Last night

A drunk driver smashed into mine and my papas car while they were parked outside my house at about 11pm.

The pictures really don't capture the scene the way I saw it last night. There was debris everywhere, my papas car had been dragged up onto the pavement and mines had been bumped out into the middle of the main road. His is certainly a write off but I'm hoping little Cosmo's injuries are fixable.

The worst of all, is that this woman - while completely blootered - just drove away from the scene with her car probably smashed to bits too (I can only assume) Witnesses took down her details and someone attempted to stop her further up the road, and I hope she gets caught because she could have killed someone if anyone had got caught in her path.

Bit of a mental end to a week where I've just worked 7 days straight at the BBC, and clocked up over 80 hours (and was using my car every single day, ironically) I cant stop thinking about the 'what if's' and if my papa had went out 5 minutes earlier to put the cars in the driveway, what if she had ran him over? Luckily he was watching the end of the football highlights with our keys in his hand when the smash happened. But I need to stop thinking that way or I'll drive myself insane :( I am emotionally exhausted, but hopefully I'll be back with a more positive update soon ♥

Strawberries and champers

On Saturday just there, it was a lovely sunny day and my peely wally white arms and legs got browned ever so slightly! (Huzzah, I feel healthy) So before heading over to Davids house to wish his lovely sister Amy a happy 21st birthday, we decided to go strawberry picking at a local farm, just 10 minutes away from my house.

It was the first day of the season for Yonderton Farm to be open, so it was just the strawberries that were for a'pickin, but soon there will be raspberries and blueberries and blackcurrents ♥ I cant wait to go back!

David giving the thumbs up of approval to our picking skills - definately the most juciest and awesome strawberries I have ever tasted.

I've been to this farm once before and it's pretty simple. You go into the little courtyard and get a basket from the owner, and literally just wander off into the lovely open fields! No eating while picking or throwing picked fruit away - once its off the plant its yours. There were a few people pottering around when we went, and I couldn't totally remember how much they are priced per pound, so we played it safe and only picked about 25 each (maybe 4 or 5 punnets worth?) One lady had them piled up, almost overflowing out of her basket!

These are the little baskets you get (is it quite geeky that next time I would like to take my own? Wicker with a nice little polka dot trim!) And you can kinda see how much ours were filled.

This is the average size of strawberries we picked. SO juicy and red, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Kinda wierd thing is, its super close to the airport. Makes me wonder how any fumes etc would impact on the crops below. But it is honestly so clean and well maintained, a beautiful farm with vibrant greens and reds and the most healthy looking greenery I've ever seen (You can tell I'm a fan of Yonderton, oi oi)

All it cost us for all of our pickings was £4.19. I'll let you do the maths, but its a bloody good deal. Especially when the strawberries from my grans £3 Asda punnet at home look like this...

With about 15 max in the punnet, its a bit measly in compharison. Verdict - scottish strawberries at the height of season rule over all supermarket fruit. And what do strawberries go perfect with?

Champagne :) Oooh la la.

We then went over to Davids house, for a nice wee sit outside in his back garden. Sipping champagne and munching on strawberries for Amys 21st. Isn't she gorgeous?

Haha, Davids dad caught pulling a funny face. Champers sometimes has that initial effect on me too!

My second family and second home ♥ I'll certainly be hitting Yonderton Farm again for some serious picking business - dungarees and straw hat for next time. I was a bit clumsy toddling around in my plimsoles and new look dress. Really makes me want to grow my own fruit and veg, and also makes me think a hell of a lot more when my food actually comes from, and how long it takes to get there. Do you ever think about that too, or am I just being paranoid?

Sunshine, shopping and other reasons to get my smile on

Hullo :) Hope everyone has had a super lovely weekend and had had the chance to enjoy a bit of the sunshine! If, like me, you have a boyfriend that's went a bit world cup mental (c'mon, do they REALLY have to watch all three games per day?) then I sympathise with you! I managed to pull mine out of the house on saturday for some strawberry picking at a nearby farm - wasn't the most manliest of events but I think he enjoyed it a wee bit more than I did! :p More to share on that soon!

