A few of my favourite things

Well it's thursday evening and I've just worked an 11 hour day. Last day at Waybuloo tomorow so be expecting some rather cute pictures soon :) But in the meantime Im in a pretty random mood, I thought I would share some eclectic pictures with you all, for the banter ye know?!

Are you a hoarder? I am... mostly when it comes to cards, postcards, labels, stickers, and other pretty things that I really should throw out but live in a little box covered in stars on my shelf. I decided to have a bit of a tidy up the other day and I made a little collage on my bedroom floor of all the shit that was in there. Can you spot what a few of my favourite things are? So much so that Ive not had the heart to throw any of these bits and bobs away.

Another thing I was thinking today, is that when I go out for dinner, or lunch, or coffee, Il always take so much time reading everything on the menu. But most of the time Im so hungry/thirsty I end up going for an old faithful, rather than being adventurous. Im not a fussy eater at all, I do love to try new things but I absolutely hate when Im not familiar with a restaurant and I end up wasting money on a meal that ends up being not to my liking. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to coffee too. Heres how I take mine

Another random thing, but do you ever see something in the shops, and you just feel like its the right time and the right place and that item was made JUST FOR YOU? Haha how lame, I know. But like finding something in the sale, or there only being one in your size left. This is how I felt when I went hunting for a macbook sleeve. I do believe, that this one was made with my best intentions in mind ;) Its perfect!

Remember the creepy Leaky Cauldron-esque place I spoke about in my last post? Well here it is...

The whole entrance was filled with stuffed animals in cabinets and on the walls. And a knights armour, and other spooky items :( The bit we sat in for lunch was lovely though. I like atmosphere and this place oozed Harry Potter!

Oh, and thank you to the gorgeous Tennille at cupcakes and rainbowdust for this sweet blog award!

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Im going to try and tag blogs that I havent tagged before, so here goes :)

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This was a pretty mixed post, so well done if youve made it this far :) I cant believe that tomorow is friday! Jenn will be home :) good times ♥

Ayden In Wonderland

Well its late sunday night, and I must apologise for not posting in quite a wee while. This weekend was a busy one for me, back to work in the cafe yesterday and my grandparents have been down visiting my family in leeds, so I've had the house to myself for three days! David has came to keep me company since friday night, and tonight is our last wee sleepover :) So we chilled last night, made dinner and watched lots of tv. Youve been framed, Britains Got Talent, Over The Rainbow, and Lost! This morning I was taking photographs at a baby's christening, and this afternoon me and David drove up north to visit my mum who is currently staying in a gorgeous lodge by loch lomond with her boyfriend Mark and the little ones. Ive never seen them so happy! It was Aaron and Tylers first little 'holiday', and although it was only a couple hours drive from home, I think the gorgeous hills and countryside, big lochs and fresh air was really good for them. We went to an awesome little rustic pub for lunch (I felt like I was in the Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter) next to a lovely log fire and drank a half pint of kronenbourg shandy at a very slow pace. Totally chilled! Just what I've been needing after feeling rather drained at the start of last week.

So, probs on to why this post is called Ayden In Wonderland? I didnt endulge in the Urban Decay Alice Pallete, but I did recently buy the Alice inspired OPI polishes from ASOS. I tend not to paint my nails very often cause of the state they get in when Im painting, but I totally fell in love with these little beauties! Plus, I had some money in my paypal that needed spending ;)


I have not been able to stop looking at my nails since the moment they were painted! So glittery, its actually unreal haha. I protected them with a clear top coat too, so hopefully they shall withstand my messy days on placement. Have you had experience with any other OPI polishes or the Alice range? Im rather impressed! Me and David took a trip to the Botanic Gardens down Glasgows west end one day last week when I was in need of cheering up. There were so many lovely flowers, I thought it would tie in nicely with my Alice polish post... cause I did kinda feel like we could have been lost in wonderland. (Warning, this bit's a tad picture heavy)

Haha excuse the cheeky pictures near to the end. There was a pond with Koi fishes in it and at one point one of them actually did a full lap of the pond whilst leaping out the water every 5 seconds, it was the funniest thing Ive seen in so long, we were in absolute stitches! Unfortunately I didn't catch it on camera.

