The Wonder Years

Hello! Long time no speak m'dears. Feel bad I don't update this more regularly, but I do my best gals. Life has been keeping me rather busy recently, so since I last blogged, here's a very eclectic mix of what's been making me smile, making me cry, and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Some tears for my lovely wee Robovroski dwarf hamster who passed away last week. Nearly 3 years old, you could say that Milky Joe (yes, inspired by the one and only Mighty Boosh) had a good innings. Her sister Lola died a year or so ago - I got these two girls from the very first short film I ever worked on, so they held a huge piece of nostalgia for me. We bought them for a scene in a school and I was the one who got landed with them afterwards haha. But I totally adored them to pieces! So much has changed in terms of my career in these three years, and I'm glad these little ladies were there to see me off into the big bad world of working. Milky Joe, you will be missed as much as your sis :'(

A very random picture which I stumbled across, from the facebook of the first feature film I worked on while I was still a student. These were from the behind the scenes stills and me and the Art Director Amy got papped reading some fake, well 'prop', porno mags. This picture makes me giggle looking back on it because the boom guy on the left is ACTUALLY quite seriously reading it. Check his face out! Tut tut.

Another random picture, this one I stumbled across from David's camera. This was us on New Years Eve just passed, enjoying a few too many cherry sourz and lemonade. I think he is trying to out-do my posery pout, what do you think girls?

I mentioned in my last post that I had went out for some cocktails with my bestie Jenn. Was quite a casual affair, we both had playsuits and flat shoes on, but we were comfy and had such a fun saturday night. Was a total giggle, I think we were both in mega need of a girls night like this. Laughing until your stomach hurts, talking about boys, cringeworthy moments, old school pals, and such daft banter. We recorded stupid videos on her phone when we got home that night (basically us just laughing our heads off at each other) and spent the next morning watching Romy and Michelles High School reunion with rolls and sausage and a huge cup of coffee. Awesome ♥

Isn't she lovely? :)

On a less giggly note, moving house at the weekend meant that we had to say goodbye to our little friend Millie :( The story of Millie is quite a long one. She was originally my cat, bought for me by my dad. But when my mum fell pregnant with tyler like 7 years ago (and y'know pregnant ladies shouldn't be near cat litter etc, and sometimes inquisitve cats aren't good to have around a newborn baby) my dad decided to take her for a short period of time. Well, that short period of time turned into FOREVER, cause my mum fell pregnant again with my wee bro not long after Tyler (I mean, c'mon mum! Sake :p) and Millie had properly wormed her way into my Dad's affections, so he ended up keeping her, and I went to stay with him pretty much every weekend anyways. But years down the line, when my Dad's wife Julie fell pregnant with my little bro max, we knew it was going to be the same pregnant lady and cat situation haha. But luckily, at this time last year me and david were moving into/renting my dads flat, while my dad moved into a new house with julie and the baby. So it worked out quite well, and for the past 6 months Millie has been our wee pal again :) But now that me and David are moving further out of Glasgow (and let's face it, my dad is a pure big mush and wants to keep Millie close as possible) she is going to live with my gran around the corner. My gran's cat died last year, so I know she will enjoy the company. And Millie will be in her third, and hopefully final home. Friday night just there was our last night with her, she is such a character and loving wee thing, and we will really miss having that little lady around. Well, we already do.

See, I told you it was a long story!

So on saturday we got the keys for our new place, and spent the whole day unpacking and organising. We rewarded ourselves with a massive fish supper that night and had an amazing sleep in our new bed. We will be staying between the new house and our current place for the next couple of weeks, but hope to be officially living there by the end of the month. Thank you for all your congrats and well wishes on here and on twitter, really means so much to me.

So new house of course meant a cheeky wee trip to ikea. We went over to my mums house for lunch with the family on sunday (picture above, it was so yummy, my mums cooking is da bomb diggity I'm telling ya) And we popped into Ikea Glasgow just down the road for a few bits and bobs for the new house. Ended up getting cushions, bath mats and towels from Primark and Asda home as they were MUCH cheaper. But from Ikea we got 2 rugs, a book case, storage boxes, a front door mat and fairy lights. We also got hotdogs before leaving... how could we not?! I was relieved to see that many of you on twitter agreed with me, and a few even admitted to going to ikea JUST for the food! Hahaha ;) Would you like to see a little picture of our new home once we've got all the bits and bobs in place?

