Furries and friends and getting NKD

Hello :) It's been a wee while and a major update is on the cards, you all know me well enough by now.!Over the moon with all your birthday wishes in my last post - thank you ♥ Feel like I've not had a proper minute to sit down since then, amongst working and being out and about with friends and to some events. I guess I'll do what I do best and start from the beginning...

I took a trip to NKD in House Of Fraser, where their new waxing salon has just opened in the past couple of months. First and foremost I have to say I am in LOVE with their branding. Very simple but effective and quite cheeky (I'll leave you guys to work out the 'code names' in the illustration above)

There was no point in me even feeling remotely embarrassed about the prospect of getting my legs and a g-string wax, the girls were so upbeat and friendly, with a professional manner that makes you feel very comfortable (they have seen it ALL) Straight to the wax chat and no beating around the boosh, excuse the pun!

The wax used on my legs was applied on and taken off using strips, where as the bikini wax was applied on but then allowed to harden and pulled off by hand. I never even knew there was more than one type of wax, suitable for different areas etc but it was good to get a wee lesson on the ins and outs of the glory of hair removal. All great so far? Yes. Until...

PAIN! Absolutely mortified at my face in these, my flatmate Katrina caught me hilariously on camera (face also NKD with no makeup) Although I start off very intrigued, I have to honestly say that the waxing hurt so much more than what I was preparing myself for. It was bloody nippy, and the feeling of anticipation while the wax was being applied for it undoubtedly to be ripped off again got me feeling giddy. This is from someone who cries at the dentist and getting blood taken mind you - I'd happy sit and get tattooed but for some reason waxing has now fallen into the fear section along with my other foes. Which is gutting, because the results were amazing. The girls in the salon were phenomenal, and you can tell that all the products they use are very luxurious and kind to the skin. Why am I such a wuss? Despite all this (and for the fact that my tattoos mean zilch and I know you lot are a lot braver than me) I would definitely consider going back again before my holiday this summer. The end product was beyond worth it, has lasted for weeks now and the new hair coming in looks and feels a lot lighter. I just need some poor victim to come and hold my hand :') So if you're looking for somewhere new and reliable to get waxed Glasgow ladies, NKD is certainly the place.

From bare skin to furry skin. Dexter really has no place in this post whatsoever apart from the fact he is cute and I'm still a proud mamma :) Above he is chilling with his 'girlfriend' (yes, already) Hello Kitty. He seriously won't leave her alone, and he sits on my bed all cuddled up next to her. I don't have the heart to tell him that she isn't real...

Lots of dressing up and going out has been happening over the past couple of weekends. Working monday to friday on this film I find my saturday/sundays are becoming golden - like normal people! Last saturday I had a belated birthday night out courtesy of John. I went to Silverburn for a new outfit, and got my nails done at Pure Spa with their new Leighton Denny range that is now being used. I am an absolute sucker for a french manicure, and my nail technician did an excellent job. She was so precise with the white and I think it actually helped to make my nails look longer (I'm a biter!) I got a free mini Leighton Denny polish with my manicure which was lovely, I chose a sort of clear sparkly one. I've had one of their polishes from glossybox before, and was really impressed with it's staying power. My nails go through hell at work and polishes really get put to the test, so when I heard that it was their polishes now being used I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed. Certainly going to pop in again next time I'm at Silverburn (shopping, yosushi and a spa all under one roof - need I say more?)

That night John took me to Sapporo Teppanyaki for dinner, then Tiki Bar for the most amazing cocktails. We ended up at the Cathouse and got to see one of my besties Erin who was up from down south (HAI Erin if you're reading this!) I was a bit too steaming so ended up leaving early, with John putting my jammies on and taking my makeup off for me back home. What would I do without him? Hope to see Erin for longer when she's up again soon, or I really need to take a roadtrip down to visit her! How much does it suck when you grow up and you end up so far away from all the people who mean the world to you?

