Tick Tock.

The biggest barrier I have at the moment, is time. There are so many things that I want to do, make, watch, and be inspired by but I feel like there arent enough hours in my day and days in my weeks for me to so do :( I am desparate to get to know photoshop and corel painter a bit better, so I've downloaded some tutorials and we have an intense day class next week covering the two. After doing my craft classes a wee while back I literally have a list of projects that Id like to cross stitch, and cute little plush brooches I'd like to sew. But my trip to hobbicraft and mandors will have to be postponed for the moment, I'd feel like crap buying my materials then them sitting in my room for weeks on end calling out to be made. So maybe the easter holidays will present me with some time to get crafty. I'll also be able to work on my website and portfolio which is needing some TLC before my degree show in june.

The easter holidays are also going to be my saving grace in terms of my watching/reading list. I have two books on my shelf that are new and untouched (and a whole load of art and photography books that are screaming to be re-read!) And a boxset full of old musical films that I've been working my way through a bit slower than expected. I want to have mornings in bed enjoying books and films and not feeling guilty for it :( I give myself way too much of a hard time in that sense. If I have a free morning or evening, my brain wont let me switch off and just enjoy it for myself. Il find some excuse or something on my list that needs ticked off and I'll keep myself productive. Im my own worst nightmare! Complaining that I want more time to do stuff, but when Im presented with a couple of spare hours I'll do the most mundane tasks that are needing done, just to get them out of the way, rather than taking some time for myself. Gosh, I feel bad just moaning about it. If youve read this far into the post then well done! You shall be rewarded with less chit chat and more pictures :) Haha here is what I got upto today. Painting the stage floor for the next opera, Kaspar Hausen. It looks a bit crazy and expressive, but its just like the designers model box... promise! Ash is our head scenic artist for this show and she is doing a jolly good job.




Last week it was my dads birthday, and we went to his fiances house for dinner and CAKE :) I got him a coffee machine for his birthday, you know the one in the advert that dances around to the james brown music? Surely thats enough reason to buy it. Apparently it makes a smashin wee coffee too! haha just aswell. However my dads celebrations were rudely interrupted by me being on clyde one radio station over the evening, in the final to win tickets to see Owl City in Brussels! There was 5 of us in total, a finalist from each night of the week and the numerical question we were given was to guess the number of owls in some random sanctuary in campbelltown. Whoever got closest won. I said 20, and a few others were close to me but one dude said 56 and the answer was 41, so he won! Gutted :( So close, yet so far! Was a giggle nonetheless.

Hedgehog cake from M&S! Gotta love their cakes. Ever had the caterpillar one when you were younger? I would eat a whole one if you let me! I had a cupcake with my friend Leah at Brewhaha today when we went for a pot of tea, chocolate butter icing is literally to die for. This is essentially what I look like when presented with cake:

Im not such a fan of chocolate and sweeties, but cake and crisps - youre talking my language :) Why am I not 30 stone? I have no bloody idea. Eating healthier food over the past few months has helped me loose a few pounds, but more importantly Im actually sleeping better and my skin is much clearer. Im not sugar crashing during the day anymore or feeling like I could fall asleep at 3pm. It is so nice waking up in the morning and seeing sunlight! Those winter months made me bitter, leaving the house in the morning when it was dark and coming home as the sun was setting too. From what I've heard, most folk are feeling a little less SAD, and even though its sub zero outside, we have some sunshine people :) Vampire days are over, joy. Its gonna hit summer before we know it people!


  1. lol you are too cute with that doggie pic!!! I get like that with cakes an cupcake too!!

    I wish I had more time to do things too, it seems like I always have this huge list and everytime I cross something off another thing gets added!

    I love all the pics of painting the floor, looks so neat!!

    Hope you have a great week!!!


  2. I've just come across your blog & rather like it, so thought I'd leave a comment :)

    The cake looks amazing - & the dog pic made me laugh!


  3. that is a cute cake!
    the floor painting looks neat.

  4. I really laughed at the picture of the dog!! That's what mine do when they get a treat...and probably what I do aswell!
    Love that hedgehog cake - think I'd actually dip my face in it. Sod getting just a slice.

    I know what you mean about time and trying to get everything done. I've found to do lists the night before (most of the time in bed) help loads. Nothing major just what you need to get done.

    Floor painting looks fun! What paint do you use for that?

    X xx

  5. Time is never enough !

    Love the photos where you paint the floor and the last one,with a funny dog :)) Made my day !

  6. Fab post, that dog pic is sooo cute :) More hours in the day would be brilliant(aslong as I didn't have to start working the extra hours!) The painted floor looks great by the way!

  7. cute pic below!

    roll on the easter hols - i hopr you mange to enjoy them & those films

    hope all is well missy xx

  8. hahaha! the dog! LOL

    I know exactly what you mean about not enough hours in the day :( they go so quickly and I've begin to resent silly things like making dinner because I have better things to do :o

    The floor looks amazing, I love the photos! x

  9. One of my uni friend's mum designed the caterpillar cake for M&S. I was amazed when she told me, everyone used to have them as a kid. Such an ace claim to fame. x

  10. Hehe that dog pic is hilarious :D I know what you mean, Cakes & crisps mmmm! & of course those caterpillar cakes were amazing! god I miss being small :( Your floor painting looks fab! I want that in my house thats so cool lol!!!

  11. Oh-my. I love the dog shot with the cupcake. That is hilarious :D