Festive fun

Feeling a little belated posting this, but I really don't know where the times gone in between Christmas and New Year and the first couple of days of 2012. Lots of sleeping and eating and seeing friends :) Here's a little rundown of my festive period:

Toasting at the Spinnaker on Christmas Eve.

Sean, Teri, John, Ryan and Sean.

Totem pole much? Me and John :)

Christmas day breakfast - not a great picture but it tasted awesome.

Christmas dinner at Mums, rib roast (she likes to be awkward and different... they had pheasant last year)

Wee brother and gran's new look... swoot swoo!

Poached pears for dessert. My mum was so excited about the indoor sparklers.

Lush sales haul. Jenn bought me the pink box in the middle, and the rest I got in the sale half price. Well worth the visit every year.

Also took advantage of Boots 50% off sale and picked up a Soap and Glory tin and some Hello Kitty Liberty goodies.

Enjoyed decanting all my lush boxes into the s&g tin, its the simple pleasures in life eh?

I also managed to pick up 3 pairs of shoes in the sales (all Henry Holland) which I'm pleased about as I've really been needing some pairs.

Wanted to share in a non show-offy way some of the pressies I got for christmas too. So just a few, I love nosying at other peoples haul posts but for me christmas aint all about the presents and I would have felt a bit wierd taking a picture of every single thing. Aaaanyways, the above is some baking related things from my mum and Dom :) Can't wait to try out the Whoopie pie maker, and also the blender! My mum has the exact same one and swears by it.

Cute bunting from Katrina and a book on how to hold your own vintage tea party from my mum.

It's full of lots of lovely ideas including invitations, and even how to do your hair and makeup! I'd love to try some pretty burlesque-ish hair, kinda like Lyzi and how she uses her rollers :)

John's mum got me this beautiful Laduree baking book. Most of y'all will know how much I love Macaroons (have tried the recipe a few times but not 100% success) so I'm hoping with the Laduree recipe and my new hand blender I might be able to crack it! It also has lots of other yummy pastries and cakes. The actual edge of the book is all gold leaf, it's absolutely beautiful.

Some beauty pressies including the Topshop nail art pen and some polishes from Leah (which I can't wait to try, my WAH nails have worn off now) some Soap and Glory makeup from Jenn (has anyone else tried it? The glow powder is GORGEOUS!) a Hello Kitty Liberty Box from Louise, and a 100ml Vera Wang Princess from John :)

Teapot from Leah :) How perfect is the quote? Matches my tattoo so of course I'm a wee bit biased.

Step mum and dad got me some lovely jubbly things which I got when I went to see them on boxing day. Including these toasty new mitts and ear muffs from accessorize :) My jumper is from Topshop, I managed to bag a few things there in the sale too with my christmas money.

Another new addition, my lovely Totoro teddy all the way from Japan :) This was from John, he's so snuggly and soft and sits cosy next to my Lotso Huggin' Bear, Hello Kittie's and Spongebob Pineapple house on my bed! I'm a big kid but I love my critters. I was very grateful to receive some lovely things for christmas this year (wasn't expecting it as I'm getting a bit older now) and although I've not mentioned them all on here I really do appreciate every single one of them, if any family or friends are reading this, and also every single card people took the time to send ♥ absolute sucker for cards. Feel like my nearest and dearest know my taste so well, love it!

So I guess the last thing I'd like to say, is hello 2012 and hello to all of you who have read the Little Blog Of Horrors for another year. 2011 was a rollercoaster of a year for me to say the least. I'd love to link back to some of my favourite posts but it would take too long, so here's a run down of the high's (and lows) that stick out in my memory the most. My dad and Julie got married, got my upper arm and both calves tattooed, survived my first self employed tax return, completed my 3rd big art director job, became mumma to Oscar and Alfie, turned 22, had my heart broken and pieced it back together again, moved house 4 times, exchanged lots of fun parcels with people from all over the world, lost a hamster but gained a cat, saw katy perry 3 times in concert (and met her in person too) became a bridesmaid for the wonderful Luisa and Ian, attended a handful of scottish blogger meets and a bristol one too, got rushed to hospital in an ambulance twice after successfully avoiding hospitals for most of my life, got to meet friends from on blogger and twitter in real life, surfed in fuerteventura and scotland, went snowboarding, experienced alton towers for the first time, had the most awesome time in Brighton, sat under the stars for 3 days in a hot tub in Kilfinan, saw two of my favourite bands Take That and City and Colour in concert, and had my first taste of the art dept in london.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this daft wee blog of mines, and for all the supportive and kind words you have given me. I feel like I have made some real friends on here, people who I would like to be in touch with for a very, very long time. Absolute diamonds. Thank you for extending your help and love to me when I needed it most. I feel like I have all the right people around me, both friends on here, and in real life and my family too. I genuinely don't feel like I would have came through this year in one piece without them. So after some of the toughest months of my life, all I want to say is 2012, bring it!