No rest for the wicked, on the sunday night me and John and all his friends went to the Gynhill in paisley for his best friend Kyles book launch. Kyle is also known as The Angel Whisperer, and he is one of the most loving, inspiring and wonderful people I have ever met. It is quite funny how I ended up getting to know Kyle through John, at the same time my mum had visited him for a reading. My mum is not religious and has always been very into her angel cards and crystals, which she has openly introduced and shared with me. I could literally go into a whole other post about my experiences and feelings about this sort of thing, but I know it's not for everyone. Kyle is also a DJ, writer for the Scottish Sun and Spirit and Destiny Magazine, and sponsored by Drop Dead Clothing. Such a cool cat in my cards, but go see for yourself! We had a brilliant night, full of dancing, cupcakes, with the smell of gorgeous incense burning throughout the function suite. Safe to say I needed my bed come 1am.

The rest of my week consisted of working hard, and then the playing hard came again at the weekend when I had a girly weekend with my best friend Jenn. We got dressed up, went out for drinks and some dancing and spent sunday lying on the couch with tea and munchies watching some brilliant films. I ought to mention including Pretty Woman, because I had never seen it before and Jenn was afronted! It was brilliant though. This lady makes me laugh lots and I didn't even have a hangover on the sunday by some insane miracle. I can't wait for our holiday in august :) Love you, crazy girl.

Teamed with every 'going out' outfit I've had the past two weekends has been this little number from AX Paris. It is totally that weather just now where it's too cold to go out without a jacket on a night out, but warm enough that you don't need to be handing your winter duffel into the cloakroom. This jacket has been an absolute life saver, its light, has a lovely tailored fit and pretty much goes with everything! AX Paris, I salute you.

Did any eagle eyes watching Eastenders last week notice that Oscar and Alfie had a few seconds of fame?! My friend Sally is one of their art directors down in london, and needed some snaps for a pet photobook she was making up. So there goes my boys in all their glory! It gave me a right hoot when I saw it on telly, I have some awesome friends, thanks Sally :)

Last but not least (I know this has been the updates of updates!) with some steady wages coming in, for now, I've used my birthday money and treated myself to a few bits and bobs. Firstly, these Jeffery Campbell Lita's in light grey :) Do you like them? The suede is so clean and soft, I'm worried about wearing them in a night out for fear of not being able to dodge drinks on the dance floor. I can't keep them locked up forever though eh? A second treat I bought myself last week, starts with a MUL and ends with a BERRY... but you'll have to wait until my next post to see what it is.

With my boyfriend staying at the house all this week because of his work, and a big group night out planned at the weekend, the days are flying in but I am enjoying them muchly. Lots more to share soon lovely folks, have a great week and watch this space ♥

Ayden x

(Ps. I'm posting on a daily basis on Tumblr these days, so if you've got one c'mon over and say hello)

23 years young

On monday I turned 23. It really hit home how much my life has changed in just a year.

The saturday before my birthday I had my first ever pilates class in the morning (one word, OUCH!) and in the afternoon we had Louise's wedding makeup trial at Illamasqua. Totally over the moon with this bold look we are all getting, and my first time trying their makeup I really liked it. We went to the Dhabba afterwards for dinner, and my lipstick lasted the whole meal, now that's staying power! Really impressed with it in comparison to the likes of Mac, whose lipstick I love but it just doesn't last as long as I'd like it to.

On the sunday morning I went for breakfast with Louise at a soon to be favourite place, Once Upon A Tart. Everything I love crammed under the one roof - tea, home baking and insane decor. What is a summer bikini body anyway? We went to The Residence afterwards for a neck, back and shoulder massage and manicure. That evening I met up with John and his family for dinner at Rogano, ate some very tasty seafood and they surprised me with an early birthday cake and lots of lovely pressies.

John stayed with me on the friday night all the way through until after my birthday :) Spending time with our little precious kitty is so relaxing, and gives us lots of laughs at the same time. Introducing Dexter to the guinea pigs for the first time was really successful and very cute to watch! Which is a major relief, because Oscar, Alfie and Dougal are my favourite boys too. I was too focused on them all to take pictures, but I certainly will next time.

