little boots

 My new boots got delivered bright and early this morning, so off into town I toddled in them :)

And after a few hours, I really was toddling! Breaking in a new pair of boots is tricky business. Why didn't any of you girls tell me?! These 'proper shoes' make me feel like I'm walking on clouds when I've got my (rather anti-winter-wearable) sandshoes on.

I got a little snack from the Peckhams just next to my flat as I waited on the train. We used to sell Curiosity Cola when I worked at Where The Monkey Sleeps in the RSAMD (Oh, I miss my student days) and it is by far the BEST cola you will ever taste :) Mmm mm.

I had a rather silly panic this morning, as I read on a blog or two that Mac Venemous Villians was due to be released today :S So I googled it (in that kind of fretting way when you google illness symptoms and don't like what you start to read...) and was getting mixed info. I was sure its the 7th, so when I got into town I popped past Mac, and sure enough it is the 7th. I'm the kind of girl that always looses the bidding war on ebay, and is last in the queue when a gig ticket sells out, so to think I'd missed the launch of a wee something I'd been hoping to treat myself to, well, I was getting a bit frantic! Saddo, I know.

I then met the lovely Leah for a cheeky wee Tinderbox. She kindly gave me her Mac Prep and Prime that she only used once and wasn't planning on using again - so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference to my makeup at all. Last time I used it, I put it on every day and went through a whole tube but by the end I couldn't work out if it was still making a difference to my skin. Do you use a primer before your foundation?

 Incase you've totally zoned out and are still staring at the cake picture above... then YES, that is the best apple pie I've ever tasted. But I kicked ass at my first ever Zumba class last night so I think I'm allowed! Have any of you tried Zumba? Apparently it is sweeping the nation but no wonder - its pretty awesome! I've got Body Attack tomorrow morning, and my goodness it deserves the name attack. I feel like I've taken a beating after it haha, you burn SO many calories but its a brilliant class. Lets hope I can still walk home after it, never mind go for a swim!

S'nearly the weekend :)

Ayden x


  1. Hmm I never use primer usually, though that's because with fairly rubbish skin, I hate using foundation at all. Aesthetically it would improve, but not health or spot-wise sadly.

    Those boots look really delicious! (and no I'm not getting mixed up with the pie, that looks equally scrummy!) I am a HUGE fan of vintage-esque flat boots, so versatile and beautiful. I have a black pair which are pretty tatty nowadays but they're really sturdy and great for nights out when you're likely to get trampled on!

    jazzy ♥

  2. When I first started reading I had the same, oh no I missed the launch feeling! I must be a saddo too! :P I use powder primer and foundation. It definately makes it lasts and stops me being oily, which I need!

    I love the new boots and I really want a slice of that pie! :)

  3. apple pie + shoes! a girl after my own heart
    i had a similar pair of boots to yours last year and literally wore them to death!
    oh and i was thinking about joining zumba too, i will let you know how it goes xx

  4. Apple pie...yum
    That milkshake...yum
    Primer...yeh pretty good, I use the ELF one and find it holds my foundation and gives me a more velvet finish, less clumpy or flaky in places.

    And body combat, flipping heck you could go pyscho on my ass! :) The french plait would work well for exercising. :)


  5. those boots are amazing!!
    Also I panicked about the Mac VV too, i was scrambling online (just like i did with viva glam) only to find it wasn't out here yet - derp!

    I use a Sephora primer from France, wil definitly pick it up again in america!

  6. You worked at where the monkey sleeps- jealous!yum yum yum. Also your boots are gorgeous, mega jealous- they look so cute! xx

  7. Ive been searching for some winter boots, with no luck. i didnt think of looking in next! they are beauts! ive never really used primer i swear by using a really good moisturizer! everyone is different tho. i personally dont like to over load my skin!
    OMG that apple pie!!!! Awesome!

  8. Those boots are so lovely! Perfect for the rubbish weather :( I've been after some brown boots for ages, but still yet to find some to fall madly in love with!

  9. Nice boots bird! I did zone out a bit on that cake, damn you woman!! It's completely pissing down in Birmingham, boooo. Hope you have a lovely weekend lovely xxx

  10. I like Prep & Prime, although I don't wear foundation very often so am probably not the best judge! I just found it made things more polished and longer lasting.

    God, that apple pie looks good.

  11. I cant wait for venemous villians!

    love your boots :)

  12. Oh gosh that cake looks yummmmmmy! I love applie pie, its my favourite. And curiousity cola! The best.

    I've started going to the gym too, mainly pilates but Zumba sounds interesting!

  13. i love your shoes! your posts are always so interesting<3,xxx

  14. Really like the boots!! All the ankle boots I've seen around are black so I will have to have a look in Next. The curiosity cola looks sooo cute!! I have never heard of zumba but I've just Googled it and it sounds like hard work! x

  15. I really neeeeeed to find some good winter shoes (ah! idea of a blog piece). I have a cute pair of boots but the water seeps in! So annoying!

    Your boots however... Excellent choice!!


  16. oh I love these boots! I really need some new boots for the winter to protect my feet from the rain so I may have to check out Next. I occasionally use GOSH primer, cos it makes my skin feel really smooth but I don't know if it really makes my make up stay on any longer.

  17. Those boots are great! I used to use a primer but it made me break out in spots so gave up on that one!