Hair, Holidays & Hauls

I never thought I'd say that 1am would see me at my most productive (you know you've stayed up too late when you start getting the Groupon emails through) I was working today but got home around 4ish, but proceeded to have what turned out to be a 4 hour nap. Cannot remember the last time I did that! I watched Fantastic Four and Gamer lying on the couch with Katrina and Dexter, and had actually planned on turning Gamer off and heading to bed until I saw it had Michael C Hall in it - the real Dexter. I have developed a strange crush on him and await patiently for season 7 to start. It's the first show I have watched in it's entirety since Lost, and I don't quite know what I'll move onto next once Dexter is done. I've cleaned my room, changed the cat litter tray, fed the piggies, and made my lunch for tomorrow so hoping this will be the last thing to tire me out Since I am nowhere near tired yet, I thought I'd get this post in before bed. I also wanted to say thank you for your supportive comments in the last post about some family stuff I've had going on lately. I feel better and braver for sharing it. You lot make me do this:

Smile! Also smiling because I have been treated to some pampering courtesy of Wahanda. They got in touch asking me to have a look on their site for deals at Hairdressers in Glasgow. If you're not familiar with the site, they post daily deals under the categories of health, beauty and wellness. I'll admit at first I found Wahanda very confusing to navigate. It was easy enough to narrow down your search options and preferences, but not all 'deals' from the salons I was looking at had details available online, and you had to phone to request prices. However this ended up not being a problem for me, and in general I don't think it would be if you aren't in any massive hurry to book and can spend a few days or weeks browsing until something suitable came up that you wanted to buy. I've really been needing my hair done lately so I was in a bit of a rush to use mines, and ended up buying Wahanda Gift Vouchers which you are able to use in certain salons against the price of your treatment, whatever it is. So rather than buying a deal, I did this, and was able to book into a local salon around the corner from me called Fabulous who I have had my eye on for a while now. I got an all over colour, trim and a file and polish for £55 - and my hairdresser was great so I will be certainly going back! I really thank Wahanda for pushing me outside my comfort zone and getting me to explore what Glasgow has to offer in terms of hair and beauty. I know it's one of these things that once you find someone/somewhere you like, you will continually go there for fear of being let down by taking the chance on someone new. Especially when your own mum is a hairdresser and has kept you in a bubble of comfort for most of your life! But I'll be keeping an eye on Wahanda from now on, I'd like to find somewhere in the South Side of Glasgow that I could try out for my tan, nails, and other things girly. Not easy being a female is it?

As well as feeling refreshed on the outside, I have been trying to feel better on the inside too. It is 2 weeks before I go to Marmaris, so I have stocked my fridge with healthy food and have a meal plan for every day. Once I finish up on this job I'll have time to rejoin the gym and really get cracking - I'm just over a stone away from my goal weight and I'd absolutely love to be well on track to it by the new year. I'm looking forward to having more time to prepare meals and experiment a bit, and have been eyeing up the Tree's Can't Dance website for inspiration. I love food bursting with flavour, and John likes his meals to have a good kick to them, so I think their Chilli Recipe will be the first I try (and hopefully be able to decently make until my Mum parts with her special secret recipes!) It took me a while to finally realise that dieting and eating healthily does not mean starving yourself or rabbit food. So I have been eating what I think is well, and resisting temptation, but on the other hand sometimes it is not easy when I get all sorts of random parcels delivered to my door...

To be fair, this is actually a daily treat I don't feel so bad about indulging in! I definitely rate the new Nature Valley sweet and nutty bars as moreish. I am not normally a huge nut fan but these sort of cereal bars are so nice and chewy with a cup of tea mid morning for a wee pick me up. 150 calories on something sweet but not naughty like a chocolate bar or biscuit. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has an energy dip before lunch and starts to crave all things sugary.

Okay, maybe this picture is a wee bit more naughty! But we're having a Halloween party in the flat this year so I have started to scope out decorations and fun nibbles to have there, and since I have been a little girl M&S do always come up trumps. I am a Cadburys girl through and through but there is something about Marks and Spencers chocolate that I am keen to make an exception for. I've started thinking about Halloween already because I don't get back from holiday until a few days before the party, and have ordered my outfit from America so keep your fingers crossed for me it arrives on time! Otherwise I'll be raiding Asda the night before for a kiddies pumpkin outfit :) You thought about what you're going as this year or am I just overly keen?

I am actually the biggest bloody hypocrite after writing all of the above, because after John bought me these books as a pressie the first one to get opened was the Hummingbird Bakery! I love how their recipes are split into occasions, and I'm looking forward to whipping up a batch of something soon. I'll need some kind volunteers to eat the results for me, since I AM being on my best behavior and can't remember the last time I had a cupcake. But maybe I could have one, just for research/reviewing purposes of course. Any Hummingbird Bakery recipe you suggest I start with? I'm a pure novice remember! Good at eating them but not so good at baking them. The street art book will be a great reference book for work, and the Studio Ghibli film artwork never fails to amaze. Absolutely beautiful.

