'The Atlantic was born today and I'll tell you how...
The clouds above opened up and let it out.

I need you so much closer.'

- Death Cab For Cutie

The shoes.
(Yes, I actually lasted in them the whole day)

The accessories.
(What can I say... keeping it simple. Next bag, Primark flower and Pandora/Links of London bracelets)

The new makeup.
(Gotta love a wee Mac makeover. Pro Longwear Foundation and Viva Glam Gaga lipstick)

The eyes
(Hello photobooth - was running late)

The family.
(My existing one and my new one ♥)

The newly weds.
(And my beautiful little brother)

The cake.
(I could eat wedding cake every single day)

The dinner table.
(An intimate occasion, only about 30 guests)

The place settings.
(My attractive glass of Sailor Jerry & Coke was preference over champers)

Myself and David♥
(David, you can wear a suit EVERY DAY from now on, thankyouplease)

Well, what an emotional little weekend I have had. I haven't had the chance to post on here in quite a while. Life is keeping me busy, so I won't 'apologise' for my absence, but I will say thank you for sticking around. I guess I'll do what I do best, and fill you in on whats been happening :)

Friday was my last day on the job I have been on since the start of January, and on friday night I toddled along to the CCA in Glasgow with the lovely Kirsty to the screening of a documentary by Japanese director Daishi Matsunaga, called Pyuupiru 2001-2008. It was a fantastic film, and Kirsty actually wrote a brilliant blog post about it - so if you'd like to read more about it click here to visit her blog! (which I thoroughly recommend you do anyways dears) It was a part of Glasgow Film Festival, and we were invited along thanks to fellow bloggy pal Claire. Was so nice to see Kirsty again, and to meet Claire for the first time - I defo take my hat off to her for organising such a great night and looking so calm and composed the whole time! We got a fab goodie bag with some urban outfitters and illamasqua treats in it too - so along with a little (or rather large) pear cider it was a pretty awesome night. 

Then there was saturday, which was my dad and julie's wedding day ♥ I went into town super early in the morning and got my makeup done at Mac. They did a grand job as usual, but the mua forgot to charge me for my lashes! So I only ended up buying my foundation and viva glam gaga lippie (bit late on the bandwagon, I know) Rushed home to get ready and do my hair, and only had time to snap a quick photobooth pic of my eye makeup before we rushed out the door and in the car to One Devonshire Gardens. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the ceremony was so lovely (tears) the speeches were touching (tears, again) the photographer an absolute hoot (will see the pro pics at the weekend) the dinner was wonderful, the venue perfect... all in all, we had a really wonderful time. Just immediate family and a few close friends there during the day for the wedding and the meal, and then at night we went back to The Eagle Lodge in Bishopbriggs for the wedding reception where there were a couple of hundred more guests.

I did get kinda upset during the ceremony and speeches. But there was just such an overwhelming sense of love and closeness between everyone that day (you're probs thinking, DUH - it's a wedding!) But I hope you understand what I mean. Its only the 2nd wedding I've been to as an adult, and I guess the whole thing has a much different and deeper meaning to me now that I am older and can understand the amount of emotion and commitment involved in a celebration like this. The fact that it was my Dad made me even more upset - I love and look up to him more than he will ever know, and it was so overwhelming to see him so happy, and also see him get emotional at the speeches, and seeing him make his vows with Julie and just witness the whole thing happening in general. Made me realise how much of a MESS I am going to be at my own wedding by the way! Julie is the best step mum I could ever ask for, and I am so greatful that they have blessed me with a baby brother at my grand ol' age of 21 :) I feel lucky that my mum and dad still get on really well, and that both sides of my family talk away to each other and exchange christmas cards etc. And the fact that up until the age of 15 I was an only child, but I now have two half brothers and a half sister! (but y'know, the 'half' bit doesn't even matter in the slightest) 'Dysfunctional families' certainly seem to be the norm these days :) But I wouldn't change mines for the world.

