Silent Hill

After my flatmate's birthday night out mentioned in the last post, I ran the girls back home and then Me, Katrina, Gary and Zoe stopped by a local old abandoned hospital village, Bangour, to go for a long stroll (and for Katrina and Zoe to walk off their hangovers!) It was really the most surreal thing, and a very spooky experience so I thought it would be appropriate to share the pictures just in time for halloween.  I've called this post Silent Hill because that is really what it reminded me of. 960 acres of land and 4 miles of roads - All the old buildings, bus stops, signs etc are still intact. Curtains still hanging in some of the windows, and the creepy overgrown environment around it makes it feel like the people who lived here literally just got up in left.

It was kinda beautiful in a really strange way. You need to actually walk around the village to grasp the size of it, along with all the different wards, a church, shops, the actual hospital buildings with separate out houses, and then all the accomodation for the staff who would have lived and worked there. Katrina said the non listed buildings are getting knocked down over the next couple of years to make way for a Muslim University, but this place is seriously so amazing I don't know why certain parts haven't been restored or used for more movies! It does have such a strong atmosphere about it, and even with 24 hour security in the grounds I don't think you could pay me to walk about this place at night... Most certainly not! It was really something else though.

 On a slightly happier note (and the last time I'll bang on about it) my tattoo and touch up on my swallows are all healed:

Red in the chests and tail ends touched up (had faded so much if you look back on old pictures) and also a last minute decision in the chair to add some yellow to the wings. Think it makes a nice difference, I really like it :)

My new wee pride and joy! Maybe not everyone's cup of tea (excuse the awful pun) but I am so happy with how it turned out, Stephen did a great job and without a doubt I know I'll be getting him to do my next ones too. Just need to wait for that damn money tree to grow a bit taller. I'm really enjoying being back into the swing of work again after my time off, and have some nice wee jobs lined up which should hopefully boost my CV even more, so fingers crossed that continues.

Tonight I'm going out with a few friends for halloween dressed as Princess Peach - I've worn it before but only to my house party so I figured there's still more use to be gotten out of her yet! My friends little cousin gave me a lone of his Mario teddy to take out with me, so now that my date for the evening is sorted I just need to get some pretty knee high socks and sparkly shoes and I'm sorted. I've been getting more regular use of my tumblr in between my more lengthy blogger posts, so be sure to pop over and join me if you're on tumblr too. Tomorrow I'm going to Biggar to see Luisa'a wedding venue, and doing a bit of pumpkin carving in the evening (thinking Jack Skellington but we'll see) So have a happy halloween whatever you're upto!

Ayden x

Bridesmaids & Single Ladies

Today feels like a momentous wee day as I finally have the internet installed in our new house. Stealing a 1 bar wifi signal from somewhere near me, and relying on my blackberry for emails etc during its total melt down was pretty grim. So I'm back, and can finally reply to a mountain of emails and post a bit more about what I've been getting upto. Far too many pictures as always, so heres summary part one...

Feel so lucky to have one of my best friends as my flatmate :) It was Katrina's birthday so we had a get together in the house along with a night out afterwards. This girl really makes our house feel like a home, I am so happy to be living with her and can't wait for our best boy Gary to join us in december. Plus, who thought sharing clothes, dvds, cd's, making dinner together (ok so I lie, she does all of the cooking) and being there to greet each other home from work would be so much fun.

Aaaaall the single ladies... well maybe just like 3 of us! Having a pose before our night out.

Having some fun with Fitz :) Luisa got two Mini Lion Lop bunnies and oh my they are beautiful.

And here's Lady :) Pretty sure there's a little body hidden under that fluff somewhere?

Luisa is such a good bunny mamma, I wish I could introduce Fitz and Lady to Oscar and Alfie (would pretty much melt my heart) In prep for Luisa's wedding in 2013, we had a wee team bridesmaid sleepover, but unfortunately Ian's sister couldn't make it (she is bridesmaid along with me and Gemma - on the left. That's Luisa in the middle)

So basically we had a really silly night eating Luisa's italian cooking, lots of home made cakes (nutella cupcakes ftw!) and cocktails courtesy of yours truly in Gemma's flat.

