bargains and basics

Firstly, are any of you watching the new Derren Brown show, hero at 30,000 feet? It's just started as I'm writing this, and I am intrigued! I know he's a bit of a marmite man but I really do enjoy what Derren Brown is all about. Let's see if this is a good 'un :)

ANYWAYS, back to what I was meant to be talking about. Easily distracted, indeed. Something that I've always noticed about myself (but really, more recently) is that I am a 'guilty' shopper. No matter how skint, or how much money I have to treat myself, I always feel the need to justify my buys, and rationalise my shopping! Pretty annoying, huh :( Maybe most people feel this way? PLEASE let me know if you do! But it's really ruining any sort of retail therapy I'm having. Yes, there are much more important problems in the world, and I'm very aware of that and how petty I probs sound. But I though this would be a good spring board for a blog post with a little bit more of a theme (from me!) than usual.

So, where is the guilty shoppers first port of call?


If I can find it on ebay, second hand and pennies cheaper then chances are I'm a happy girl! Plus, who doesn't love getting stuff in the post? My last buy on ebay was the above necklace, which I got for £4.50 and is from a little independant designer in Camden called Lovelymonstory. A little goody like this will keep my Tatty Devine wantings at bay for at least a few months :p I also managed to win a gorgeous little Reko dress on ebay (which normally rrp at Topshop for £40) for £2, and a second hand Pauls Boutique handbag for £33 - the design of which isn't in production anymore (and would have cost £65 new) So I'll be sure to share pics of them when they arrive - certain bargains to say the least!

Then there is the more traditional resource,

Sale time

(haha, of course I had to put my new necklace on right away)

Girls, I'm not just talking about seasonal sales. I'm talking about all year round sales! Online or in the shops, keep your eyes and ears peeled and who knows what you could pick up. Blog sales are my fave :) and I'll use this chance to plug my blog shop Please go have a wee nosy if you haven't already. I got the above denim shirt from primark for £2, and the grey and black spotty dress underneath for £2 too just a few days ago. Random, and both are a size 8 which is defo not my size but they both fit! So ignore that little number and if it looks at a glance like it will fit, take it too the changing room! Sometimes I have been terribly wrong though, in topshop with a size 8 or size 14 pair of jeans round my ankles (or chest, for that matter) DETERMINED at £5 I WILL MAKE THEM FIT! Haha, I've learned how to walk away from some nearly perfect bargains, and its killed me! I always check the mens and kids dept at sale time too, you'd be surprised with what you could find :)

If you can't afford it, fake it

I'm not one for fake handbags or watches - I know it can be tempting when your on hols to give in to those oh so cheap 'genuine' raybans, but something makes me feel a bit queasy about seriously fake (or definately stolen!!) goods. Drooling over mulberry on a regular basis, and wanting a little bit more 'class' than my loud Pauls Boutique wonders (ebay is thriving with fakes too, as you can imagine!) I stumbled across this little gem in primark for £6. S'alright, eh :) Sometimes it's hard to differentiate whether its the style, or just the label we are lusting over. So if you're being honest with yourself and you know its just the label, settle for a cheaper version until you are ridiculously rich and can indulge in such sickingly expensive designer items :)

I think this goes for vintage finds and general thrifting too. So many of you girls on blogger get AMAZING old school finds from vintage shops and markets. I have never felt 'cool' enough to wear vintage, I know that sounds daft but I'd rather hit the carboot sale or charity shop for trinkets and clothes. I'm not much of a fashionista and feel like I'd be lost in a vintage shop :( Maybe its not as scary and daunting as I think?

Re-think about where you buy your basics from

For such a guilty shopper, I'm a bit slow to realise that I don't need to go to boots or superdrug for the beauty products I use and need to restock every few weeks or so. Shops like Savers is an absolute god send when it comes to the above (my necessary 3) daily facial scrub, pore strips, and face wipes. It's still brand names, so you know you're getting quality! But for some reason bits and bobs like these are soooo much cheaper in some of the smaller pharmacy type stores. I used to get all my toiletries in the one go from the likes of boots, but now I'm a smarty pants and shop around for my Simple moisturiser and time of the month girly stuff. Watt Brothers is a west of scotland department store (I can't think of an english or international equivalent for now...) but my bestie Jenn recently alerted me to the fact that they sell Bed Hed products, St Moritz, Calvin Klein Makeup, and get this, YSL Touche Eclat! All super cheap. Why? I have no idea.  Not bad though eh!

This is where the guilty shopper, starts to become the 'lets now justify everything that I buy' shopper. Yes, by all means latch onto a sale or offer like a leech - but only if you really need to. Moving into a flat where I have no bath anymore, and just a shower, I'm getting bored of shower gel already and knew I wanted to treat me and David to some Lush goodies.

His and hers :) Mines on the left, and Davids on the right.

Apart from feeling awfully sorry for not having bath times anymore (I love my baths like you wouldn't believe) the 'justification' of this buy was that if I spent over £15, I got about £10 worth of goodies free! At the start of the year lush had an amazing deal on where if you spent over £20 I think you got any gift box from their selected section free. This was an amazing deal, because I ended up with about £50 worth of stuff for only £20. They were trying to get rid of lots of christmas stock and I hope they do it again this year because it was bloody brilliant! The girl didn't label the extra she gave me, so any lush fanatics out there feel free to let me know if you know what the 3 at the front are! But incase you're wondering what's in mine and David's boxes combined...