On the monday morning of my birthday, I woke up to breakfast from John, a bunch of roses and two beautiful cards. One from him, and one from the animals! He's a big moosh, it was so sweet. Dexter was an expensive wee fella, so John put a good bit of money towards him for my birthday, and this weekend he's taking me to the King Creosote gig and out for dinner. CAN'T WAIT! Haven't had a night out in ages, looking forward to perhaps going to the Cathouse after the gig and having a good old boogie (or mosh, whatevz) Dancing together like numpties when we're out is one of my favourite things to do.

In the afternoon my mum took us and my family to the Hidden Lane Tearooms for lunch. It was so yummy, and my gran was mega chuffed to get her tea in a real china cup rather than a normal cup/mug (apparently it's the simple things in life ladies)

On monday night we had dinner in the flat, and Katrina bought me glitter meringues and a cupcake from Vanilla Black. Cake overload yet? I swear I am on a detox now! I totally overindulged that weekend but I swear to be on my best behavior now. The Dominoes two for tuesdays the night after when I went to see my dad's side of the family was the straw that broke the camels back. I disgust myself! But I'm allowed to be naughty around my birthday right? On tuesday I started a job as assistant art director on a feature film, written and directed by the lead singer in scottish band Belle and Sebastian. I'm on this for 9 weeks, which is a really long contract for me (believe it or not!) and an amazing project to get involved in, so I feel like I am on cloud nine at the moment :) Got a really great cast but I can't talk about it just yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to mention more sneaky details soon. I got some lovely cards and lovely pressies, and although I totally milked it over a few days I'm beginning to realise it's harder to do that with birthdays as you get older! Haha. Still got a few of my best ladies to see, how I miss them so :( My fault for being a bore and not having a big shindig or night out last weekend to bring everyone together. Anyone else find this hard as all your friends grow up and people move away?

I really can't explain how it feels like time has flown since I wrote my 22nd birthday post. My life has changed so much in this past year - without a doubt the toughest year I've had in my entire life. I am in such a good place now, with my personal, home life, career, and general frame of mind. I wouldn't be in this position without the support and love of my family and friends (you know who you are) and wouldn't still be writing this blog without the patience and support of you guys too! Thank you doesn't even come close. I hope this time next year I can look back and see a continuation of the good times I am having right now :) A favourite quote that springs to mind is 'Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain'. And that is exactly what I am doing from now on♥

Ayden x

Daring To Bare

This quote on the wall of the Bare Minerals Boutique in Glasgow is like nothing I have ever seen before in a cosmetics counter. They are a brand that I have always been rather intrigued by, especially with close friends like Chloe singing their praises. So when they invited me in for a make under I jumped at the chance. Much like my fashion habits mentioned in the last post, I feel like I can get somewhat stuck in a familiar rut when it comes to my makeup routine. I have never verged away from a liquid foundation, and I have always been convinced that any sort of mineral based loose makeup would just cling to my skin in all the wrong places (apart from powder, I always have the need to 'set' my foundation with powder) I knew I had set up a challenge in my own head for the girls at Bare Minerals to convince me otherwise - and I was pleasantly surprised.

A slightly different look from what I would normally go for (see, lady of habit here with mega blusher and cat flick eyes!) but I was really pleased with the end result. As you can imagine, the Bare Minerals products felt a lot 'lighter' on my skin (think gradual build up rather than slapping it all on) but still managed to provide me with a medium coverage which I would normally go for. My artist Sarah was so helpful and very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of each product, what they actually contain and why they work the way they do. I explained to her my concerns, of how I was convinced that a loose powder foundation was just a massive no go for my skin. If I had to sum up Bare Minerals in one word it would be 'natural' - but not the kind of natural that you are thinking. You can still achieve a medium to heavy coverage, and a night time glam look with their products, but with ingredients so pure and skin friendly that you could actually sleep with it on without feeling guilty! Quite often the case when I stumble in drunk at 4am and forget to reach for the face wipes.

