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I was tagged by the lovely Caz to do this tag. I totally agree with Caz on how she feels about fashion -  My blog isn't a beauty blog, or a fashion blog, so its good fun to dabble into these tags and reveal a little bit of info that you otherwise maybe wouldn't get to discover! Haha plus it's my first day off so I am bored as hell already. Here goes :)

What is your favourite fashion accessory?

I keep it minimal when it comes to accessories. I do love a quirky little tote bag and Tatty Devine also makes me swoon. Their easy to wear statement pieces makes one enough for most outfits. The second picture is the pandora and links bracelets I got for my 21st birthday. They're the first piece of 'grown up' jewellery I've ever owned, and I'm enjoying building up my charms on the pandora bracelet and wearing these two together almost every day. The third picture is one of the wooden personalised badges from Lady Luck Rules Ok. I was lucky enough to get this one, and a little anchor with my name on it (which is what my anchor tattoo was drawn from!) before they went completely out of production. The last picture is of a gorgeous necklace I was sent by the awesome Zara Taylor, and it really sums up the kind of accessories I love the most and what really completes an outfit for me. Gem recently pointed me in the direction of two great brands I had never heard of before, Me and Zena and also Stolen Thunder. OMG, absolute perfection! :)

Who's your fashion role model? (In real life and YouTube/Blogging)

Miss Perry

(for hair and makeup too, hers is always flawless!)

Miss Sanford

Miss Williams

Miss Cotton

Miss Diamandis
Okay, so my fashion inspiration isn't glam, designer or very catwalk worthy. Its casual and boyish with tshirts ahoy! But thats the way I like it :) When it comes to clothes, I've never tried to 'be' something I'm not. Blogging wise, I'm always adoring the style of Jen, Tennille, Kaelah and Lily.

What do you always carry with you?
My phone (nokia e71)  my moleskin diary, and my loop nyc purse!

What would you describe your style as?
Haha, never very blogworthy? :p Just eclectic! Lots of cardis, leggings, over sized tshirts, denim shirts, reko/motel-esque dresses.

Favourite: jeans, sunglasses or heels?
Raybans baby ;) Jeans make me look even shorter than I am, and I can never last the night in my heels. Major girlie failure, I know!

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I don't really blog about fashion :( I do share new buys and once I master using my SLR on its tripod I might share more outfit posts... what do you think? I'm defo not a designer fashion snob, neither am I a vintage queen, but the high street makes me happy :)

What is your favourite fashion store/shop?

(if you're not aquainted with the boosh, hold out for the end of the vid!)

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Hello, denim!

Who is your favourite designer?

Henry Holland

Luella Bartley

Yes, I've realised I am rubbish at giving just one answer :(

Who/what inspires your style?
Hmm, I kinda answered this question above didn't I? TV, film, magazines, and real life people in the street or online are constantly keeping me on my toes when it comes to style.

What would you choose to do - buy something in high quality or make it yourself if you could?
Making costumes for theatre has been fun, and it's let me be able to experiment with my own wardrobe (some good, some bad, and some ugly!) But until I get super amazing at making - and lets face it, that's probably going to be never! I'll make do and mend, but would prefer to buy in high quality.

I'd like to tag:
Victoria India 
Belle Vintage

Jenn is my bestie, and she's just started blogging again so please go check her out and give her a big warm hello :) This tag is also open to anyone else who wants to do it, and please link me back to your answers, I'd love to see them! Have a great monday, lovelies :)

Ayden x


  1. I adore Tatty Devine. I've spent far too much money on far too many of their gorgeous items. I have the swallow brooches too! Love them. x

  2. Love your answers :)
    I love Fearne and Frankie's style too, i'm going to have a look on Tatty Devine now

  3. I love your style my dear! Always look so funky.
    And I'm seriously jelo over the tattoos.

    I like your blog not being just a fashion or beauty blog, mix it up a little. :)

  4. Thought that Gem was me then, got excited haha. I agree with all of those women, spesh Hayley and Katy. Great post xx

  5. this is really sweet post, thank you for the tag :) x

  6. Great post - it's nice to get to know the people behind the blog a bit more with posts like this sometimes :)

    I am seriously seriously LOVING your blog's new look - it's bloody gorgeous. In fact, I'm extremely jealous!

  7. I adore Katy Perry - she always looks so exciting and amazing! Fearne too is an icon of mine - great picks!

  8. aydenn! bryan and i have been reallyy wanting to go backpacking like you did. for our next vacation xD
    howww do you figure out the trains and everything? :x is there a websitee ;o

    & i love those pandora bracelets, and the lovebirds pin, thats adorable!

  9. thats for the tag missus, will def give this one ago:)
    i def want more outift posts as you always look so pretty:)
    i wish llrok never stopped! i love their stuff
    belle xxx

  10. Thanks for the tag Ayden! I love you jewellery collection!