TGIF... enough said :)

Thank you to everyone so far who has entered my giveaway, I'm just as excited as you all are! Work, Zumba, and Body combat is pretty much all I have done this week. Not much to update on until after this weekend (me thinks) so I thought I'd randomly share my photobooth highlights - best AND worst, haha. I got my macbook while I was still at uni, and for those of you who haven't been 'turned' yet (once you mac, you'll never go back...) photobooth is basically a built in webcam feature, which is simple as you can imagine but is SUPER entertaining. A quick fix, boredom buster, and random moment catcher. Here's the best of my photobooth fun so far.

Waiting to go in for my oral review for my dissartation, and sharing my new models own polish (can't remember the shade, and cant be assed moving, gadz)

Moving my parting across so my flash is on show... maybe this is what I'd look like blonde? HA!

The bro and sis :)

Aww, uni times with Luisa. I miss her! :(

Our friend the panto dragon head.

The morning of my graduation, me and my wee mammy.

The evening of my graduation - grad ball times!

Stating theee obvious :)

 Me and David <3

First night in our new little home.

Can you spot Millie?

The family!

Saturday mornings are the bees knees.

She actually loves a good cuddle.

Silly times getting ready.

The hair's a growin!

The sunday my mum came to visit with home made carrot cake, yum.

Ebay, I will ALWAYS love you!

Fringe fun and my new paperchase mug.

Home made cupcakes from Gran Liz.

Invasion of personal space, always. Why?!

The night Tyler came to stay. They were out for the count by 9pm :)

The haul I'd been waiting on, for what seemed like forever.

Fringe has grown out already :( Lounging in my hooters tee, I miss europe times!

Last weekend was the epic smoothie making weekend ♥ sa-weet! Many more to come!

Plans this halloween weekend lovelies?

Ayden x

from the ritz to the rubble

This is the lovely little view from the breakfast bar in my kitchen. Sitting in the morning gazing out at the back gardens of the ridiculously HUGE houses on victoria road is actually quite relaxing (we even have our fair share of footballers and their 'whatever of a million quids...' worth of houses around the corner) I'm certainly a nosy neighbour.

Now that its winter, my sugar puffs and a cuppa in the morning does not include sunlight beaming through the window. This picture was taken at about 4.30pm on saturday afternoon, and its this kind of setting that gives the best natural light for doing my makeup and taking pictures. Shame its a bit bloody late in the day eh! I have been wearing zero makeup to work during the week, so at the weekend it was really nice to eat my breakfast with the sun shining through the window, and taking my time to put a nice 'face' on.

On sunday afternoon I went into town and got my mum's birthday present, items for my swap with lovely Tennille, and the remainder of my 400 followers giveaway pressies. I was in WHSmiths having an oogle over the stationary (as ye do... I mean, who doesn't love a good bit of stationary?) and I came accross these drawers, reduced from £19.99 to £9.99 and thought they would be perfect for my makeup! Since it has pretty much taken permanent stance on the breakfast bar with my swirly mirror - I thought this would be a much neater option!

(Yes I'm a saddo who still has one of our 2 year anniversary card's up, even though it was almost 2 months ago! Love the card too much!)

Top drawers: Lipsticks, lipglosses, eye pencils, mascaras, blushers.

Middle drawers: Foundations and eye stuff.

Bottom drawer: bases, brushers, powder, highlighters, mineralised skin finish, benefit mixed boxes.

How do you store your makeup? I tag you to share with us!

Anyways, onto the giveaway :) I am completely overwhelmed at reaching this amount of readers, from what started as a blog for uni to grow into something that is now a certain hobby of mines, well it is really overwhelming and it wouldn't be happening without all you lovely ladies. So really, the biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart! Here is what is up for grabs...

Prize 1 - Me and Zena Anchor Bracelet

Prize 2 - 'Toxic Tale' Lipstick (which is still sold out, as far as I am aware)
from Mac's Venemous Villians Collection. This was just my bloggy pic but you'll be getting it in the original box of course!

Runner Up Prize - Sleek Blush in 'Flamingo' and Barry M Nail Polish in 'Cyan Blue'

Here's a pic (which I nabbed from ebay) of the blush - just to show you the colour! Its pretty :)

The conditions are as follows:

To enter, you need to be a follower of my blog.
This isn't to generate lots of new readers, but I genuinely just want the prizes going to you girls who love to read my ramblings on the little blog of horrors! Of course, new readers are welcome too ovb! :p

Just leave a comment in the box below saying whatever ye wish and that shall be your entry :) Make sure to leave your email address along with it too so I can contact you if you win.

For extra entries, tweet or mention on your blog that I am having a giveaway
(winners will be chosen via random number generator, so let me know if you have mentioned on your blog, or tweeted about it, and link me to it so I can give you an entry +1 or +2. I am yet to be on the twitter bandwagon yet, but in terms of blogging I can see it's benefits so I may be signing up soon!)

You have until next week, tuesday 2nd november, to enter. Competition will close at 7pm GMT and I will draw and announce the 3 winners later on that evening.

