Who run the world?

Had a bit of Beyonce in my head this week (hence the post title) after seeing her amazing performance at the Billboard Music Awards. It takes a while to get started, but is really quite spectacular. A live performance that looks as if she is performing inside a music video. Wierd! But cool. Really simple but awesome use of rear projection, from a design point of view. Anyways, telly land has taken over my life again but the work is going very well. By this time on sunday night, this empty space, is going to look like this:

As long as all my hard work goes to plan mind you :) So if you don't hear much of me over the next week, that will be why. The above pictures are from the last series where I was Art Dept Assistant, and this year I am the Art Director... quite funny how these things work out (what's meant for ya, wont go by ya!) Here's a little run down of what else I have been upto...

Afternoon tea with lovely Leah.

Found a cafe in Glasgow where the owners son has been making and selling macaroons at a really reasonable price (my only option unless Laduree decides to open a Scottish branch - ha. Or until I can learn to make them as well as Milly did)

Cuddle times with Alfie before him and his brother got sent away to the vets :( But good news, they are almost cleared up of the ringworm and not fighting at all anymore, so my wee piggies will be back home at some point next week.

A wee close up of my new specs. Really hope I manage to keep them nice, I had a bad habit of putting my old ones on my head, constantly forgetting they were there and having them fall off when I lean over. I fail at life!

My first Nars purchases, Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc, and the famous Orgasm blusher.

Treated myself to my favourite hairspray, and the awesome Dermalogica Clean Start Moisturiser. I'd love to try the rest of the range, I have some wee samples which I've been using and have noticed a difference in my skin already! Mind you, I have no skincare routine whatsoever so my skin is probably ecstatic at the fact it's getting a bit of tlc.

Oooft, pants shot! Haha they're clean, don't worry! Sorry if this offends anyone, I just love the 3 for £10 pants offer in Topshop. I wish I was into 'grown up' lingerie, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. Cartoons and polka dots all the way.

But the freakin' HIGHLIGHT of my week was getting to meet Gem. She was up in Edinburgh for her birthday, with her lovely boyfriend Dale (who kindly took us for lunch and endured hours of us gabbing non stop) We have been close for quite a while now, so it was lovely to actually get to meet her in the flesh and hang out for a few hours. I'll admit I was slightly nervous before we met, but honestly... as soon as we did it felt like I had known her for years. Nicest feeling ever. Great chats, funny banter, sushi for lunch, and some cupcakes for the journey home. Gem is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and a very honest and no bullshit blogger which I bloody adore.

When I started writing this blog back at uni, I never thought I would be at the stage I am now where I have made some really great friends, exchanged some wonderful parcels, and apparently have over 900 people who are interested in what I have to say. You are one crazy lot, but a bunch of legends to say the least. Thank you for sticking around and for giving me a reason to keep writing this eclectic little diary. You make big Audrey monster up there very happy! ♥

Ayden x

Feed me, Seymour!

Something a little bit different today, but I hope you all enjoy none the less :) I thought I would do a featured artist post and introduce you to Tim, the kind chap who made me my very own Audrey II, a la Little Shop Of Horrors...

Hello Tim. Thank you for taking the time to have a wee chat with me today, and for designing my awesome new header! You mentioned to me previously that you have not always done illustration. How did you get into it?
Hello there, and you're welcome! I've only really been trying to coax people out of their money by drawing things since the start of this year! Previously I'd done graphic design among various other things, but had only thought about illustrating recently when someone commented that they liked something I was doodling. I definitely haven't had any training in it, so it's a steep learning curve with lots of dangerous slippery bits.

What are your likes and dislikes about your job/illustrating in general?
Money. If I didn't have to make money out of it, then everything would be a lot more fun. Then again, it's a nice feeling when someone is willing to hand over their hard earned gold for something you've made! 

Where do you develop most of your inspiration from?
My entirely tangential thought process! I have a lot of very strange ideas floating around in my brain, and sometimes they make a pleasing image in my imagination, so I write them down. I often just stick ideas together from brain maps I make, which ends up creating something quite weird but interesting, I hope!

I noticed that you like Typography, Monsters and Nike Dunk’s. What are your other favourite things?
Girls. I like girls. They're much better than boys. I love colours, although weirdly my favourite colour is grey. I have a thing for documentaries, and a rather geeky interest in spelling and grammar. I also like shirts, sneakers, nice patterns, plastic things, stickers, and toys. Oh, and all the normal stuff like movies, music, food, and alcohol. Although I hate the taste of coffee, and I don't use Macs. Take that, design stereotypers!