I've not even started looking out things for my suitcase yet (all I know is that I have flip flops and bikinis so I'm sure I will be FINE) so apart from clothes I've bought a few beauty bits and bobs recently because I know I'll run out of my currents just before it's time to go. Got the Ralph Lauren Blue perfume as a wee filler before I stock up at Duty Free - it is one of these perfumes that totally takes me back to my teen years. The Lee Stafford detangling spray can be used on dry hair as well as wet, so I'll be keeping it in my beach/pool bag. The scent isn't my favourite but I know it will be perfect for holidays because I can really spray it quite heavily and it doesn't leave any greasy residue. Kinda like the loreal kids detangle stuff you used to get years ago? Nostalgia ahoy! The rockaholic hairspray is my all time fave, glad to have it back in my life again. The Mac prep and prime is a product I haven't used in a while, and sometimes forget whether I actually like it or not but I'm still going to give it a go. And finally, I bought the Have A Nice Day moisturiser from Origins and I got a couple of samples free (cleanser and serum) Haven't used this one before so I'm hoping I won't be disappointed. Pretty annoying when all your beauty bits start to run out at the same time, but it does feel pretty epic coming home with a bag of swag like this.

Last but not least, as the colder months close in I know we are starting to pile layers on rather than strip them off. I have been reading over reviews of Spanx lately and wondering if it is something people keep hush hush about, or if I should just man up and buy a pair! Especially for my worst nightmare - nights out that include a big slap up meal beforehand, which is absolutely no good when you are shimmying about in a rather fitted/slinky dress for the evening. I am quite a fan of the pulling my tights up too high technique, especially in the winter, to keep warm but simultaneously hold my wee belly in. So attractive eh, I know you want to keep reading! I jest. But being the queen of tights and having a look over the Tights Please website, their caffeine shapewear did intrigue me. They boast smoother, slimmer and firmer skin due to caffeine micro capsules activated by the warmth of your skin, but I've not worn them for long enough to say I noticed these sort of results. What I did notice instantly though, was how comfy they were and that you can actually be given a nice smooth body shape without feeling constricted. But I am going to stop now as I am giving away all my secrets! I will always have my curves and never ever be a size 8 with a banging hot bod' - so unless the heavens decide to bless me with an absolute miracle in the near future, these secret goodies will be getting worn and that's that! Don't tell anyone though eh? Unless you plan on telling Santa that I've been a very good girl this year and Spanx will only set him back about £70 :)

Feeling completely tired now as you can see, and I have started to gibberish slightly through parts of this post. But have a giggle at my expense and try to smile because by the time you'll be reading this it will be monday! Have a good week ♥

Ayden x


  1. I love love your hair like this :)
    Im trying to get healthy too, its soooo hard getting motivation and trying to find recipes that doesnt resemble rabbit food!! Thanks for sharing the website with the chilli recipes, they look YUM!x

  2. I love your hair, I really wish mine could look like this but it seems my hair just does not think the same as me - bad hair!!! haha

    Anywho, once again, I'm so jealous!!!!



  3. Ooft Dexter is just too good, definitely my favourite since LOST too. Me and my boyfriend have just finished season 6 :(


  4. Loved this "random" post about all things in your life :) I want to get more healthy too. Actually, I would need to get somewhat healthy in the first place. I am awful with food; I love chocolate and fast food and barely eat fresh fruit or veggies. It's so hard to change this since I don't really have a home and live between my mom's and my bf's place and just eat what they have in the fridge :/ I hope you achieve all your goals!

    And I wanna throw a Halloween party too! :D

  5. Michael C Hall was really weird in Gamer, think I'll just stick to watching new Dexter tonight, so exciting! Your hair looks really gorgeous, so shiny & glossy! They did a great job :) xx

  6. Your new hair looks lovely, and so does your polka do top. Sometimes a girl needs pampering xxx

  7. the hummingbird bakery book is where a good few of my wedding desserts are coming from, hurrah! xxx
    Have an lovely holiday when it gets here! xx

  8. Welcome to the full fringe club! You look amazing :D x

  9. EEEE CAKE DAYS is amazing!! I love the way it is set up and the Halloween recipes look amazing! I love your ghibli art books too! I have the Howls Moving Castle one! All the films are just such porn to my eyes! xxx

  10. I am Dexter obsessed also! Was so excited to watch the new episode yesterday morning before work but then I got food poisoning, hoping I have time to watch it today at some point, EEK! So can't wait.

    Your hair looks amazing!!

  11. Lucky you getting to go on holiday soon, hope you have a fab time! I love the Hummingbird Bakery, I have made their marshmallow cupcakes, rocky road and peaches and cream cupcakes before and all were amazing, yum yum. I will definitely volunteer to be a cupcake tester for you ;) Also never too early to plan a Halloween costume, me and my friends are doing a group thing this year which will be fun! I am exactly the same, the Simon Cowell tights look haha
    Lianne x