Pace the stairs to your apartment, like it's where you want to be

Me and David have tickets to go and see Taking Back Sunday at the Glasgow Barrowlands in May. I have been listening to them a lot recently, as they've always been a firm old fave that have drifted in and out of my daily playlist. The above lyrics have been circling in my head all week, because friday night is going to be our last night in the flat. We have been between our current place and the new place for a couple of weekends now, and saturday will be the day of our 'official' move. We don't have much stuff left to move over, just the tv, tv unit and a few boxes.

This place is the first flat me and David have lived in together (above... and beginning to look sad and empty, sniff sniff) We were both still at home previous to this, so it was a big step for us both - and a step I was really proud that we got to make with each other. Even though we have only been there for 6 months, we have so many memories in this wee flat already. I'm excited about getting settled in our new place, and making it feel like our own little home. Thank you for all your supportive words so far, and the suggestions for places to buy cute and quirky homely things! Once we are settled in the new place, I'll be sure to do a little Home Tour post, for all you nosy peeps out there ;) Haha, I jest. I am the nosiest person you will ever meet!

I am hoping that by my birthday in June, I will have plucked up the courage to ask our landlord if we can get guinea pigs. I know he said no pets, but do hamsters, guinea pigs etc really count? Or is it more cats and dogs that they would be concerned about? Oh well, time will tell. I would love some furry little additions to our family, and those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning, will know how much I have been wanting to get some piggies, for a very long time.

The last piece of post I will ever receive at our soon to be old flat, is a rather lovely one. A very nice girl called Lisa got in touch about her Hair Accessory making business, and Big Cartel store, Dainty Roses. I have had so many rude and strange encounters with PR people recently - with numerous emails being deleted before I've even got to the closing sentence. I'm not saying I'm being inundated with them, but whenever I have recieved them, I'd say only 10% are personable and actually nice to read. The rest are just 'here's some info/press release on XXX, if you want higher res images don't hesitate to get in touch'. Uh, hello?! I won't even get into it. But it really annoys me :( On the other hand, when I get emails from lovely people like Lisa, it's like chatting to a friend. Honesty, genuine interest, politeness. Good times! So Lisa sent me a parcel during the week, and the items she sent me were just as delightful as the email exchanges I had with her.

Ribbon Rose Hairclips - £1.50 for two
Floral Print Hairclips - £1 for two

Elastic Animal Print Headband - £1.50
Elastic Bow Headband - £2.50
Rosey Bow Headband - £4 (Most on her Big Cartel right now are £3 on sale)

Firstly, thank you SO much Lisa. She initially was just sending me a headband, but then proceeded to pop another parcel in the post containing some original samples of products she made over the weekend. I would never be dishonest/biased in these type of reviews, its just not me. So I can tell you now that I am really impressed with what Lisa sent me. I have only had a chance to wear the Rosey Bow wire headband (pictured above) so far. But on close inspection on the rest of the stuff she sent me, it is all sturdy and very well made (and they are all hand made, of course) My biggest peeve is buying something like this, only for it to break a day or so later. The finish on each one is completely immaculate, great quality fabric, and her prices are so reasonable. It makes me angry that I spent a few pennies more on similar accessories (note HERE) at Primark a few weeks ago. Why the hell buy into that mass manufactured stuff, when you can have something beautifully handmade for the same price?

Lisa is offering 25% off to Little Blog Of Horrors readers with this discount code AYDEN25. She has the Rosey Bows in various different fabrics, and also some cute bow clips too. But don't take my word for it, here is the link to Dainty Roses again (and the blog) - and have faith in knowing that it won't be a visit which breaks the bank! :)

A couple more things, my interview for the nice folks over at Stolen Thunder went up the other day, which you can read here. I have also noticed my little reader count ticking upwards, and I think my Tattoo Tuesday post over at Sometimes Sweet might have just tipped me over the 700 scale. All I can say is wow, thank you! So if you are a new reader, hello :) I hope you stick around. It was a real honour to be featured on Sometimes Sweet. Danielle's blog is literally one of the first I ever started reading, so it was a bit of a fangirl moment when she got in touch about including me in this feature.

