Brighton - Part 1

I'm on the train to London as I type this, only 2 hours left of my journey so I thought I'd share some pictures from Brighton last weekend. There's quite a few... and probs a part 2 to follow this. Enjoy!

Katrina in the North Laines

LOL. Enough said.


Such a lovely wee shop.

Giraffe for dinner :) Well, not literally.

Could have spend hooours in there.

Just huggin' a giant teddy, as you do.

Guess what?

That's what! Finally gave in to this rather strange and tickly experience.

Enjoying my mustache elixir from Cyber Candy.

In the hotel getting ready to go out :)

Despite warnings we ended up at Revolution... and had a really amazing night!

And ended up getting pretty drunk. Totoro hat anyone? Best buy from the whole trip!

Of course, then the elixir kicked in and our mustaches grew.

Sunday morning we did more shopping and went for tea at Temptation.

And met up with the amazing Lauren for a wee catch up :) She was so so lovely - and also sorted us with our hotel for the weekend, what a legend! Sad we didn't get to meet Sophie :( Maybe next time though.

More wandering and stumbling across amazing places :)

It was pretty windy, but still lovely jubbly.

Took a wander through the arcade, played on the dance mat and then saw THIS!

Plus my new ride.

And my sexy new boyfriend?

Brighton was an absolutely fantastic place to visit, just as you all ranted and raved it would be. Even though the weather was a bit chilly it stayed dry, which was great but I can imagine it's totally brilliant in summer. It is the seaside after all! We took a wander around the shops, and I managed to get a lot of christmas shopping especially from all the quirky wee places in the north laines. I got some lovely stuff but I'll share that in the next post because I think there's quite enough in this one as it is! We had a great night out too, stumbled into bed about 1am and made the most of our sunday morning/afternoon too before we had to go for the train home. Amazing people, amazing shops and a really amazing place in general. Most certainly would like to go back - and thanks for all the suggestions you made in my previous posts because we really were able to cram a lot into 2 days there.

I'm London bound this week with my 3 day Art Department course, then friday I'm travelling to Bristol to the South West Blogger meet! Can't wait to see everyone, should be a really fun night. Leave me a comment if you're going too? Again, wanting to cram as much as I can into my evenings in London so if you've got any suggestions of places to eat, drink or things to do at night please let me know. I'm meeting my friend Sally for dinner tomorrow night, and we're going to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland on thursday :) My uncle works at the National Theatre so I'll hopefully get tickets for something there, and maybe something else in the west end. Got wifi at the house so should be able to stay connected this week :) It was my last day at work on saturday, and my last job until january so I've been looking forward to this wee holiday. Hope you're all not having too hectic a run up to christmas?

Lots of love,

Ayden x

Ps. Remember I said in the last post I'd forget something to take to Brighton? I only went and forgot all my bloody christmas cards I was gonna write on the journey there! Numpty. Got them with me this time though :) So let's wait and see what I forgot in their place...


  1. Erm...where to start?!?

    Looks like you had a great time!

    I'm in love with your Totoro hat! It's amazing!

    How much of a hottie do you look in your calypso dress and bright lips! Love it!

    Aww that's so nice that Lauren hooked you up with a hotel :) I met her last weekend and she's really lovely :)

    I'm going to the blogger Christmas party on Friday :) I'm so nervous! Still got no idea what to wear!

    Will be great to meet everyone though :)


  2. If you're looking for something a bit different Fakhreldine in Piccadilly does lovely Lebanese food and has such a nice atmosphere!

  3. Yay looks like a great trip, I love Brighton, we tend to go their once a year for a booze up break!

    Have an awesome time down here in LANDAHN!

  4. you must must must go to drink shop & do nr St Pancras Station!,_Shop_%26_Do/Drink,_Shop_%26_Do_%E2%80%94_Home.html

    they have different activities on various nights. this week its:
    ~ vintage pin up hair & make up monday
    ~ knit night tuesday & pillow case dress challenge
    ~ inappropriate Christmas Card Making wednesday
    ~ musical bingo on thurs.

