London and Bristol

Merry Christmas everyone :) No matter where you are, or who you're with, or what you're doing today (and even if you don't celebrate this holiday at all) I hope you're all well and spending quality time with the people you love. However I know that's not always possible as so many people are working at this time of year too. I've spent christmas eve with some friends and boyfriend (yes... you heard it! ♥) christmas day with my mums side of the family and tomorrow I'll be going over to my dads for a boxing day lunch with him, my step mum, max and baby bump. Still cannot believe I'm going to be a sister again in 2012!

Aaaanyways, I feel like I have so many random pictures to share over the next wee while - blog meets, parcels, trip to the ballet, days out etc. I don't want them getting mega backdated, and showing you pics from my yummy christmas dinner (macbook resting on my food baby as I write this) in the middle of january. So be prepared for a few rather eclectic posts coming up. Thanks for your kind words about my new tattoos in the last post, they're healing nicely but I just can't bloody wait to get them finished on the 4th of january. Thought for this post I'd share some pictures from what I got up to last week in London and Bristol, so here goes :)

Dinner with Sally at The Diner on Carnaby Street! Sally is an absolute diamond, and an art department trooper for film and tv like myself. We started talking through twitter this year, exchanged amazing parcels at the start of the month and I was lucky enough to meet her when I went down to London.

She's like a long lost sister - and loves Hello Kitty, Unicorns and other sickeningly disgusting girly things even more than me. Utter legend :) Her blog is pretty awesome too, she made the most amazing star wars themed snowflakes for christmas. One talented lady I feel so very honoured to now call my friend. We went for dinner one night and a walk around the shops, and she took me to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland the next.

I went with Sally, two of her friends, another friend of hers who was actually on my Art Dept course! And another twitter friend of mines Matt (who I got to meet for the first time which was lovely too) and his art dept pal who was doing the course the days after we'd finished.

We ate donuts and bratwursts, went in the fun house, sang along to the christmas music and took lots of silly pictures. I didn't get to see much else of London while I was there unfortunately. My uncle stays in Forest Hill and my course was at Aldgate East so travel wise my journey worked out to be pretty straight forward. I did do something every evening, dinner, Hyde Park, and Blood Brothers at the theatre one night too but to be honest I was so exhausted every single day. I genuinely found it quite hard to keep up with the pace of London life, even just for a week! Convinced that time goes double quick there. I didn't enjoy the underground at all (Matt and co were laughing at me cause I kept calling it the subway - I'm from Glasgow okay! We have an inner and outer circle and thats it :p) So I did as much as I could for being tired at nights and spending all day working my wee art department brain :)

Friday came and it was time to travel to Bristol for the South West Blogger meet. Excited beyond words, I went to WAH Nails in the morning to give myself an early christmas present, set off on the train and met up with the ladies in Bristol. The next few photos are stolen from the blogs of Lyzi, Stephanie, Bee, Rosie and Joseph (thank you guys, I took my camera but never actually took any pictures, doh!) All of which I got to meet at the event, along with a load of other girls who were the best fun, and turned out to be my saving graces later on in the night (you all know who you are ♥) Bunch of legends to say the least!

My Street Chic held this wonderful event at Java in Bristol. Boo Hoo did an awesome fashion show for us, and there were goody bags and cocktails flowing :) It was a really buzzing night and everyone seemed really happy and excited to be there! It was great fun. Bristol was lovely, wish I'd gotten to see more of it but I especially liked the Motel shop just down from Java, was full of the most beauuutiful stuff. We headed back to the hotel at 11pm so a few of the girls could put their bags in etc before we went back out, and thats about the last thing I remember as I spent the next 12 hours after that lying on the bathroom floor and being sick constantly :( I literally have no recollection of what went on for those first 4 hours until I sobered up, all I can slightly remember is Bee hugging me from behind (brave girl haha) talking to me and making sure I was alright. Thank you to the rest of you who saw me in this rather embarassing position - and I am very glad to say that alcohol aside (I hadn't even had that much to drink to be honest) my awful state of being turned out to be severe food poisoning :( It just struck at the WORST possible time. 

I realised at about 8am that this was not a hangover, and the girls were amazing and phoned for an ambulance for me (under instruction of NHS 24) when I still wouldn't stop being sick and literally couldn't walk. I don't know what I would have done if you all weren't there, its too scary to think about :'( The paramedic gave me a drip at the hotel to try and hydrate me, and I got another one at the hospital along with blood tests and anti sickness medication. I can't mention this without saying how much of a legend Rosie was, coming with me to the hospital and being there by my side while I was being sick and crying like a big baby :( You're an amazing friend and I love you! And now that you've seen me in such a state that's us friends for life I'm afraid :p I got the all clear about 4ish when the results of my blood tests came back, and Rosie went for her train home. No spiked drink (thank goodness) or alcohol related illness, and I never realised how serious food poisoning could be but holy shit it floored me.

