hello lovelies

Just a quick update, as I am aware I have been awfully neglectful of the little blog of horrors recently. As most of you know, I graduate in just over a month and apart from it being a very scary prospect, this final month at uni has been absolutely crazy! I have my graduation show on tues, weds and thurs next week (if you are from the glasgow area, please feel free to swing by the rsamd between 10am-6pm on the weds/thurs for a nosy and a wee chat with me on my booth!) So I've not really had time for much else recently. Actually, thats a lie... haha I had a great night out on tuesday with my girlies Erin and Leah, and went a wee trip into glasgow last night with my beautiful bestie Jenn :) And I've finally quit the cafe bar, and this weekend me and David are going shopping for some Europe supplies! But honestly, apart from that I've been a total hermit :P

As you can expect, a huge update and lots of pictures will follow soon :) So look forward to sharing that with you all. I am slightly stressing, but happy and healthy and enjoying this little 'buzz' before graduating and becoming a 'proper' person. Damn, I'll miss that student discount :( In the meantime, heres a wee photo of the day for you all ♥ Have a great weekend, muchos love to you all :]

Ps. Dog lover or cat lover? This video makes me seriously undecided!

Walking on sunshine

Okay, so bit of a cliche post title, but I am seriously enjoying this burst of sunshine we are having! Thinking back to the winter months, when you'd wake up in the morning and it was dark. Then come home on the bus at 5.30pm, and it was dark. It gets pretty depressing after a while :( I find it so easy to get up at 7am and the bird are chirping outside my window! I don't know how long it will last, but lets hope its marking the start of a proper summer? Not the half hearted summers we've had in years gone past, extreme highs and lows thanks to our changing climate and environment. I mean the proper summers that I remember from being a wee girl, where the weather wasn't up and down and it was always sunny on sports day and my birthday.

Anyways, that's enough nostalgia for this post :) It was my last day at the Tron Theatre on friday, and I got a wee thank you card and £20 voucher from HMV from the team there. A lovely surprise! In case you are wondering why, the placement I did was unpaid because I had to complete it as part of my course. So it was very of kind of them to give me a little something at the end. Of course, I'm very impatient so on saturday off I went to spend the voucher! I'm feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to music these days... if anyone feels like making me a mix CD of your fave tunes then I'll be your friend forever :) haha. So I ended up spotting a few dvd's that I wanted to add to my collection.

I got...

  Sex And The City Movie - I have never watched the series, but I cried like a baby at the cinema seeing this with my best friend Jenn. She is a die hard fan :)

Bedtime Stories - I love easy going films like this, plus Adam Sandler is a total hoot!

Adventureland - Didn't catch this one at the cinema, but it's from the makers of Superbad so I'm hoping it will be good.

Pricilla, Queen of The Desert - The seamstress in the fancy dressed I worked in years ago always went on about how amazing this film was. And now that it's been released as a musical, I figured I better get seeing the movie and hopefully see the show one day too :)

So yeah, random Dvd choice and maybe not one of my better judgements but I'm looking forward to chilling out and watching them all. So, what did your weekend consist of? On saturday I got some uni work done, then met David and we went to YoSushi! and then booked my tattoo :) The first appointment I could get was monday 14th of June, so I've got a while to wait yet. Such a great little pressie though, I have a lovely boyfriend ♥ On saturday night we watched my brother and sister for a while, and today I went to Tinderbox for tea and cake with my dad, gran and step mummy to be! And my little bro or sis who is due in August, kicking away in Julies belly. They gave me a card with the money to buy my interrail pass, an early 21st birthday present. Good times :) So need to get that done asap.

David had went away home to study so I went for a wander around the shops once my Dad and that had left. It was so warm in the city centre, I got myself some lunch and jumped on the bus home. The rest of my sunday consisted of sitting outside in the sun, doing some writing for uni and generally just being a lazy sunday bum! (please excuse the quality of the photos, the sun was so bright and I couldnt work out the proper exposure on my slr!)

I ate some more of this...

Drank an ice cold bottle of this...

And read a little bit of this!

