After a lovely little bit of time off, I start a new contract tomorrow which I am really excited (and nervous) about. It's not my art director job I mentioned a couple posts back, that's not until next month. I'll be spending lots of time outside though so hoping the weather will be nice. I thought I'd share what little happenings I've been getting upto in my days of leisure :)

Me and David went surfing over on the west coast of Scotland yesterday at a beach called Westport. We could see the coast of Ireland from the beach! It was 14 miles away apparently. It was a great wee day, and it was David's first time but he did really well. So we slept for 12 hours when we got home on sunday night, and were both still feeling a bit sore. It's totally knackering! But looking forward to getting back into my surfing just in time for summer. The scottish water is SO cold. Ugh, it's certainly not glamorous or bikini clad with gorgeous blue water! But I got some nice pictures so I'll save that for another post if yous are interested in seeing them? Now for some more adventures...

Exploring Beecraigs Country Park.

We took a packed lunch and had a walk through the woods and around the lake :)

My new boyfriend? ;)

Some more cupcake making (themed this time, see?!)

D'awww ♥ He's certainly a keeper girls.

Thursday night, chilling in David's parents back garden for his little brother Kyle's 18th birthday.

Kyle's cake, pimped up by mumma Sutherland!

I had some meetings in Glasgow and decided to have a bit of retail therapy afterwards. Got myself:

- 2 new pairs of skinny jeans from New Look (not something I wear often gals, my thighs hate me!) 

- an oversized checked shirt from New Look which was in the sale for £6

- That Topshop Peter pan collar dress a few pictures up (I know, I caved but it was reduced from £26 to £15!) 

- Those sweet new vans above (sooo comfy, my feet are happy) 

- and finally got my hands on the Neal Sperling cable knit cardi from Urban Outfitters, which I have been lusting after since christmas but could not justify the £65. Glad I waited, because I watched it get reduced to £45 (still not convinced) and snapped it up in store for £30 last week. Result!

Happy Ayden, with said Neal Sperling cardi.

Received my giveaway prizes in the post during the week also. Did a little dance in my pj's when I opened both of these, the Mac Lipglass was from Emma (I chose Oyster Gal, and she threw in the awesome Models Own nail art pen in black - so sweet of her, can't wait to let loose with it!) And the rest is from Rach :) Thank you girls, you are both far too kind.

Me and David got our new car last week (think I did a little twitpic of it) So I have been spending a bit of time getting used to driving again after being car-less for 6 months. Its our first proper grown up thing we have bought together, which all feels very serious! :) And for those who tweeted me, we decided to go with Oscar (anagram of corsa, nae bad) for its name. Yes, I'm one of these losers who likes to name their car. RIP Cosmo :( I also got my hair dyed for the first time in what seemed like ages, pictures to follow soon. Only a short trim to the fringe as well... I'm proud of myself for growing it this long (so far) considering that this time last year, my hair was like this.

I try not to pay attention to that little numbered box in the corner (apart from to look at thumbnails of all your pretty faces ovbz) but this week I did notice I hit a rather big milestone. Jeez... thank you so much! You crazy people, hello to all 806 of you. I'm glad you like it here and I do hope you'll stick around ♥

Ayden x

Ps. One more thing, I promise to do a little home tour soon. I have been too busy rearranging things, getting organised, packing my life up for ebay and lounging about in my pj's, which I cant say is an attractive sight!


  1. Sounds like youve had a bust few days! I love the vans you've bought, been eyeing them up myself for a while! :D xxx

  2. Lovely pictures - you look so cute together!

    The cupcakes and birthday cake look amazing!

    Hope the start of your contract job goes well :)


  3. You always seem to have such fun stories to tell us - surfing, ballet, afternoon tea & cupcake making!

    Your cupcakes look amazing this time - I love the pink theme. I'm thinking of making some red, blue and white this weekend for abit of a royal wedding theme!

    You got some right bargains with your new clothes too!


  4. aww this looks like awesome fun! you look pretty in that pic of just you! You guys are so cute ee!

    Hope the job goes well! Can you send me some cakes please :P xxx

  5. Wow! Actual surfing - in the sea - in Scotland! You 2 are brave!

    can't wait to see your new hair x

  6. Ah gorgeous pictures, I feel caught up in the hectic goings on in the shiny haggis life.
    I think the new fella is a bit of a beefcake. Mwahaha! ;)

    And of course you can come stay, anytime you like! I can feed you lotsa BBQ from our huggggeee BBQ and you can see Hols and the fish (one of which is called Barry) one condition, you must bring cupcakes.

    Look forward to seeing the hair.

  7. I love these little update posts! Blogging has been annoying me recently with all the self pittying drama that it can bring but yours always reminds me that it's all just meant to be a bit of fun! Glad you liked your prize, still so chuffed that you won! x

  8. Lovely pictures. I love that urban outfitters cardi . I love a cardi all year round so im enjoying them all being in the sale atm.

    Do I detect a bit of straightening of Davids hair in the picture of him in the hat ??

    Well done on all the followers , you derserve it , I bloody love your blog ! xx

  9. I love the name Oscar! It's quite genius of you to think of an anagram actually. Everyone seems to name their cars, I share an old Mini with my mum (by old I mean 21!) and it's called Red Hot as that's the make of the car. I hate the name!

