invasion of personal space

Cat's really just do whatever to suit themselves, don't they? Millie was doing that extreme purring and pawing around my chest as if she was a kitten and I was her mother. I am not your mother!! Your dainty paws and claws squashing at my chest (so kindly in pictures one and two) actually frigging hurts! And then my Hollyoaks catch up was completely blocked as she decided to park herself on my chest. How strange. I must be comfy :)

This morning I joined the gym and had a body pump fitness class, followed by a swim. I'm determined to go 4 times a week, get fit and shed a few of my cupcake induced pounds. Oh yes, my grans home made cupcakes strike again...

Come on, how could I say no to these?!
Do you have any fitness or healthy eating tips you could share with me? To make my detox as painless as possible? I'm such a sugar fiend, I need to toughen up :( But I can't complain about my weight and fitness and then not doing anything about it. We'll see how it goes :)

Ayden x


  1. Aww the first picture is so funny <3 and those cupcakes look yummy, I wouldn't be able to resist! xo

  2. You have the cutest cat in the world.
    If you're trying to loose weight the best advice I can give you is portion control.That and always have breakfast. I cook from scratch and what I'm not eating I put away in little boxes and freeze them so I'm not tempted to eat more. Bulking up with veg in your meals is good, and you'll be suprised by how little oil you need (none) if you have a good non stick pan. Drink loads of water...or semi-skimmed milk instead of soda...and if you do still need that sweet fix, sure there are a few recipies for cakes where the fat is replaced by beetroot to lower those cals down.


  3. I’ve had a bit of a cat overload this week; I’ve been looking after my mums and mine. They most certainly do exactly what they want. My Jasper won’t stop it at the wallpaper, he’s made quite a mess, but what can I do when he’s so cute! xx

  4. I just joined a new gym, doing the aqua classes soon. Cutting down on caffine is good try and replace coffee or tea with hot water and lemon. Regular small meals is better than one big one apparently, know it's hard with your job. But never miss brekkie, apparently if you eat within one hour of getting up it sets your metabolism for the rest of the day. xxxx

  5. awww i know what you mean! i've started a gym routine not long ago and it's hard work avoiding all of the yummy treats! don't gorge after the gym even if it feels like your starving! try a green monster smoothie :) and drink lots of water! and you can treat yourself once a week, indulge in those cupcakes! you are human after all as my boyfriend says! ;)

  6. i want to go and make cakes now! haha x

  7. I love your bangs! I try to exercise first thing in the morning, that way I'm not too tired at the end of the day. I try to not overload on carbs, thats a hard one for me. I am a sweets-aholic as well, so I try to get my sweets mid-day with a light yogurt. I need that kick of sugar. I try to snack on sunflower seeds or pretzels. I have been enjoying coke zero when I need the bubbly drinks.
    Have a great day!

  8. Everyone seems to be on the fitness train at the moment...sod that chips for me.
    I do exercise though...arm goes up, chip goes in. :)

    Love the pics, Millie looks mega comfy.


  9. very cheeky cat that is... haha! :)

  10. very cheeky cat that is... haha! :)

  11. haha aww yes they do! My cat is the same! Thats why i love them though :) xx

  12. haha cats are strange creatures, i love how she just walks onto you and then sits, funny girl!
    i'm a sugar fiend too, it makes it hard! good luck xo

  13. LOL. Cats dont believe in personal space. My 2 are always doing this to me. When I am sleeping Humphrey will literally come in the room and park his body on my face. Not the best way to wake up in the middle of the night.

    *hi5* to getting on a health kick. I am a major sugar junkie and could eat sweets/cakes/treats all day long for the rest of my life. But I too have to stop that and get fit again.

    I find that when I want something sweet I'll go and have some sweet type of fruit. Apple/Pears/Oranges etc usually do the trick to push the sugar cravings down.



  14. Those pictures are so adorable! You are so pretty! xo

  15. my kitty is currently doing the same :)

  16. Yaaaaay, another person going through healthy eating/gym hell! Although I'm missing my treats, I'm loving the gym. We can do it together! xx

  17. Having a cat trample your chest or crotch has got to be one of the most uncomfortable things ever!
    My healthy eating tip is to have a big-ish breakfast that'll keep you full for hours, such as muesli and banana or something like that.
    Also, like Claire said, portion control! This is something I'm terrible at. If you find it difficult then use a smaller plate when serving yourself food, and get leftovers out if sight (therefore out of mind...hopefully!).
    Hope the healthy eating goes well!

  18. haha, love the cat photos, i really need one of my own, its great when they just appear from no where for a cuddle.
    Those cupcakes look very professional and more importantly very delicious! i wouldnt be able to stop at 1!
    as for fitness i have no tips, im a complete exercise-a-phob!

  19. What a cute cat! haha :D
    And those cupcakes look irresistible!!!

    Sadly, I'm just as powerless to resist anything sweet. So I'm no help haha


  20. Such cute pictures of Millie! My cat alwasy gives me a pure evil look if I dare try to move her once she is comfortably on my lap and doing curly paws/claws into my legs! Those cupcakes look gorgeous, well worth going to the gym to work them off!