Summer Pudding Soap
Grass Shower Gel
Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
Sexy Peel Soap
The Olive Branch Showe Gel
Sugar Scrub
Each Peach and Two's a Pair Massage Bar

So all shower friendly products, and my boyfriend is a big girlie pants so no doubt we'll end up sharing what's across the two boxes! Incase you're wondering, NO I didn't buy them both for myself or that 'aww this is for you! But im going to use it all up!' scenario :p I'm not that much of a lame ass, I promise.

I'm trying to be all organised and have a clear out of the clothes and makeup that I don't wear anymore, but there then comes that empty feeling where you end up just replacing the stuff you're getting rid of. Thank you to everyone who's bought from my blog shop so far - its great to see my clothes and makeup going to a much more loving home! All funds are going to be well spent, I assure you :) I've been in a pickle for weeks about my UD eyeshadow palletes, below.

As you can see, hardly used, they rrp in the shops for about £22.50 each so I've never been in a mad rush to use them all up. But that's kinda went against me, because now these palletes range between 2 - 4 years old. Thats BAD, right? For makeup? You can see above that the colours are still fine and I can create some nice eyes with them. But after a few hours, and even with a good primer on my eye they start to fade dramatically. Should I still be using these palletes? I don't have the heart to throw them out :( I feel like starting a fresh with a lot of my makeup, and was so pissed off with my face this morning that I went out and did something very naughty indeed.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light - The best foundation I have ever used. I've flipped between mac, topshop, and bourjois foundations over the past year and this is me finally reverting back to an old faithful. I though I could get a better foundation for cheaper, and I was wrong. Lesson learned!

Mac creamsheen lipstick in 'creme cup'. I never used to be a lipstick girl, but now I am converted! Another staple that I can't imagine being without.

And then there's the eyeshadow saga. I'm starting a fresh and if my suspicions were correct (the UD palletes defo need to be binned) then I'm going to start a new collection of proper eyeshadows. Here's what I got to get me started:

Barry M dazzle dust 27 'Gold Iridescent'
Barry M dazzle dust 39 'Tan'
Barry M dazzle dust 24 'Old Gold'
4 Pan Pallete from the Fabulous Felines Collection - Burmese Beauty
- Prized
- Burmese Beauty
- Skintone 2
- Showstopper

Sigh :( I'm bad, right?! I know working hard = retail therapy now and again but I'm being too rational when it comes to spending and I need to chill out a bit. I have a wish list for some 'staple' winter items I've had my eye on, so I figure if I work my ass off on the next block at the BBC then I will have earned a new winter coat and a pair of uggs! So, the big question is, are you a guilty shopper like me? Where do you look for your biggest bargains? And what harm is a bit of luxury now and again?

I'm hitting the car boot sale with David on sunday which I am far too excited about. And currently haggling on ebay for a Dermalogica Clean Start Kit that I have had my eye on for far too long! I guess bad habits die hard though. But coming from a working/middle class family where money didn't grow on trees and was always sensibly spent, to living with my boyfriend and earning my own money and having my own responsibilities - I'm still working out where my own personal boundaries are when it comes to spending and saving. I don't want to be bankrupt by the time I'm 30, and by cancelling my overdraft the other day I feel triumphant and sensible enough that I just want to keep heading in the right direction when it comes to cash. I'll finish this post with some random but very wise words from Fight Club's Tyler Durden ♥

'Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off'

Ayden x


  1. I can definatley empathise with this post! x

  2. i'm definitely a guilty shopper. if there is a sale on sometimes it seems like i force myself to buy something, anything, just because its on sale and im saving. i am the biggest sucker for sales.

    dont even get me started on ebay, hahaha, im exactly the same!

    i found that when i first moved out of home it was a bit difficult at first to figure out what money goes where, how much i should allow myself to spend etc. after a few months i finally got the hang of bills first, shopping later(though it still depresses me to no end seeing my hard earned money paying for water and electricity)
    but i still go on a shopping binge every now and then, try to justify it, then realise i just spent this weeks rent on a new pair of shoes.

    Id love to be able to give you some advice here, but i really dont have any! i still havent figured out how to fix the urge lol. if you figure it out, please update me!


  3. I love this post Ayden! I am definetly a guilty shopper! Things I buy usually sit in the bags for a good few days whilst I umm and ahh over whether I really need them/ spent too much on them/ should of paid the water bill rather than purchased them!! You get the idea! As I have no self control I now make sure that all the 'house money' goes out of my account the day I am paid, so if I do spend more than I mean to I can still pay all the bills!

  4. I try to rationalise, really try. It's ok I bought loads from Models Own because they had a 50% sale on. Doesn't matter that I didn't have any money in the first place to spend on it, no no.
    I am so much better now I have a house and a mortgage and dependants (the pooches!)I always pay my bills first, then spend on me. But its always something...ooh new shoes, oooh new jacket, oooh just another necklace.

    I've only just started saving again as I've realised if I ever have kids they'll be wearing bin bags and eating turkey twizzlers. :(


    p.s I love all your new make up. Jealous. Might go buy some....NO KELLY NO!!

  5. Don't worry about justifying everything you purchase. I do the EXACT same thing! My boyfriend has made me realise that everything I lust after in a shop, I don't really need. So, now, if I can justify it, in my head... it's ok!

    I end to go through fads too! I tend to go on and on and on about something I 'NEED' to have! Then two or three days later I just shut up and forget about it! lol

    So, don't worry. You are not alone!


  6. haha marmite man.
    I've definitely toned down my shopping since i've started earning (ironic?) I never just buy to buy anymore.

  7. With my flat it's so hard to buy nice things now, I have to shop around for bargains, although yesterday I was in primark and it was the case of getting a new bag or saving money for my electric.....I got the bag:( So had to dip in to my savings, something i regret.....but the bag is prettttttty xx