza Hut takeaway and a copy of Casino Royale courtesy of Costa Bingo. It was Gary's birthday so we also ate cake and played Bingo! As you do.

I handed out all the bingo cards and counters and it was only a matter of minutes before everyone started getting hyper and competitive. Manners and following game rules seems to go out of the window when a bunch of 20 somethings gather around the living room table haha. We were just a couple of balls away from having a winner when Greig thought it would be funny to pop a party popper over my head. I got the biggest fright and jumped while holding onto the bingo set and the balls went flying EVERYWHERE. Dexter did have fun is helping us gather them back together though.

With such a busy start to the year work wise, I have really been savoring any cosy nights in I manage to have with John or my friends. On the flip side I've been enjoying some great night's out too, and have been through to Edinburgh a couple of times already in January. The first trip was for a blogger evening at Hard Rock Cafe for the launch of Benefit's newest product, Fine One One.

I will never grow tired of Benefit's overall image and packaging design. We had a great night at Hard Rock chatting about the new product, eyebrow ettiquette, plus other makeup and all things girly. Topped off with cocktails and mini food samplers from the Hard Rock menu.

There was also a Benefit based quiz and I won a 'they're real' mascara. My first experience of ever wearing mascara was actually nabbing my mums 'bad gal lashes' by Benefit out of her makeup bag. I had some outfit pictures to take before a gig in town so thought I would take my new makeup goodies on a test drive. I have not had any new makeup to play with in absolutely ages.

Fine one one retails at £23.50, and is a sheer brightening colour for lips and cheeks. I found it perfect for highlighting and adding a dewy finish to my makeup. I used it as a cream blusher, with the lighter colour highlighting down my nose. Since that day I've kept it in my bag when I'm out and about because it works well as a combo product to add a fresh 'pop' to your makeup during the day. Great for mornings when I'm on a rush to get out the door for work, and it looks lovely on the lips too. Thumbs up from me! I am also enjoying using 'they're real' every morning too, works a treat and I actually really love the plastic applicator wand. However my biggest bug when it comes to mascara is how quickly they dry out. So time will tell and that's always ultimately the deciding factor for me (because I've luckily already got curly and long-ish lashes to begin with)

It was more girly times for me at the weekend after a surprise dinner with my best girl Gemma who has just had a baby, and is looking absolutely amazing. I drove home after the dinner to get changed and head out in the South side of town with my flatmate Katrina and a few of the girls. Katrina is moving to South Korea for a year to teach English next month. This girl is like a sister to me, I will miss her so much. We have watched each other grow up through some very important years together and I want to give Katrina as many awesome memories as possible to take away with her :)

Start of night photograph vs end of night photograph - I think the latter ones are always my favourite.

Ayden x

Hit me up in the summertime

Okay Scotland, I'm ready for the summer months. Hit me with your best shot!


Road trips (the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond)

Beach adventures

Theme park trips

Summer holidays

Picnics & sunbathing in Queens Park

Garden parties & BBQ's

Fruit picking at Yonderton Farm

That's just a handful of the reasons I'm looking forward to the warmer months. Not to mention the longer and lighter days - feel like they always make such a positive difference to your day to day routine. 

I love the sun for making my hair go lighter, my freckles come out, and getting some colour around my tattoos which are normally hidden (calves and chest!) I also like the fact that a long forgotten section of my wardrobe gets to show it's pretty face again. I did some lovely imaginary online shopping and put together these two wishlists...

1. Roxy Sunglasses - £58
2. Tom Ford Sunglasses - £248.40
3. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses - £112.50
4. Alexander McQueen Sunglasses - £153

Some absolute belters from Sunglasses Shop. This summer I'm thinking big, plastic and retro a la Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. Well, maybe apart from the last pair. I am a sucker for an aviator-esque frame.
 1. Diane Von Furstenberg,Tara Dress - £345
2. Sensi Studio, Adrian Panama Hat - £128
3. Alexander McQueen, Dragonfly-print Mantaray Clutch - £315
4. Castaner, Diana Espadrilles - £85
5. Ondademar, Ania Anchor Print Bikini - £150

I perhaps went a bit bit out of my price range when it came to the above, but that's what a wishlist is all about - right? Matches Fashion have a gorgeous holiday shop up and running already which is conveniently split into Jet-set Go, Beach Kit, Day Tripper, Evening Star and Ski Style.

Hopefully I'm not too premature in my anticipation for summer and have got you looking forward to some good ol' sunshine too. I shall leave you with the song that my title is from (if anything, it might get you inspired to have a wee rave in your kitchen at 3pm on a sunday afternoon)

Ayden x