Anyways, I better head off and start getting my lunch packed and clothes ironed for tomorrow. I also have an american swap buddy who Im exchanging parcels with :) Her name is Danielle and you can find her awesome blog here. I also need to catch up on google reader tomorow and see what all you lovelies have been upto ♥ Hope you had a great weekend!

 Ps. I miss Jenn :(

You're my diamond in the rough

"For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time to still be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So, treasure every moment that you have. And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time … and remember that time waits for no one… Happiness is a journey, not a destination."

Just another magic monday

Its 7.30pm and Im sitting in my jammies on my macbook waiting on all my ebay things to end! :) Hopefully shall bring me some extra pennies into Miss Paypal. Hope everyone is feeling okay on this mundane monday. Anyone got family or friends stuck abroad because of the volcanic ash? My dad and his fiance were due to fly out on holiday on friday just there. but have shuffled everything to this friday instead. Hopefully its safe to fly by then. Anyways, my weekend was eventful but Im still tired and felt pretty sicky at work today. I arrived at the SECC at 6am on saturday morning, and in the production office a local baker had spoiled us with some X Factor themed treats :) the bottom picture was originally covered in lots of cupcakes and strawberry tarts, and as you can see there was hardly any left by the end of the day! The auditions went well, I was on my feet all day so any cakes consumed were burned off pretty quickly.

I turned down working at the sunday auditions, I needed a wee day off. Maybe thats me just being lazy but I was glad to have a day of rest, fun times with David and a nice dinner with my family. I was asked if I wanted to tour with the rest of the dates in London, Cardiff and Dublin. But Im already on placement! :( Why is it that 4 months ago I was worried sick about uni and had no work placement organised, then all of a sudden the ball starts rolling and everything comes at once? Anyways, on sunday me and David went to laser quest and got ridiculously beaten by some wee kids (well, I did. David was a bit better!) I also bought my backpack for Europe from Ellis Brigham :)

Here it is! £67 reduced from £90. The guy filled it up with loads of random camping gear to give me a feel for it with some proper weight inside. Its a womans bag so the back size is a bit smaller and the straps are positioned to fit the curves of a womans body much better than a normal bag. It's comfy, so heres hoping I can fit everything I need in it without it being too much of a squeeeeeze. He also gave us 4 mini bottles of orange and ginger original source shower gel - just travel samples, but they smell so good! Think we are gonna start buying wee bits and bobs we need each week, so that by the time july comes we already have everything we need and dont have to rush out for a mad shop. Well, thats the plan anyways.

On sunday evening David went home to put some finishing touches to his dissartation, and I went round to my mums with my gran, papa and aunty for a lovely sunday dinner (and most importantly, sticky toffee pud for desert!)

We were thoroughly entertained by Tyler and Aaron. Aaron is insistant right now on wearing Tylers clothes and he will not leave the house without wearing a pair of her leggings under his jeans. Deary me. I think because he has grown up amongst a family of woman, he is very in touch with his feminine side at the moment. He wants to be a princess, and said to me that boys are rubbish. I couldnt agree more :p

(So funny watching them grow from this...)

(to this! haha check their crazy hair and dirty faces. wee devils)

My mum is in the process of painting and gutting out her house, with plans to move somewhere bigger with a nice garden and more space for these two terrors ♥ On a completely different note, I am currently waiting on these little beauties to arrive in the post...

First time I have treated myself to some decent nail polish. So, plans for the rest of the evening are to have dinner, a smelly lush bath, watch a film and pack up my ebay stuff. Still getting to grips with my macbook, Itunes, mozilla and photobooth are about the only things I know how to work! Heres whats playing out my speakers at the moment :)

Ps. Any american bloggers fancy doing a sweeties/makeup swap?