Ayden xx


  1. Wow! Sounds like you've had a crazy busy year!!
    I LOVE your Totoro teddy! I've got one that sits on my sofa and when I had all my friends over for New Years Eve, they were like 'what on earth is that?' haha
    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas :)

  2. Sounds like you've had an insanely good year, everything sounds amazing! Hope 2012 is even better for you! Looks like you got some lovely presents, that tea pot is so cute ;-) xx

  3. Awww looks like you had an AMAZING Christmas - these pics capture all of that fun so well!

    Happy 2012 :) xx

  4. I love a good recap post, found it so hard to be picky with which photos I included! Hope you have a lovely 2012, and having a tall boy is good for when things are too high... Sam is over a foot taller than me! x

  5. Hey, great post! Just dropping by to say I love your blog. I love tattoos and live in Scotland too!!



  6. Wowzer! You got some ace prezzies there! Gotta love soap & glory! Glad you had a fun Chrimbo & here's to a great 2012! X

  7. Wow you got lots of great things, I'm so jealous at having rubbish shopping here (Australia), it sucks not being home, I'm relying on online shopping way too much lately. Really want to get this teapot also, amazing!

  8. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas :) Ooh that Laduree books looks great, I'd love to be able to make macaroons that taste as good as theirs! Happy New Year! x

  9. Haha, what a lovely Christmas dinner! Mine was boring, I'm a veggie so it was basically Christmas dinner with quorn instead of meat. Still nice though :) Love all your presents, and I'm jealous of your LUSH bargains - every year I mean to go in the sales but our LUSH shop is so crammed and teeny tiny it's basically impossible to get in...! I'm glad you have found happiness again, sounds like 2011 was a real mixed bag for you but, to experience our greatest highs we must first experience our greatest lows! :) Looking forward to seeing your finished calves :D xx

  10. Loving your baking books!! Can't wait to see what you make from them. Thank you Ayden for writing, I love your blog.
    Happy New Year to you!

    Claire xxx

  11. Happy New Year lovely lady! I hope 2012 is full of smiles, happiness and good fortune for you! xoxo

  12. Happy New Year! :)

    The Vintage Tea Party book looks amazing, please have one and share the pictures, haha! And so jealous of the Lush loot, I missed most of the good stuff at my local one as I didn't go shopping until a while after the sales :(


  13. Looks like your Christmas is amazing, I'm getting hungry just looking at that feast you had. You got some lovely presents, I'm jealous! <3 :)

  14. So many lovely presents - you look adorable in those gloves! I have a feeling 2012 will be YOUR year... :) x

  15. I want the vintage tea party book!!

  16. Looks like you got a lot of lovely presents. The Liberty Print Hello Kitty gifts are adorable.
    Here's to 2012 being an amazing year for you! x

  17. SO many wonderful goodies, I love how you have passion in whatever you do and I am so glad you have found happiness again. You really deserve it xxx

    p.s Totoro totally rocks

  18. Prettiness in your new fringe chica.

    HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR Ayden. Here's to 2012, and although 2011 might not have seemed the greatest on a number of levels, I bet when you think back on all the lessons learnt and how you're going into 2012, it doesn't seem all bad.

    Honoured to have called you a friend and met you in 2011, can't wait to do it all again this year.


  19. glad to hear you had a lovely holiday. all of your gifts look wonderful! wishing you a happy new year and hope 2012 brings the very best for you xx

  20. Ha I wouldn't have thought totem pole until I read the caption! Also I used to want that elephant mask donut came SO BADLY (Doughnuters?) but my mum wouldn't let me get it as it was "too gimmicky". She also said the same about Dreamphone : (

    And 100 ml Vera Wang? You've got yourself a guddun there!


  21. So glad to see you're much happier now! You're such a strong person Ayden! I was eyeing up that whoopie pie maker (I tried to make them by hand and failed miserably!) so you'll need to let me know how they turn out! x

  22. 2011 was a tough year Ayden, but you got through, happier and stronger than ever. You are such a lovely shiny haggis.
    I would be just as excited about the indoor sparklers as your mum. Must be a hairdresser thing. :)

  23. Happy new year Ayden! What a great post to sum up last year and I'm sure next year will be even better for you.

    Looks like you've had a wonderful Christmas and such gorgeous gifts, looking forward to seeing lots of baking from you this year. ;) Just pop one of each in the post for me, kthanx.

    I'm totally digging your hair right now too, hair envy!! Why won't mine grow!? You and John make a super cute couple also, glad you've found someone who makes you happy!

    Mwah mwah mwah!


  24. It sounds like you had such an amazing festive period! :) I have the same Totoro plush! Isn't he amazing?! I got so much Totoro stuff when I was in Japan!

    L x

  25. Your christmas sounds amazing! Love the new man in your life, anyone whos making you happy is obviously lovely :) the presents are so cute too! Lucky girl but so deserved after the year you've had. I hope 2012 is a million times better than 2011! :) xxx

  26. Hope you have an amazing 2012! You're obviously a fighter to have survived your 2011 :)