lady of leisure

Feeling rather guilty enjoying some time off at the moment, I've been trying to organise my stint at the Citz for their christmas show, and I've got time back at the beeb for the weakest link in november. I've been juggling two job offers recently (talk about when all the busses come along at once eh) but I turned down one which was a definate yes, in hope of the other working out. I'm still waiting, and taking chances has never been my forte but I am determined to be a happy freelancer and take the jobs that I want to take, rather than feeling desperate and just settling for anything. Make sense? It makes less sense now than what it did when I was a student and working for tuppence! Anyways, I thought I'd share what I'd been upto over the past couple of days.

On sunday my mum and my bro and sis came over to the flat for a catch up, with some yummy carrot cake from peckhams :)

My fringe is sooo long at the moment, and a bit unruly so I got my mum to plait it.  Until I finally get it cut, I'll need to pester the lovely Kel at Hair Advice and All Things Nice to teach me how to do it for myself! I'm at that funny stage where I want to grow it, but I also like having it short. Should I get my short fringe back? Should I dye it again? Help! :(

I've enjoyed having a bit more time to get ready in the mornings. My foundation is an awful mismatch at the moment (excuse the patchyness around my brows) but I've had fun playing with eyeshadows, and I think I am keen on the Topshop Mascara after all :) As long as it doesn't dry up on me any time soon! Sunday eve we went to Davids house for dinner - bliss! Caught up with the family and came home with bags of food and a big tub of bolognese to put in the freezer. Did your family help you out when you first moved out? I think they're worried were going to starve or freeze to death or something :p

David started his new job on monday! So proud. So I had a wee lie in, got up about 10am, made tea and toast and sat down on the couch with Millie for some cheesy morning telly. I did some blogging and got ready and went into town to meet my mum for a wee lunch date. Heres what I wore, and for some reason it is horribly out of focus :( Really not getting a hang of self timer shots! Incase you were wondering...

cardi - george @ asda
top - H&M, blog sale via Zoella
skirt - primark
leggings - topshop
bracelet - actually a topshop hairband!

For lunch we went to Jamie Olivers Italian Kitchen. We had Smokey Mozzarella Arancini, Devonshire Spider Crab and Chilli Bruschetta, and Italian Nachos. Me and my mum are the exact same, love tapas and bento boxes because we get bored of eating the same thing for too long! So these three little dishes were great to share, and were pretty yummy so I'd like to go back one night and have a go at one of the main courses, and desert for sure ;)

Did someone say desert?

Glasgow Cupcake Shop, I heart you. However, I think you have some competition. My gran came over last week with some cupcakes she freshly baked for us that night and my my, they were devine! That hummingbird bakery book has given her the hint then girls :p

Don't they look awesome?! Seriously, for the amount they charge at Cupcake in Glasgow, she'd be able to make a fair amount on money if she started taking local orders for these babies! Mind you, there is more to life than cupcakes. Which is why I have just remembered there is half a carrot cake in my fridge that needs eating! :) Really though, there is going to have to be some sort of exercise arranged in exchange for all the sweet sugary things that have been floating around me recently. And I moan that I've put on weight?! Bloody hell, I'm my own worst enemy. Today I am going for a coffee with my old uni tutor (haha it's not that wierd, we were all good friends at uni) and I may go put some money in my ISA then sheepishly wander around the shops for a while. What are your plans for this week? Do share ♥

Ayden x

ps. haha I just remembered my mum telling me that Dale Winton came into her salon the other day and bought like £90 worth of KMS products! (He is over at the bbc just now for In It To Win It, their set was getting put up just as ours was being taken down) Think I should be selling THAT to the news of the world? Rather than the x factor rubbish they pestered me for. Numpties :)

pps. please check out my LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS if you haven't already. dooooo it


  1. I really like the plat in your hair! Mines long now, so i should really do something like that :)

    And those cupcakes look sooooo yummy! Damn trying to eat better. BOO!

  2. Flipping heck your nan is the cupcake crusader! :)

    Loving the plait, high five to your mum, I'm doing the vid tonight so keep a beady eye out. :)

    When I used to return home from uni for the hols I used to travel back on the coach with so much stuff, food, toilet roll, pot plants, even a mini hoover thingy one time. God love families.


  3. It took me ages to get used to self timer shots too. If you're using a DSLR that focuses itself then you need to stand next to/near whatever it's focussed on when you press the shutter. Does that even make sense?

    This week I'm mostly getting excited about my impending trip to NYC (next weds, omg) and spending too much money in Topshop.

    Also, I now want a cupcake. Damn you! x

  4. Every part of your day looks delicous!

  5. i just saw a boy i love(?) with another girl. my plan is to lie down in my bed with a laptop and watch some depressing movies.

    i'm jealous, jealous, jealous! clothes + cupcakes <3

  6. Ooooh, never knew there was a cupcake shop in glasgow! Going to go check that out at the weekend hopefully, they look delish. xoxo

  7. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to freelance, my big dream is to do freenlance journalism and broadcast but getting anybody to want to pay me to write? A total zero at the moment :( hope it works out for you though.

    Your hair and eye make up looks lovely, good work mumsy! And granny for those amazing cupcakes, have been thinking about buying that book too :)

    R x

  8. You've been a busy lady! Love the plait.

    I totally agree with what you say about not rushing into a job and taking your time to pick something you'll really enjoy. You've got your whole working life ahead of you - might as well do it right! :) x

  9. I really really want to be able to plait my hair, just like that - but sadly, I am rubbish when it comes to hair. Seriously rubbish :(

    Your Nan's cupcakes look amazing. She should definitely start her own little cupcake business - look at 'em, they look great!

  10. Wow those cupcakes are a dream! Gorgeous!
    Ditto on the fringe sitch, twinnie! I'm going to start plaiting mine. I'm in such a tizz... I have spent so long growing it that I don't want to chop it off and be back to square one. But I also don't think it actually suits me so maybe I should... Confusion! Long fringes are an absolute mare. You spend your whole day catching your reflection to make sure it's sitting right! Well, I do.
    Congrats to David on his new job, and good luck with your job offer! I've got my mitts crossed for you :)

  11. You certainly have been busy! You deserve some time off, totally agree with you on picking and choosing which jobs to take, nothing worse than doing something you don't want to do! Those cupcakes look so yummy, I am really hungry now!!

  12. Love the eye makeup and hair! =) x
    And those cupcakes look yummeh! xD

  13. I love your new blog layout!
    All those cupcakes look amazing, wish I could master the art of piping icing...

    Hair look gorge by the way!

    Lou x -