Brighton Part 2 & other bits ♥

Can't believe it's taken me so long to get around to writing this post. I thought I'd have lots of leisurely time in London to blog, and write my christmas cards on the train etc (second time lucky) But boy was I wrong. Time seemed to go at double speed down there - no joke. I was back home before I knew it! I'll save my London and Bristol pictures for the next post, but here's a few bits and bobs left over from things I bought in Brighton and what else I've been upto lately...

Goodies from Cyber Candy

Fallen in love with Krispy Kreme - oh my!

Possibly the best tea bags ever

Turns out the club photographer at Revolution in Brighton was from the town next to my home town, and was pleased to see some scottish company :) Gifted us with this picture at the end of the night - what a sweetheart.

Enjoying my cosy buys from Beyond Retro, could have spent a whole day in there :)

Macaroons left over from the Weakest Link wrap party. The catering was amazing and fortunately not many people got stuck into the macaroons, so I walked away with a full platter of them at the end. SCORE!

A pre christmas parcel from the lovely Char :) Such a perfect little bundle, thank you gal ♥ Recognise the card too? I love it, and if you follow me on tumblr maybe you'll know I got it from another very special someone a few weeks ago too.

How awesome is the paper Char used?! I've still not finished wrapping all my christmas presents. Started off very enthusiastically with lots of bows and ribbon and fancy things going on... but I'm beginning to get bored of it already haha. I also wrote 60 christmas cards in 60 minutes yesterday and felt like I was going to pass out. Oh joyus christmas!

Another parcel that came today from Sarah, all the way from New Zealand. Thank you Sarah! I can't wait to try the sweets and I must say New Zealand Marmite was a random request (well, she suggested it just as I was thinking about it) but their Marmite is theeee best ever. Don't think anyone will be fighting over it in my house though :) Do you love it or hate it?

I finally got started on my calves yesterday as some of you might already know if you follow me on twitter or tumblr (if you don't, please come say hello/follow because I'm pretty active on there in compharison to my little blog of horrors) Not a great blackberry picture, but they're only outlines at the moment so I'll get a proper photo on my SLR I think in january when they're all done.

And finally -  just in time for christmas I am running a rather quick competition for you to win a pair of tickets to the Scottish Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty! I am going with my friend Olivia tomorrow night, and will be choosing a winner by the time (ish) the curtains close tomorrow evening. So you have until 10pm GMT to leave a comment on this post stating if you want to enter with your email address and twitter link (if you have one) You can comment on this post as usual, even if you don't want to enter, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets then state clearly what I've mentioned above :) NOW CLOSED! The tickets are for a venue and time of your choice, so before you enter make sure there is a tour date and place that suits you here. (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Newcastle)

For some videos to make you smile and have a little sneak peek of the characters up close, click click

For me, christmas wouldn't be christmas without going to see a panto or ballet, it is one of the biggest things to get me in the seasonal spirit, and Scottish Ballet's productions are just too magical to miss. I am so excited about going tomorrow night, I'll have a review and some pictures to follow :)

Away to do some late night shopping and get something to wear on christmas day. I'll announce the Ballet winner on twitter tomorrow (and they'll get an email whether they have twitter or not) Only readers of the Little Blog Of Horrors may enter I'm afraid. My way of saying thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas from me and Scottish Ballet, to you!

Ayden x


  1. oh yes me please for ballet! and edinburgh please :) @gembear_

    wow on your legs! can't believe you had all of that in one sitting you lucky devil! i was booked in for my 2nd tattoo in the summer and then on the day she couldn't do it! said my design was too hard for her - i was like WHAT so i just got my other tattoo touched up (it was fading a fair bit).
    can't wait to see the finished result! xxx

  2. Your tattoos are amazing! Love everything you've got too, I'm yet to try Krispy Kreme but they look so good!


  3. Can't believe those tats dolly bird, they are FABO! Where do you get them done again? So gutted I never got to catch up with you at the meetup on Monday, working a ten hour shift and just felt ranko after it man. But southside drinks in the new year FOR DEFINITE. I'll be in touch with dates when I'm free and we (all?) can co-ord. Have a fab Christmas lovely! xx

  4. Mmmm, those donuts look sooooo good! xx

  5. I love the tattoos gorgeous! Theyre amazing :) I would very much like to be entered for some tickets please! I;ve never been to the ballet but Ive always wanted to go!

    my emails is :)

    fingers crossed!