We watched Bride Wars and Bridesmaids - as ye do! Although I don't think we will be taking homework notes from either films (aslong as Luisa doesn't turn into Bridezilla, in which case she will be getting papped to Vegas and tattooed like Mike Tyson!)

The next morning our bridesmaid bonding continued, in the form of nose piercings and afternoon tea at Fifi & Ally's :) Quarter life crisis, me? Never! I also never realised they wouldn't numb it before piercing. That was... fun.

Lovely ladies :)

Service was a bit delayed, but it was most certainly worth it. There's just something about finger sized sandwiches, mini cakes and loose tea that get's me every time. Hence my tattoo? :) I still don't have a decent photo of the finished thing, but you can see a Blackberry one on my tumblr.

S'all for now ♥
Ayden x

You were born in a terrible storm

I seem to have acquired an internet signal from somewhere near my new flat... with no password so I'm just gonna type this and feel slightly guilty (but not ask too many questions at the same time haha, don't want it to disappear) So not really a planned post, but I'm sitting on my bed with lunch and a cup of tea waiting for my grandparents to come round and see the house for the first time. My mum gave us a couch (which matches our other one really well, luckily) and a lovely old wooden table with 4 gorgeously upholstered chairs. My papa is going to put our mirror up in the hall and do some other wee bits and pieces for us while he's here. My flat mate Katrina is one of my best friends, and another friend of ours Gary who we went to uni with is coming to take the third bedroom in december. I'm so happy to have these lovely people around me, and so relieved to be living in a place that pretty much feels like home already.

I've been waiting in for the gas board to come round all day, and amongst tidying and entertaining my new house guest Milo the cat, I sat reading through my old blog posts for almost an hour. Really strange, but I kinda forgot they all existed and reading through them right back to when I was at uni felt like a real blast from the past. So many memories caught up in this little corner of the internet. When I started this blog, I was the only one that read it, and its a weird feeling know that as I record my thoughts and snippets of my life on here that other people read it too. I could clearly see what posts were 'popular', and which ones didn't get as much of a positive reaction as others. It made it really clear that everything on here is a little piece of me. Not the serious ins and outs of my life mind you, I don't have a facebook and I don't want social networking to dangle the vulnerable parts of me and my life for all of the world to see. Blogging does make me feel very exposed at times (I'm actually a total hypocrite, because its even more exposed than a facebook!) But the nice feelings I got when reading back on my older entries is too good to not keep writing. Kind of like a secret diary, the ones you used to keep when you were 12/13, still reading Sugar magazine, collecting Beanie Babies, shopping in Tammy and HATING boys :) Totally aware that I've just went off on a completely self indulgent tangent - this is what happens when I'm alone in a house with candle lit, nice music playing, animals sleeping at my feet and too much time to think.

One other thing that never changes with me is how much I love getting things in the mail. Anyone want to exchange goodies with me of any shape or form then email me and we can swap addresses yo!

Rosie, my brother from another mother! She is just the best. I want to go live in Devon with her to have cream tea's every day, go surfing 8 days a week and play with her new puppy Bodhi. I love the My Neighbor Totoro necklace especially, and I've hung the guinea pig shaped lavender pillow next to the piggies cage. Totally thought the Rosie Lee brooch was a real teabag at first, doh! She also made me a pretty awesome cd, and makes me feel like I'm not the only person in my twenties who is a big massive emo at heart ;)

Another lovely little parcel from Imogen. The hankies are far too cute, I'm gonna feel bad using them! The bow earrings are real fabric too, and the tea themed cards make me happy :) Thanks Imogen ♥ I'm excited about collecting little bits and pieces to send people in return, and I love a good mix cd too so email me if you fancy a swap buddy. Best of fun, and beats getting plain old bills and bank statements in the post (Although I don't know what to do with all these pink glossybox boxes every month, now that the products are in my makeup drawers...)