As usual, sorry for the image heavy post (do you really expect anything less from me though?) I thought I'd start this one off with a little bit of an update. Noticed I am -1 followers and that made me sad :( please come back? Although well done for sticking with me and my ramblings for as long as you all have ;)

I have handed in all my final coursework and portfolio etc for uni, good times! Massive weight off my shoulders, just need to wait for my results now. This is me sitting in the corridor waiting to go in for my oral review for my dissartation. The lecturers were running late so I decided to take a wee pic sharing one of my new models own nail colours. I am a bit slow on the Models Own bandwagon, but they have some lovely colours and in all honesty I am rubbish at painting my nails, but this seemed to go on really well.

Please excuse the dodgy makeup-less face and baggy eyes, but since having my blonde flash redone it is huge enough to sweep across my head like so. Of course, I had to have a play around and I'm guessing this is what I would look like if I was blonde? Haha you have no idea how tempting it is! Even though it would make me look like more of a ghost than I already am.

This week in uni I have been doing a painting for my lovely bestie, Jenn. It's not quite finished yet, and I'm working at the BBC again all this week but come next monday I'm back at uni for my last week EVER. So I will get it all finished for her then :) Two weeks on tues until my graduation. OH EM GEE! I need an outfit, pronto! Here is me and Luisa posing with our dragon friend from last years panto. Iain is repainting it as part of a personal project, its a pretty daunting thing to have leering over you as youre painting (haha the dragon I mean, not Iain)

You can't really see in the pics above but I am totally back to rocking my natural colour. Well, minus the blonde bit! A charity worker in the street stopped me with the excuse 'oh, youre a fellow red head like me, let me have a chat with you!' I wouldn't say I'm a total red head, but I've always been a bit in denial and this sun is just bringing out my natural light hair colour and I don't have the heart to dye over it. Plus, my light hair loves my pale skin better and since I've been fake tan free for months now I think its a workable combo :) I did catch the sun over this weekend, but all it does is stress to me that I don't need to feel oogly if I'm pale. I was such a dweeb about it before :( Tango'd is not a good look, agreed? Anyways, I'm going off course now, what was I saying...

Ahh yes! David treated me to some sushi after my tattoo appt! I am addicted to pom green tea and salmon skin hand rolls right now. Yum yum ♥ Anyways, lets get on to the post birthday hauls.

I bought my very first Sleek pallette (Impressed, yup!) and also a brown sleek eyebrow pencil and a few make up academy lipsticks. These were on offer for £1 each, they're actually really nice. I also got some Girls Aloud lashes after hearing so much about them. I am utter pants at applying fake lashes, these ones were still a bit too 'fake' looking for my liking :( But good for the purpose of a night out. Have you tried any others in the range?

I got a birthday voucher from the lovely people at more t vicar, they sell quirky slogan tshirts and I'd had my eye on this mega cheesy one for a while! Haha, remember that time Paris Hilton got put in jail? I don't like/dislike her, but this tshirt made me laugh. Came in a cute retro brown paper bag. If you like your tshirts, this is defo a website to check out!

So it's nearly holiday time and I have been pretty worried about trying to pack 1 weeks worth of clothes into my huge backpack to do me for a month long trip. After hitting the shops last week, and trying to be 'clever' about my buys, I had a shot doing a little test run of packing my backpack.

I got these handy rolls from superdrug. The top one is going to hold all my makeup (essentials, woe me) and the bottom one is my wash bag which I'll be able to hang in the shower. As you can see, I've started packing it with little testers already and I'm hoping to get little shampoo and conditioners from my mums salon.

I'm only taking 4 pairs of shoes with me on my trip. Bought these two pairs of slip ons from Topshop (they are super comfy) and I'll take along my gladiator sandals and a pair of flip flops.

My first buy was this oversized tshirt from H! by Henry Holland at House Of Fraser. I didn't want it to be majorly baggy so I got a size 6, and there was 30% off at the time so that was good. Think I'll wear this when we fly over to belgium, might be a tad too warm for the rest of the trip.