On sunday after the Ikea trip and lunch at my mums, we rushed back to the flat for a quick change/turnaround before we went to the Funeral for a Friend gig that night. It was pretty amazing, those boys are brilliant live and their two new band members seemed like nice guys too. Took me right back to my youth and I enjoyed a couple of Kopparbergs and we had a brilliant view from where we were stood in the venue. Rather nice end to the weekend if I don't say so myself.

Something else that I need to mention is the CD swap I did with the lovely Stevie. We have similar tastes in music, clothes, tattoos etc so I was looking forward to this swap loads. Not only did she make me an awesome playlist, but she wrote me a lovely letter along with it and did this beautiful drawing!

Sorry for the camera phone pic, I've left the card in our new house and totally forgot to take a picture of it before I left. But safe to say it's wonderful and she is wonderful ♥ Isn't she such a talented lass? She wrote a really nice blog post about it too, made me a wee bit teary if I'm honest. Such a awesome, genuine and caring person :) Why can't so many of you lovely girls just live around the corner from me instead of hundreds of miles away?! That would make me a very happy girl. Especially slumber parties with SJ, sushi with Belle, and drinking tea with Gem - all of which have been discussed and bantered about! If only they could come trueee!

The 'power of blogging' still really gets me at times. The opportunities I have exposed myself to via blogging and the wonderful people who I've exchanged emails with, and even met. One recent thing did freak me out a bit though. A friend of a friend was getting her hair cut, and the girl next to her was explaining to the hairdresser what she wanted... only for her to take out a printed photograph of me and say 'this is what I want my hair like'. HUH?! Ahhhhh is it wrong that this creeps me out a little bit? I just want to know who this girl is, and how she got a picture of me, and if she 'knows' me, or if its just through the blog or whatever. So if this girl is you, please email me! Haha I don't mind in the slightest, I'll just feel a little less wierded out if I know who it was.

ANYWAYS, I am well aware that I have rambled on far too much in this post about too many different things. Oh wellz, shoot me! But you'll be glad you read this far because I have a little treat in store for you. Remember my tights rant from the last post? Well the nice people Pretty Polly's customer service got back in touch with me after I sent my tights to quality control. Yes, maybe a bit dramz of me but I'm glad I did it - cause I got a very polite and apologetic letter in return, and not one but TWO new pairs of the HOH Suspender tights! So I am going to give one of them away, to one of you gals. These tights RRP at like £12.99 so they're not the kinda thing you would buy willy nilly. I think its the most I've ever paid for a pair of tights, so I thought it would be nice to give them away as they're maybe not the kinda thing people would take a chance on buying (especially since there seems to be quite mixed opinions on them!)

So, feel free to leave a normal comment as you would on this post - I know they're not for everyone so commenting doesn't mean you're entering yourself for them. If however you are interested in them, mention it in the comment and I'll draw a winner this sunday. This isn't a 'giveaway' as such, so no rules or guidelines etc and no need to tweet about it (but please feel free if you want to!) All I will ask is that you are a reader of my blog via google friend connect over there :)

Lots of love as always,

Ayden x


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in that picture with the pitcher, love the lashes you've got on! A lovely read Ayden xx

  2. I'm so sorry about your poor hamster :( My first hamster took a massive chunk out of my finger just before it died so I thought he deserved it but yours just looks so cute! I'm super jealous of your new place - I want one!! But it doesn't look likely to happen anytime soon, I like being looked after by my parents too much

  3. Oh Ayden, so sorry about Milky Joe :( I can imagine how sad that must've been, especially with the experiences you shared with him (and sis)!
    Dyyying to see pics of the new place! Get 'em up! Am sure you're a busy bee so I'll try and be a patient gemini for once in my life.
    You and your boy are so gorgeous together. Love you guys!!
    Alex has been harping on about some nifty thing he did on COD the other day. I don't understand it, but maybe your COD pro boyf will be interested! Ha!
    Big love to you ♥

  4. Aw so sad to hear about Milky Joe, I know how it feels my hammys are my best pals when I lost Chubz I cried for months!