I know I blab on a lot, and probably only a small percentage of you have the patience to read every word of my posts (thank you if you do) But nothing makes me cringe more than a comment left 'just for the sake of it', which kinda exposes the people who take the time and effort to read the written word, versus the ones who clearly don't. Self promotion, giveaway holla's and spam - no thank you! Oooft sorry, I'm feeling feisty tonight. Rant over ;)

Love Ayden x

Maggie Angus & #Winning

Hello there lovelies. Sitting with a cup of tea and Back To The Future on the telly, so I thought it was about time for a wee blogging catch up. Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who entered my 'not-so-giveaway' from the last post. I can now announce that the winner who I completely picked at random, was the lovely Katie from Katie Styles :) If you can email me your address Katie, I'll get the tights mailed out for you tomorrow.

I'm making a rather large pit stop at the post office in the morning for my parcel to send to Claire for her 22nd May Appeal, and for my swap parcel with Christine in Canada, and my swap parcel for an American non blogging girlie called Kasey. Made me wonder if there are quite a few people who read my blog, but are maybe not bloggers themselves? Or have thought about starting one up but aren't too sure? Drop me a comment and say hello if you fall into that category! I got a nice email from a girl called Laura this week, she has just started blogging over at Hearts Of Sand. I love meeting/chatting to new people. So don't ever be a stranger, my email address is on the contact page.
I was contacted last week by the awesome Anna of Maggie Angus. I had never heard of Maggie Angus until now - but I soon found that Anna's quirky jewellery designs were right up my street. My initial impressions made me think of the likes of Tatty Devine and Punky Pins (both complete faves of mines as you might already know) She invited me to become a part of her Style Clan and do a little guest blogging interview/challenge. I took a couple of my fave Maggie Angus pieces and styled them along with an outfit, all coming together to a certain theme of my choice. This is my entry, and was the first time I have done anything like this so please be gentle! :(
So, honest opinions? I know its pretty simple, and I used Polyvore for the first time to piece it all together, so that was quite fun. I am not the most fashionable girl you will ever meet, but I wanted to piece together an outfit which I would actually wear (and what is pictured, is actually just a lust list!) Be sure to head on over and have a nosy at my interview here. You can also see over there a detailed list of where all my items are from. I think Anna will post a handful of Style Clan posts per month, from which she will choose a winner who will get some Maggie Angus goodies as a prize, so keep yer fingers crossed for me! :) Would love to get my hands on the Shell Ring or Coral Branch Necklace I've included in my look. This sunny weather is making me excited for summer, wearing dresses (with no tights, joy!) and hopefully booking up for a wee holiday somewhere.

Not much else has been happening in the life of Ayden. Still getting our new house sorted, and spent the weekend putting in all the new bits and pieces we got from Ikea last weekend. It's made a real difference to the place, and we can't wait to officially move in next weekend. We did spend an hour building our new bookcase which was an absolute LOL. Cause of my job, I tend to take charge when it comes to hands on/building things. I can't help it! But poor David seemed a bit traumatised after it haha. I think I am always going to wear the trousers when it comes to painting and DIY (but hey, he is a great cook, so maybe we can just settle with each of us sticking to what we prefer?) Can't wait to get settled in our new house next weekend - living inbetween two places right now is kinda doing my head in.

Best keep it brief... here's my weekend in a nutshell:

Friday. When I thought I couldn't fall more in love with the home baking at work, they have started selling Macaroons. Yes, propa' ones that would give Miss Pascale and Lawson a run for their money! I hope it wasn't just a one off. I regularly tweet about their ridiculous (-ly AMAZING) cupcakes. But a daily Macaroon instead would definately keep me sweet :)

Friday night, dinner and a bit too much wine at David's parents house for his mummas birthday. Great wee night as always, great banter and conversations and good, good food ♥

Saturday, lunch with my Dad, Step mum, Gran, David and Max! In our new wee home town of Linlithgow. Went to a cosy italian place on the high street, and then for a walk around the Palace and Lake afterwards. Spotted some great spots along the lake that will have serious picnic potential as the better weather comes in.

