Kittens & Cupcakes

Myself and John at his auntys 40th. Wearing my new Missy In Love dress from F&F thanks to the lovely Jen! John with his River Island cardi and Black Dahlia Murder tshirt cause he's a pure goff.

Currently enjoying Mac's Girl About Town lipstick. I like making his cheeks pink with kisses!

Dinner at Xscape followed by John winning me a cupcake from the claw machine. What a champ.

A cosy sunday night hot choco for me, made by John at his dad's hotel. I know all the pictures above are a bit boyfriendy-mushy-falala but he's such a gentleman and we have a serious amount of fun together, it makes me smile a lot.

A dreaded wardrobe clear out. Yeah... this was about half of the stuff I had to sift through. Anyone want a link to my ebay once things are up? Also selling my compare the meerkat Aleksandr teddy in order to raise some funds - desperation eh? Hehe.

I don't need a new snowboard, I certainly can't justify one anyways but if I could THIS WOULD BE IT! Reminds me of my crazy cat loving friends, Gem and S.J

I've been working on a drama through in Edinburgh recently, containing a couple of actors that I really like, from Skins and also one from Misfits. It's only the pilot so I don't want to mention too much just now. I can't say getting up at 5.30am was made for me either, it's an awfy long drive :( I'm such a sleepy head in the mornings.

My Paper Portrait from Cameron and Whitney was featured on their blog recently too. His work is seriously amazing, if you haven't heard or him, or seen his wonderful paper creations then I suggest you head on over for a nosy. He is one talented fella! And they are two of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of 'meeting' via the internet. Big hugs to them :)

Here I am! :)

A bit of an eclectic post as usual. For some reason I can't get the comment replying option opened up on this layout I have. Sorry I've not had the chance to reply to any questions asked in the last post :( It's so much easier to email me - but then I had a thought. Since I've reached over 1300 followers, I think there is a fair few of you who don't know me as well as the people who've been reading my blog for quite a while now. So I thought I'd open up the floor to some questions, and make my next post a little Q&A session (that is, if more than like 3 people ask a question haha) It may be a complete flop if y'all aren't bothered, but I thought I'd give it a try anyways. Ask me anything, and I'll answer it in the next post (within reason though... you cheeky minx's!)

Ayden x