Just another magic monday

Its 7.30pm and Im sitting in my jammies on my macbook waiting on all my ebay things to end! :) Hopefully shall bring me some extra pennies into Miss Paypal. Hope everyone is feeling okay on this mundane monday. Anyone got family or friends stuck abroad because of the volcanic ash? My dad and his fiance were due to fly out on holiday on friday just there. but have shuffled everything to this friday instead. Hopefully its safe to fly by then. Anyways, my weekend was eventful but Im still tired and felt pretty sicky at work today. I arrived at the SECC at 6am on saturday morning, and in the production office a local baker had spoiled us with some X Factor themed treats :) the bottom picture was originally covered in lots of cupcakes and strawberry tarts, and as you can see there was hardly any left by the end of the day! The auditions went well, I was on my feet all day so any cakes consumed were burned off pretty quickly.

I turned down working at the sunday auditions, I needed a wee day off. Maybe thats me just being lazy but I was glad to have a day of rest, fun times with David and a nice dinner with my family. I was asked if I wanted to tour with the rest of the dates in London, Cardiff and Dublin. But Im already on placement! :( Why is it that 4 months ago I was worried sick about uni and had no work placement organised, then all of a sudden the ball starts rolling and everything comes at once? Anyways, on sunday me and David went to laser quest and got ridiculously beaten by some wee kids (well, I did. David was a bit better!) I also bought my backpack for Europe from Ellis Brigham :)

Here it is! £67 reduced from £90. The guy filled it up with loads of random camping gear to give me a feel for it with some proper weight inside. Its a womans bag so the back size is a bit smaller and the straps are positioned to fit the curves of a womans body much better than a normal bag. It's comfy, so heres hoping I can fit everything I need in it without it being too much of a squeeeeeze. He also gave us 4 mini bottles of orange and ginger original source shower gel - just travel samples, but they smell so good! Think we are gonna start buying wee bits and bobs we need each week, so that by the time july comes we already have everything we need and dont have to rush out for a mad shop. Well, thats the plan anyways.

On sunday evening David went home to put some finishing touches to his dissartation, and I went round to my mums with my gran, papa and aunty for a lovely sunday dinner (and most importantly, sticky toffee pud for desert!)

We were thoroughly entertained by Tyler and Aaron. Aaron is insistant right now on wearing Tylers clothes and he will not leave the house without wearing a pair of her leggings under his jeans. Deary me. I think because he has grown up amongst a family of woman, he is very in touch with his feminine side at the moment. He wants to be a princess, and said to me that boys are rubbish. I couldnt agree more :p

(So funny watching them grow from this...)

(to this! haha check their crazy hair and dirty faces. wee devils)

My mum is in the process of painting and gutting out her house, with plans to move somewhere bigger with a nice garden and more space for these two terrors ♥ On a completely different note, I am currently waiting on these little beauties to arrive in the post...

First time I have treated myself to some decent nail polish. So, plans for the rest of the evening are to have dinner, a smelly lush bath, watch a film and pack up my ebay stuff. Still getting to grips with my macbook, Itunes, mozilla and photobooth are about the only things I know how to work! Heres whats playing out my speakers at the moment :)

Ps. Any american bloggers fancy doing a sweeties/makeup swap?


  1. do you work for xfactor? (:,X

  2. That cookie looks so yummy! Must be exciting starting to get bits for your trip!

  3. Busy wee bee again.. you look so happy n cute with your wee x- factor goodie(s)

    Love you wee pic story!

    Hope you well and get some time to relax soon missy


  4. Aw i love waiting for my ebay things to end! :D so exciting!

    And massive Biffy Clyro love <3

  5. hey! i see you're interested in a swap! im american, i live in south carolina. and im definitely up for a makeup/goodies swap with you! ;D

  6. oh I seriously have the biggest sweet tooth now!! wowzers!! Hope you have an awesome week :)

  7. 'mon the biff!!

    Hope you got some pennies for the pot from ebay.
    Those X Factor goodies look lush!

    X x

  8. You always seem to have the most interesting days! :D I'm very jealous of your life missy x

  9. Its so cool that you get to work on the set on X factor!
    I love the Biffy Clyro album, its really good :D

  10. Many of my friends are stuck in their respective native countries and can't go back to England :/ Let's just say their spring break is gonna be a bit longer than it should have been :p