The princess & the pauper

Last week John and I were invited to Europe's largest Thai Restaurant, Chaophraya, in Glasgow for dinner. It's just newly opened, which I was rather excited about because I really like thai food, and you'll all know by now that going out for good food and drinks is something I like to spend my hard earned monies on. I'm a big grubber at heart. I've lost count of the amount of restaurants we've been to since we started dating each other last year, but one thing for sure is that I'm glad we both love our food :)

With a cocktail each in Chaophraya's Palm Sugar Bar beforehand, we had a try of their Thai Tuesdays offer, where you get a free beer or cocktail of your choice when you order a sharing platter. I wish I could remember the name of our drinks, but they were absolutely divine. We went upstairs to the main restaurant for our food, and the sharing platter was a great wee selection if you're not quite sure where to start with the menu - or, if you're like me and just love to have a nibble of lots of different things rather than one massive dish.

We were still a bit peckish after the sharing platter, which was almost like an extra large starter, so then we ordered a rice dish to share. This left us happily satisfied, which is one thing I especially like about thai food - you don't feel overly 'full' after it, always just right. I think the thai tuesday deal would be perfect for before a night out, some nice grub to fill you just enough before an evening of drinking, with the free cocktail or beer to get you started! Shame it isn't on at the weekends, but after our visit we will definitely be going back to have a try at more of their mouth watering menu. I couldn't fault the service either, our waitress was friendly and attentive and offered to explain different parts of the menu (which I think John would have had her standing there all night doing!) The only thing that disappointed me was because we were sharing this spicy rice (and I am a total wuss) I'd asked if the spice could be toned down almost completely, which our waitress was more than happy to do. However upon tasting it was still mega hot. So maybe she had forgotten to pass the details on, or if that was it toned down then I really need to stay away from the hot things on the menu - when they say hot, they mean HOT. But I hate sending things back, so I'll just need to be more careful/clear in my choice next time. 

Being the nosy beggars that we are, when offered a little tour of the VIP dining areas just as we were leaving, OF COURSE we said yes!

Holy moly! Something rather Lord Of The Rings style going on with that second picture isn't there? Those wooden chairs are epic! The old Townhouse building on Buchanan Street is absolutely massive, and from a design point of view they have done a fantastic job of making such a large area feel luxurious but not overdone. That's only 2 of the 4 areas on the upper floor which are available for reservation at no extra cost - just as long as you have a minimum of 8 people and pay £5 deposit per head, which then comes off the cost of your meal. Soooo, who is up for booking soon? I think us Scottish Bloggers should make a wee night of it.

A happy happy picture of me at the end of the night, posing with rosy cheeks and a full belly. I wore my AX Paris Galaxy Dress, Jeffery Campbell Lita's, Studded leather Primark Jacket, and my trusty Mulberry. As I mentioned before, the building is very grand and beautifully decorated, and I think I could have happily worn my plan A dress that night (the above was plan B)

Here is plan A, also from AX Paris. And here is a model wearing it, since I've not had the guts to yet:

I think I talked myself out of wearing this foxy little number because we went for dinner on a week night. But to be honest I would have felt quite good rocking this with some cocktails and my Lita's in the Palm Sugar Bar! Next time, for certain :) One of the waitresses actually complimented my dress, which caught me out of the blue because I didn't feel like I looked as glamorous as most of the woman in there. Why are we of the generation that can't take compliments? Who will always follow up a nice gesture with 'Oh, it's only from such and such', talking down our outfit or how we got it on sale. Why can't we just smile and say thank you? I work hard for my pennies, and when I treat myself I still feel the need to justify EVERY move, every buy.