60 second makeover

On the way home from work the other night I popped past Pet World in Renfrew and picked up some new goodies for my lovely little robovroski dwarf hamster Milky Joe (if you have watched the Mighty Boosh, then you will know where this name comes from) So after cleaning out her cage, I gave it a little makeover :) Its super cute, so I thought I would be ultra lame and share!

A little strawberry house. Wish they had one in my size :( Very Katy P!

A see saw, fruity nibbles stick that hangs from the top of the cage, and her very own copy of Hamster Times by H.Growling. This made me giggle when I saw it! She can rip all the pages out and use them to cosy up her bed. I think if I ripped up my Harry Potter books and used them to cosy up my bed, id wake up with print all over my face and papercuts in strange places.

Her little kingdom :)

The little superstar herself posing rather politely for a picture.

She seemed quite pleased with the makeover (well, as pleased as I can imagine she would be?) And last night was the first night in ages where she wasnt rattling around the cage as much. Maybe some 3am reading is keeping her busy haha.

So yesterday and today consisted making another set of bedcovers for the piplings pods. Lots of felt, cutting out, gluing, and painting. I positioned myself next to the heater for the majority of the day, the studio is pretty bloody cold at the moment!

Me with one of my friends! :) haha. All the animation gets done in Canada, so these model piplings are just a point of reference for the children and the cameras. This is Lau Lau, she is my favourite! Has the cutest voice and she is the painter of the group :) I could honestly work in childrens tv forever. I am having such a good time.  Its hard work but its better doing 'real' jobs like this rather than being stuck in uni (especially in these last few months, when the pressure is on. I'd normally be getting majorly pissed off, nervous, and snappy with everyone and stressing about every little thing) When I go back to the academy I'll have about three weeks to tie up any loose ends, do the oral review for my dissartation, and prepare for our degree show and graduation. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz. I will miss the RSAMD, but getting out of it once and a while has helped me to not take it for granted. 

Tonight after work I went to Braehead shopping centre with Leah. We had a Starbucks and a wander around the shops. I got this little beauty from new look, reduced from £25 to £12. There was only one littered amongst the sale madness, and it was my size. Fate, non?

I've not bothered to show you the front, its just a normal round neck. I think you'll agree that the back is much prettier :) Now all I need is an excuse to wear this! Not had many occasions for a dress recently :( I am taking photographs at a christening next sunday, maybe I could wear it then! Sunday best and all that eh? 

I walked past my ex best friend in new look tonight. There is a huge story - or saga is maybe a more appropriate word - as to why we are not friends anymore. It contains alot of 'he said, she said' and since she is still friends with a lot of folk from my home town (and I am not) I simply cant imagine how wonderful her side of the story will be. But at the end of the day, when someone betrays your trust again and again, and is a bit of a 'chancing bastard' (excuse the french) when it comes to life and how you should treat people... then ultimately years down the line it its all going to give head to an absolute disaster, or become a friendship which is worked at with the chance for it to be reborn. I tried to choose the latter, but when someone is stubborn and in denial then the only thing you can do is walk away. I'll always wonder what she thinks, and what she tells people about us. But I think if we knew every little thing that people said about us then we would go quite mad. Anyone had any similar friendship 'breakups' or awkward situations? I bet I'm not the only one! :(

Three good things

The first half of my week has contained several smelly lush baths and pj's in the early evenings, experimenting with my new macbook (don't have a clue what I'm doing yet, help anyone? David has been a star) and 8am starts every morning at Waybuloo. Painting loads of bongle berries, breaking down scripts, and making floral bed covers for the Piplings so far :)

Catch my In The Spotlight interview on Jessica's fab blog o me, o life. Little something for you dears to read until I have time to write a proper post. I'm working at the X Factor auditions in the production team this weekend, but at some point I hope to write a little more about my work placement and other random goings on. So geek alert ahead! My blog sale has moved over to ebay now, you can find it here. And hello hello to my new followers. Why don't you come and introduce yourself, gameshow style :) Haha I'd make a great Cilla Black ♥