I think after my birthday I will be looking to buy one of their get started kits. It provides all the things I need to achieve my 'perfect' base. They also have a skincare range than Sarah tried out on me, I especially liked the moisturiser but I'm currently using my Neals Yard one from last months Glossybox. So I'll see how I feel when I finish that one :) Bare Minerals have also released a range of ready to go products, if you find doing your eyemakeup or blusher with loose powders a bit fiddly (especially in situations like on the train, I'm sure we've all been there!) Then their pressed versions are available, with the same skin friendly dynamics in a compact form.

I had never ever considered makeup as skincare (or just as important as) before my visit to their boutique. Have always viewed these as two totally separate things but now I think I will question more the ingredients of my makeup - because they could be the things doing the damage to my skin (whilst I moan that my box of skincare goodies below don't bloody work)

I must admit that the extent of my skincare is Glossybox samples, or my staple favourite which is the Dermalogica Clean Start Range. I always start out with the best intentions when it comes to sticking to a skincare routine. I'm lucky that my skin has never been too problematic, and that I can venture out in public with no makeup on without feeling totally naked. Remember this time last year, when me and Alyse ran the 'Girls Who Dare To Bare'?...

Myself last year, before and after makeup shots! We convinced a bunch of you girls to brave it up and bare all for us in a series of posts Alyse ran on her blog. I came across these pictures when I was looking through some old folders and thought it would be nice to share due to the nature of this post. As the ladies at Bare Minerals say 'Pretty is what you are, beauty is what you do with it'. Are you kind to your skin when it comes to makeup, as well as skincare? I honestly love watching Snog Marry Avoid to see the lovely naturally beautiful faces that often lie under those inches of thick makeup!

I always feel better wearing less (and almost no) makeup when I have a bit of colour about my skin. There's no doubt that the sunshine makes me feel healthier all round. I really do hope that we've not seen the last of the nice weather for what is meant to be our summer :(

Completely unrelated, but necessary as I am still in proud parent mode with Dexter. He is an absolute sweetheart, but a very hyper and inquisitive wee fella too! Thank you for all your sweet words about him in the last post, and also for your entries for the Cheap Frills competition. I am glad to announce that the winner is...

Well done lady. If you could email me with your address I'll get that sent out to you asap :) Well I better dash because I need to get ready to head into town, I am getting waxed this afternoon in a new place opened in House Of Frasers, but I will reveal more about that soon. Wish me luck!

Ayden x

Saturdays, shopping and sushi.

I'm currently sitting on the couch with a cuppa, writing this and waiting on our Alien marathon to begin. Me and John are going to see Prometheus, and I have ashamedly never seen any of the other films before, we are going to try and cram all 4 in for me before 9.30pm tomorrow night! I went to hot yoga with Louise for the first time tonight and it was amazing. Really enjoyed it, can't wait to go back on thursday night. It is quite expensive, but I felt amazing after it and so relaxed this evening. I've not done any exercise since I pulled a muscle in my lower back, and I think the hot yoga is the perfect way to work me back into things. I would really like to keep it up! I'm also trying pilates on saturday - have you done either of these? Which did you prefer?

A wee break from working at the moment, and I probably won't be doing any other contracts until after my birthday (a week today, how the hell is this year flying in so quickly?) So I have been a lady of leisure recently. First up, Topshops first ever scottish blogger event...

Held at the Silverburn shopping centre Topshop during their Fashion Festival weekend, we were greeted at the store with some nibbles and drinks, and given an introduction to their three current trends. Calypso, Belief, and Pretty Military. I'll admit that I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to 'on trend' fashion. I normally find I'm stuck in the same old rut, and when shopping head for my safe options over and over again. So it was nice to see some fresh inspiration from the girls at Topshop, who were super helpful and told us all about the personal shopping service they have to offer. Which is available for anyone, at any time! I sort of knew this existed before, but they are really pushing the service and wanting customers to know they are there to help. I will certainly be keeping this in mind, especially when I'm under the pressure of finding something to wear for a special occassion. You know that thing when as soon as you have money to spend, you can never find ANYTHING? Bane of my life.

The dress above is something I had my eye on which I think would be nice for my birthday outfit. I don't even have a night out planned yet, but everyone needs a new dress on their birthday right?