My uncle was pretty amazing to say the least, and drove all the way from London to pick me up. I spent the saturday night sleeping and still feeling absolutely awful, and went for my train home to Glasgow at 2pm on sunday. But of a whirlwind trip, and it didn't end the way I hoped. But it was all worth it as I got to meet some really amazing people and make so many new friends. I think I'd move down south for the people and Krispy Kreme... but that's about it ;) Was very glad to be standing outside a chilly Central Station in Glasgow at 7pm on sunday night waiting on a taxi home! This week has been busy, but still a lot more chilled (stress levels wise) 2011 has absolutely gubbed me, and I will be welcoming a new year and a new start with the most open of arms.

I don't start my new job until mid jan, and I've still got lots to update on here so I'll be back with another post soon :) If you read all that and were able to keep up, well done! Lots of love, and again, have a merry little Christmas,

Ayden x


  1. such lovely pictures.. those nails are awesome!
    merry cherry love!

  2. so glad the 'nice boy' you mentioned turned into boyfriend! WHOOOOO for you! Hope you've had a lovely day today and that you can chill and relax till you start your new job!
    love to you (and Karina!) xx

  3. Ooooooh so much to talk about. New boy, soooo exciting, so happy for you chica, you deserve someone wonderful!!

    Winter Wonderland is always a lot of fun but soooo busy! I went a couple weeks ago and we walked round for an hour or so, drank some mulled wine and avoided getting trampled. I didn't have the patience for queuing for rides though. I was however mighty tempted by the pirate one and the ghost train.

    That sucks that your blog meet ended so badly, I heard mentions of your food poisoning by other bloggers but didn't know it was so extreme and landed you in hospital!! You poor thing.

    Hope you've had a wonderful day today though and enjoy the rest of the festive period!

    Lots of love xxx

  4. Your trip to London and the bloggers party sounds really fun, sorry to hear you weren't well :( Hope you're feeling much better now and have a lovely Christmas! x

  5. HAHAHHA AYDEN your face on that little ride! Hilarious! Sounds like a great whirlwind adventure, barr the sick/bathroom floor of course!! What do you meannnn you'd ONLY move down south for the people and donuts?! Glad you are ending 2011 on a massive high, hopefully 2012 will carry on the up! Thanks again for my card sweetcheeks. Much love xxx

  6. Ooh such lovely photos Ayden, I'm so nosy hahaha. A new boy! I'm so pleased for you sweet, you deserve someone to treat you wonderfully (: I hope you had a perfect Christmas Day! xx

  7. Such a brill post. Have really enjoyed looking at your photos and now I really want to visit the Winter Wonderland. I only live about half an hour away on the train so I really should make the most of London! Hope you have had a great Christmas x

  8. Such a brill post. Have really enjoyed looking at your photos and now I really want to visit the Winter Wonderland. I only live about half an hour away on the train so I really should make the most of London! Hope you have had a great Christmas x

  9. oh gosh i cant believe the food poisoning got so bad! thats crazy. definitely makes you think though, doesnt it? you poor thing. glad you were with some lovelies to keep you safe though. your face on the little ride is my favourite thing in the entire world! I LOVE YOOOOOU xxxx

  10. You poor thing, I never realised how awful food poisoning could be! Glad you're feeling better.

    Lovely news about the new boyfriend - hope you had a brilliant Christmas! xx

  11. Awww poor you :(
    I had food posioning a while ago and it was horrendous, the worst week of my life!!
    x x x

  12. Happy Christmas! Hope you had a fab day. Sounds like a whirlwind trip, glad you are all better! London is amazing at Christmas time, I wanted to go to the Winter Wonderland but never made it. There was a nice little Christmas market on Southbank though :) Glad to hear you are moving forwards and that the 'extremely lovely person' became 'the boyfriend'! Wishing you happiness for all the new year xxx

  13. boyfrannnnnnnnnnnnd :D

    All sounds great, glad you are recovering now lady! Much love xxx

  14. looking gorgeous as always girlie <3

  15. Aww Ayden you little legend :) I had such a fun time with you madam!!!

    Hope you are well lady and nursing your food baby :)


  16. Loved seeing all your photos from London (I love the Diner, wish they had them down here too!) - seeing everything you did in those few days (and with the Bristol shenanigans too) makes me hope you are making lots of time for resting up over the crimbo period! So sweet what you wrote about me coming to the hospital with you, you are very welcome lovely, will have to make a trip up to Scottishland ASAP - might stay away from raw fish though lest there is a need to redress the karmic balance and check out how your A&E compares, haha! Love you millions xxx

  17. Looking gorgeous, all the best for the new year Ayden, you deserve it so much <3

  18. wooh congrats on the boyfriend :)
    Me and my boyfriend also visited Hydes park winter wonderland in december and had some yucky eggnog. Were from sweden and both found it hilarious that the carnival had somekind of german theme, as if christmas is from bavaria, Why is that?

    such Nice xmas pressies!

  19. I LOVE those nails! Glad you're feeling better now xx

  20. How did your new tattoos turn out? did u post pic of them? If u wish can u post them on so others can see them?
    Thanks :-)

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