The most strange thing happened to me. Diesel must have some sort of fashion promo thing going on right now. I was walking up Buchanan street and a woman dressed up like a 1950's housewife and a guy in an equally as random outfit next to a little portable photo booth were standing next to a payphone which was ringing. The woman came over to me and the phone was ringing, she said you need to do something really random and answer this phone for me. The guy was like go on, be brave! So I did, and I got a congratulations from the person at the end of the phone. They said if I went into the diesel shop further up the street and shouted GORILLA at the cash desk, then they would reward me with a prize. The housewife was taking my picture as I was on the phone, so Im curious to know where it will end up! :) haha was so random. So after I said goodbye, I popped upto the shop and left with a copy of Dazed and Confused magazine, and a tshirt (the one the model is wearing on the front cover) 

I've literally just done a bit of research to see if my ramblings make sense on a more realistic scale, and apparently they do!

"Diesel, the international jeans brand, is launching “Be Stupid“, a campaign that encourages consumers to take risks and move beyond the smart and sensible track for life. The campaign, developed at Anomaly London, includes online, press and outdoor advertisements featuring “stupid” acts, a digital recruitment campaign for the Diesel music video/2010 catalogue, and viral activity outlining the company’s Stupid philosophy"

Okay, so that makes slightly more sense! Has anyone else seen these outdoor advertisements? Do you think its effective marketing or not? I scored a free magazine and a tee, but to be honest I don't really think it makes me want to shop at Diesel.

After all these tattoo chats, I was laughing when I saw tylers latest 'ink'. I asked her what it was, and she replied rather confidently (as if her big sister is stupid) "It's a man with a moustache, duh!" Haha, well sorry for not stating the obvious :p She is such a sneaky wee thing, and my mum hates when she draws on herself because the child friendly felt tips she has in her pencil case are actually a nightmare to get off! So she went to her friends birthday party this afternoon with moustache man intact.

Tyler - Looking a bit too pleased with herself!

So after months of working away here and there, I am finally back at uni tomorow. We have a huge degree show the first 3 days in june, so this week I will pretty much be getting down to doing preparation for that. Got some final coursework to do, and I've been working on my cv and portfolio for a while now and I am rather pleased with them. Just tying up these final loose ends and trying to keep my head above water. Graduation is just around the corner, I know some of you must know what I will be feeling right now. If you've followed some of my older posts, then this is my tecchie 'headshot' that I was talking about...

So I have a double chin, you cant see my face or the fact that I'm at a paint splattered sink cleaning a paintbrush... But I aint too fussed :) These individual pictures of each 3rd year student in their 'environment' will be on the boards along with our name and specialist subject as people enter the degree show. Exciting stuffs :) Also, I can finally reveal that my 'good news' from the previous posts was that I've landed myself a job at the BBC starting mid August for four weeks :D I cant reveal the tv show yet (don't want to jinx things) but all I can say is that even though it's a short contract to begin with, it will be my first proper job and I am absolutely ecstatic. Its on the art department, which is exactly the job I'm wanting to do. It is a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that when I come back from Europe I will have a job waiting for me ♥ A short one, but it's something I need to start getting used to.

I'm away for a bath before bed, hope everyone has a sunny and cheerful monday morning. Muchos love to all you lovely readers!

Sweet Ink

With my 21st birthday looming around the corner, I think I will be taking a little trip for some fresh ink!

Leah took this picture last time I was getting tattooed. Safe to say I was sweaty, in pain, and completely wired to the moon after a can of red bull and a bottle of coke. I am such a wimp, I mean its sore... but it's not unbearable. Just got myself so wound up about it!

I keep a little list in my ipod touch of tattoo ideas, and a folder on my mac with some ink inspiration. I like to let the ideas flutter in and out for quite a while, and the tattoos I have so far are a result of an idea not leaving my brain for at least a good few months (well, maybe a bit longer than that) The idea that has been floating around my noggin for at least a year now, is one of these wee lovelies.

A diamond! Diamonds are the hardest known natural marerials, and a few sources I've found online say "Diamond tattoos can symbolize many things, and each person who incorporates a diamond into their body art will have to figure out how they want to interpret it. However, diamonds are most commonly a symbol for endurance, and an unbreakable quality that may be seen as a characteristic of the wearer’s own personality. The word diamond itself is derived from the ancient Greek term adamas meaning “invincible,”

I've spent so much time justifying my tattoos for other people, but I think you can grasp from whats written above one of the reasons why this tattoo would mean so much to me. I am going through a very important transition in my life right now, turning 21 and becoming a real 'woman', graduating from university, establishing my career, moving away from home for the first time, and I will be living with my boyfriend of almost two years who has brought so much love and light to my life. This tattoo would mark the next chapter of my life for me, and remind me of the thick skin and strength I have grown over the past few years.