Sunday, a bit more arranging and organising in the new house. Started the day with a lovely cup of coffee, from the bag I got for FREE with my Starbs card voucher on thurs (anyone else been using them?) Then I went for lunch and some shopping with my good friend Erin who was visiting Glasgow for the weekend from Chester. Obsessing over nice homely objects at the mo, you gals got any links/sites you can suggest? Tonight, I've been watching tv, chilling out and just getting my stuff organised for the week ahead. Last week at work this week and then I have a bit of time off (I am counting the days, honestly)

Happy sunday folks ♥

Ayden x

The Wonder Years

Hello! Long time no speak m'dears. Feel bad I don't update this more regularly, but I do my best gals. Life has been keeping me rather busy recently, so since I last blogged, here's a very eclectic mix of what's been making me smile, making me cry, and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Some tears for my lovely wee Robovroski dwarf hamster who passed away last week. Nearly 3 years old, you could say that Milky Joe (yes, inspired by the one and only Mighty Boosh) had a good innings. Her sister Lola died a year or so ago - I got these two girls from the very first short film I ever worked on, so they held a huge piece of nostalgia for me. We bought them for a scene in a school and I was the one who got landed with them afterwards haha. But I totally adored them to pieces! So much has changed in terms of my career in these three years, and I'm glad these little ladies were there to see me off into the big bad world of working. Milky Joe, you will be missed as much as your sis :'(

A very random picture which I stumbled across, from the facebook of the first feature film I worked on while I was still a student. These were from the behind the scenes stills and me and the Art Director Amy got papped reading some fake, well 'prop', porno mags. This picture makes me giggle looking back on it because the boom guy on the left is ACTUALLY quite seriously reading it. Check his face out! Tut tut.

Another random picture, this one I stumbled across from David's camera. This was us on New Years Eve just passed, enjoying a few too many cherry sourz and lemonade. I think he is trying to out-do my posery pout, what do you think girls?

I mentioned in my last post that I had went out for some cocktails with my bestie Jenn. Was quite a casual affair, we both had playsuits and flat shoes on, but we were comfy and had such a fun saturday night. Was a total giggle, I think we were both in mega need of a girls night like this. Laughing until your stomach hurts, talking about boys, cringeworthy moments, old school pals, and such daft banter. We recorded stupid videos on her phone when we got home that night (basically us just laughing our heads off at each other) and spent the next morning watching Romy and Michelles High School reunion with rolls and sausage and a huge cup of coffee. Awesome ♥

Isn't she lovely? :)

On a less giggly note, moving house at the weekend meant that we had to say goodbye to our little friend Millie :( The story of Millie is quite a long one. She was originally my cat, bought for me by my dad. But when my mum fell pregnant with tyler like 7 years ago (and y'know pregnant ladies shouldn't be near cat litter etc, and sometimes inquisitve cats aren't good to have around a newborn baby) my dad decided to take her for a short period of time. Well, that short period of time turned into FOREVER, cause my mum fell pregnant again with my wee bro not long after Tyler (I mean, c'mon mum! Sake :p) and Millie had properly wormed her way into my Dad's affections, so he ended up keeping her, and I went to stay with him pretty much every weekend anyways. But years down the line, when my Dad's wife Julie fell pregnant with my little bro max, we knew it was going to be the same pregnant lady and cat situation haha. But luckily, at this time last year me and david were moving into/renting my dads flat, while my dad moved into a new house with julie and the baby. So it worked out quite well, and for the past 6 months Millie has been our wee pal again :) But now that me and David are moving further out of Glasgow (and let's face it, my dad is a pure big mush and wants to keep Millie close as possible) she is going to live with my gran around the corner. My gran's cat died last year, so I know she will enjoy the company. And Millie will be in her third, and hopefully final home. Friday night just there was our last night with her, she is such a character and loving wee thing, and we will really miss having that little lady around. Well, we already do.

See, I told you it was a long story!