Did you listen to the Little Shop Of Horrors musical soundtrack on full blast while drawing my banner?
That's a good question! Thanks to the unorthodox way in which my brain works, I didn't even think of doing that, so I drew it while watching a documentary! Oops.

Where can we find you and your lovely works on the good old interweb?
The best ways are through my website (iamassault.com), Twitter (twitter.com/iamassault), Facebook (facebook.com/iamaslt) or Flickr (flickr.com/iamassault). Don't be scared to say hi! 

Thanks to Tim again for his super wee interview, and finally giving my blog the most suited header it's ever had! I really like Tim's work, it is all a bit strange, quirky and colourful. As a Scenic Artist by trade, I do appreciate 'art'... but to be honest there is a lot of it which I just don't understand, and often feel a bit out the loop for not 'getting it' (more so for contemporary pieces) I think its pretty safe to say I just enjoy a rather appealing looking picture, produced with whatever medium :) Especially awesome illustrations like all of the above. Y'know what I mean?

If you do have a favourite artist, please link me in the comments because I'm always on the look out for inspiration, and pretty pictures to awe at. A wee update too, the Piggies are still away being treated, miss them dearly :( Will find out this week if they need to be separated, just want to get the whole situation sorted as soon as possible. At the weekend David took me to Wagamama for lunch on Saturday to cheer me up, and we did a spot of shopping afterwards (including my first ever Nars purchase) but more to follow on that soon. Yesterday I got to meet up with Gem, who was in Edinburgh for her birthday! :) This girl is even more awesome in real life, and it was wonderful to finally meet her and her lovely boyfriend Dale. I took a few pictures on our wee afternoon out, which I will be sure to share soon.

I start my new job today, my second major Art Director role on a prime time saturday night quiz show for the BBC. Going to be working for the next 13 days straight, so the blog posts might not be as frequent as normal (but lets face it, when am I even really very frequent?) but I shall try. Expect the return of the home baking twitpics though, now that I'm back at the beeb the gorging of their awesome cupcakes from the canteen shall again commence!

Lots of love ♥

Ayden x

The passenger seat

Thank you so much for all your lovely virtual hugs and well wishes to my new piggies on the last post. My week got a bit better before getting kinda crappy again. New glasses which I did a little twitpic of, and finding out from my accountant that I had saved up too much money for my self employed tax return, was also very good news. I've had lots of cuddle time with Oscar and Alfie this week - thank you to everyone who gave me some awesome advice.

Unfortunately they have developed what appears to be ringworm or cheilitis :( and since applying the oinments the vets gave me for them have been really irritable and snapping at each other. They have been okay up until now, and the people at Pets at Home seem to think the (now quite serious) fighting could be because they are feeling a little under the weather. I have been so upset, worried it is something we have done. Ringworm can also be passed onto humans, so the piggies are going to go into isolation at the vets for a while to be treated and their behavior monitored further, before we can decide if they need to be separated for good. Alfie is finally standing up to his more dominant brother, rather than giving in like usual. Sources online tell me that females can fight just as much as males, and getting them neutered will make no difference - it's just down to their characters and luck of the draw on whether we have paired a compatable couple. Sorry for the rant, but these wee boys are breaking my heart and I just want what's best for them so fingers crossed it works out okay :(

Now it's time for less words, and an absolute mountain of pictures (you have been warned) of mine and Jenn's awesome trip to Alton Towers and Blackpool last weekend. It was a long journey, but a brilliant wee adventure and Jenn did so well doing the whole drive herself. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

First set of pictures was the few I took on my SLR (was too paranoid about it being nabbed from my bag out the cages at the bottom of each ride) Second mosaic is a selection of pictures from Jenns Iphone, and the last set is of course the ride photos we bought :)

Alton Towers was amazing, was the first time I'd been and I can't wait to go again (even though the 5 hour drive meant leaving at the absolute crack of dawn) I have never been a major fan of rollercoasters, but we went on literally everything and I'd have to say that Air and 13 were my favourite :) We also went in the single rider queue quite a few times, and although it meant us not getting to sit together on some rides it did make our wait time for each ride about 20-30 mins max! Considering it was a saturday, I think we did pretty well and managed to get on everything we wanted to.

