A Certain Romance

This weekend marks the end of the longest freelance job I've ever had (9 weeks) and my first time assistant art directing on a feature film. I know it's one of those cliche's, but I feel like I have learned so much about myself during this time. I mentioned it on my birthday in june, but I honestly can't believe how much my life has changed in the past year. Blogging makes it so easy to look back on, as the ins and outs of my life and events are archived into a little list in the sidebar over there. Proof that when life gets nasty and shit knocks you down, you just need to brush yourself off and get back up again. Time is a great healer, and if I hadn't listened to that advice then right now I wouldn't have my flat, the piggies and Dexter, my car, my job, and less material but important things like my health, my sanity (well, questionable!) and I would never have fallen in love :) So anyone who has had a tough time of it lately, including the lovely people who have emailed me, you are never alone and things always get better. Anyways, I've chatted enough and this post is picture heavy so I'll let you get on with it...

Possibly the slowest runner in the world, but I'm still trying! Modelling my fabulous running attire above and my Samsung Hope Relay 'Warm Up and Win' tshirt, after entering their competition. I actually love the park I run through near my house, it's got massive stairs in the middle and I do imagine my own Rocky montage in my head. Anyone else ever feel like you're in a film/music video when going about your day to day life with music playing? No... just me then?

Fiiiinally got my hair done! First time my hair has been all the one colour for as long as I can remember. I always had even my trademark blonde flash from 16, so this is quite strange for me. Enjoying it though, and just want it to keep growing. After an updated hairdo I thought it was time to clear out my wardrobe, sort out more piles for ebay/car boot sale, which of course makes room for some new things.

Necklaces from Topshop.

Vans and Hello Kitty, what a combo! My Mulberry has taken a bit of a battering at work, and I'm always carrying so much around with me so I thought it was time for some back to school sensibility in the form of a backpack.

Topshop sale, £48 down to £20. I love this dress, even though the loveheart boobs are a bit mental (very Katy P!) but it looks quite sweet on, so I just need to find somewhere appropriate to wear it.

Topshop cardi. Actually getting excited about cosying up with clothes for autumn and winter.

Denim shirt from River Island. My flatmate Katrina actually already has this - I couldn't resist copying her!

Skirt from River Island. Picture doesn't do it justice, but I wore it out for dinner last night with John and our friends and it was lovely. Plus, hid my massive food belly after dinner (always a priority)

After eyeing up the Hello Kitty Vans (which are so cute, but a bit too young looking)  I thought these were a better option :)

Stud madness, picked up these shoes from Topshop. They're canvass so hopefully wont fall apart like my leather ones currently are.

I genuinely can't fault the original Fake Bake - apart from the ridiculous price tag.

A favorite which I haven't worn for over a year, thought it was time to get a wee bottle again and see if I still liked it. I do!

Boohoo sent me a hard copy of their A/W lookbook. Are all look books like this? All pretty and bound? I was very impressed! Really lovely images, and lots of great outfit inspiration. I'd say I'd buy about 30% of the items in this book, mostly more staple items as some of their statement pieces are a bit too bold for me. But I was especially loving the dress above, and these fab booties below.

A less spiky take on the Jeffery Campbell Lita's (which Katrina has, and my goodness those boots could do some damage!) These will go with so many outfits in my wardrobe, and are surprisingly easy to walk in, which I was pleased about. This is the first thing I have ever owned from Boohoo but I've heard so much about them and I am seriously impressed with the prices on their website. These boots are amazing quality for £40, and I'd be keen to see if the clothes keep up this standard too. Big nod from me.

I always like to finish on a good note. In this case, Dexter. That's him drinking from his big boy cup. He prefers a glass of water (mostly MINES) over his bowl any day. He hasn't quite mastered drinking from the tap without getting his face wet, but I know he'll get it eventually.

Paw cuddles! I really don't think he knows he's a cat. I know it is the Ragdolls nature, but he is so cuddly and loves people, and is getting on with the guinea pigs really well which I couldn't be happier with. He sits with them as they run about the floor, like a big cat looking after his pack. Cuteness aside, he is so naughty and knows how to wind me up (seriously, he looks at me like he KNOWS) I'm so glad have 2 weeks off now, I need to catch up on some early morning snuggling with this wee fella. Mega recharge of my batteries before I start the next job. Wrap party tonight, and then over to my Dad's for Max's 2nd birthday tomorrow. Have a great weekend whatever you're upto ♥

Ayden x


  1. I love your new hair!
    And that cardigan is gorgeous :)

  2. I adore those spiky boots, I bought loads of studs on ebay so just waiting til they come before I stud everything.
    Your hair looks lovely like that it really suits you and can see you have been out running a lot, you look great.
    Hope John is taking care of you xx

  3. I love the heart dress, kind of outrageous and cute in equal measure :) The bunting necklace is gorgeous - I have an unhealthy obsession with bunting so I'll have to see if I can spot that in my local Topshop.