So on saturday we got the keys for our new place, and spent the whole day unpacking and organising. We rewarded ourselves with a massive fish supper that night and had an amazing sleep in our new bed. We will be staying between the new house and our current place for the next couple of weeks, but hope to be officially living there by the end of the month. Thank you for all your congrats and well wishes on here and on twitter, really means so much to me.

So new house of course meant a cheeky wee trip to ikea. We went over to my mums house for lunch with the family on sunday (picture above, it was so yummy, my mums cooking is da bomb diggity I'm telling ya) And we popped into Ikea Glasgow just down the road for a few bits and bobs for the new house. Ended up getting cushions, bath mats and towels from Primark and Asda home as they were MUCH cheaper. But from Ikea we got 2 rugs, a book case, storage boxes, a front door mat and fairy lights. We also got hotdogs before leaving... how could we not?! I was relieved to see that many of you on twitter agreed with me, and a few even admitted to going to ikea JUST for the food! Hahaha ;) Would you like to see a little picture of our new home once we've got all the bits and bobs in place?

On sunday after the Ikea trip and lunch at my mums, we rushed back to the flat for a quick change/turnaround before we went to the Funeral for a Friend gig that night. It was pretty amazing, those boys are brilliant live and their two new band members seemed like nice guys too. Took me right back to my youth and I enjoyed a couple of Kopparbergs and we had a brilliant view from where we were stood in the venue. Rather nice end to the weekend if I don't say so myself.

Something else that I need to mention is the CD swap I did with the lovely Stevie. We have similar tastes in music, clothes, tattoos etc so I was looking forward to this swap loads. Not only did she make me an awesome playlist, but she wrote me a lovely letter along with it and did this beautiful drawing!

Sorry for the camera phone pic, I've left the card in our new house and totally forgot to take a picture of it before I left. But safe to say it's wonderful and she is wonderful ♥ Isn't she such a talented lass? She wrote a really nice blog post about it too, made me a wee bit teary if I'm honest. Such a awesome, genuine and caring person :) Why can't so many of you lovely girls just live around the corner from me instead of hundreds of miles away?! That would make me a very happy girl. Especially slumber parties with SJ, sushi with Belle, and drinking tea with Gem - all of which have been discussed and bantered about! If only they could come trueee!

The 'power of blogging' still really gets me at times. The opportunities I have exposed myself to via blogging and the wonderful people who I've exchanged emails with, and even met. One recent thing did freak me out a bit though. A friend of a friend was getting her hair cut, and the girl next to her was explaining to the hairdresser what she wanted... only for her to take out a printed photograph of me and say 'this is what I want my hair like'. HUH?! Ahhhhh is it wrong that this creeps me out a little bit? I just want to know who this girl is, and how she got a picture of me, and if she 'knows' me, or if its just through the blog or whatever. So if this girl is you, please email me! Haha I don't mind in the slightest, I'll just feel a little less wierded out if I know who it was.

ANYWAYS, I am well aware that I have rambled on far too much in this post about too many different things. Oh wellz, shoot me! But you'll be glad you read this far because I have a little treat in store for you. Remember my tights rant from the last post? Well the nice people Pretty Polly's customer service got back in touch with me after I sent my tights to quality control. Yes, maybe a bit dramz of me but I'm glad I did it - cause I got a very polite and apologetic letter in return, and not one but TWO new pairs of the HOH Suspender tights! So I am going to give one of them away, to one of you gals. These tights RRP at like £12.99 so they're not the kinda thing you would buy willy nilly. I think its the most I've ever paid for a pair of tights, so I thought it would be nice to give them away as they're maybe not the kinda thing people would take a chance on buying (especially since there seems to be quite mixed opinions on them!)

So, feel free to leave a normal comment as you would on this post - I know they're not for everyone so commenting doesn't mean you're entering yourself for them. If however you are interested in them, mention it in the comment and I'll draw a winner this sunday. This isn't a 'giveaway' as such, so no rules or guidelines etc and no need to tweet about it (but please feel free if you want to!) All I will ask is that you are a reader of my blog via google friend connect over there :)

Lots of love as always,

Ayden x

All the way from Oz

I love getting things in the post. Who doesn't? But these days it's pretty much just bills, bank statements and junk :( So the odd unexpected letter or parcel never fails to put a smile on my face. I wanted to share with you the amazing parcel I got in my swap with the lovely Tennille, all the way from Australia.