On saturday night we drove up to Blackpool and checked into our little b&b. The room price included a full cooked english breakfast the next morning, which was awesome! We toddled along to the pleasure beach for it opening, and it was so quiet the whole day. I don't think the weather helped, but we didn't stop laughing all day, and the RIDICULOUS ride pictures (note, ginger jedward in the first one!) had us in absolute stitches! I was far too scared to put my hands in the air properly, so it looks like I have jazz hands on a few of them. I also won a giant spongebob :) We got soaked on Valhalla, ate the best hot donuts I have ever tasted, and I got the fright of my life on the Pepsi Max and the Tango Ice Blast. Both went up so bloody high, and I'd say the feeling of being not totally secure was the most frightening part. I have certainly faced my fear of any sort of rollercoasters however, and can't wait to visit more theme parks in the future. Best wee road trip ever (Jenn, if you're reading this, I love you so much dude!)

Rant over guys. I'll keep you updated on the piggies, and this weekend I get to go have tea and cake with one rather awesome lady who I think a few of you might already know :) Have a fab weekend whatever you're upto ♥

Ayden x

Thoughtful friends & furry friends

After an awesome weekend at Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure beach with Jenn, I feel like I am on some sort of horrible come down today. After the blogger mess up I seem to have lost my last post, which sucks and I really hope I get it back soon. Any of you face a similar situation? So that's annoyed me. First time I've had any sort of Monday blues in quite a while, a few things are really getting to me and I'm currently typing this from the comfort of my bed. I think a good movies, some nice brunch and a pot of tea will make me feel better for now. On a happier note, I did have the most amazing weekend with Jenn - never laughed so much in my life! I think people must have thought we were completely hysterical/insane/raving Glaswegian lunatics. So a wee post about our adventure shall follow soon.

Some nice things happened to me last week. Reminding me that there are some very lovely people out there. I also made some new friends (of the furry variety...) whom I'd actually like to introduce you all to.

A chilled mix cd, gorgeous letter, and sweeties in a beautiful parcel from Rosie. Why? Just cause. I think just cause is the best reason why. She is awesome, I really could give her a big hug right now.

(Actually thought this said Vagina when I first glanced at it. Need my new glasses pronto!)

My swap parcel from Jess in the USA. She got me some amazing american candy, cereal, makeup, plus a few handmade and vintage finds. Jess is an absolute wee gem, we have had some lovely email exchanges over the past couple of months and she has also just started up a blog of her own. So please pop on over and say hello if you get a chance :) I'm looking forward to tasting and trying out my new goodies.

I also got a really sweet letter and brooch from Chloe (which I have forgotten to take a picture of, my bad) to thank me for taking a part in her post/interview on bullying, along with Michelle and Bee, called 'I'm not afraid to take a stand'. So thank you to Chloe, Rosie and Jess - receiving things in the post which aren't junk mail or Betterware catalogues makes me a happy girl. Now onto the furry friends, there are some little boys I would like you all to meet...



I finally did it! :) Anyone who has followed my blog from waaaay back at the beginning, might know how much I have wanted Guinea Pigs for a very long time. So after much consideration, I finally took the plunge last week and went and got them. They are boys, and look pretty terrified in the pictures because this was last week when I'd just got them. Their cage is also set up a bit differently now. I have been dying to tell you all sooner! They are so shy at the moment, but have definitely improved in the week I've had them. We cleaned the cage out last night and had a little bit of a cuddle with them (Alfie wrapped up in my hoodie and Oscar wrapped up in a towel and laying on our chest) Pretty safe to say they were still terrified, but I'm hoping with time they will come out of their shell a bit more. So any fellow piggie owners out there, I'd appreciate whatever advice or top tips you'd fancy sharing :)

Here's to a better week and a better mood ♥

Ayden x

Home Sweet Home

I feel a little bit strange doing this post. I don't know why, I have done a similar one before but I think there were less people here to read it so it didn't feel as weird. I'm no beauty blogger, or fashion blogger. I don't even feel like a 'blogger' most of the time... I'm just a girl who likes to ramble and you guys so happen to be the nice people I get to share snippets of my life with. So, thank you for being here! I am aware that there are many anonymous readers too, and probably a few folk who know me in 'real life'. Well, from what the maps on google analytics are telling me. Which does freak me out, as my blog is more personal/intrusive that a facebook would ever be (nope, I still haven't given in to one yet)

But I guess I'm okay with that. I have nothing to hide, nothing I'm frightened to be 'judged' on. Everything you read here is me, 'straight up', as it were. So on a very personal level, I'd like to welcome you into my new home...