    That pic of you and David is SO cute! Bahhumbug to love :p

    I love your friends playsuit too!

    Those thighs are amaze I'd for sure love to enter ;) I'l reply to your email tomorrow xxx

  5. So sad to hear about Milky Joe :(
    Lovin' the pics of all the food, and the mix cd from Stevie.

    Also, I'd love to be entered into this not quite a giveaway hehe :) xo

  6. I'm so sorry about your little hamster. I'm so attached to mine (vivienne!) i'd be so sad if anything happened to her. Can't believe Milky Joe lived for 3 years though, that's amazing!
    Glad to hear about your good customer service, I've wrote so many complaint letters to big companies and some don't even reply which does my head in! Would love a pair of the tights, been after a pair for ages but just can't pay that much money for them. I hate student budgets! xx

  7. Aw sorry about Milky Joe, it's always super sad when you lose a pet. It's crazy how attached we become to animals.

    The photos from your week look fab, and I'm super excited to see some of your new place. I love an excuse to go to IKEA but will only go late at night to avoid crowds, and yes I have to get a hot dog as soon as I arrive to eat on the way round. It's a must!

    Oooh HOH tights are my faaav, I get through them too quickly for the price I have to pay, it's sad. I've not bought any of the suspender ones yet so I'd love to be entered if possible!

    Good luck with the rest of the move!!

  8. sad to hear about milky joe ayden. I love all your blog posts cause they're just so interesting. I love Reading about you & what you get up to. Your friend is gorgeous! I am shamlessly entering your tights un-giveaway because I had a pair of hoh tights and they ripped so bad. I really agree with what you said about the 12.99 price tag, I can't afford another pair really! But I love them so. Loved this post xxxx

  9. you look so pretty in the picture of you out for cocktails! very lovely.

    those tights look amazing!!

  10. Sorry to hear about Milky Joe Ayden. I lost my little hamster a few months ago and I still miss her :(
    Really glad you got your flat sorted too :)xx

  11. Oh Milky Joe, the moon is looking after him now, with his milky white face! Congrats on the new abode, so happy you finally found somewhere. You look lovely with a curl in your hair!!! Tea would be fab, and I am still yet to eat Ikea's famous meatballs!!! :(

    I'm glad your nan decided to have the cat in the end, and you have a lovely cat free bed ;)

    I'd love the tights!!

    I follow you.....around with a camera and an eye poker generally most days, but on the odd occasion I just follow you on google connect, twitter and your phone :D

    Love your Brummy stalker! xxxx

  12. Oh Ayden, so sorry about Milky Joe and such a shame to part with Millie.

    Looks like some brilliant times, and you look lovely in the pictures of your night out. Also looking lovely- lunch by your mum.

    Again congrats on the move- would defo love a nose around Chez Ayden- I'm nosey like that, sorry.

    Would like an entry on the tights, been lusting after them for a while- glad to see good customer service in action too.

  13. Lovely read, so sorry about your hamster. My dog had an allergic reaction to something today and her face got all puffy and she had to have an injection :( poor baby!
    I love the HH tights but they don't fit me, I can't get tights anwaywhere large or xl are always about a size 14 which is a shame xx

  14. Awwwh RIP little hammy meister! My last one died on my 15th birthday, still swear it was planned :(

    R x

  15. noo so sad to hear about milky joe :( and such a cute picture too!

    i always love when your posts pop up on my blogreader even though theyre not as frequent anymore, theyre still a great read!

    ps id love to be 'entered' for your tights giveaway-esque thingy :)

  16. I hate hearing sad stories about pets dying, not sure what I would do put in that situation :(((

    Rest in Paradise lil one.