The only sorta going out dresses I have for night time is this little checked number, again in the sale from H! by Henry Holland. Will also be packing my polka playsuit I wore on my birthday, and the grey and blue striped dress I had on a few posts back (paired up with Zara Taylors gorgeous jewellery) We will be eating out as well as cooking for ourself while we're travelling, so I really had to minimise the amount of dresses I was going to take. Gutted :(

Got these two really light floral print dresses from Primark, they were about £6 and roll up so small! So I figured there would be no harm in packing them too, will do me for cooler days or maybe even evenings too.

So, heres where my brain had to start thinking. What sort of stuff can I buy and pack (a weeks worth only, remember) that will do me for 30 days, across over 10 different cities and a few rural destinations, where I can be comfortable but also not feel like I'm wearing the same stuff all the time? Maybe I'm just being vain, and even though I know I'll be able to get to a laundrettes every couple of days... I still want to look nice and feel fresh and comfortable on holiday :( Know what I mean?

So I opted for a pattern of neutral/pastel colours and light/versatile prints that could go with anything and can be hand washed easily. Some plain cotton vests from topshop, and cotton shorts can never go a miss! I also got a few pairs of denim hotpants that will be a godsend, because they go with anything and will be really hardwearing - denim doesnt need washed every day!

I plan to mix and match the plain vest tops, and these more detailed ones above with all the different shorts and hopefully I'll be able to make as many nice combinations as possible! I'm also taking a grey hoody for the colder evenings, and my denim shirt because it can be thrown over almost anything too. Underwear, one bikini, foldaway ghd hairdryer, and a festival-esque fold up rain jacket and that will be me sorted! In terms of jewellery, I'll only take a little 6 pack of earrings, the friendship necklace Jenn got me and probably my Tatty Devine plectrum bracelet.

So, the verdict is it all fits with a little bit of extra space which is good news! Means I can pick up any nice bits and bobs I find along the way :) Our route is as follows...

Fly from Glasgow Prestwick to Brussels (inc day trip to Bruges) - Morning in Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Vienna (inc day trip to Salzburg) - Budapest - Zagreb - Split - Ljubljana (inc day trip to Lake Bled and Bohinj) - Munich - Interlaken (inc day trip to Bern) and finishing off in Paris!

If you would like a postcard from any of these places, email me at with your address and I will pop your details down in my travel diary :) I don't leave for another 3 weeks so you've got plenty time to let me know! Do you have any holiday plans this summer? I hope packing your bag hasn't gave you as much of a headache as mines has!

Tattoo magick

I've decided to keep my shopping hauls from the weekend separate to this 'part 2' of my birthday weekend (I really did milk it and make it last the whoooole weekend... and I still have a few pics to take) so in the meantime here is a little glance of where I spent my monday afternoon ♥

This is Hepcat tattoo studio in Glasgow. They specialise in rockabilly and pin up girls, and the place is all done up like a 60's diner inside. Looked absolutely amazing! Awfy cosy, I felt right at home :)

My tattoos were a part of my 21st pressie from David, so he came along with me when I got them done (and stroked the back of my neck when I started getting a bit squirmy - thanks David) I have never had a tattoo on my leg before, and for some reason it defo wasnt as sore as my chest or arm. Maybe cause I have fat ankles? :) who knows! Took about an hour to do both and during this time I consumed a can of red bull and a bottle of pepsi (not to mention the bottle of coke I had before I went in)

I NEVER normally consume this amount of sugary drinks, not even in a week. But after my last nearly-fainted-and-was-super-embarassed-in-the-studio-infront-of-everyone palava, sugar is the best thing to calm my nerves. And here's the finished result...

Okay, so not the greatest of pictures but I should be able to get better ones once they've healed. If you read my tattoo post a while back, you'll know I was deliberating about the diamond idea for quite a while. The anchor... well that kinda came out of nowhere but I had a really nice image I wanted to use and it goes along well with the rest of my ink :) I like the idea of symbolising this new phase of my life with an anchor and a diamond. New job, time to move out, going travelling... certainly a time of strength and establishing strong foundations, and keeping a hold of the people I have around me who are full of love, inspiration and honesty (I've had my fair share of extremely shitty/draining people in my life so far, but haven't we all)