I still haven't thought about size or placement, but I would like it quite simple like the one above with maybe just a little hint of colour.

No way would I be getting anything as big as this, but tattoos like these make me really think of the placement. No more chest or arms, and I'm not too keen on my back. So where am I meant to hide this little fella?

Would it be better to keep it simple, or encorporate other text or images into the design? I love this pocket watch tattoo, I don't normally like flowers but I think they compliment it really well. And the colours are gorgeous! Really like nostalgic designs like this.

One tattoo artist I have been admiring for a very long time, is Valerie Vargas. She is based in Frith Street Tattoo in London, and oh boy she is a lady in demand :( I would need to wait like a year to get tattooed by this talented lady. I think you can see why though! She does the most beautiful portraits, each one feminine but also very strong, and each design unique! Her work is absolutely stunning, I think I need to find an artist with a really amazing portfolio before I commit to anything. I was silly enough to not do this the very first time I got tattooed.

Note: Just because the girl who you went to school and was amazing at art, who went to art school and was one of the most talented young artists I have ever seen DOES NOT mean that these skills will transfer to being a tattoo artist. I learned this the hard way when I was 18 and let her tattoo me while she was still doing her apprenticeship. Yes, the drawing she did me was lovely. But it did not turn out anything like that when it was tattooed. Uneven, bad shading and even more terrible lining. It took me over a year to do something about it. So off I went to a tattoo appointment at Forevermore in Glasgow, and a few weeks later heres what they managed to do with my pretty crappy tattoo.

Better? I think so! But still far from perfect. The owner David Pozo relined the whole thing, added a few more pretty details, new colour and shading and did the best with it he could. He also added 'Irie' which is Jamacian... I know that seems random but it generally just means that everythings alright (every'ting irie!) and to be very happy with where your life is at a certain moment in time. A very positive and affirmative word, Irie is also the name of my favourite cafe in one of my most favourite places in the whole world - Cornwall! Surfing memories and sunshine :) I'll certainly be heading to the coast when I retire.

So all in all, my lesson was learned. Make sure your tattoo artist is shit hot! Ask lots of questions and their opinion a million times over! Let them use their expertise along with your ideas and if you take a picture or design to them, be prepared for them to change it or tweak it or advise you on the size and placement. I am extremely glad I was a bit more clued up second time around when on my 19th birthday I got my darling swallows.

I think that would have been an epic fail if they had been messed up, don't you agree? :) (I do have a top on by the way, its just tucked down into my bra cups, promise!) I still get funny looks, asked all the time what they mean, did they hurt, why did I get them on my chest, am I a sailor, have I been in jail? The answers usually go along the lines of lots, YES, because I wanted to, no, and definately no! But seriously, I got them for me and the fact that they are not everyones cuppa doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm open to all opinions and questions on my tattoos :) But at the end of the day, my tattoos remind me of a time in my life that I want to remember. Not once have they affected my professional practice or the way I am viewed by employers (however I admit I normally keep them covered initially until I know I can be comfortable with having them on show) Because I know some people have very extreme views on tattoos, piercings etc. 

Sometimes I think about how many old grannies and grandpas are going to have sleeves, chest pieces, neck and hand tattoos by the time I'm an old age pensioner. And when I think about it that way, I don't think I'll exactly be the odd one out eh? :) Do what thrills you in life when youre still young, while you still can, and don't spend your time worrying about your image or what other people think! I should really listen to my own advice more, because I do get down days and paranoid sometimes, but we all do. I just thought I would share my views with you all and hope you understand where I'm coming from :) I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Oh, and a big HELLO! to all of my few followers! Jeez, thats pretty overwhelming... so a big hug to you all and thank you for being so supportive and reading. I think a little thank you present will be on the horizon from me soon ♥

I think I'm in love (again)

Sorry David, I might just need to kick you out of bed for one of these little darlin's! :)

CuteOverload.com never fails to make me smile. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Why don't you sit right down and stay a while

Hello! This was my bright and rosy face early this weekend. I found out very last minute that I didn't need to work on saturday so I managed to get a whole load of uni stuff done that was playing on my mind.