Note: Doing what we can with rented accomodation!
This is our bedroom of course. The Hello Kitty Clock, Fenchurch Sign, and Lotso Bear are mines. David didn't need too much convincing for us to buy some fairy lights :)

Opposite view. So good to have a wardrobe all to myself, makes such a difference being able to see my clothes out infront of me rather than being crammed together in a tiny space. We also have some storage boxes under the bed for jumpers, cardi's etc. The rest of our shoes and all of our jackets are in a cupboard in the hall.

My little dressing up corner. Drawers containing all of my jewellery, and wicker basket underneath with hair stuff, straightners, hairdryer etc.

Davids 'man drawers'! Haha we also have a side cabinet by the bed each. I'm not that mean girls, this space for his stuff suits him perfectly. Telly and dvd player for lazy mornings/night times in bed, a picture of us on David's graduation day and my Spongebob pineapple house. The first present David ever bought me :) Oh and my snowboard sitting chilling in the corner!

Our kitchen. Pretty self explainatory....

Mtv Cribs style - I should have shown you inside my fridge! The cute bunting was a present from the lovely folks at Hidden Away. They specialise in gorgeous handmade goodies, and were kind enough to offer to send me some of their cute bunting. I have been on the eye out for some nice homeware since I moved house, and £8 for some hand made, custom colour bunting is pretty awesome in my opinion. It's very well made, every stitch perfectly in place and even though David said 'it makes it look like were having a party' I think it is really sweet! :) (boys eh?)

Lots of worktop space for making a mess when we cook and bake. The two windows let lots of light into the room in the morning especially, it's always roasting. We haven't quite worked out what that little cupboard is for in the middle of the wall. It's a bit odd. Prize for the funniest suggestion! :p

Wasn't going to bore you with entrance hallway, main hallway, door shots, or cupboards (but exciting, we have three! to cram all of our junk into neatly...) But this is how the bedroom, living room and kitchen are laid out next to each other. I'm standing just outside the bathroom in this one. We have a few pictures hanging up in the hall, and the two you can see there are lovely tattoo dictionary prints my best girl Leah bought me.

Just your average bathroom! This is probably the room I like the least. Its pretty teeny tiny, but our landlord said if we disappear on holiday for a week he will rip it all out and modernise it. Which would be pretty awesome! So hopefully that can happen soon. It's just so nice to have a bath again, after only having a shower in our old place.

The living room. We have a 3 seater couch, along with a 1 seater on the right and another 1 seater on the left by the window which you can't quite see. It's definitely been crowned as 'my' chair though. A bookcase with our books and cameras, habitat unit with dvd's, couple of canvasses, David's guitar and amp... That's about it really! Not sure how well it photographs but it sure is cosy. Oh, and some more bunting from Hidden Away :)

Opposite view. The major thing I would change about this place is the carpets throughout :( But until we own a home, there isn't much you can do about things like this. Its not 100% perfect, and it's hard to encorporate your own style into a rented home that is already half furnished and has it's own kind of look going on. We tried to add in our own character and style as much as possible but finding it tough without it being a major clashfest! Even though this place is pretty neutral, we tried our best. Anyone else living in rented accommodation face the same kind of situation?

I don't know how long we will stay in this house for. We love Linlithgow, and the location is pretty sweet (right next to the train station and a tesco, but quiet enough as it's just hidden off the high street) I've had my eye on some pretty new builds in the area, but for a higher price and further away from the train station... I think we are maybe just better sticking with the place we have just now. Time will tell :)

Yesterday I had an awesome day at the Girls Day Out event at the SECC with some lovely fellow scottish bloggers, so I'll be sure to share some more about that soon. Today I am going to Livingston Designer Outlet with David for a wander (and especially for a nosy at the Fred Perry store and the Cadburys shop - yum!) Then we are driving back to East Kilbride to see David's family for a while, and then to Bishopbriggs to see my Dad, Julie and Max :) This twitpic I posted of Max at easter had me in stitches - definitely one to show his first girlfriend and share at his 18th birthday. I also got my eyes tested again and due to a mega changed prescription ordered some new glasses. Click and let me know what you think of them, I know they look a bit mental/70's newsreader in the picture but I'm hoping yous will think they look better in person. HATE having to choose things like that on my own, I'm awful. Anyways, hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend :) Lots of love as always,

Ayden x