I know lots of people have very varying views on tattoos - it's an extremely debatable subject. I'm not here to defend/justify myself until the cows come home, so if you don't like what you see then personally I wouldn't be offended by that. Do you have any tattoos? Do you think its only certain kind of people that get tattoos, and if so, why? I've heard that one alot! As always, thanks for reading and I love the supportive comments as much as the constructive critisism :)

A weekend in pictures... Pt 1

Okay, so you have to excuse me for the ridiculously image heavy post, but I'll only turn 21 once :)
I was greeted on friday night with a surprise party out my back garden. Scallywags! Haha I was too embarassed to even come around the corner again after the "SURPRISE!" I had no idea that while I was at uni, my mum had taken the day off work and they were all preparing for my party. Made me feel like a wee girl again :)

Gorgeous buffet, warm summer evening, pink lanterns, cute wine glasses and ice cold rose, and some of my nearest and dearest ♥ I was truly overwhelmed with this lovely evening. Of course after jumping off the bus I wasn't exactly dressed for the night so I hid upstairs for 20 minutes and girlied myself up a bit, with a new denim polka dot playsuit from Topshop that I treated myself to on friday during the day! (Btw, I think blogger lied about when I published that last post. My birthday was actually friday... not thursday) And thank you all for the kind birthday wishes, put such a smile on my face! :)

Can't believe they got me a Hello Kitty cake :) And what was pretty close to a firework ontop when they brought it out to me, haha I had no chance of blowing that one out.

Aww, I love you guys :*

Don't know how he kept this one a secret from me! Love this boy to pieces :]

My favourite girls! 
Jenn, Amy (David's sis) Erin, Agnes (David's mum) and of course wee Tyler at the front.

The marquee kept us cosy late into the evening and the we all moved inside. There was so much food and cake - we tried to make sure that everyone had a mega doggy bag on the way out! Me and David were still eating wraps and cupcakes for breakfast on saturday morning. We went shopping and at night I went out for some drinks with a few of the girls, and then on sunday I met my Dad, Gran and Julie and they took me and David for lunch at Paperinos down the west end of Glasgow. One word - yum! I totally pigged out and made my birthday celebrations last the whole weekend. Selfish much? I couldn't stop crying on saturday morning, poor David had to console me but it wasn't tears of sadness or anything. I really was just so overwhelmed at the effort David, Jenn, and my family and close friends went to to make my 21st a special one for me. I feel so loved and supported at this crucial time in my life, and I am honestly the happiest I have ever been. But enough of me getting all mushy on ya, here's some more pictures...

Lovely flowers from my Gran

Cute balloons from Dominique

I got sent this in the post on saturday morning :S My address was printed, and no note of who or where it had came from. Really a mystery... and strange because I've been totally needing a new mascara! This Maybelline one is amazing, so thank you to whoever sent it to me :)

As you would expect of a girls 21st birthday, I got lots of lovely jewellery...

... and some very cute frames and albums for me to stock up on the nostalgia!

I wont natter on about my pressies too much, I know that would be rather show-offy and boring of me. But my friends and family were very generous, so thank you all a gazillion ♥ I got some pretty normal things including dvd's, makeup, perfume, hello kitty bits and pieces, money and some tatty devine stuff. One picture I do need to share is of the awesome cupcakes my friend Gemma got me, I've never seen anything like this before! (Well, maybe apart from we♥!)

They did taste as good as they looked :) Sesame Street, and pretty much all of Jim Hensons creations have been my fave ever since I was a little girl. Sitting with a cup of tea as I write this, who should be my next victim?

My 21st came at the perfect time, I'm pretty anxious just now about graduating and working and getting to spend some quality time with my friends and family just melted my wee heart. All their cards especially, and kind words of encouragement really reinforced the fact that were not alone on this big scary journey. I am excited about this new chapter of my life, and blogging has became quite an integral part of my day to day routine so I hope you understand why I share these goings on with you, rather than just posting about fashion or beauty. I thought because I'm not as focused and because I don't do that (and I just normally post about my day to day life) that you all would be a bit bored of me by now. But my readers seem to be on the steady increase which makes me think I'm doing the right thing here :) So thank you all, endlessly, for your encouragement and support ♥ Part two will be up soon, where I'll be sharing some of the goodies I bought over the weekend and of course giving you all a wee peep of my new tattoos :) back soon!