I'm erica bain

"And as you know, I walk the city. I bitch and moan about it. I walk and watch and listen, a witness to all the beauty and ugliness that is disappearing from our beloved city"

Last weekend me and the mister watched a film called The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster. The above quote was the opening of the film, which really drew me in because I can totally relate to those words... but a shame the rest of the film wasn't as gripping as the start! I love getting caught up in a good film just as much as the next person. Here's what I did with my weekend (belated, nonetheless)

 Saturday morning, went to the post office with a bundle of ebay sales and my parcel going all the way to Tennille in Oz.

Saturday afternoon, went for a wander into town and on the way up to meet my mum saw this sitting outside the ABC :) The theme tune was blasting out the speakers, and all the PR staff for the club were dressed up as ghostbusters. AWESOME! Made me smile. Booked David in for a haircut for next sat in my mammys salon, and I'm contemplating seeing if they can squeeze me in too. They've just started selling OPI polishes, so I'm looking forward to having a latte, sitting with some trashy magazines and perhaps trying out some of the shades :)

Saturday evening, some sparkling rose and surprise birthday cupcakes in my mum's besties house, followed by a few cocktails down the west end of town.

On sunday David's family came over to the flat for a cuppa which was lovely, and in the afternoon I met my friend Leah for a Starbucks, and in the evening met my friend Erin for a Wagamamas. I haven't been for a waggies in a very long time - I'm afraid for cheapness and convenience Yo Sushi has been my go to date place for the past few months or so. But it was still great - defo an old time fave of mines!

We went for a couple of Kopparbergs after dinner and had a sad little hug goodbye, Erin is working and living in Chester now and was only up for a few days :( Any of you gals been to Liverpool/Chester before? Or are from there? I hope to go down and visit her soon, some shopping and a few cocktails will defo be on the cards so any recommendations are welcome!

So here is one of the better mugshots from the RSAMD's Drama at 60 Campaign I mentioned in my previous post. My old friend from the cafe bar in uni sent me a rather hilarious picture message posing (more like taking the mick!) next to my photo, which is up in the academy at the moment so I'll need to pop in and have a nosy, but from what I can see im pretty sure it's this one they've used. I hope it is, it's the one I look most natural and least embarassed in. 

I know you lot might think I'm quite the poser (a la photobooth, especially) but I can promise you this was such a nerve wracking experience. All the photos for the campaign are to look quite over exposed - so they've all been manipulated quite a bit and I told him to make sure to chop my bingo wings off and defuzz my hair via good old photoshop as much as he needed to! Haha. The finished poster will have Academy branding and my little blurb at the bottom. I was also interviewed and filmed wishing the RSAMD a happy 60th birthday - total cringe, but it was a pleasure to be asked back as a graduate and comment on my course and my time there. I'm still feeling very nostalgic about my uni years, so it's nice to get involved from a completely different point of view.

I know I missed out on dressing up for halloween this year, but heres a picture of what the last couple of years entailed...

Halloween may come early next year however... Katrina has suggested we make costumes for the Katy Perry California Dreams tour in April and wear something candy land-esque for the gig. She is a million times more mental than me, and I can honestly see it happening... so watch this space :)

Ayden x


  1. so jealous of you seeing KP!!
    i love the princess outfit. Those cupcakes look so yummy!

    You look super cute in the pics for the interview, post it up when you get a hold of it :) xxx

  2. Haha love your Halloween pics! I like the sound of Katrina, I totally want to make a California Girls costume! Not going to the gig, mind, just for fun! I was going to be 'dead katy perry' on Halloween just so I could dress like her, but didn't do anything in the end! Have you seen her new perfume? It's cat shaped!!
    Love the picture from the photoshoot, you look lovely. I bet it was so awkward, but it really doesn't show.
    Love xx

  3. Looking fit dude. The halloween pics are wicked. It's so nice that your uni asked you back, you must be well proud. Wish I was going to Katy Perry :( How's the flat going? In fact I'm going to email you back right now as I just realised I forgot, boo me xxx

  4. Love the old Halloween costumes! You're both so creative.

    *is from Liverpool* I don't know Chester that well but if you want any Lpool tips, drop me an email :)

  5. those cupcakes are cute!

    fun costume!

  6. Love your costumes of Halloween pasts. Have fun seeing KP :) x

  7. You both look great for Halloween!

    I'm going to Yo Sushi for my birthday lunch on Monday. Can't wait. :) gonna stuff my face with rice. Oh yes.

    How exciting about going back for a little interview. I think they should use the funny jumping pic for all advertising campaigns. :)


  8. I'm from Ireland, have lived in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and now in Liverpool!....you should defo come down, Liverpool is a fab fab place =)

  9. Love you as Little Miss Sunshine! I could definitely imagine you as her if we were all Mr Men and Little Miss characters. You cannot come to Liverpool without coming to L1 shopping centre! The top level of it is the restaurant level and there is a Wagamama and Yo! Sushi! AND this amazing place called Red Hot Buffet; it's really cheap for an all you can eat and admittedly the food isn't amazing but there is literally EVERY type of food you can think of! Can't recommend any places for cocktails though, what with being 17 and all, hehe xx


  10. aw your little miss sunshine costume, adorable!

  11. you look soooo cute as peach! x

  12. Argh that Princess Peach costume is INCREDIBLE!! I'm from near Chester and Liverpool. And Manchester come to think of it. My little village sits nicely inbetween all 3!

  13. i wish there was an easier way to reply to comments on blogger grr! Do it be a massive copycat - I don't mind :) :P

    I'm computer blind, TV blind and starting to get driving blind :(
    Hope you have an ace weekend too! xxx

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE your costumes! Precious Overload. & Im not gonna lie-- those cupcakes made me a little hungry...just a lil


  15. Oh gadz...is that a princess peach outfit. That's 11 types of adorable. You look like you had such a sweet time.

    A Katy Perry costume is such a sweet idea, the whole idea of constructing an ice cream sundae bra though terifies me!

    The interview pic is lovely btw xx

  16. Haha Princess Peach and Mario?! SO CUTE! Katy Perry fancy dress would be awesome - think of the possibilities!

    Also, I've been to Chester a couple of times but don't really know it very well, although I remember that the shopping is pretty good. I do know Liverpool though, lol, so if you do plan on coming here for a visit I'm happy to give you some recommendations! xxx