For someone who has never met me, I feel already like she knows me so well. She sent me the most amazing jewellery, and some Australian brands of makeup that are not available here in the UK. Thank you so much Tennille :) I am really impressed with all the products she sent me, the lipgloss smells AWESOME, the eyeshadows are so pigmented, and the lipstick and glitter liner are really long lasting. Not used the polishes yet because I still have my french manicure on the go, but I'll be sure to give them a try soon!

In exchange I sent Tennille some items that aren't available where she is, such as Barry M, Sleek, and Topshop makeup. If you are from the US, Australia or Canada and would like to do an exchange with me then don't hesitate to get in touch. For example, I'd love to get my hands on some Sephora goodies, or sweeties/food from across the pond (such as lucky charms and twinkies haha) So if you'd fancy doing this in exchange for some British goodies then drop me an email and we'll get it organised.

A wee update since my last post... thank you so much for all your good luck wishes, lets just say they worked, and on saturday we put down a deposit on our new flat! :) It's perfect, and as soon as we saw it we knew it was 'the one'. The location is great, the private landlord is a really friendly and efficient man, and we get the keys this weekend so we are spending the rest of this week packing up and getting organised. Going to have a massive clear out of my clothes etc, so will probs be posting a link to my ebay next week for y'all to have a wee nosy. In the meantime, my nerves have been subdued and I'm actually looking forward to the big move, and taking a trip to Ikea and Next Home to get some finishing touches for the flat. I'm thinking fairy lights, a new coffee table, a new rug for the living room, and some other little homely bits and bobs. Need to start scouring the net for some inspiration. I am excited about this next chapter and new adventure for me and David, and for us to really make this little house into a home ♥

So the rest of this week for me will consist of working, packing, dinner with Leah, epic move at the weekend, and seeing an old time fave band, Funeral For A Friend, at King Tuts in Glasgow on sunday night. I had a great weekend with Jenn, which involved lots of laughs and cocktails but I have some pictures of that to share in my next post. I stupidly burnt a hole in my Urban Outfitters Tux Playsuit (for those of you who remember, the one I wore at christmas) right on the chest, just as we were getting ready on sat :( I have only worn it once before, and it was £50 so pretty safe to say I cried a little bit inside. I also broke my topshop bracelet that night, and ripped 2 holes in my brand new HOH Pretty Polly tights. Haha sounds like a wild night eh, it totally wasn't! I am just so clumsy and I guess bad luck comes in threes. I'm hoping a brooch will save my UO playsuit (or least redeem it in the slightest) and I have been on to the quality control folk at Pretty Polly about the tights. I don't normally complain about that kind of thing, ever, and would just put it down to my own carelessness. But I was so careful with these tights, we were sat down the whole evening - and Jenn's cheaper primark version lasted the night fine. So I was rather disappointed that mines didn't. I don't pay £13 for a pair of tights for them to not even last 24 hours. So we'll see how they reply to my letter. Mary Portas much? You gotta love (or if you work in retail, hate?) a tryer!

Ayden x

Diamond in the rough

Since work has been keeping me so busy lately, I decided over the past few weekends when I was out and about to treat myself to a few new bits and bobs. Here is what I have been spending my hard earned pennies on...

Tights and jewellery, all from Primark.
Been really impressed with their accessories lately, especially shoes and bags. I am trying to master how to do a nice (but not overdone, if you get me) head scarf. And the one I found in primark has wire through the inside so you can shape it to fit your noggin snuggly - and tie off the bow at the end in whatever way you please. Totally foolproof!

My sweet vintage find.
Exploring the West End of Glasgow with my lovely friend Katrina, I found this 100% wool cardi for £15. I love the sturdy leather buttons, and even though it was in the guys section it is quite small and a perfect fit for me. The colour is so pretty, and its crazy to think over christmas I was eyeing up similar cardi's in Topshop and UO for at least triple the price.