Here's a wee sneaky peek of where I'm chilling right now, my new bedroom:

I'm still off work at the moment, so getting my bedroom and the house all sorted and having a major clear out (blog sale to follow soon) has been quite therapeutic. The guinea pigs are still a little unsure of their new surroundings, but they're starting to recognise the sound of the fridge opening in the next room, so I'm sure it will only be a matter of weeks before they settle and their loud mweeping continues (I love it really!)

I'm hanging out with Stephanie tonight, going for dinner and drinks with Leah and Dom tomorrow, and saturday will see my first roller derby match with Louise which I'm pretty excited about. Saturday night we're all going out for Katrina's birthday and having some drinks in the flat beforehand. Starting to think about Halloween and outfits... and my Princess Peach costume has only seen a house party so I've got a feeling I might give it a go again if we go out. Got Katy Perry at the start of november so I'll need to get the blue wig and candy accessories back out again for that too :) Eating too many sweets (and monkey nuts... who even eats monkey nuts when it's not october?) and dressing up like an idiot should be allowed all year round.

Ayden x

You be tails, I'll be Sonic

This may possibly be the quickest of blog posts ever (well, by my standards anyways) As I am currently sipping on a vanilla latte in Starbucks and taking advantage of free wifi! Virgin don't come and sort our phone and internet until the 20th at the very latest (I dieeeee) Glad I've got my blackberry but there's something about replying properly to big long emails etc on my phone that I don't like. Just me? Anyways, thought I'd share some pictures from my trip to Zen in Edinburgh the other week, thanks again to Stella and Snooki for inviting us along ♥ Zen have just opened a new salon/spa on Hanover street and my goodness its all shiny and pretty :)

Was great seeing the girls again, but sad that a few folk missed it :( Here's Anna getting her Shellac Nails done, and Kirsty getting her Facial Scan.

One of their many treatment rooms - total bliss. Remember I told you I was so relaxed and fell asleep when getting a facial at their Teviot salon? Now you can kinda see why!

Getting my HD brows done :) Very pleased with them! Waxing, threading, plucking, tinting and pencilled slightly at the end. My eyebrows are normally like hairy little caterpillars, I never realised how much a nice strong bow made a difference to your overall face.

My Shellac nails were awesome (they're still on now) and are perfect for people like me who have no patience whatsoever when it comes to painting their own nails. They're super tough and don't chip (you actually have to go back to a salon to get them soaked off) which is perfect for the line of work I do, because I'm constantly using my hands and my nail varnish never holds up because of it.

Went for a wee drink afterwards in the Voodoo Rooms with Rani, Kirsty, Morven and Charlene. We had to bolt for the train after it - which is seemingly becoming a tradition for when us Glasgow punters head to blogging events in the capital!

Fiona and her team made us feel so welcome, and we went home bellies stuffed with canapes and fizz and these lovely goody bags under her arms. Was really impressed with their new branch of this successful salon/spa, and wonder if there ever will be a Glasgow one on the horizon? (when really it's because I'm too lazy to run for trains home and would love to have all their pampering treatments right on my doorstep haha) The above also contained an umbrella, but my gran has nabbed it from me already. I'll need to steal it back soon, this weather is getting wild!

Need to dash now, but I'll hopefully be back soon. Settled into my new home and having a lovely wee time getting cosy ♥ Will share some pictures soon maybe, and also of my new tattoo when I get it finished next week. Sat for 2.5 hours and still got about an hour to go to get all the colouring done (it's mostly just outline right now) So don't want to take a proper pic of it as of yet, but if you're super nosy you can see it so far on my Tumblr :) Looking for new people to follow so maybe add me while you're there? I'm watching Jenn's cat Milo while she's away to Florida for two weeks (lucky lady, I'm gonna miss her) and we're getting him tonight so I'm looking forward to having another wee furry house guest. Lots of love,

Ayden x