    Looks like you had a great little day out! You and your boyf look like a cute couple!

  10. Ooh good luck with the new job my lovely!!

    So jealous of your winnings and purchases - I'm dying for some retail therapy but have minus £56 to my name. FML! Not jealous of the post-surf aching though. You two are so rock 'n' roll :)

    And you are going to have such fun with the nail art pen! It's amazing. It creates the best leopard print ever, and so easily!

    Thanks for your scrumptious comments on my blog. They always make me super happy. Dreading being on telly! Have no idea how it's been edited and it makes me SICK with nerves thinking of my interweb followers watching me potentially being an awkward fool... Eurgh. I suppose it'll only be about 30 seconds of the show so I should just chill...


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  12. You two always look like you have so much fun! I really need to get out and about a bit more this Summer. You've inspired me, haha.

    Love that you've called your corsa Oscar, such a clever name! My little blue corsa is called Davo because his reg is DV0... not quite as creative as yours!

    Hope the first day at your new job goes well! xx

  13. Oooo, a home tour would be lavly! Good with your new contracts etc. This batch of cupcakes look gorgeous. Aww, you two are such a cute couple! Oscar is such an awesome name too :)

  14. Always so much to comment on, love your little catchups of what you've been doing! Glad you enjoyed the surfing - my other half is desperate to try and give me another lesson but I'm saving myself for Fuerteventura in June as I am a massive wuss and don't think I can face the freezing waters! Deffo want to see some snaps of you cruising the waves!
    You sound like you've had a lovely few days - best of luck with your new job tomorrow, I'm sure you will be great!
    Also well done on your milestone, you deserve every one of them - you know yours is my favourite blog ;)
    Can't wait for the snaps of the new pad!
    Big loves xxx

  15. ohh I love seeing little adventure posts, and those cup-cakes look so yum! xo

  16. Good luck for tomorrow and the first day of the new job, how exciting. Hope the weather picks up for you.

    You're cupcakes are really pretty- I meant to do more baking whilst at home, but given I now have Easter Bunnies to eat, I don't feel our house really needs anything else with such a high calorific value kicking around.

    Sounds like the surfing was awesome, you and David look supercute together. Based on looking so lovely together HELL YES a keeper.

    Loving the piccies and hope it's been a fabulous a weekend as it looks!

  17. Such lovely pictures, such a handsome couple!! I'm never brave enough to go in the sea in the UK, brrrrr!
    Good luck with the job, hope it goes well xx

  18. Sounds like you've been having fun. You're new boyfriend is cute lol

    Good luck with the new contract xx

  19. omgggg i think i love you a bit! you're so GORGEOUS! love that topshop dress and we have matching VANS. well mine are navy but who's countin'
    so when we do a britterz and shave our heads we can match in our vans. also, your boyfriend is a hottie. am i allowed to say that? so his brothers 18, you say... i jest ;)

    i miss scotland so much! i was up at my parents last month and although its shit tonnes warmer down here i still would love to live back there again! xo.

  20. Yesss to home tour! Love having a nosy at people's houses.

    You and the boy make such a gorgeous couple xx

  21. I love long posts like this! Your photos are lovely and definitely show you had a good time. Hi5 on the cupcakes! I'd love to try surfing but would probably end up drowning! I have been wanting to pick up a pair of vans too but I can't decide on laced or slip on ones! xx

  22. Seems like you've been having loads of wonderful times! It's awesome that you went surfing! I can imagine how fun it must be.

    Congrats on the new car! I think it's cute to name your car, something I plan to do whenever I get my won (it makes you more emotionally attached, which I think is a good thing hehe) :D

    x, I

  23. These photos are fab, looks like you have had a great week! You look lovely together too :) Good luck with the new job! :D

    Maria xxx

  24. Wow, you went surfing? Thats so awesome :D & those cakes look delicious! Good luck with your new contract :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  25. sounds like someone has had an extremely busy few days. id love to try surfing, but i think im too much of a wimp and hate getting water up my nose ha. some more lovely cupcakes! can i admit i prefer the cupcake on acid decorations ha. bet they were yummy though. oh and also really looking forward to the nosey tour around your flat! xxx

  26. Such great pictures! The cupcakes looks amazing, they look like proper professional ones! :D
    Your hair looks lovely (as always :p) as it's getting longer, it really suits you!
    Good luck with your job stuff! xxx

  27. It sounds like you've been really busy. I wanted to try surfing but the best I could do was Body Board.


  28. You guys are super super cute together! Forget the candy, send me a Scottish boy in our swap! Hahaha! <3

    And those cupcakes are so pretty. Definitely professional looking! Kudos!

  29. Hey girl, it's been a while!

    Love your buys and Great Urban Buy, I got this cardi for my xmas and I swear every time I wear it it gets bigger. Wish I had got a smaller size

    Those cakes look great, the classes must be going well

    looking forward to a snoop round your home pics

    Have a good one

    Joanne xx

  30. You are so pretty :), love your hair.

  31. I am sorry but I'm in love with your boyfriend

  32. @Anon - haha, the ginger one or the brown haired one? ;)

  33. amazing!

    I adore your blog, and am following

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