little boots

 My new boots got delivered bright and early this morning, so off into town I toddled in them :)

And after a few hours, I really was toddling! Breaking in a new pair of boots is tricky business. Why didn't any of you girls tell me?! These 'proper shoes' make me feel like I'm walking on clouds when I've got my (rather anti-winter-wearable) sandshoes on.

I got a little snack from the Peckhams just next to my flat as I waited on the train. We used to sell Curiosity Cola when I worked at Where The Monkey Sleeps in the RSAMD (Oh, I miss my student days) and it is by far the BEST cola you will ever taste :) Mmm mm.

I had a rather silly panic this morning, as I read on a blog or two that Mac Venemous Villians was due to be released today :S So I googled it (in that kind of fretting way when you google illness symptoms and don't like what you start to read...) and was getting mixed info. I was sure its the 7th, so when I got into town I popped past Mac, and sure enough it is the 7th. I'm the kind of girl that always looses the bidding war on ebay, and is last in the queue when a gig ticket sells out, so to think I'd missed the launch of a wee something I'd been hoping to treat myself to, well, I was getting a bit frantic! Saddo, I know.

I then met the lovely Leah for a cheeky wee Tinderbox. She kindly gave me her Mac Prep and Prime that she only used once and wasn't planning on using again - so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference to my makeup at all. Last time I used it, I put it on every day and went through a whole tube but by the end I couldn't work out if it was still making a difference to my skin. Do you use a primer before your foundation?

 Incase you've totally zoned out and are still staring at the cake picture above... then YES, that is the best apple pie I've ever tasted. But I kicked ass at my first ever Zumba class last night so I think I'm allowed! Have any of you tried Zumba? Apparently it is sweeping the nation but no wonder - its pretty awesome! I've got Body Attack tomorrow morning, and my goodness it deserves the name attack. I feel like I've taken a beating after it haha, you burn SO many calories but its a brilliant class. Lets hope I can still walk home after it, never mind go for a swim!

S'nearly the weekend :)

Ayden x

that monday feeling

"Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with"

 Did anyone else watch Juno last night? It was the perfect end to my weekend, such a lovely film. On friday night, my little sister came to stay over and we had a good laugh. Mind you, her and David were both asleep by 10pm...

Such cuties :) On saturday we went to a little park round the road from the flat and took some silly pictures.

She's getting so big!

Had to get an action shot, haha.

Oh god, don't even ask what we were doing here! It seemed bloody hilarious at the time. Please feel free to laugh at our daftness!

Isn't he changing already? Well, I certainly think he looks different from the last pictures I posted. Sorry if it's making any of you gals feel broody :)

After I ran Tyler home on saturday me and David had a rather unhealthy dinner and watched the X Factor (as ye do) and on sunday we went into Glasgow for lunch and some shopping. We had a yummy meal at Jamies Italian Kitchen - which I've mentioned in a previous post when I went with my mummy. I had the spag bol and David had meatballs, both were lovely! We also shared a chocolate, raspberry and amaretto brownie with vanilla ice cream... it was soooo good. So my bad behaviour when it comes to eating resumes as from today. I was literally too sore last week to hit the fitness classes again, I only did 2 along with a swim each time and a huge walk to the sports centre and back but I literally couldn't walk by thursday :( What's wrong with me?! My friend Erin told me it will get better with time, so I'm gonna crack on with it again this week. I'll be sure to let you all know how I get on.

Yesterday before we went for lunch I bought a few wee bits and bobs, including some new winter boots from Next. Typical though, they only had one left in my size and it was the display pair! Which were a bit worn to be honest - if I'm forking out £55 quid on a pair of boots then I want them to be in good condition. So, I shall be getting a wee delivery on thursday which I am excited about because the weather is certainly getting a bit nippier - and my topshop plimmies just don't cut it come winter time. Have you started buying/wearing/digging out your cosy clothes as the cold weather is slowly creeping in?

I've ended up getting some last minute work for The Tron Theatre which has been good, and I'm in at the beeb this week too and start at The Citz next monday so my leisurely days shall soon be over. Having a couple of weeks off has been nice, but I'm looking forward to getting busy again and earning my pennies. Yesterday when we got home we had a mega clean out of the flat, and ended up moving the bed into a different position in our bedroom. Tidying and moving furniture is so liberating! Haha well it always makes me feel happy :) I've done something rather random and made a Formspring - I'm intrigued to see if there's anything people want to know about me under the 'anon' cloak. So, we'll see how it goes.

(click click)

Got anything nice planned this week?