'That' Topshop dress.
You'll have seen this gorgeous Peter Pan number rocked by the likes of Michelle and Milly. When I saw it in the sale rale, my size, I couldn't resist. Plus the girl at the counter gave me student discount (even tho I'm not a student - not complaining though!) So I actually got it for £10.80. Again, had been eyeing this up for ages, so I feel rather triumphant at finally getting it at almost a third of the price. Can you tell I bloody love a bargain?!

I had a messy start to last week when I was working on a feature film for a couple of days. My talented friend Gary sculpted a whole cave out of polystyrene! He is really amazing. So we were covering that in artex to make it look more rock like, and also covering all the bare mdf walls that made up the rest of the set with artex too. It's just a way of texturing so that when painted, the finish looks like stone or concrete, rather than wood. The secrets of cinema eh ;) Safe to say my hands were a total mess by the end of it, so I decided to go get a little frenchie on my nails a few days after.

Simple but my goodness this is the best my nails have looked in a LONG time. It's impossible for me to keep them pretty with my work etc, and they are starting to look a bit worn now so I'm going to go back next weds to get them done again. The offer was 'Pink Wednesdays' (made me think of Miss Minaj, almost!) so you get the treatment done twice for the price of one. Really wanted to get Minx nails done, but the girl was saying they cost £30 quid and rarely last a week :/ Unless you get your toenails done, for which they last a bit longer. Obv Katy Perry can afford a weekly Minx no bother at all, but have any of you experienced them before and had them only last 7 days?

Yes, of course I had to indulge in a bit of Mac Wonder Woman. I got the blue makeup bag, because I was in much need of a nice shiny new one (ok, shiny being the understatement here!) I also got the Amazon Princess Blush, and lipstick in Spitfire.

A serious and a silly picture of me wearing my new mac treats :)

I ended up getting a cheeky wee day off during the week, so me and David went to Linlithgow to view some more flats. We viewed 4, 2 of which were massive no no's. We are seeing 2 more this saturday morning and I think after that, we will be making the final decision. I am getting much more excited about the thought of buying lots of new homely things for our next flat. I guess I just won't feel 100% settled until I know exactly where we are going to be living. I can't wait for the big move, and to sort through all my clothes, jewellery etc, and have a massive clear out. I feel like all my stuff is pretty crammed/unorganised in our current place, so hopefully where ever we end up I will have a bit more space to store my stuff (it drives David crazy, he's all 'you don't need any more cardigans or any more shoes!) So, having a lovely big wardrobe where you can SEE all your clothes out in front of you, would be lovely. Nice boxes/drawers to store all my makeup and jewellery, so it isn't crammed away and I end up forgetting about it. And last but not least, a bath. We only have a shower in our current place, and you have no idea how much I miss my baths! The biggest trip to lush will be on the cards, haha I can't bloody wait. A Lush shower is just not the same as a Lush bath. So it'll be Bathbombs ahoy!

Got a busy wee weekend planned, but I'll be sure to post a bit sooner this time, and keep y'all posted on if we find 'the one' :)

Lots of love, Ayden x

Eight days a week

I'm so happy it's the weekend again. Although it doesn't really feel like the weekend for me, my week has been a bit back to front and I started back work yesterday. Working all the way through to next friday, and a few bits and bobs have been happening but I've not really had time to blog about them straight away. So the following pictures are from last weekend. I had a perfect little relaxing sunday after the wedding on saturday. Thank you for all your kind comments on the last post ♥ Seriously made me blush.

I have lots of pictures I want to share with you soon, including recent buys, Mac wonder woman collection, and a parcel of makeup goodies I received all the way from Tennille in Australia. But I don't want it to be a picture/information overload all crammed into one! So I'll space them out as more 'themed' posts over the next week or so :)

In the meantime, here's what I did last sunday. I think I would do it all over again tomorrow if I could.

Fruit glorious fruit! We were left with a whole load of 'action fruit' (ha, sounds cooler than what it actually is people!) from an episode we filmed last thursday. So I got to take a massive bag home with me. Apples, oranges, bananas, mangoes, and kiwi fruit. Since moving into my first flat with David, we try to buy as much fresh fruit and veg as we can. But quickly discovered how expensive it is, and even more expensive if you don't eat it quick enough and it ends up going to waste! So this was pretty epic to say the least. I have been munching on lots of healthy fruit every day and decided to make us some smoothies last sunday morning. Was super yummy.