    I would't mind eating those plates of food or having delicious drinks, those things always make a girl feel a tiny bit better :))

    hope things get better, seems like they did with your apology note with extra tights attached! I would rock those any day ;)

  17. awww hun, i'm really sorry to hear about your hamster D: *hugs*
    you've been super busy, my goodness! you look so cute in that photo of you with the pitcher haha. glad the move was good and yay for ikea, LOVE it there. could honestly spend the whole day there, and pictures of your new place is a must!!
    and omg those tights look amazing. i wanted to order them from urban but they are like $45 and then with shipping, eek :/ so i'm definitely interested in them ;)
    will be replying to your email now xxx

  18. oh hello gorgeous lady. the pictures of you and you friend with the (incredibly large and therefore my cup of tea) cocktails are beautiful. so sorry to hear about your hamster :( poor thing. sounds like she's had a good life though. and your cat! omg. adorable. i love her and i'm not a cat lady at all!! i love that she's worked her way around the family with who she lives with haha, i bet she's spoilt rotten cos of it! xx

    ps yes to the tights! adorbs!

  19. Oh, I'm so sad to hear about Milky Joe.

    Wow you've been super busy lady! Can't wait to see pics of your new place. I LOVE Ikea so hard, half my place is from there, lol.

    Really great post sweets, been looking forward to hearing from you!! Totes love HH tights, but they're hard to come by here in Aus, so I would love to be entered. Thank you lovely! Big Love. ♥
    x x

  20. So much information in one post! I'm so, so sorry to hear about your little hamster, that's very sad - but she was a total cutie!!!

    The picture of you drinking out of a jug is too cute! Ha Ha - looks fun =) xx

  21. Great post, sorry to hear aboiut your hamster, I know how attached I get to animals so feel ur pain. :(

    Have wanted to try those tights for ages, so would love to win them.

    Much Love. xx

  22. Those cocktails look amazing:p I've wanted some of those tights for a while, buy everywhere I look they're sold out (or I just can't justify the price!) so I'd love to win them:p

    Sara x

  23. Looks like you've been super-busy! Love the picture of you and the cocktail. x

  24. What a great catch up post, apart from the sad news of Milky Joe. He looked such a little dude. RIP.
    The photo of your mums food made me want to just "accidently" stumble upon her house and raid the fridge/cupboards/kidnap her. :)

    The hair is getting long isn't it! Looks a beaut!
    Yes definitely get some pics up of the new abode, and of course you need a hotdog in Ikea. Naturally. I always get lost, and end up coming out the wrong way so generally am too flustered by the time I finish to get a hotdog. Ikea fail.


  25. Oh and please feel free to let me win those gorgeous tights. :) xx

  26. Sorry to hear about Milky Joe, I am sure his spirit will live on. I had two hamsters growing up, one died after a week, I was so devastated at the time. There such small animals but sure do make great pets.

    Congratulations on the new home, I would love to see snaps. You definitely did right complaining about the tights, because if no one did the quality wouldn’t get any better! xx

  27. I loooove your long blog posts!
    Aw, I would be sad to say goodbye to my cat if I was in your situation. It sounds like your new flat is working out amazingly, I'd love to see a photo when it's sorted out!
    I want some of those tights so bad! I didn't know what to call them so I've been finding it hard to search online for them - waaaah. Sorry to ramble, lovely to have a read from you again. xx

  28. Ive been wanting tights like that for aaages :'( Id like to enter you not-really-a-giveaway :)

    Your so brave to leave your cat, when I go to uni I'll cry buckets leaving my 2 dogs! xxx

  29. Aw, poor milky joe! Hope you're okay dear. Sounds like you've had a very busy week or so! I bet funeral were amazing!! :D
    You and your boyfriend look so flippin' cute together! bless :P
    haha, I can't get over the girl in the hairdressers, least you know you have hair that everyone wants a piece of ;) haha!
    I'd love to win those tights (how generous by the way, its a change to see good customer service!) so please pop me in the bag with the others :D

  30. I'm sorry to hear about Milky Joe :( But yay about you moving into your new place. I am incredibly nosey so I'd love to see pictures of it! Oh, and I've gone to Ikea purely for the food before. A bit tragic.
    You and David are the most adorable couple. You just look so good together in every picture! And I want your friend's hair, it's amaaaazing!
    I'd be quite happy to win those tights too ;)

  31. You always look SO lovely! And your friend is so pretty as well... such a nice hair colour.

    Sorry about your little hammikins. Losing animals is sad and something I know far too well :(

  32. You've moved already? That's crazy. That feast looks amazing by the way....wish could be arshed to cook. Best I'm doing is various soups at the moment. My boy only wants to eat homemade pizza...pretty sure that is the first way to chunkster town though.