Overall, a really loved up and reflective day on saturday. Things have been a bit manic recently, but I felt like I was on cloud 9 and having David by my side was really the icing on the cake. Had a busy little sunday too, and a few more bits and pieces have been happening but I think I will save that for my next post. I've done quite enough talking for now :)

Ayden x

Not like the movies

This weekend I embarked on another little baking bonanza. I made a (rather large) batch of 'american breakfast pancakes' from Nigella's book, which I mentioned a couple of posts back. It was super easy, and my topping of choice was honey. But I think I am going to butter up the remaining ones and take them in a little tupperware box to work tomorrow. So simple, but so good. If I make them again soon, I would serve them piping hot with tate & lyle golden syrup or some maple syrup - yum! When is pancake day anyways, soon? This is the first time I have ever made 'proper' pancakes, every other time it's been the premixed sachet or bottle stuff (which always just ends up coming out tasting like flat yorkshire puds, don't you think?)

You're probably looking at the third picture and wondering what the hell they are... well, that was my first (frustrating!) attempt at chocolate macaroons. Again, from Nigella's book. But during the week I had watched Lorraine on Baking Made Easy rustle up some macaroons, and actually seeing them be made was enough motivation for me to try them this weekend. Her recipe differed from Nigella's in so many ways. Lets just say, Lorraine made it look too easy :( I think I know where I went wrong now, and what I would do differently next time. So although they look like cow pats, I promise you they actually tasted alright! Nothing on the macaroons I tasted in the summer. It's going to take a lot of practise but I am determined to master them!

I know I keep saying it but I literally cannot believe how quickly this year is flying in. This is my last week on my current job, and then I have some time on a feature film before I'm back at the BBC again. Next saturday I have my Dad's wedding, which I am really excited about! Even though I know I'm going to be a total mush and cry my eyes out. I managed to find a lovely dress and heels a la Topshop at the weekend. Which I shall share with y'all soon. Also bought a new bra and new black tights (ohh its the simple joys in life! haha) and some clippy flowers from primark for in my hair. Did see some beautiful hairbands and fascinator style clips in Topshop when I got my other stuff, but they were all ridiculously over priced for what I was needing/wanting. I've got a nice new bag from Next to wear on the day, but I'm still undecided on my jacket. Dark grey blazer or my cape? Probs not going to have it on for very long anyways.

Relieved that the wedding present for my dad and step mum is all organised and paid for, my outfit is sorted, tan is ready to rock and roll on fri night, makeup at mac is booked for the sat morning... there was one last thing to think about. Hair! I have been emailing back and forwards with the wonderful Kel, who has given me advice on how I could style my hair on the day and what sort of accessories (FASCINATOR FEAR!) would suit my hair. She's an absolute wee gem, and I have my plan of action all sorted ;)

My mumma came over this afternoon to cut David's hair, and to cut and dye my hair. I got a nice mahogony brown, my blonde flash redone and my fringe cut back in. She also brought us over some amazing homemade beef goulash, and lasagne. Miss my mums cooking so much ♥ My hair has changed quite a bit in the past six months, having a fringe is helping to distract me on my mission to grow it longer. You can see how different it is in this youtube vid, my interview for Focus West Rsamd. I was interviewed during the summer along with a handful of other graduates/professionals who work across the creative industries. Its a total cringe, I was hella shy but I'm going to share it on here anyways. Be gentle...

