I'm working on my backwards walk

Well.... hello :)

I know it's been a while, and I wasn't sure when I'd be back 'here'. But sitting in bed, listening to some lovely music with a piping hot cup of tea, I felt (for the first time in a while) that I wanted to pay my Little Blog Of Horrors a visit. It wouldn't take a detective to notice that I've taken a step back from the virtual world in the past few weeks. I've had a lot of personal things happening in my life, I've had to face up to a few difficult situations, and ultimately make some of the hardest decisions I've made in my entire life.

Some of the searches Google Analytics has shown about me and the blog lately, have been downright mental. If you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen me mention now and again what these searches were. Really laughable, and really pathetic. My life is not a glossy magazine, and nor is it any of the business of the losers who try to GOOGLE 'what happened to ayden millar?' Really, what do you expect to find? An online 'zine about my deeply personal life? It actually baffles me! I know my blog is a personal one, 'lifestyle', or what have you. But in no way does that mean I owe anyone the right to know about my life in its entirety. Especially people who don't have my best interests at heart. If that's what you're here to expect, please leave now. I can't control who reads this (ex's, old friends, people who dislike me, people from school, ghosts from my past - whatever) But if you are one of those people, and you're here reading my blog, then you should really ask yourself why.

At the end of the day, shit happens. Life happens. I hope you'll understand when I say I don't want to go into details. And I hope I can continue to write my blog and share bits and bobs of my life with you all as I try to work my way through the hard times I've faced. I had to get that wee rant out of the way, but it is really overpowered by the amount of lovely folks who have been emailing me over the past few weeks to make sure I was okay. I am okay :) and I have made some really amazing friends through writing this blog. People who are there for me, and some of them I've never even met in person before. I'd never let a few silly google searches, or anon formspring questions trying to invade my privacy ruin that. No haters, internet creeps, or plain dumbass's will take this special wee corner of the internet away from me. No chance in hell.

My life is busier than ever, and it's good to be back ♥

Look how long my hair is growing eh?

Celebrated Max's 1st birthday. This boy is going to break some hearts :)

Showing my Hairaisers extensions a night on the town. They are fab, but more on that soon!

Just some really amazing girl I know ♥

Home made cocktails (aldi branded alcohol ftw)

Wouldn't be a sleepover without Mr Lotso (he still smells like strawberries)

The view from Dominique's beautiful new home.

Cosy pub dinners with my cousin, aunties and my mumma. If I grow up to be half as amazing/inspiring/independent as the woman in my life are, then I will be one content wee lady.

My career has went into complete overdrive lately, with lots of exciting things on the horizon and genuinely not much time to sit on the internet (but I've been trying to keep up to date with my google reader) I do have a quite few fun bloggy related things to post about soon, including a gorgeous facial I got at Zen in Edinburgh, the Raybans I won through the Style Passport competition, and a few other lovely things worth mentioning. But that'll all follow soon. In the meantime, thanks for sticking around. Here's to a new chapter in the Little Blog Of Horrors ♥

Ayden x

Be back soon

Ayden x