I need more dresses like this ♥

In the first picture I'm wearing the gorgeous lipstick that Danielle sent me from America. Its a make called CQ and I think the colour is Sandy Rose. I've been wearing my mac liberty of london 'ever hip' lipstick to death, so this was a nice change. After coming to work at The Tron and the BBC I've actually been able to paint my nails all nice and not worry about them getting chipped and ruined! So I took it upon me to play around with one of my alice opi's, a hello kitty glitter from Danielle and a clear topcoat from Asda.

These cute little nail art stickers came with the HK varnish, along with the sweetest little necklace! haha. Im pretty rubbish at my nails to be honest, too impatient but I took my time with these ones and this is what I ended up with...

Note that this picture was before the scalpel slicing incident, my pointy finger on my left hand is totally mauled at the top! :( It's beginning to heal now but I can say it looks far from pretty.

So yeah, I mentioned at the start of this post that I've been a super organised lady this weekend. Over saturday and today I managed to finally buy a whole load of new stuff for my kit! New brushes, tools, a staple gun, heat gun, glue gun, stanley knife and blades, measuring tapes, a swiss army style multi tool and lots of new bits for my sewing box. This has to be the geekiest haul ever, but it will be really useful when I get onto the new few jobs I'm doing, as most of this stuff I've had my eye on for a while and knew I needed it.

I've also organised my website design and build from a designer who just happens to be the boyfriend of a very lovely lady blogger that most of us read and adore! But I'll chat more about that another time! :) New website details means new business cards orders from moo.com. The first pack I got a while back served me well as a trial, but now I've revised the design and info I've put on them. So a fresh new pack should be making its way to me in time for my degree show. Talking about that, I have until the end of may to organise the rest of the event along with everyone in my year. I need to get my portfolio completed, lots of cv's printed and stealing back these paintings from my mums salon Girls Night, and the pub and restaurant Trader Joes in Glasgow. These will be going on display in my booth! Add a little splash of colour (they are both rather big)

Something seems to be carrying me in the right direction, bit by bit things are falling into place which has been helping my worrying and anxiety alot. I've been having more strange, upsetting dreams and I think I might invest in a book because it would be interesting to see how my subconcious brain activity relates to what I'm feeling/thinking during the way.

The medium Margaret Solis told me in between christmas and new year, when I went for a reading some really interesting things and some of which have came true already and her predictions were 100% accurate. I know some people can be wary of mediums but Margaret is a very well established and respected woman, she gave me some reassurance on the brink of this new year when I knew a big transition was going to be happening in my life and I knew I would be needing some guidance. One of the things she said, was that close to the middle of the year a man was going to make me a job offer that I couldn't refuse. Out of completely no-where, in a round about way this happened to me at the BBC last week. I don't want to talk about it properly until anything is set in stone, just incase it falls through. But I'm beginning to see a whole new meaning to the saying 'what's meant for you wont go by you' ♥

I've been away for a while...

But all this hard work is finally paying off. Keep your fingers crossed for me? I'll be back with some proper writing soon. In the meantime, here is a little picture of me from my mac in our busy BBC production office.

I sliced my finger open with a scalpel today :( and during the week I had a dream where my teeth were falling out (possibly the most horrible dream I have ever had by the way!) Back at the Tron tomorow, finally buying my interrail ticket this weekend, and a whole load of google reader to catch up on. I hope everyone is super ♥ ta ta for now!

You can't stop the beat

Guess what has been the highlight of my week? :)

Hairspray! Finally getting to see one of my much loved musicals. Thursday night consisted of the show and a good old catch up with my best friend who has been working over in America for the past month. The show was brilliant - as I expected. I got a programme as a keepsake and we geekily waited at the stage door after the show and got a few autographs! Jenn took a picture of me and the legendary Michael Ball but its on her camera, haha gutted. I'll need to get it soon :) Check my squirmish little face above - Im totally cheesing!

Friday was also a very good day, I got my swap package in the post from my blogger buddy Danielle!