I feel like I'll always be the guilty shopper even when I know I've been thrifty with my finds. The internet is a wonderful place and I wouldn't have had any of the things I use on a day to day basis if it weren't for a blogger reccomendation or discount code, blog sales, beauty boxes, a link on twitter, or an 'invite a friend!' deal. I can't thank the blogging world enough for opening my eyes (and not damaging my bank account too much) to all the wonders that exist for shopaholics like me. I'll never deny the fact that I got my Mulberry handbag on sale, my Lita's second hand and my discount sunglasses online. I can't take the compliment so I throw up a negative in its place. When really, shouldn't I be proud that I'm of a generation that present independent woman who can treat themselves but be rescourceful about it at the same time? I had the willpower to wait until the handbag I have wanted for years, had £300 off it, reduced from £800 to £500 (okay, hardly a cheap sale, but I felt liberated for achieving that rather than nothing) My grey suede Lita's were bought off of Amanda Hendrick. Okay, second hand, BUT only worn to the Scottish Fashion Awards by one of Scotlands hottest Models, before JC boots were being sold anywhere else in the UK. Why should I feel any less important drinking coffee outside a cafe in the sunny west end, wearing my Ray Bans and ripped jeans but sitting next to an affluent young business woman having a meeting while peering through her Gucci Sunglasses. We've both worked just as hard for our designer shades, and probably both even got them from the same website! ;)

I guess what I'm trying to say is recently life has been teaching me to work hard, but play even harder, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The next time someone compliments something I know I've worked for, I'm going to try very hard to take it and enjoy it. Be a positive young woman rather than always being full of self doubt. I will end this heart to heart with some recent pictures of a boy who is after my own heart...

♥ ♥ ♥

Ayden x


  1. I totally agree with the compliments thing! I'm forever playing down any compliments about outfits etc with 'I got it in the sale' and stuff - I can never just say thank you! I'll have to try to more haha :)
    Looks like you had a lovely evening, the restaurant looks amazing!

    Rhiannon xxx

  2. Love your kitty!! So cute!
    Me and my boyfriend also started dating over numerous dinner dates! Which may be the reason as to why I gained 20 pounds but hey at least I'm not single!

  3. skipped breakfast and reading this in work. The food photos are making my stomach rumble!xx

  4. You're so right about the compliments thing, I always just mumble something like, 'Um, it's only Primark...', then shuffle off!

    That food looks amazing!


  5. That restaurant looks amazing and the food looks delicious! You look gorgeous in that maxi with your studded jacket. The ax paris dress looks lovely too, if you don't feel brave enough to wear it like the model you could always wear a little black bandeau underneath and it would still look great :) xx

  6. I am a nightmare for that. Example.
    "Your hair looks nice Kel"
    "Thanks I washed it" :S
    The Thai place looks incredible, me and Andy love thai food (and spicy) And the interior is gorgeous.
    You look a complete babe as usual and Dexter is as always looking cute and fluffy.

  7. I completely agree with the whole we need to accept compliments thing! I'm the same and always rebound compliments trying really hard not to accept it but I will try harder in the future! (: xx

  8. the vip room looks amazing and awh your ragdoll kitty makes me melt every time!

  9. Oh my god, I love those tall chairs! I want one in my kitchen so I can pretend to be a queen. I love your hair btw, the colour is great suits you!

  10. I've walked past this a couple of times and thought it looked rather wonderful. I shall need to try get my bf to take me! That dining room is beautiful. Great review.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx

  11. You have grown into such a beautiful young woman Ayden, so glad to see you fully appreciating life and living it to the full. A lot of admiration for you here xxx

  12. Such wise words, Ayden. I am so screwed up when it comes to my confidence levels that I don't even seem to know how to take a compliment at all :(

  13. I was in Glasgow at the weekend and saw that restaurant, I'll have to try it next time.. the VIP area looks amazing!!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  14. The restaurant looks amazing! I have seen it a few times when I have been home and have always wanted to go in. Love both your plan a and plan b dresses - you will look great in both! Totally agree with the compliments things too - I never just say thanks.
    Lianne xx

  15. I'm always super pleased with pictures of your handsome cat. Also your galaxy dress is gorgeous lady face. You look smoking! x

  16. This restaurant looks amazing! You'd definitely look beautiful in the second dress, give it a go. Dinner dates are my favourite - as a student they don't happen much, but the boy is very lovely with treating me to the odd pizza. I think we all need to stop doubting ourselves and accept compliments, people aren't trying to trick us when they're being nice! I'm going to try and stop just outright contradicting anyone who says anything nice about me from now on. :) xx