saturday superhouse

Okay, so I'm very aware upon looking at this past week, it's just been full of procrastination! My only 'serious' things on my to do list, is to complete the BBC health and safety dvd, and sort out my direct debit for National Insurance. FUN! non? I'll get around to it eventually. I have been very pro active with operation 'lets sell almost all of aydens clothes' (please check oot my blog shop link in the side bar, added new stuff last night!) and I'm figuring whatever doesn't get scooped up within the next month will be getting brought along to Blochairn Market with me when I do my next carboot sale with my lovely friend Gemma, once she's back her hols.

This week I had quite a few lunch dates with some of my nearest and dearest. Tea at a brand new Citizen M hotel in Glasgow with my old uni tutor (its a boutique feeling hotel for budget prices apparently, and its decor is amaaazing! so we had to go have a nosy. Oh, and apparently two people were having naughty times on their 3rd floor bedroom last week against the window for all of the RSAMD and the surrounding offices to see! tut tut) Brew Ha Ha with Leah on wednesday (pictures above, love that place) and on thursday I snuck into town to pick up David's cupcakes and went for a wee Yo Sushi with Katrina. Any of you lovelies plan on going soon? I have an extra 40% off code if you want it! Leave your email in the comments and I can forward it to you :) *Just realised its for glasgow house of fraser yo sushi only (sorry girls) and I have 2 codes so they're still up for grabs!

Tonight is just a chilled Saturday night for us. Dinner and some tv, and maybe some nice cold kopperberg :) My designer on the weakest link also designs strictly come dancing, and the new series has just started so I tuned in just there to have a nosy... and it looks like a million dollars! All sparkly, new judge desk and lots of light boxes and projections. I'm awfy proud to work for him :) Aaanyways, today we went into town today to get a few things and see if I can preorder my MAC stuff (see the last post) but, turns out I cant. Sooo, I'll need to go in super early in person on the day. Tomorow we're hitting the carbooty and I've got another lunch date with my friends Gemma and Rea. I need your opinion on my youtube... wanting to make some more videos but not really sure what direction to head with them? What would you lovelies like to see? I was thinking since I'm up early tomorow morning I could start off with a little video on my daily makeup routine (haha, yawn!) but I'm open to suggestions so please feel free to fire away! And il be sure to try and do an requests :) Ha, within reason! Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're upto gals!

Ayden x


  1. I just watched your macbook slide show vid and it really made me smile, I LOVE rose wine too! I'm sure whatever vids you post will be worth watching, love your blog! xxx

  2. I have done hardly anything this week, apart from working! I neeeeed to get things sorted! I want to sell some of my clothes too. I find ebay a bit to slow. Do you know what I mean? Was it easy to do?

    I am also interested to take that code of your hands for Yo! Sushi. If thats ok?


  3. cupcake ♥

    did you get my email lovely?

  4. if no one else wants the other yo sushi code ( don't want to be greedy) I will def use it. I have never been, shock! dying to though- why am i so obsessed by the thought of food whirring around me!

    Also loving the slidshows, top notch choice of biffy soundtrack and you look too cute in your dress ups. a skin care video would be fab x