Sunday breakfast. Ok, looks like total crap but I totally maintain it's the simple things in life that win hands down every time! Toast with REAL butter, heinz baked beans, bacon (there was two pieces but I sneakily munched one before I took this picture) and wee willy winky sausages. I havent had wee willy winkies since I lived with my mum, Aaron and Tyler used to eat them all the time. So when we did our last big food shop I had to get some. They are the best little sausages ever! Haha.

A massive, hot cup of tea. I have just ran out of my brewhaha teabags, but oh my they make a wonderful cuppa. What is your tea of choice? I would quite like to get proper tea leaves and a strainer like they have in the Brewhaha shop in glasgow. A cup of tea always makes me feel better in whatever situation I'm in, or however I'm feeling.

That bloody fringe is driving me up the wall. It's pretty much hit or miss whether I can dry and style it properly. It has been a good distraction in my bid to grow my hair long (I'd always get to a point where I'm like JUST CHOP IT 'AW OFF!) but I've started sweeping it to the side some days now, like I did at my Dad's wedding in the previous post (And just to clear up any confusion from the comments... Julie is my step mum, not my actual mum)

Sunday lunch in Glasgow's west end. More bacon, aaargh! I promise I walked enough that day to justify my greedyness. Myself and my lovely friend Katrina went to Hillhead Book Club for a bite to eat. Katrina had the veggie lasagne, and I had french toast with bacon and maple syrup. Her tipple of choice was cider and black and mines was my fave at the mo - Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. It is amazing. Can't beat a cheeky wee pint on a sunny sunday. We went for a wander around the charity and vintage shops afterwards, and I got a couple of bits and bobs in town which I'll share with ya in my next post (lets just say, 100% woolen cardi for £15, result!) and also got some pieces for our Katy Perry outfits. I'm sure I've mentioned before, but yes we are total fangirls and are going to dress up for her gig in april - california girls style! David thinks I'm absolutely mental. But it's all good fun and I can't wait to share it with you all ;)

Sushi times with Erin. My wonderful friend Erin moved down to Chester for her work, I miss her so much and luckily still get to see her every few months when she comes up for a visit. I defs plan on going down to see her once I've finished up on this current job! And although she was very hungover, she came to meet me on sunday night at Yo Sushi for a much needed catch up. I don't understand people who can have massive platters of sushi, I saw it all the time on my europe travels, people eating 20-30 pieces... I'd say 10 is my absolute max! It just fills me up so quickly. Strange.

Sunday at bedtime. Before...

And after :)

I was doing a couple of days work on a feature film at the start of the week, so on sunday night when I came home from my busy wee day out shopping, eating and catching up, I had to sort out my Art dept and Scenic Art kits. I rotate what tools etc I'm going to pack around what job I'm doing. I guess the key is to take a small amount of as many different tools/materials as you can. I haven't been caught out yet, so I'm quite happy with my current inventory. Also the last job I was on, the designer gave me money to go and replenish my kit for things I had used up on that job. I always used to wonder at uni what will I need in my kit when I am freelance, and how much of it, and what brand, and what colours. But it has only by actually being out working I have been able to grasp the kind of things I should always be stocked up with. While also being prepared to expect the unexpected.

Recently I have felt more of a 'grown up' than I have ever felt in my whole life. I think its mostly to do with being pushed out of my comfort zone left right and centre. When it comes to working, finances, living away from home, and just trying to make it all fit together nicely while still finding time to do stuff I enjoy. Had a couple of flat viewings during the week in the little town between glasgow and edinburgh that me and david are planning to move to next. My lovely gal Leah drove me through because David was working. Unfortunately, I would have put a security down on either one of these flats but both were JUST snapped up by the people before us :( Gutted, but I guess it wasn't meant to be eh? So the hunt continues and the clock is ticking, wish us luck ♥

Ayden x

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