Haha dear lordy, she sent me SO much stuff! Literally all the sweeties apart from the Charleston Chews have been devoured over the weekend. Am I a greedy pig? I had Davids help of course, but to be honest I ate most of it. I think I'll be saving the gorgeous lashes for my 21st birthday and I cant wait to get a bath tonight and sit and chill with a cuppa and paint my nails one of the pretty colours she got me. Thank you so much Danielle ♥ Doing a swap with an international buddy has been lots of fun, I'd love to do it again sometime and I know I will with Danielle, but if anyone else across the water is interested then give me a shout :)

I dont really know whats been happening with the weather recently. This was the view from my car when I popped into asda one day for some stuff. It was pouring down, but half the sky was blue and the other half was grey with a rainbow. Confused much! I think I must have just been on the edge of the raincloud, strange.

I haven't really taken any pictures with my mac photobooth, its not the greatest quality but I thought I'd share a little outfit and face from during the week.

This weekend me and David took a drive to Loch Lomond for a wee wander and walk about. It was lovely! I also met my friend Leah for Nando's and a wander around Silverburn (again) However this time I really didn't see anything that caught my eye. All I bought was lunch! Why is it that when we actually have money, shopping isnt as productive but when we are skint, you always see loads of stuff you want? Grr.

Here's David, looking super cool on the beach. And then me, trying to look cool but failing miserably! The fact that I was able to get the Ray Bans out clearly means that summertime is around the corner. Well at least I hope so? Not long until my 21st and I still don't have a clue what to do for it. Uni is far too distracting at the moment, however in saying that I actually haven't been in uni since march! Had work and different placements, which they are very supportive about giving you authorised absence for. This week I'm back at the Tron Theatre but also doing 4 days work at the BBC as from tomorow. Wish me luck ♥ Tonight is going to be a chilled evening for me and I hope everyone else is in the same boat :)

Topshop loves

I quickly realised last night that posting my work placement pics might not be such a good idea in terms of confidentiality/copyright etc. This journal is reflective and personal to me and the people who read it, and sometimes I forget that people outside the blogger world can also see what I write here. So until I work out how and if I can make certain posts private, Ive taken the last one down for now. I'd been using this blog for uni related stuff that I get assessed on, but also as a personal journal. So I'll just need to show my lecturer how I got on once I'm back in the academy, and have a proper conversation about it then!

However, thanks for all the supportive feedback :) I was hoping to post about my parcel from my swap buddy Danielle, but it's still not arrived yet :( I'm hoping the volcano stuff starting up again hasn't affected its journey to me. Me and David watched a bit of a documentary the other night about active volcanoes, it was amazing! I really love natural wonders and programmes exploring parts of the earth we've never seen before. But these volcanoes are just insane. Debris from the erruption falling down like rain and pretty much turning the sky from day to night. Scary :( No wonder the planes arent allowed to fly when the ash is in the air, its pretty yucky and terrible stuff.

I got a call to let me know due to the monday bank holiday I didnt need to start my new placement at the Tron until tuesday. So this left me with an unexpected day off! David had to study so I went to Silverburn shopping centre for a wee wander :)

My tired, post shopping face! I've sold alot of clothes lately so when I popped past the Topshop sale I couldnt resist getting a few wee bargains. Stuff I've been needing, promise!

Had my eye on this Reko dress for a while now, was super glad to see it was reduced! Okay and maybe the cardigan wasnt in the sale, but I just bloody love cardigans and this one is mega cute. Feeling in a tidy kinda mood, I pulled everything out of my wardrobe and ended up throwing out lots of old socks, underwear, and bras that are too small for me. Theyre not the kinda things I'd give to charity (haha, would YOU buy second hand pants?) but I feel bad throwing all this material out. Wish it could be recycled the way paper and plastic can.

I've not had much luck with my ebay sales recently, so the few more items of clothes Im needing rid of can be donated to my mum (shes such a clothes/makeup/jewellery stealer) and I'll take the nicer stuff to the charity shop. Having a clear out and a tidy up of my drawers, wardrobe, and even paperwork etc always makes me feel so much better. My room is pretty small, so its nice to know where everything is. I always hold onto makeup for far too long, and seeing the new topshop makeup range today has given me some motivation to clear up my makeup drawer and get replacing ;) I dont know how good the range is or if many people have tried it out yet, but it looks so pretty!

Anyways, I'm off to drink tea and potter around the house to get some bits and bobs done. Thank you for the lovely words, as always ♥