    Makes me a sad panda that you had to give up Millie.....I had to give up my kitten George Clinton, he technically "wasn't allowed". I miss him so. He's sleep next to my belly and it was brilliant.

    Hope you well my love


  33. I don't know how I'd manage without my gorgeous kitty! :( Desperate to get him some friends - crazy cat obsessive here - but don't think he'd be too keen. My friend once had a hamster that she lost in her own house, hm.
    I can't wait till I move out and live in my own house just for the decorating and Ikea trips (their meatballs = YUM!)
    As usual I'm always willing to have a shot at getting some free goodies, no such luck yet though! So 'enter' me into this unofficial giveaway ;)

    I always love reading your blog posts! x

  34. aw, you're gorgeous :)
    I never tend to read such long posts, but tbh your posts are always so exciting and touching i can never stop.
    I am sorry about your hamster:(
    spreading some love <3

  35. Aww no I would be so sad about leaving such a cute cat behind! :( am so sorry to hear about Milky Joe too, what a cutey!

  36. im so soppy- almost crying at the hamster/cat stories aha!

    that drawing you recieved is so awesome!

    i'd love to win that pair of tight - been lusting over them for ages, but never wanted to pay that! so nice of them to send you two pairs though, well worth complaining!


  37. you and your friend look so pretty in your drinkies pictures! im sorry about your poor little hamster. must have been so sad to see him go, especially with all the memories xx

  38. Just rediscovered your blog after checking my dashboard for the first time in two years(!!!!) & am SO glad I did, I look forward to reading your blog through!! :)
    & would LOVE a pair of HH tights!

  39. ohh its so sad having to leave pets behind, at least she's only with your gran though. I'm sorry about your hamster as well.

    Love them tights, Id like to enter!


  40. Mate I am super sorry to hear about Milky Joe - I remember how upset I was when my Phoebe died :( but they'll both be livin it large on the great big hamster wheel in the sky!

    And yes please pics of the new place! So jealous of all the fun you're having pimping it out :)

    luvin the tights too, enter me please!


    ps spirtualist church was okay, bit weird if I'm honest, even for me. Never got a reading but my mums pal did and it was scarily on point!!!

  41. So sorry to here about Milky Joe going off to hamster heaven :(

    Love how great you and your friend look with bright lipstick, I need to be more adventurous! That yummy spread of food has made me soo hungry at work!

    I would love to enter your not a giveaway tights thingy mabob :)

  42. I love your epic posts Ayden! I'm so sorry about Milky Joe though. :(

    Can't wait to see pics of your new place - I am such an IKEA junkie too! I could spend hours in the 'bits' department. Love it.

    You look so pretty in the photos of you, love the one of you and your blokey pouting!

  43. so sad about you wee hamster, she was a cutie, and had a brilliant name!
    Your eye lashes look amazing in the nye pictures, ive never used false ones, i doubt i could put them on properly!
    Oh and the drawing is lovely, you should have it as your blog header x

  44. that thing about the hairdressers is quite weird :') although I must admit, I facebooked a girl like five years above me at school to ask her what hair dye she used!

    also, I would loooooooooooooove to win those tights! got a lot of love for house of holland!

  45. Sorry to hear about Milky Joe, he was so cute :(

    You look gorgeous in the pic of you and the ginormo pitcher! xx

  46. I'm a brand new follower, just thought I'd say hello. Also? I would like to maybe have those tights. :)

  47. Whoa, Jenns hair is GORGEOUS!

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