(GREAT snapshot, I know. Haha, I look awfy peely wally! Total scots term, sorry :p)

We found out on friday night that our flat has been sold. It belongs to my dad, and he has been trying to sell it for a while now but the current climate isn't the best, as I'm sure we all know. I am happy for him, because it has been a bit of a burden and a worry since he has been living in his new house with my step mum and baby brother. So it's good that it's finally been sold! It worked out well as a first flat for us to rent, and we were helping my dad out at the same time. But now we have to start looking for somewhere new to live. I am anxious, and worried about finding somewhere nice but within our budget. We were meant to have our first viewing today, at a place just around the corner which would be PERFECT. But, the landlord didn't turn up :( So that shook my nerves a bit and I spent the rest of my day telling myself we aren't going to find somewhere easily or soon. We don't want to move right into the city, we like it out here in the suburbs but most places are only for sale, rather than for rent. I hope you all who have experienced in flat hunting and flat viewing can tell me I'm just being silly, but I just find the whole process really daunting. So fingers crossed we find somewhere soon, and that I can lighten up a bit and actually enjoy the whole process and adventure of moving to a new home :)

Have a lovely week whatever you're upto,

Ayden x

(Ps. I reached 600 readers on google friend connect during the week. Overwhelmed is an absolute understatement! Thank you all, endlessly. And hello to the new folks who have joined recently. Come and say hello!)

Slowdance on the inside

I love it when a plan comes together nicely. But sometimes when things don’t go to plan, they work out better in the long run. That's certainly not a riddle, its just the way my weekend panned out! Haha, and how my life feels in general sometimes. Anyways, the first couple of pictures are the decorations I did for my friend Drea’s charity night on friday, for Kidney Research UK. Managed to sneak a few pictures at 7pm as the first people started to arrive. We had alternating purple and gold table cloths, and I did balloon arrangements in sets of 3 on each table, with some extra balloons dotted around the room. Some people think balloons are tacky or old fashioned, but in my working year between school and uni, balloon ‘decor’ as its called was something I did as part of my job at the costume hire shop. We did events management too, putting on big parties for corporate clients, weddings, birthdays, medieval banquets etc. So it was nice to dust off the cobwebs on an old skill.

I also was given the job of setting up the tuck shop! Oh em gee, SO many homemade goodies, I was in my element. I had to take a little picture when I was done laying it all out. I watched Lorraine on Baking Made Easy make macaroons last night, so combined with my Nigella recipe I feel ready to tackle them. As a complete rookie when it comes to baking, I know that no way am I going to make them anywhere near as perfect as the laduree or pauls ones I got during the summer. But hey, you gotta love a trier :)

Over the weekend I caught up on some much needed sleep, and brushed off the last of my horrible cold. I didn't get to go snowboarding in the end, but a quiet day in the flat with my jammies, unwashed hair and no makeup was exactly what I needed. As we all know, monday was v-day! Me and David tend not to go crazy on this day, again its the whole ‘WHY do we need a specific day of the year to show our other half we love them?’ but when I left work on monday night and popped into m&s to pick up some pudding for our dinner that night, it was an absolute LOL seeing so many panic ridden guys hovering around the almost bare shelves of valentines related goods. Standing at the nearly empty card racks in panic with a total FML look on their faces! We kept it simple that evening, and David cooked me a wondefrul Chicken Ramen out of the Wagamama cook book.

He did really well! It was pretty easy, but tasted brilliant and we will defs be making this one again in the future. I never normally order ramen anymore when we go to waggies, but it was a great first recipe to try to get us started. Got my eye on what we’d like to try next, so watch this space ;) Also, saw a sushi kit in asda for a few quid! you can buy the rice and seaweed sheets separate, but I think this one has the rolling mat and instructions for beginners. I am such a snacker and love nibbling when I’m chilling in the house (really needing fresher and healthier alternatives to crisps and the biscuit tin) I’m getting better at eating my 5 a day, but I think when I get some time off I’d like to try making my own sushi.

David’s romantic little setup in our living room :)

We got each other the same valentines cards! Such numpties.

Loveheart shaped sparklers
(that I meant to put in our pudding, but we had much more fun just holding them instead)

My gift to david :) his very first surf lesson. Plus a refresher for me, all our equipment and transport to the beach. Looking forward to a wee day away surfing when the weather gets a little (okay, a lot) bit better (but lets face it, id be waiting a long time if I thought the scottish sea was going to warm up to something completely enjoyable!)

