Venomous villians

It's official. All spending will be postponed in preparation for the launch of MAC's soon to be range, Venomous Villians. I'm locking up the plastic, selling my soul and having beans for dinner until october...

Wahhhh! So excited! I've only been on the MAC bandwagon for a year or so now, but the saying is true, once you MAC you'll never go back ;) Obviously I don't buy ALL my makeup from there. But after missing out on some really good releases (including their last Hello Kitty collab, I mean... what planet was I on?!) I have already done my homework and made up a little wish list of what I'm hoping to get my paws on from the collection. There's been a lot of negative feedback about how tacky the packaging looks, and how boring the colours etc are, bla bla bla. But frankly, I am very excited and impressed with what I've seen so far. I found a great article which goes into detail about the product development and back story, and you can read all about it here.

Seeing colour swatches also helped me to make up my wish list good and proper! Here's what my heart is set on (yes, I know its going to break the bank so this month I am going to be on my very best behaviour!) 

Evil Queen from Snow White:
Strange Potion Lipglass
Toxic Tale Lipstick
Bite Of An Apple Powder Blush

Malefecent from Sleeping Beauty:
Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Bad Fairy Nail Laquer

Cruella from 101 Dalmations:
Wicked Ways Lipglass
Innocence, Beware! Lipstick

Nothing really struck me from the Dr Facilier (The Princess and The Frog) range, but it does include some really stunning greasepaint sticks and bold pigments!

But don't take my word for it, go have a look for yourself! :) Again, that link is Plus, check out the rest of karens blog, it's awesome! Are you saving your pennies for anything special as we verge away from summer and into our A/W wardrobes and mind frames? And in what ways does your makeup routine start to change too?

Ayden x


  1. ayden! why did you post this?! now i need them, and have like ZERO cash, ahah :)

    Loving the blog, as ever


  2. That article is so interesting! But I had a total MAC binge earlier in the year - repeats to self *I do not need more makeup*

    I may have to pop to the Liverpool store and see what it's all like though...

  3. I'm not all that obsessed over MAC, but this is definitely a collection that I'm spending in!

  4. i'm so OBSESSED with mac! it's insane and i'm kicking myself for missing the hello kitty collection too! i already put in my preorder and gosh, so much money and such a big list i'm getting :) i also read on the temptalia site that the innocence, beware lipstick is drying so i removed it from my list! just a heads up xx

  5. I got really excited when I saw these also!

    Adele –

  6. hey ayden! thought i'd reply here ;) i love that quad it's so lovely and creme cup is one of my favorites! it's such a beautiful pinky nude :) and i have a mac counter nearby so i already put in my order and they are going to set aside a bag for me so the day of, they are gonna hold it from open-close and then you pay when you pick it up. not sure how it will work for you, but definitely start asking if you can pre-order :) and i got such a huge list!
    ● mac strange potion lipglass
    ● mac bite of an apple blush
    ● mac oh so fair beauty powder
    ● mac toxic tale lipstick
    ● mac bad fairy nail laquer
    ● mac truth & light magically cool liquid powder
    ● mac mirror i'm so vain
    ● mac wicked ways lipglass
    ● mac devilish stylish lipglass
    ● mac her own devices beauty powder
    ● mac briar rose beauty powder

    i already got to see the items in person since it arrived at the mac counter and this sweet sa showed me everything and let me swatch stuff to decide what i want! ;)

  7. I deffinatly cannot wait to get my mittens on some of the lipsticks! I don't really wear eye shadows, just lots of eye liner. But if there is one that stands out, then perhaps that MIGHT just so happen to end up in my basket!


  8. i have 2 mac items, but boy oh boy will i be purchasing these :)

  9. Thanks for your post! Lovely collection. If you come to Leeds you'll have to let me know! :D xo

  10. Im a MAC girl through and through. I brought some while i was in america (WAYYYY CHEAPER than New Zealand - like three times cheaper!) im excited for this range - although.,.. i think one item might break my bank at over $60 dollars! EEEEK!

  11. I think I may need to lose my MAC virginity to this collection!

  12. Wow those look so cool! :D Do you know when they come out in the UK? x