Goodbye Glasgow

hello, world! ♥

Brussels 14th - 17th July

Berlin 17th - 20th

Prague 20th - 23rd

Vienna 23rd - 25th

Budapest 25th - 27th

Zagreb 27th - 28th

Split 28th - 31st (then our first night train, ooh!)

Ljubljana 1st Aug - 4th

Munich 4th - 6th

Interlaken 6th - 9th

Paris 9th - 12th ♥

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See you lovely, darling folks in a month :)

Ayden & David x

Good Morning Baltimore

I love musicals so much, listening to different soundtracks on shuffle makes my heart want to burst! :) So you can imagine how I felt when I was leaving work on friday night, and who do I come face to face with but John Barrowman! Haha yeah he is the king of cheese, but he is such a talented guy. He is filming the new series of Tonight's the Night at the BBC (which you have to watch btw, it's going to be good) Apparently the cast of Wicked in were in last weekend when I was making some set pieces for it, absolutely gutted I missed them. So, if you're tuning in this saturday look out for all the glittery orchestra stand pieces (about 20 of them!) and be proud to know that I made them :p Here was my view from lunch on friday afternoon with my phones camera - I had spinach and recotta tortellini (sp?) incase you are nosy enough to want to know ;) yum!

Funny how cityscapes always look better at night eh?

Another big highlight of the week, my boy graduating :) So proud! David's mum, dad and me went along for the ceremony and then out for lunch. Was lovely ♥ He was the only one in his year to get a first! Well done David, smarty pants.

I bought a mac kohl pencil from the lovely Gem at Gem Fatale's Style Blog, and she sent me a cute wee card and a pack of sweeties along with it :) she is such a doll, I plead you check out her blog and her awesome blog shop. You'll thank me for it :)

I never really went on to share the aftermath of my Mac makeover during the week - I ended up buying my lashes, fix+ (anyone else used this before?) and a cream colour base in Pearl, which reminds me very much of Benefit's Hi Beam. I also got a wee tester pot and lip applicator for nothing because I'd been telling the makeup artist who did my lovely makeover, that I broke my liberty of london lippie :( its such a nightmare to wear now and its literally just shoved in the lipstick container. Sooo... this  applicator will make it easier for me to apply without it breaking even more. And apparently most of us ladies throw our lippes out when there is still another 40% left hidden down there - so get digging girls!

Since I was all spray tanned up this week, the beautician in my mammys salon gave me a few dermalogica foundation samples to match my tanned face (while it lasts) All I can say - is apart from being crazily expensive, this stuff is GOOD!

Here is Ayden all fresh faced, with just a little bit of the dermalogica foundation on. Yes, I know I look wierd as hell!

Been playing about with trying to do some 'proper' eyemakeup with my Sleek and Urban Decay Palletes. After the good feedback y'all gave me for my last attempt, I thought I'd try it again :) Nothing special, but I'm getting there.

Whats the saying, heavy on the eyes, nude on the lips? I didn't want to look like an absolute hooker and have loads going on for both, so just did some simple lips. Mac glaze lipstick in Hue.

This post is beginning to turn into a epic update... but to be fair I won't be posting for like a month while I'm away so I may as well blab on while I have the chance to :) Today, me, my dad, julie and my gran liz went for lunch at a lovely little place in Princess Square called Fifi and Ally. We had soup and sandwiches and then tea and cake. Man I love my tea and cake.

Didn't have my camera with me today, but here's a pic from my phone of the chocolate cupcake I had. Photo doesn't do it justice - but the sponge was RED :) So confusing, but so yummy none the less. After that I met up with my mums best friend Adele, who I am super close to, and we had little belated birthday pressies for each other. I had gotten her a cute little bath pack from Space NK, and here's what she got me...

My first Pandora bracelet :) Yippee! Thank you so much Adele. Been wanting one of these for so long now. I only have one charm at the moment, but I hope to add to them when I've got a bit more pennies in my purse. It goes nicely with my Links friendship bracelet, I don't normally wear much jewellery but I feel like I'm not gonna be taking these off for quite a while. Up until a month ago I had no proper 'grown up' jewellery, haha im so lame but I love it! :)

I am quite a fan of belated birthday pressies, it's like a wee surprise when you least expect it. One of my besties, Leah, came home from her holiday a couple of weeks ago and presented me with this awesome Betsey Johnson necklace from New York. WOW! Man, I feel spoiled. It is so pretty, I'm actually very excited about wearing it. Ooh, here comes lame Ayden again, this is not normally the kind of stuff I get excited about but I would be a liar if I said I wasnt a teeny bit materialistic like once in a blue moon. Girls will be girls ;)

I did a dummy run of packing my backpack this weekend. Lets just say, minimal clothing, essential makeup and only necessary items has been a total drag :( I am a hoarder, and no good at this whole 'packing light' malarkey. I have managed to negotiate my fair share of shoes, dresses, and makeup (David is SO harsh when it comes to packing, what a typical bloody boy!) but I quickly realised that there was no freaking way the perfume he got me for my bday was getting onto the shortlist.