Davids got me some of my fave retro sweeties, a new purse from urban outfitters, and two books which are most certainly going to keep me sane. They are really small and easy to read, I actually read one of them in full last night. The first one is ‘It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be’. Here are some of my fave quotes/pages:

 Total fail for the fact mosaic maker cut off the edges of my pictures. Ah wells!

"Your vision of what or who you want you be is the greatest asset you have"
"Have you noticed that the cleverest people in school are not those who make it in life?"
 "Do not seek praise, seek criticism"
"The person who doesn't make mistakes is unlikely to make anything"
"It's not what you know, it's who you know"
"If you get stuck, draw with a different pen"

and here is the opening page for the next book ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’

Both are by the same author, Paul Arden. I can really relate to what I've read so far, and I’m sure from the quotes I've shared you can see you might be able to too. They could apply to so many different industries and working situations. I know they are quite blunt, but it's basically about trying to be the best person you can be. Being positive, logistical, and genuinely happy with your train of thought and decision making processes. And not being too hard on ourselves, or having a fear of failure. An old favourite quote of mines is 'happiness is the journey, not the destination'. I always want to learn how to enjoy the present moment better. Rather than dwelling in the past, or spending too much time looking at the future. We often seem to forget about making the most of right now. I have delved into a few positive thinking books, but some of them get too deep, and too gospel like. Both of these are small, with clean and easy to read layouts. Bitesize chunks, if you will! This is really what I've needed. Even though its not the most mushy or pink and fluffy valentines gift - it's these little gestures that confirm David sometimes know's me better than I know myself ♥ This boy is certainly a keeper :)

Ayden x

I've got the magic in me

Evening all :) This week has been a quick one for me, I've been nursing an awful cold but still been at work, so my evenings have mostly consisted of watching rubbish telly, early nights, eating lots (but not being able to taste it, doh) and a few great chats with some special people ♥ you know those kinda chats... the ones that make you feel human? and that you're not the only crazy, tired, nostalgic, passionate, overly excited, or worried person out there? I hope you know the ones I mean. S'all good in the hood though!

Someone who I have had some pretty amazing chats with over the past few months, is a wonderful gal called Ella. A blogger, but also most definitely a great friend. Ella is a full time student, but also runs her own vintage clothing business on the side - Belle Vintage! This is the name of her blog, and also her shop. This girl is your own modern day superwoman, I have no idea how she juggles being a law student AND her own business, but she does it - and she is bloody good at it! The website just launched recently, but she holds regular vintage stalls in the Canterbury area where she is based for uni.

I made a purchase from Ella's brand spanking new website a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce her to you all if you don't know Ella already. Now you know I've mentioned before that I'm not the world's biggest fashionista, and 'vintage' clothing is right up there on the fear scale for me. I know everyone has their different views on fashion, and especially vintage fashion. Well, I've never really had an opinion, as such, because I tend to feel indifferent about a subject unless I really know something about it.  As an ex costume student, I appreciate and understand various era's of clothing, design, manufacturing etc. But with this post I am certainly not trying to pretend I have a scooby what I'm talking about when it comes to fashion - so just bear with me.

I will admit for a while I didn't really 'get' vintage. I always felt intimidated, and unsure how to shop for it and was totally convinced I could not pull off any style or cut that wasn't from the high street. Which is just plain stupid of me, because look at how much of our high street is heavily influenced by fashion from past decades. Ella's aim has always been to share her vintage passion with people, and make it more accessible and less intimidating. She has certainly done that for me, and is always so helpful when I ask daft questions or even need her to source a little something in particular for me. The first thing I ever bought from her was a style of jumper I'd been keen to get my hands on (old school, oversized, grey, fruit of the loom with some sort of retro/school team print on it - not asking for much eh?!) and she kept an eye out for me and found the PERFECT one! Personal shopping or what :)