Also, since names are pulled at complete random I can't control what prize you will be getting if you win. All of the prizes were bought with my own money, and I tried to make it things I thought most of you ladies would like. So if you really dislike the prizes, but are a regular reader and don't want to enter, I won't be offended :p Thanks again for everything girls, and good luck!

Ayden x

sales, saturdays and smoothies

Happy weekend everyone! Man, I am seriously so glad it's saturday. David and Millie are tucked up on the couch watching a cheesy afternoon movie so I thought I'd make myself a cuppa and sit down and fill you in on whats been happening dans ma vie.

Thursday night after work I popped past Topshop to have a wee cheeky look at their sale. When it comes to sale time, I either have no patience or all the time in the world... So I tried to have a good rummage, and for the first time in forever everything I took to the changing room I ended up buying! You nabbed anything good from the sales recently? Heres what I got:

Floral print concessions dress ('Love', I think?) Reduced to £10.

Loveheart bodycon dress, £15.

J-j-j-jeggings! £12.

My first ever pair of harem trousers! Ok, so they don't photograph well on a hanger. And I have no idea what to wear them with (suggestions?) so until I do, this is all you're seeing for now! David thinks they look like jugglers trousers :) Haha. Boys eh!? But They were reduced from £35 to £5, so I am determined to make them work!

On friday after work I met up with my lovely friend Cole in peckhams, for a latte and some caramel apple cake. I got him a couple of comps for Clockwork Orange, and my blender got delivered to work that day too! Jeez, I literally just ordered it on wednesday night and it was there waiting for me in work on friday morning. Brownie points to CSN Stores already :)

This afternoon, me and David got the train to a local tea room for sandwiches and a coffee. It was the place I went to with my step mum and max a few weeks ago - but when me and David were leaving we noticed a little pet store hidden away next door... so we went in for a quick look which turned into almost half an hour. They had guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, snakes... it was awesome! If I get a couple of weeks off in the new year I'm thinking about volunteering at our local cats protection league. They get an abundance of unwanted cats/kittens after christmas time as you can imagine :(

David doing his paparazzi on me (and my new dress)

The mister ♥

We took a walk to morrisons on the way to buy some supplies, and I discovered they sell Reeses pieces so I bought a packet and gobbled them while we were waiting for my dad to kindly come and pick us up and run us home! Yes, I am a greedy sod. And my dad needed to collect some stuff from the flat so it was jolly good timing :) Because I was desparate to go home and...


Ok, so if you scroll down a bit and read my last post then you will see that my kenwood blender was kindly provided by the smashing folks at CSN stores. We did a giveaway last time, but this time I thought I'd try something different and do a wee review for you all. The blender was my own personal choice, it cost £22.99 and delivery was £4.95 but super quick! I normally get quite nervous online shopping and like to recieve confirmation emails/updates when it comes to payment and when my item has been dispatched. I can't fault CSN in any way for their checkout procedure, it certainly ticked all the right boxes! I found their site a little bit hard to navigate at first, mainly because I wasn't sure what I was looking for. But once I knew I wanted a blender, I sorted their Appliances tab into £ Low - High (haha, just like ebay!) and scrolled away :)

I know my blender has much more potential than to just make smoothies - at some point I'd like to have a go at soups and pasta sauces. But for now, I thought I'd keep it simple. I didnt follow any particular recipie, just advice from people to use frozen fruit and fruit juice. It worked pretty well but I think I'd like to invest in the Innocent Smoothies Recipie Book, and maybe look up more recipies on the internet when I become a pro ;) Which hopefully wont be long, because seriously, this was so easy!!

Morrisons frozen raspberries - £2
Morrisons frozen summer fruits - £2
Morrisons own orange juice - £1.48

This is what I bought to start off with, had no idea how much I would need to use...

Half a packet of the frozen fruit seemed to do nicely!

A large wine glass of orange juice.

Blend for about 15 seconds.

And... well, that was it :)

It was stupidly easy, and really yummy. It made me this full glass and about 3/4 of a pint glass for David too. So, I'd say for 2 servings it costs around £1.40, which is really only 70p per person! And considering how much some smoothies market for, its a pretty good bargain and I know it is super fresh and full of whatever I want! I'm not a yogurt fan, so I may try a variation soon with raspberries, and milk instead of orange juice. And maybe one of these Green Monsters I hear everyone ranting about. I'll let you all know how that goes and what sort of blended recipies I brave myself (and David) for next. Thank you to the lovely peeps at CSN Stores. I was worried about being biased when it comes to talking about a company that have provided the little blog of horrors with a wee present - but you guys can trust me 100% ok :) I love good customer service as much as the next person, and have been let down enough my some of my favourite brands/stores to be really wary when it comes to buying stuff online. But CSN recieve a come dine with me-esque 10 out of 10 for customer service, delivery, and a totally idiot proof and high quality product for only £22.99. Bargain, thank you please! :)

A bit of an epic read for a saturday so well done if you got this far <3 Just uploaded a whole load of stuff to my ebay if you want a wee nosy, and tomorrow I shall be buying a few pressies for my 400 follower giveaway, and for my parcel swap with the gorgeous Tennille in Australia. Thanks for being the supportive lovely jubblies that you are, you all have no idea how much your kind comments and banter mean to me ♥

Ayden x