Marc Jacobs, I love you but why would you do this to me?! How was I meant to convince David that my Lola perfume just HAD to come with me and that I would squeeze it in between my underwear and travel diary some how... Nope. Nope :( Just not practical. Non practicality leads to Ayden spending her pennies when she shouldn't be. This is the result of my naughtyness...

Auuww :) this is more like it. Dinky, smells lovely, and a different perfume will surely give me more holiday nostalgia? I feel like when I wear the same perfume for so long, I actually stop smelling it. I had a wee smell of the Vera Wang Princess perfumes (Original, Glam, and Rock) in Frasers today and they just didn't smell the same as they did when I first started wearing them :( Strange. Wait a minute... whats that little flower thing in the box

A garland?! Very appropriate Mr Jacobs, clearly my perfume spend was even more worth it now :p Wait 'till my bank balance sees this, definately justifies spending £43 on perfume 3 days before my hols haha. Just joking! I think its cute :)

So this is where I'm at now 3/4 of the way with packed with just the stuff to add in that I will be using up until the morning I leave. Tomorrow and tuesday will consist of some last minute catch ups with my nearest and dearests before I head off on my travels. Tomorrow I am having lunch with Gemma and this little cutie

Baby Blair wearing the Paul Frank babygrow I got him :)

Remember, if you would like me to send you a postcard from any of the europe destinations I am headed to, you can email me at I'll squeeze in one more post before wednesday. Hope everyone has a nice monday tomorow whatever they are upto, much love ♥

Ayden x

growing up, part 2

After my whirlwind of a morning on tuesday, in the late afternoon I went down to Mac for my makeover that one of my best friends got me for my 21st :) Thank you Gemma!

My makeup artist was called Emma, and she was lovely. I told her I wanted something girlie and glam for my grad ball that night. We had a good blether and she gave me loads of advice and makeup tips. I genuinely felt like she had all the time in the world for me (I felt sorry for her, I do blab on and tend not to shut up) But I figure if you're in that chair for an hour, best to make the most of the experience eh? Above is the look she created for me. If you would like a specific run down of any of the products used then just leave me a comment. In the meantime, here are some pics of what was used to make me up:

I also got some falsies put on, they were really thick rather than super long which was a nice change from past lashes I've worn. Also, she snipped them to properly fit my eye line. Why haven't I thought of doing this before? Made them look so much more natural, I'm such a numpty.

Okay, so this morning I tried to recreate this smoky eye look, with less of the gold/peachy colour and more browns. I have never attempted this before, but I think its nae bad for a first try. Will defo ask for Emma next time I'm back in, she actually listened to what I wanted but also suggested lots ideas that I really liked. I find the cosmetics/beauty industry quite pushy and intimidating sometimes :( But this little trip totally restored my faith :) Like when you find a hairdresser you get on with and trust - you should hang onto them for dear life. Its the same kinda idea!

Some posery pictures of me in my outfit before I dashed off to the ball (Ps, Peachy and Rupert is me and David, incase you think I'm talking random nonsense)

Here is me and Katrina at the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow, where we had the ball. It's right on the river clyde which was pretty cool, but the rain came out of no where as I was walking over from the city centre. I have never been so glad to have my umberella in my bag.

Lots of keilidh dancing!

You can read the lovely Katrinas blog here :)

Me, my close friend Ash and our scenic art tutor Gary! Gary did fine art years ago before coming a scenic artist (he was the head painter at disney in Hong Kong when it was being built, and even painted the castle!) and did a lot of interesting photography. As a goodbye present he gave us all a card and a unique framed print each. I cant really describe what it is... but like a lomo/polaroid print on card with really saturated colours and almost double exposed? I have no idea, its beautiful anyways. I got him, my lecturer and the head of my course a wee thank you card. We've been through the ups and downs over the past few years, and being such a little year = tight knit community and everyone has gotten to know each other pretty well. Brother and sisterly love, but equally brothers and sisters who's head you want to shove down the toilet at times :)

Its the same with all these kind of 'leaving' situations - school, work, holidays... if you are meant to then you will keep in touch. I didn't get all nostalgic and spend the night miserable, I didn't trip up, and I didn't have too many wines and make a blubbering fool of myself. So all in all, awesome day, fantastic night, and no regrets for where I've studied for the past three years of my life. Uni was the reason my blog started, and for me to have almost 300 followers by graduation is a complete honor. Thank you to each and every one of you ♥ And I hope you like the rest of my journey as much as you have enjoyed reading about my student years :) onwards and upwards! ♥

Ayden x

growing up, part 1

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting."
  - J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan

I feel like yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life! I graduated at the morning ceremony along with the film students and the music education students. The afternoon saw a champagne reception, lots of photographs, and then a beautiful lunch with my family and boy. In some ways, the past 3 years seems like the quickest of my life... but on the other hand I remember by first day as if it was yesterday. Can it be possible for something to fly in, but also feel like you've been there forever, all at the same time? What a memorable start to what is going to be an epic summer ♥ To any other fellow graduands, big congrats :)

Ayden x