I spotted the cardi on her website and quickly fell in love. I'm a bit of a cardigan fiend mind you - and as a wee pressie exchange Ella popped in this cute compact, satchel, and headscarf too! Now I just need to learn how to tie a headscarf properly :) And again, had asked Ella to keep her eye out for a nice brown satchel for me after spying all the Chiltern ones floating about the blogosphere just now. This was the one she found for me, and its exactly what I was hoping for. Ella has either got a sixth sense or a genuine eye for detail and what would suit people, because I'm hella fussy but she has got me down to a T with everything she's found/suggested for me so far. She is helping me on my route to becoming a bit more creative with my style, and hopefully make me able to blend vintage and high street together seamlessly. I just want to be a bit more adventurous with what I wear, thrift more and not be intimidated by working vintage fashion and charity shop gems into my day to day wardrobe. But like any other 21 year old girl - I am on a budget!

My cardi and satchel teamed up with primark bow pumps, topshop leggings, new look leopard dress, and primark belt.

Ella is a great girl, I love her to pieces and she has a really eye catching and unique (but down to earth) style. Her blog isn't full of magazine images, or press hot off the catwalk (not dissing blogs which are, I just prefer being able to sink my teeth into more wordy posts and 'real' images, with 'real' people) she just dresses so well, and is one of the most genuine people I have encountered on my blogging journey. So if that sounds like your cuppa tea, you should head on over and say hello :)

So it turns out that the plant my wee old neighbour Iain gave us, which I thought were tulips (David thought too, but how the hell did that get lost in translation?) actually turned out to be hyacinths! Haha faaaail. Still so pretty though, and they have been making our flat smell lovely. They grew so tall that they started to flop over, hence my quick fix of paintbrushes and loose cable ties. This was them last week, they have started to wither a little bit now. But this is the nicest (and only!) present I've ever been given by a neighbour ♥ D'aww. Girls, think I should bake him a wee something to say thank you?

I was given a pretty amazing present this week from Julia. She is an insanely talented artist and has recently been painting her favourite bloggers. I was totally awe-struck when she decided to paint lil old me! I'm such a big mushy thing when it comes to stuff like this, but this is such a special gesture and I have spent the rest of this week just staring at them on my desktop haha. Thank you Julia, from the bottom of my heart. If you enjoy some sweet ass (yes, that is a technical term) art and illustration, head on over and check out Julia's blog. She is Scottish too, which is even better! ;) Seriously, so many crazy talented people in our midst. Gives me a real sense of pride and inspiration to be involved in such a creative community.

This weekend I am doing the decor for a friends charity night in glasgow tomorrow, and on sunday I was meant to be going snowboarding up north with some people from work. But, it's not a definite anymore and I'm wondering if a day in the snow is going to be the best thing for my wonderful cold. Hmm! Maybe not my wisest move? On monday... it's V-day! I know we all have mixed feelings about that day, but me and David are staying at home and having a nice meal together from the Wagamama cook book (he is cooking, ovbz!) Im actually looking forward to telling y'all about the pressie I've got him... its not your usual pink and fluffy valentines day gift. But the sneaky sod sometimes has a read of my blog so I'll need to wait until next week until I can share. Have a lovely weekend whatever you're upto ♥

Ayden x

Dig a little deeper

I never really post faces or outfits of the day religiously. If I'm getting ready, and there's a nice natural light coming through my big kitchen window by the breakfast bar... then I'll definitely jump on that photo opportunity! I am completely hopeless at using my tripod (seriously, girls, what's your secret? I just cannot master it) and I am very aware that my kitchen backdrop, sometimes even with washing and iron on show in the distance (don't say I'm not good to you) isn't the most glam of settings. David is awfy good at being my wee photographer when we're out and about, he is doing quite well with the manual settings on my SLR after lots of practice on our Europe travels. I'm proud of him :) So unless my fella is around, or until I learn to master the tripod then I'm afraid you're stuck with my oh so sexy kitchen. Here's a few I prepared earlier...