Ayden x

manual vs digital

In 2008, Polaroid announced that they were to end production of their instant film and it left many Polaroid lovers like myself heart broken. I still had about 5 pictures left in my Polaroid 600 camera, which my dad bought me for my 12th birthday, and I clung onto them for dear life (as I was too angry to give in to the EXTREMELY inflated prices of the 600 film on ebay) Then I heard about something amazing, The Impossible Project. 3 Polaroid Enthusiasts/Super clever businessmen bought over the Polaroid Factory and promised to bring the infamous instant film back. Well...

Impossible Project Film at the Photojojo Store!

It is finally here! They have made their own range of film which is all Polaroid friendly :) I found out the news today via Photojojo, and I thought it would be a good excuse to spark up a little blog discussion in the form of manual vs digital. Here is my little (but loved) camera collection:

I say they are loved, but I don't use them all as much as I should. Film and developing is expensive - back in the 80's my papa used to develop ALL my mums film for her in the cupboard under the stairs. Lets just say it would take a hell of a lot of bribery to get him to do mines Harry Potter style these days! The thing I love about film comes under the three R's... Random, Raw, and Romantic. There's something so magical about not knowing what your pictures are going to look like until the day you get them back from the processing lab (sometimes just 4 or 5 real keepers per batch if you're a bit shit like me, it can be annoying but it's an addictive buzz!) I don't care how 'cool' or trendy Lomo and manual film cameras are these days, and the fact that every other indie kid is calling themselves a photographer because they bought a Diana from Urban Outfitters and know how to load 35mm or medium format. In no way at all am I being a photography snob here haha, I promise. I guess I'm happy that digital hasn't completely killed off old methods and techniques. The new kid on the block causes extinction in too many cases... but not this one. Let me share the collection of manual/disposable camera photographs that have been lingering about my macbook - let me know what you think and what kind of pictures are your fave!

Family pictures...

Okay, so this one and the one below are crappy digital copies of printed photographs. I need to get my hands on the originals from my grans, these pictures make me smile so much.

These ones are scans of photographs so the quality is better. Haha and yes, that muppet looking baby is indeed me!

Me and my mammy - she looks so young.

Mum and Papa in the hospital, 11th June 1989.

I was born with a massive mop of brown hair, lol looks like I'm wearing a little wig.

Me and my cousin Emma, fighting over a beer. Not much has changed to this very day!

Haha I hope big Nigel only gave us a wee sip... these pictures look kinda WRONG! :p

A really old one, my gran and papa on their wedding day.

The above is my little sister Tyler, and below is me and my dad in our Motocross days. So these pictures are much more recent, in the last 5 years or so, but I think the point and shoot quality doesn't look much different from what it was like 20 years before.

Here's some medium (square) format family pictures. These are certainly retro looking, the colours and the framing are just awesome. Wee 80's passport pics and polaroid thrown in there too.

All of the above are my immediate family - great gran, gran, papa, mum, aunties and uncle. However when I ask what kind of cameras my Papa used to take these he can't remember :(


Nuff said, viva la polaroid!

Waterproof camera

Really bloody random, waterproof cameras are essentially just disposable cameras in a plastic box - but they are so much fun to play with (probs better IN water, rather than NEAR water like most of mine are)

We still have a waterproof camera to develop from Europe, which included swimming and diving underwater in Lake Bled. So I'll be sure to share them when we finally get around to finishing the film and getting it developed.



Manual 35mm

These ones weren't just point and shoot but required proper adjustments of aperture, focus etc. The current Lomo cameras make the manual settings pretty easy to use which is good. When I did higher photography (ha YES, it counts as a higher!) in my last year of school, we worked on almost all 35mm with very little digital so thats where I learned to 'properly' use a camera. You can fully adjust all these settings on some digital cameras and all digital SLRS (I cheat and use auto all the time!) but you are always able to preview the picture once you've taken it. That's why film can be so hit or miss, cause you could be slightly out of focus or the exposure too dark or too light, but once it's taken there is no changing or deleting. Just a big surprise when you open that little packet of developed pictures :) It's exciting!

If you can get your hands on a dusty old 35mm camera from a car boot sale, or a shiny new lomo from ebay then take your time to learn how to use them and love them properly - a little patience goes a long way. The results are something that have such a different feel to them than digital. But, you can always cheat it with your digital cameras and use the likes of Picnik or ToyCamera to give your pictures square formats, rounded edges, and that yellowy/saturated vintage look :) I'm still getting to grips with it myself, and I'm sure most of y'all could teach me a thing or two, but here's a wee example of what you can do with a simple digital picture.

Manual or digital, what do you prefer? Both have their pro's and con's, and I think as long as they can both live happily side by side and we can have the best of both worlds, then that would be just super ♥

Ayden x