    Your hair looks beautiful too x

  4. Lovely that you have a nice long break to recharge your batteries! Sounds like you've been working really hard these past 9 weeks! Dexter is the cutest thing <3

    Gabby, Tread Softly x

  5. You're hair is lovely, and you've bought some really nice things recently. I especially love the heart dress and the hello kitty backback, I want it!! xx

  6. My kitten does the same thing with glasses of water, had to invest in a tumbler with a lid and a straw and let him just use the glasses ^^

  7. Ayden your hair looks BUFF! Major hair envy right here.

    Loving that cardi, and shirt...and all your new shoes.

    What are you doing to me!?


  8. Ayden your hair is gorgeous, it really suits you, I wish I could go for a full fringe and not look like a five year old child again (: I completely agree how blogging puts everything into perspective in your life and you do look back on memories, both fond and not so fond and realise how far you've came in that time period (: And I love that Topshop cardi! xx

  9. I totally LOVE your hair!! You look amazing!!

    Having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out :)

  10. love your hair!!
    and love the new bits you got. that topshop cardi is adorable x

  11. Your hair looks absolutely lovely! The fringe really suits you :) Well done on getting the heart dress in the sale, it's really cute, I wanted it when it first came out so may have to mosey down to my local Topshop. I love the Lita-alikes too, I do worry they'd be impossible for me to walk in as I'm quite clumsy, but I really want a pair! x

  12. Another great post my dear.love those trainers,i too decided as much as i love the hello kitty ones,i risk looking like a mental oldie in them!awhh dexter,does he not knock his beaker over??Inaras the same with our glasses of water but shes thick and knocks them over!xx

  13. Your new hair is gorgeous - I wish my fringe would stay as nice as yours! I love all your new shoes too, I definitely need a pair of those Boohoo boots in my life and the Vans look really comfy too :) xxx

  14. You look amazing!! I love your hair! And I'm jealous if your closet hahaha :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  15. I've had a stressful few months and reading the first paragraph of this post has genuinely made me feel a bit better about things, well written- thanks. also love the new hairstyle! x

  16. you look so pretty and the tee are so cute xx

  17. You hair looks loooooovely! Also the red dress is incredibly cute and...oh, do I even have to mention the leopard print Vans? Gorgeous x

  18. Love your catch up posts. Your hair looks fab and Dexter is a cutey!

  19. Your hair looks great, really suits you.x

  20. Max is 2 already?? Holy crap where has the time gone. I am so proud of you and your feature film and to work with someone so talented. Your hair looks the best I've ever seen it. Beautiful lady! xxx

  21. Your hair looks amaaazing - so envious of people who can pull off full fringes cos I can't at all. I love the heart-boobie dress too.

  22. You look gorgeous, the new hair really suits you! It sounds like the job was a fantastic experience for you, and I hope you have mor like that to come :) ! xx

  23. Aww your cat is gorgeous - both my Nan and Grandad have Ragdoll cats and they're sooo cute and cuddly!

    I love those studded boots as well - they're not as "scary" as the spikier versions I've seen around!

    Sam x

  24. Seriously beautiful new hair! Those shoes look ace on you too, I'd always worry about scratching my own legs with the spikier ones! Thrilled for you on your job too, such a wonderful achievement! Many for in the future too xxx

  25. I love the cardigan and studded shoes from Topshop, there's so much I want in the shops at the moment!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  26. i LOVE your hair! Such a bold look and you really pull it off. Definitely need to consider this style as my hair starts growing out! (:

  27. Your hair looks beautiful! So sleek, it really suits you. I can't wait to see how you style the heart dress - I could never quite bring myself to try it on! x

  28. Well done for keeping up with the running. Your hair looks beautiful! Such a nice cut, really suits you. Love your bunting necklace and studded flats - good buys!
    Lianne x

  29. I just got my internet back after 9 days and had to come check your blog, it always cheers me right up! I love the hair, you look like a doll! I really wanted that topshop heart dress, but alas it wouldn't zip up. Boo. Also kitty is prettiest kitty in the world!

  30. Love this
    I enjoy it so much
    Have a nice day =)