I've been off work since tuesday, which has been bloody brilliant. Back in tomorrow. Managed to get organised and get lots of wee bits and bobs done that my often unsociable working/filming hours prevent me from doing. I've been out to lunch a few times, shopping, gyming, baking, talking too much and sleeping a whole load (I really needed it) But the best fun of all is actually being able to take my time getting ready in the morning. This has meant for me; enjoying my makeup routine. Making that little extra bit of effort to blow dry my hair properly (rather than just tip my head upside down and hope for the best) And also, sorting out my blooming wardrobe. Seriously, I feel like all I do is fold, cram, move around, wear, wash and repeat. Sharing a SMALL wardrobe with a boy SUCKS. Because, I need to give him space for his stuff, but I'm already encroaching on 'his side' and taking up way too much space.

This is what we have at the moment. I guess it's not even a wardrobe, I dunno what you would call it. But it's bursting at the seams and it's really making me forget what clothes I actually have. They're all hidden and folded away, and the ones that do see the light of day are always on rotation because they're right in front of me and easy to grab when I'm rushing (which is always) rather than the hassle of having a rummage. Well, this week I have been rummaging, because I've had the time to. And it has actually confirmed there is the tinest bit of fashion sense within me, I just need to see it all out in front of me to pick and choose successfully. Is that too much to ask? I don't want a walk in wardrobe or anything (actually, of course I do!) but I just need some space. 100% more space than David :) We'll see what happens, but for now I am one frustrated crazy clothes lady.

Just before you thought that rant was over (soz) I'm actually feeling the same about my makeup. My cupcake makeup drawers have been an absolute godsend, promoting some method in the madness. I am pretty happy with my 'daily face' routine at the moment, but I have been trying to jazz up my eye makeup for a while now. After endless youtube tutorials, and pestering the girls at mac, I feel like I'm finally getting the hand of something that somewhat resembles a smoky eye effect. Haha, basically, a few colours blended together rather than just one. You'd think for a scenic painter I'd be used to this shit. But ohhhh no. Apparently there's all kinds of more confusion when it comes to painting coloured powder onto your face! You can see from the pictures above my attempts at a nice eye effort each day. I know they all look pretty similar now I look back on them, but now that I am better at the blending, I think more adventurous colours will come with time. Here are my weapons of choice:

Again, I was literally using the same quad every day just for reachable quickness. But when I actually take the time to sit them all out in front of me so I can see what my options are, I was able to come up with something half decent for once! I think a big mac pro pallete would be my best friend in the long haul. Or perhaps boosting my brain capacity so I can remember that something exists/what it looks like without having to write it down or it being shoved in front of my face.

I'll end this sort-of-a-rant with a picture of the beloved Hello Kitty headphones I've mentioned in previous posts. They make me look like a little girl, but fit snug around my ears and make my music sound pretty epic ♥ Today has been a lovely little sunday. Got a nice lie in with my fella this morning, then we went our monthly food shop - buying much more 'fresh' goods than usual. With the intent to start making more things from scratch. Tonight we made a lovely fish pie! Haha doesn't sound too glam but I promise it tasted awesome. Going to make a cuppa, watch tv and finish off the last of my home made cupcakes from the last post. Thank you so much for all your kind words, I've been on a total sugar high all weekend and I think chocolate macaroons are next on the agenda :) Hope your sunday has been a good'un, whatever you've been upto.