    PS hope youre feeling lots better after winding up in hospital! Food poisoning is nasty :( xxx

  6. Love your tattoos! Making me want more... and yes please to the ballet!


    Have a lovely crimbo! x

  7. is it sad that I'm really impressed that you can actually buy 'duff'? haha lovely tattoos btw!

  8. I am loving Krispy Kreme atm too, I keep buying boxes of dozen to share with my's a pretty bad habit (but so much cheaper per doughnut that way!).
    Love your hair by the way!


  9. I go to the ballet every year at winter now with my Mom! It makes Christmas. Shame I don't live in Scotland :( I so want another tattoo, on my rib though. I am having elvish for "Love of my life" pretty special. Bristol sounds immense and I want one of them Harry Potter Chocolate frogs!!! Hope you have a lovelllllly Christmas. Love you have fun at the ballet! xxx

  10. Your tattoo looks like it's going to be a beaut! I love Marmite possibly a bit to much. We have Marmite cereal bars, Marmite cashews and Marmite chocolate (!) in out house at the mo!
    Please enter me for the ballet

  11. This whole post looks amazing, the tattoo is mesmerising, absolutely gorgeous!! I've been umming and ahhing about a tattoo for absolutely years but so scared - Wish I could draw and illustrate JUST what I want!!

    The parcels look fab too, very jealous!! Ballet would make me blub like a mother, but I'm so so far away!! xx

  12. wow, those tattoos are huge, I can't wait to get mine soon, its been a year and a half since my last one. all these sweets look yummy. I'd love to do swaps with people in different countries, especially america - there are soooo many yummy treats over there x

  13. I'm seeing the Nutcracker at Brighton Dome tomorrow night! Got free tickets through work, always nice! Have a lovely time!
    Marmite is amazing, and if you've not tried it yet try it with honey, sound gross but is gorgeous, especially on crumpets!
    Cant believe you got english breakfast when you could've got creme caramel or some other exotic flavour!
    Anyway have a lovely Christmas and come back to Brighton to see me soon please xx

  14. so many awesome things in one post! god i love krispy kremes, i really want one of those tins now. have you tried the chocolate flavour teapigs? so good. you're looking gorgeous as ever ;) & your new tattoos are sick! i'd love to get a ship done on my arm xx

  15. Me please for the ballet! I can't think of anything nicer than a wee trip to the ballet! My email is :)
    PS. I LOVE your new tattoos!! I don't think I could pull them off so I'll have to live vicariously through you and your colourful skin!


  16. I really want to try the jaffa krispy kreme.. and those macaroons look delicious! So many lovely treats in this post! Have a wonderful Christmas! x

  17. woaahh ayden those calves are INSANE! can't wait to see the finished product :) i have to actively avoid krispy kreme haha everytime i go in for one i leave with a box of 12! no willpower!

    such a shame i don't live in scotland. my mum and nan are going to the ballet without me this year (we always go in winter!) and i'm pretty gutted! good luck to the entrees xxx

  18. Oh I do love Beyond Retro, I didn't know there was one in Brighton too, the one in London is always a must visit for me. Your packages look awesome, so many treats there! The sweets from New Zealand sound yummy and that guinea pig card is super cute. I can't get over how awesome your calves are, I am literally in love with them and so jealous, can't wait to see what they look like in colour! When in January are you getting them coloured?
    Big loves lovely xxx

  19. Love your pictures from Brighton, looks like you had a fab time! The tattoos are immense but I already told you that as soon as I seen those bad boys haha!

    I can't believe I have never been to the ballet, so entering this in the hopes I get a chance to go! :)

    Merry Christmas when it comes beautiful!

    Carlyn (@smokingpeaches)


  20. Oh Ayden out of all of these snaps and anecdotes your tattoos caught my eye the most (big fan of your tatts mrs!) I LOVE the boat, it looks fantastic and can't see the finished result :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  21. Wonderful gifts and your tattoos look amazing so far, look forward to seeing them all filled in! I wish I had enough income for more tattoos.

    You look so insanely cute in those pictures! D'awww!!

  22. Love the tattoos! They are amaaaaazing.

    I'm SO glad you liked the parcel. I completely understand the Marmite thing, it may be an acquired taste but once you have it, nothing else will suffice. I always had my mama send it to me when I lived in London.

    (sorry for not replying to your email, I did get and loved your parcel too. Maryland were my favourite brand of biscuits :D)