models own & my new home

A little surprise popped through the door for me today while I was out at work :)

 Yes! I jumped right on the Models Own 50% off bandwagon and here's what I bought.

Purple Poppy polish
Pink Fizz polish
Raspberry Crush polish
3 in 1 base coat/top coat/gloss
Coral pink lipstick
Eye shading brush
Angled brush
Blending brush

And all this cost me only £16 :) I already have 2 Models Own polishes, and a really nice little retractable powder brush. I actually find their polishes easier to apply and more hard wearing than my alice opi's (shhh) so I think I might keep adding to the collection. Would love to try out some nail art, a la Gem Fatale, but wouldn't even know where to start! Getting little parcels in the post is really helping to make our new house feel like home :) I've went on about it so bloody much, I thought I might share some photos with you. Cause c'mon, we all love to be nosy! :) Haha I know I do.

I plan on getting a picture of out the front and our garden when the weather is better. One of our neighbours is a little old man called Iain who keeps the garden all nice and grows lots of fruit and vegetables :) Were literally a 15 second walk from the train station, and a 5 minute walk from the shops and PECKHAMS, mmmm! Millie likes to sit on the windowsill in our close and look out onto the other garden, and spy on any other wandering cats.

Here is our bedroom :) It feels wierd saying 'ours' - I have never shared a bedroom ever before and as you can see our colour scheme is very unisex friendly. Although I did manage to squeeze my Hello Kitty clock onto the bedside cabinet ;)  Do you live with a boy? Do you get away with decorating it with girlie nik naks?

This is our current wardrobe space, which is a bit cluttered and probably about to collapse (thank you, ikea) but this will be sorted when we get the little side room in the kitchen carpeted and made into my walk in wardrobe.

Bathoom :) A bit retro, but its alright! Where's the toilet you ask?

It's in it's own little room next to the front door! Haha strange. The first time David came to the flat I joked with him that the toilet was in a hut in the garden and he believed me! Loser :p Seems strange at first but we're getting used to it.

Kitchen! Far too big for my crappy cooking skills. Stretches double the size from what you can see in this picture. Got all this worktop space, I'll defo need to learn how to bake sooner rather than later! Cupboard, fridge, and millies pretty litter tray is on the other side of the room - but I thought I'd spare ya from having to see that!

Living room. Blank space above the couch which really needs filled! Got a commissioned stencil graffiti canvas on the 4th wall that you can't see, so need to get something similar for that blank space. Plus, could really do with another sofa or seat where those pillows are down by the window, but we'll get to that eventually.

And that's it :) Home tour all done! Any tips or suggestions from you lovelies?

I got handed two of these vouchers in the street yesterday - inside is a little coupon to redeem a weeks trial of Bare Minerals Matte powder foundation. It's valid until 30th sept, I think my nearest stand is in Frasers but you'd be able to check the website to see the one nearest you! So yeah, I have two but want to give the 2nd to one of my lovely readers, so leave a comment with your email address if you want it and I'll send it to the first person who claims it :)

Me today when I got home from work - tired, chubby (I've put on 9lbs over the course of my travels and since I've been home... whatttt) and in dire need of a haircut.

Tomorow is my last day at the beeb for a couple of months, we've got a break in filming so I'm going to be doing some other stuff to keep me busy for the next wee while. Next week I'm giving myself a week off though - I pretty much jumped into work once I came home from Travelling and I am totally gubbed. The joys of being self employed :) Anyways, hope y'all have a fab friday tomorow! Much love,

Ayden x


  1. ahh lush nail polishes! im gutted i missed out on the offer :(

    I live with my fella too! And ours is pretty unisex friendly!
    We have seperate rooms though, well, mines just for uni work. I need a massive amount of space for all my pattern cutting and sewing machine etc. But it means i have my own massive wardrobe! something i couldn't live without :)


  2. i always smile when i see your posts come up on my dashboard :) anyhoo. we don't have models own in canada unfortunately, but the colors look lovely especially the pink glitter one!

    and congrats for the new house! it's so cute and lovely. :) and that's awesome you guys are making a walk-in closet!