Ayden x

Sweet Tooth

Can you believe it's friday already? And february, 2011! Honestly, life is passing by quicker that I ever expected. So many things that I want to do in what seems like very little time (hence the tattoo dudettes, remember to live!) But hey... if in doubt, keep calm and BAKE :)

So last night I was booked in again for my Cupcake class at the Cupcake shop in Glasgow. I had to cancel once before because of work, and when I was on the way into town yesterday morning super early (to spend some of my Next vouchers, thanks to you guys) I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognise. I changed my number a year or so ago, so only a small amount of people who I really know or who need it, have it. So I hate when an unknown number calls me. I answered with my polite phone voice (just in case, y'know?) and it was the girl from the cupcake shop, cancelling the class because her colleague has the flu. Pretty gutting, it's a shame that the girl aint well... but now I have no idea when I'm going to rebook because of work and what time I finish at night. My wonderful girl Leah was coming over to the flat to visit me yesterday, so once we went for lunch we decided to get our bake on and stock up on some basic cupcake making goodies! So, not a total loss on the cake front yesterday anyways :)

Leah got me this book for christmas, from which we used the basic fairy cake recipe. We also cheated a bit and used Betty Crockers pre made buttercream icing, but I know once I get to my cupcake class I will be a PRO at making my very own icing! I am at the very furthest end of the spectrum away from 'domestic goddess', so while I get my baking/cooking act together, I don't want to run before I can walk.

If you want to know what the ingredients were then drop me a comment below, but all fairy cake sponges are pretty generic from what I've gathered so far (literally, the 3 cupcake recipe books I've gathered at christmas from different people... are they trying to tell me something?!) Haha kidding on. I am very grateful, as well as (potentially) knowledgeable ;)

The above mix makes 12 cupcakes. Also noticed some recipes use muffin cases, which are slightly bigger. I am all for bigger cupcakes!

Fail on my part - not having a baking tray with all the little sections for cakes. It's all in the learning experience eh... Or maybe that's just my serious lack of common sense in the kitchen.

Leah piping her icing :)

The final result! Leah got much more adventurous than me and used a couple of different piping nozzles. I just stuck to the star shaped one, but I still need lots more practice at this. Again, hope to learn proper decoration skillz at my class, when I finally get to do it. Can you tell she lost steam by her last cake? Haha.

My cake stand finally enjoying some cupcake action. The sponge on a few of them was a bit brown at the sides, but it was lovely and fluffy inside, so I blame that on my lack of a proper baking tray and the poor cupcakes being unsupported and kinda falling over more than they should have. It cost about £20 to get all the stuff from the first picture, but now I have a start on a proper little baking inventory these ingredients can go towards other recipies. From the Nigella book I already have a list of sweet goodies I would really like to try over the next few months:

Chocolate Macaroons
American Breakfast Pancakes
Chocolate Cheesecake
Peanut Butter Squares

Is there any of these in particular y'all would be interested in seeing me attempting first? Attempt being the key word here! And also, if you bake, where do you stock up on your baking supplies/decorations from? Sainsbury's had a pretty good collection, but I'd like to know what my options are and where is best for what, before I begin on this epic baking crusade!

UPDATE! I made more today :) got a proper baking tray, piping nozzles and some other goodies from lakeland. I'm so impulsive, hate it at times. I'm defo hoping to get better with practice, they were much easier to do second time round.

I also have my eye on quite a few more recipes from my other baking books, and a nice little pasta book Davids parents got him for christmas, and the Wagamama cookbook which I got him! I really need to get my act together when it comes to cooking, David is actually better than me at the moment. I'm saying at the moment because I hope 2011 will be the year I can look back on and say I was en route to becoming my own little domestic goddess. I'm telling you, that boy won't know how lucky he is! ;)

Before I go, I just want to say hello to the new readers who have popped up in that little box over there, thank you for stopping by and having a nosy :) I was worried for a while that my blog had stopped growing, but I'm not even going to think silly stuff like that again because I am so happy for all the wonderful folks I have here right now. And thank you for everyones feedback on the new layout. It hurt my brain a bit bit its fresher and cleaner and defo more 'me'. For the moment, anyways ;)

Ayden x