My daily face

I have never done a proper make up post before, so I thought I would start by sharing my day to day face with you all. I chop and change between brands now and again, my last foundation was Estee Lauder Double Light Wear, but more recently I've changed to Mac Studio Fix Fluid. When I started to actually analyze my makeup drawer and bag, I started to notice over the past year or so I've pretty much relied on Mac. Here's the products I use to create my look each morning. My makeup routine normally takes about 15 mins...

Body shop powder brush
Redken blusher brush
Mac 293 brush
Mac fluidline in blacktrack on eyes
Mac paint in stilife as eyeshadow base
Urban Decay Pallete (sin, smog and chopper on eyes)
Mac plushlash
Mac blush in dolly mix
Mac mineralize skin finish in medium
Mac mineralize skin finish in by candlelight (over cheeks, nose and browbone)
Mac studio fix fluid in NW15
Benefit Lemon-aid and Boi-ing under my eyes
Mac creamsheen lipstick in ever hip

I have no idea how my makeup routine has developed into such a heavy duty list :( All that's happened is I've became more unhappy with the products I'm using, so instead of replacing them and taking a chance on better/different ones I just keep on piling more on top. Its got to the point that in this hot weather, my makeup is a nightmare and doesn't last all day. It might look fine in the picture above, but after a couple of hours out and about and especially in the heat I become patchy galore! Fed up with my skin not being able to breathe, I took a trip to boots the other day and thought I'd have a search for a short term solution.

I don't wan't a 'hefty' makeup rountine in the morning. Especially when I go on my travels, my makeup bag will need to be cut to a minimum. So, if any of you international girlies can reccomend a good tinted moisturiser/foundation and powder that dont go all horrible in the heat, please let me know. But in the meantime, heres what I got in boots.

Models own retractable powder brush
Prestige 109 brush (using for blusher)
Rimmel stay matte powder in transparent
Bourjois healthy mix foundation in vanilla
Models own nail polishes x2 (first time trying them, and I am very impressed!)

So after a little cut back and re-jig of my makeup routine, here's the look I've been rocking for the past couple of days...

And here's the products I used to create it

Same as listed above, but with simple moisturiser on before my foundation, Mac satin powder blush in dame, and also a lovely CQ lipstick Danielle sent me from America.

So, maybe not crazily different but much lighter with less products and it lasted me all day with only one powder touch up throughout :) My foundation and powder were the biggest problems, and combined I was spending £18 and £19 on my mac products, and for the Rimmel powder and Bourjois foundation it was £2.99 and £9.99. I'm not at all a makeup snob, I love Mac but I feel like I got sucked in by some of their less effective products just for the name rather than the quality. So I think from now on, I need to be a bit more open minded about my makeup and not just assume that more money means better quality. The blogsphere seems to be the most ideal place for me to read about great makeup finds, I think I need to start paying more attention! I also need to watch more tutorials, I would love to be able to make my eyes look like this every day ♥

Haha so I'm a bit of a hypocrite after what I've just said, but this was my Mac makeover I got a couple months after christmas! I loved the eye makeup so much, I have 3 urban decay pallettes that I hardly use, and I'd love to put them to good use by creating gorgeous eyes like this every day. Whats your opinion on makeup and being sucked in by trends and brands? Do you have any staple items that you always rely on, or do you chop and change too? I would love to hear everyone's opinions. Have a great weekend my dears ♥


  1. aww! you look gorgeous!
    and the make up is great!

    <33 xx

  2. You look great! I think your blush especially is just right. I think that's where a lot of people go wrong but yours look perfect.

    I change a lot, try a lot of different brands etc. I don't wear much base, rarely wear foundation. I've recently discovered Maxfactor Second Skin and I love it so far. I change my eyeshadows and blush everyday but my main brands for them are MAC, Benefit and Sleek. I won't let myself get sucked into brand snobbery - I love high street far too much but for certain items I think MAC is unbeatable.


  3. wow your eyes are gorgeous, I absolutely love the makeup and you have the prettiest eye shape!!!! pretty pretty!!! You have a great weekend pretty lady!

  4. Love all the looks you have shown. I have the problem of by halfway through the day I always have a shiny face! I tend to change make up routine around depending on whats on offer/weather/etc. Love the MAC makeover eyes!!

  5. That Mac look is amazing! To be fair, you are so gorgeous anyway you don't need to wear a scrap of make up.

    I have that little benefit set and it is my saviour! I love it x

  6. I love how you do your eyeliner! You look lovely :)