    and i'm using the original bare minerals foundation and i love it! it makes skin.. look like, well skin haha :)

  3. i must admit I did get a little overexicted when your post popped up ob my feed about your new house, cringe!
    i love love love it, especially that kitchen
    as you know im just moving in with the boy. i have stamped my feet until i got the room my way. i was allowed florals and polka dot as long as it wasn't too pink ha! so i have greens and blues instead, compromise i suppose. We also have a spare room, kinda like a study, where I let him keep all his man things like tools and the xbox
    belle xxxxxxx

  4. I have a hooters top too! hehe win! Ooooh your house is just cute! hehe I love it!

    We dont have models own in NZ either... haha. We dont have anything here I swear, but that stuff just looks the most adorable. Oh how i cant wait to travel and buy EVERYTHING haha. xo

  5. I am dying to try the stuff out if you want to send it my way!

    your new place looks so lovely. i have just moved in with the boy too. it's weird to share! He gets a little drawer and I get all the space :)


  6. I have yet to find a blogger who didnt use the Models Own discount! ;) Mine came today as well :D

    Your house is so nice! My aunt used to have a toilet/bathroom like that, it didn't half confuse me! x

  7. I love your place! I really want somewhere like this, my flat is tiny!

    And yay for models own, I can't wait to receive mine! x

  8. very pretty blog I like the pencils
    kept blogging

  9. your house is gorgeous. it really looks like a home too, not just a house with furniture in it if that makes sense :)

    i live with my boy too and i totally get away with girly niknaks beause our spare room is his 'boys room' with a pool table and all his music memoribilia and his boyish nik naks that i don't want in the living room hahaha
    so beause he gets a whole room he doesnt care that i plaster the living area with candles and family photos and flowers :)

    love that the simpsons is on your tv!


  10. I got those brushes as well, and they are great. Really impressed with them. x

  11. I got those brushes aswell!! They are great.

    I live with a smelly boy. :) I get away with candles, cushions and my dressing table being girly. That'll do me. I'm not that 'girl' otherwise, I love photos so I'm usually bugging him to put up another 10 frames I've put together.


    p.s you don't look chubby or tired. Pretty thing.

  12. Your home is so lovely; I was excited to see these photos. It looks like you have lots of space and that kitchen looks like the perfect place to learn to bake :)

    I live with the Mr, and admittedly I can SO relate to the sharing thing. I have an area of the bedroom for my jewellery box and makeup, but as for the furnishings it’s pretty neutral too. xx

  13. I am so excited about moving in with my boyfriend next summer!

    I love how the spare little room will be your walk in wardrobe! I am letting him use the pare room as a 'man room'! I was so silly agreeing to that!

    Plus, Models own polish = AMAZING!!


  14. Love your little home tour! Our house is decorated pretty unisex, but I have got a few girly things and my walk in wardrobe to make up for it!

    Looks like you got a great haul from Models Own!

  15. your home looks beautiful! and i'm so annoyed that i missed the 50% off. I kept trying to remember what I forgot as well until i logged on to facebook the next day.


  16. Wow your place looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your yummy new home! xxx
    I live with my boyf and I don't really get away with cuteifying anything.. :( I don't really try that much though, I might up my game and see how far I can push him.
    Love the new nail bits! I'm surprised at our un-twinny picks, but that's us Gemini's. We do have a split personality!
    I just bought some nail art shiz that is a bit pricey (I've spent £15 so far on the biginner's set and a separate leopard print stamp) but easy and life-changing. It's called Konad and it's a nail stamping system. You can stamp all different designs onto your nails. Here's the leopard stamp I tried:
    Epic!! So if you want to get into nail art but are not arty (like moi) it's a worthwhile investment!
    Hope you're having a lush weekend xxx

  17. the flat looks lovely, your kitchen looks wonderful :)

  18. Your house looks really lovely, I moved recently too but mine is no where near sorted out enough to blog about :)
    Cute kitty too, am super jealous about half price goodies, too skint at the moment. Have fun on your week off x

  19. cute room!
    s'if you look chubby pretty girl.

    i'm diggin the new layout too :D