    It's such a fab place but try to book a table if you can cos you might not get a place if you tun up on spec. it's one of my fave places!

    enjoy london! :) x

  5. looks like you had an amazing time in brighton! that photo of your moustaches made me laugh! what an amazing advert for the drink ;)

    sounds like you're having an amazing time just now! hopefully see you on the 19th for the scottish blogger meet? :) xx

  6. lol looks had you had a fab time :) x

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic time !!

  8. Looks like you had a fantastic time !!

  9. I love Brighton too, although I've only been once, I must go again!

    The food in Giraffe looks gorg!!
    Such a great, happy post!

    Tor @ Thats Peachy Fashion Blog

  10. Aww, i just love Brighton - Only been once but it's so pretty :) I'm glad you had a lovely time xxx

  11. Magic how the elixir worked ;)I love Snoopers Paradise, it's just crammed full isn't it !

    I hope you haven't forgotten anything essential, I'm the forgetful type too. Very annoying.

    Molly xo

  12. Awww I love all your photos I miss Brighton so much, I'm so glad you had an amazing time it really is magic. Loving the nails BTW and you both look gorgeous with the moustaches hahaha

    Big love age and love, love this post xxxx

  13. Looks like you had a fab weekend! You look boootiful all dolled up for your night up :)

    I want to go to the Alice place x

  14. always love seeing Brighton being blogged by other people haha!
    glad you had a lovely time. photos look great as well

  15. Woohoo, it came up in my dashboard!!! Looks like you had a swell time despite the wind. Love the new hair, colour really suits you! I've never been to Brighton, I'd love to go and visit the pier xxxx

  16. Love all these photos, sometimes the best nights are the ones you don't expect especially in Revs of all places. :)
    You look gorge, and I love your friends eye make up when you went out.

  17. haha these are amazing, so funny. i love brighton but i've not been for 3 years! such a good atmosphere. see you next week :) xx

  18. AYden! Love this post! Although not, because it makes me sad I didnt see you. So. Sad. Your face with the totoro hate cracks me right up! When exactly are you going to wear that again lady?! I also love the fact there are things in this post I havent done before! I also love how Lauren has got her mitts on you!!! You gorgeous things you!

    WEST STREET, what are you like! :-)


  19. I'm going to the blogger Christmas party on Friday too :) I'm excited but a little nervous :\ lol hopefully see you Friday :) xx

  20. Oh wow that food looks so yummy! Just been directed to your lovely blog from Bambina's interview :)

  21. Looks like a blast!
    I am in love with all the photos, I know you guys had fun :)

    I love all the foods, I'm always thinking about food it seems, haha.

    x Stephanie,
    *Anchored in the City

  22. It's funny, I always read your blog but never comment!

    I have a bit of envy over your life I have to say, it's the jam packed life I have always wanted! I lead a very quiet life living in the countryside!

    Looks like you had a fun time anyways :) I want to try that fish pedicure, although I can't see me leaving my feet in very long!

    Take care, Jessica from!


  23. Ohh I have just found your blog and it makes me so happy, what a find!!! Looks like you had an amazing time :) xxx


  24. Aw Brighton looks amazing.. really wanna go there :)

    The Deer Head


  25. Sounds like you had an amazing time - I'd love to go to Brighton but have never actually gotten round to it!

  26. Aww it looks like you had a super weekend :) I love visiting Brighton! Have fun in London this week and at the blogger meet up! x

  27. whoo! Come back soon & i'll show you a good night out that bypasses west street! (still cant believe you had a good night there!)

  28. Looks like you had an awesome time, I can't actually believe I've never been to Brighton, I think I might go in the new year or maybe summer? Love all the pictures, you look gorgeous! xx

  29. LOVE all these snaps Ayden! :D Looks like so much fun, how much mischief did you cause?! Hope the blogger meet is fun, so gutted I can't make it! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  30. Aww! I love Brighton!
    Can't wait to go again in the Summer
    Snoopers paradise is amazing!