Academy of Makeup

Thank you for all the kind words on the last post, especially about my wee cutie of a brother. I'm actually going over to my Dad and Julie's for dinner tonight, but I've promised myself one more cup of tea and a quick blog post before I get ready. 

My day has been a bit stoppy-starty, and if you follow me on twitter you'll maybe already know that my car got towed away to a 'safe' parking place by the police yesterday. From outside my front door! I know the police are trying to make the area as safe as possible while the football is on, but I didn't know that shifting a whole streets worth of cars (all residentially parked) was actually the norm? Genuinely thought my car had been stolen. Sorry, EVERYONE'S car had been stolen. But it was only parked a mile away. Yeah, only. Luckily I'm not heavily pregnant, or disabled, and had a boyfriend who was able to run me to get it. That was of course once they could actually tell me WHERE they had moved it to. It wasn't there when I went out at 11am, and they couldn't tell me where it was until 9.30pm. I know there are more important things going on in the world, and I should be counting my chickens that I am even able to run the costs of a car on my own in this climate. But the logistics of strathclyde police baffle me with this. An absolute waste of their time and money if you ask me, towing over 40 cars of people who will be parked there 99% of the time on match days. Is there not an easier alternative to this? RANT OVER! Sorry. 

So this morning I went on the hunt for my wee yasmin, spent the early afternoon in a&e with my injured flatmate :( who is on the mend now. And have not been able to peel myself away from the facebook page of a tattoo shop back home, who are churning out tattoos that I can only describe as immoral. Man, this is a pretty bitchy post so far eh? Haha I can't help it - it is honestly shocking! I'm not a stuck up tattoo know it all, but some things in life just want to make me die a little bit inside (my friend Emma posted the first one I saw here) I don't want to slag the shop off either, as I know that's not very nice but BY LORD WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

Woop, lets get happy again my lovely readers :) I wanted to show you some pictures from the Academy Of Makeup event I went to in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. The owner, Sara Hill, is an absolute inspiration. She's just one of these lovely, lovely ladies, who is so knowledgable and infused with passion over her craft. It is really refreshing. She reminds me a lot of my mum, as she is a very focused, experienced, fun and independant business woman. Woman who make you feel excited and creative after you have a conversation with them. So it was no surprise that when my mum started working with her and introduced us I knew we would get on.

My mum (hey Karen!) is a hairdresser, and she has been involved in teaching throughout her career and I see so many similar traits in her and in Sara. I know very little about hair and makeup (just enough to get me out of bed in the morning without looking like old greg too much) but both make me feel inspired and excited about expressing myself, and not being frightened to experiment when it comes to different looks, and most importantly imbracing your beauty and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I know that sounds so cheesy but all the tutors at the academy know their craft so well, but also know how to communicate skills and understanding across to their students (and nosy beggars like myself)

I now read their blog as much as I do any other beauty blogs, you can find it here. My mum teaches hair at the academy, and they have also just launched the academy of session styling. Martine (on the right in the first picture, thats my mammy on the left) is a freelance session hair stylist for the academy and did a really interesting demo based on some fashion week catwalk trends. I know NOTHING about fashion and/or fashion week, but along with the makeup look that Sara did on the model it was actually a really gorgeous and achievable look. Tapping into the 'effortless but sexy' vibe that we all often wake up with in the morning - slightly smudged black eyeliner and wavy bed hair. LOVE IT!

There were also some great brands on show at the event, including BM Beauty (founded by Laura McComiskie - above, and her business parter Kimberly Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls) WOW Brown tan (made in Dublin, with gorgeous golden undertones that sit so much more naturally on our pale, British skin, as most tans are formulated for those with an olive and european base) and We Are Faux lashes (which are the most beautiful, hand sewn eyelashes I've ever seen. Actually too frightened to wear mines, they are teeny works of art!) We were absolutely spoiled with nibbles, great chat, and awesome goody bags containing an impressive haul. The Academy Of Makeup goes to show that we have a LOT of talent here in Scotland. Just because we have a smaller population than London doesn't mean that we can't be as influential with our skills on the catwalk, the screen and the stage (I say we, I mean the amazing woman I got to meet that day!) With not many blog events happening north of the border, they did a bloody good job of this and I left full of percy pigs and super inspired. I salute you! :)

Sorry I just had to add this one in for the caption possibilities! Ruth, your face in this one absolutely destroys me...

Aw hai guyz, team photo! Almost like a school picture :) I hope you all had a lovely wee time there too. Talking about school photos...

4th and 5th year at high school. Where's wally? :) Came across these in my grans the other day and have locked them away in my room. What can I say, I really wanted to be Avril Lavigne, okay? Don't judge me!

Bit of a hyperactive update, but I'm going to get ready now to drive over to my Dads and have some quality family time. Best way to clear the monday blues ♥ Here's to a happy week to the rest of you. And if you got through all my rants at the start to this then well done to you :)

Ayden x

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  1. That's crazy that they can just tow all the cars on match day! The Academy of makeup event sounds really fun :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. Sounds like a pretty crazy and awesome experience!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. I have neglected your blog for a while :( I do apologise! I never seem to catch anyones anymore. Eek.

    Hope you're well lovely. Your hair is look hot right now! I really want my dip dye back, hmm maybe this summer :) xx

    sweet monday
    sweet monday shop

  4. What's wrong with looking like Old Gregg? haha. Ooh, I love that girl's white hair. Reminds me of Storm from X-men.

  5. Your little rants made me laugh, but understand about the car. Even a little note through the door letting your know and a number to call. I would have thought the cars had come alive and done a runner!
    The Academy looks fab, love learning about make up and hair, and especially how to recreate.

  6. Your rants are always funny, not bitchy at all! (: I love looking back at old photos from school and seeing how people change over the years. I looked at one of me from just 2 years ago yesterday and got the shock of my life at the state of my hair! (: x

  7. That's dreadful! To think they'd just tow away everyone's cars without telling them!

    Looks like a fun day of makeup though!

    Live-aboard boater,
    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  8. Omg Karen is your mum?!? How did I not know this? So cute!

  9. I would be freaking out if that had happened to me, can't believe they just tow people's cars away without telling them!
    The Academy of Make-Up sounds amazing. x

  10. Now that is a proper update!! Love it :)

    Sounds like the event was really inspiring - I love stuff like that, you just leave full of ideas. Expecting to see experimental make up style for your next post!

    Can't believe the police hid your car, I would have gone mental if my brum disappeared, what if you needed to got to work, or the hospital or a job interview?!

    Love the school photo - You still look sweet - mine are horrific - I won't be posting them anytime soon.


  11. I cannot actually believe they towed your cars! What a massive pointless exercise!!
    Also, taht attoo is bloody shocking. Being tattooed myself, and having many tattooists in friend circle (including my sister) I have actually become a bit of a tattoo snob if I am honest. But that is just something else. This is why there should be a qualification necessary to ink people.

    On a lighter note, love your outfit from the Academy of Makeup event! Gorgeous! =)