Wanting to treat myself and cashing in on the whole studded trend, I bought myself a pair of these fine shorts!

Another little corner of the shop that I was loving, with the dip dye leggings, grey jumper and cream knit jumper. I ended up buying the knitted one (more studs, hello!)

(photo stolen from the gorgeous Paula!)

Topshop is a store that gradually over the years has overwhelmed me when I've walked in. I'm intimidated when it comes to fashion, and can never justify spending money on something that I'm not sure will suit me, or is too 'trendy' for me to feel totally comfortable in. But all in all, after finding out how helpful the staff at Topshop can be with the services they provide, I'd much rather invest in one good pair of jeans, one good jumper, etc rather than stocking up on multiple Primark numbers (that end up breaking or washing terribly) I'm not saying this is always the case, but good quality garments and brilliant customer service is few and far between these days, and I'd much rather spend my hard earned cash somewhere that is going to offer both.

I completely gutted out my wardrobe last week, so I really want to start a fresh with my clothes and not be scared to branch out into new styles and whatnot. After we had a look around the store, tried on some of our faves from the new trends, we had some fun in the photobooth with Claire and checked out our awesome goodie bags while munching on a yummy lunch at Yo Sushi. I wish every shopping experience I had was like this, I'm normally running around frantically half an hour before the store closes with moths flying out my purse. Thank you so much to Silverburn and Topshop for having us. Most of the bloggy action seems to be going on down south so it was an absolute pleasure to be invited to an event like this happening in Scotland. Any scottish bloggers reading this, say hello! I can direct any PR lovelies to the comment section of this post, we need to let them know we exist! :)

And as if a saturday of shopping and sushi couldn't have been topped off any more perfectly...

My wee ragdoll bubs Dexter got to come home! :) Yes we finally settled for the name (and I'd say he is more of a cartoon genius rather than a serial killer) He has been an absolute sweetheart so far. I spent most of the weekend playing and napping with him - I was finding it hard to keep up! I apologise in advance, I'm a bit of a proud parent at the moment so I'm probably gonna bombard y'all with photos of him over the next few posts.

I took a break from kitty fun on sunday morning as I ran (well, walked) the Race For Life, with my flat mate (and one of my best friends) Katrina. Our team was the Ugly Betty's, so we dressed up in geek attire for the occassion. It was an emotional morning, but a beautiful day and we managed to raise over £300 for Cancer Research on our Just Giving page. Have you ever done this race or something similar? The atmosphere was amazing, I'd do it again next year in a heart beat.

If you look closely in the Topshop pictures, you can see my lovely little Dexter inspired locket which was sent to me this week from Cheap Frills. As well as the earrings, and something special in the black box for you guys (absolutely in love with their personal seal) Even the breeder commented on it when I went to pick Dex up on saturday, I think she will be wanting one for herself! Cheap Frills do the exact kind of jewellery which I adore, so as a wee thank you to you all for being here (all 1400, what madness) they are holding a wee giveaway for the Little Blog Of Horrors readers. I wish I could gift you all with something to say thank you for giving me a reason to document my life in this sort of online diary, so apart from sending virtual hugs to all of you, here is what is up for grabs:

Much in line with the jubilee celebrations this weekend, we have a keep calm and carry on for one lucky winner! I will also throw in a few bits and bobs from myself as a thank you. To enter, all you have to do is the following:

1. Be a reader of the Little Blog Of Horrors via Google Friend Connect
2. Follow @hellorogue (myself) and @_cheapfrills on twitter
3. Leave a comment on this post with your email address if you want to enter
(note, you can also leave a comment on this post without entering!)

4. And if you want to give me a giggle, hit me with your own best version of a keep calm and carry on phrase (this is optional! But go oooon)

There is also a special discount code for you guys if you enter HORRORS20 at the checkout you will receive 20% off your entire order. This expires on 31st August 2012, and their stuff is so cute, be sure to let me know if you get anything.

A big update of sorts, but that's all for now. You have until 12pm GMT this thursday 7th june and I will announce the winner that evening. Good luck! I'm away to scare myself with Alien...

Ayden x