Personal projects




So this is what has been keeping me occupied while I've not been on production work. Completely screwed up the faces of my first two angels (one looks like shes had a spray tan, the other resembles corpse bride) but the third one is coming along alright so far. Here is where I got to before I had to pack up on friday...



Shes a work in progress! Still got lots to do but the basics are there. Will tend to this lovely lady when I get back from Edinburgh next week. Haha and I'll maybe attempt to salvage the others! Which I actually covered with newsprint since they were pissing me off so much. Here is the group project I did with the 1st and 2nd year girls all together and lit:





It was hard to photograph effectively but we were all pretty pleased with the end results. Was a nice little project to do :) Alot of texture, worn surfaces and trompe l'oeil. A dirty and dusty set, which was our original design brief. Shame you can see all the nice detailing and ripped wallpaper etc under the lights! :( You get the idea though. Lovely jubbly ♥

Haha oh yeah... I've found my doppelganger, apparently! Shame its a puppet. I would have liked for us to be friends. I dont have facebook but people in uni were talking about a doppelganger thing that everyone is posting at the moment? Share yours with me! :) Since I am socially excluding myself from such online networking malarkey like facebook, myspace, bebo etc. Not had anything like that in about a year, and its felt really good. This lovely wee blog is as close as I'll get to all that again ♥


  1. hahah dont feel bad, my doppleganger is Gizmo, from gremlins hahaha

  2. wonderful work! looks like fun!

  3. I love the lady! She's purdy ^.^
    I don't have a doppleganger, there, I said it. There's people on my facebook with pictures of Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner Angelina Jolie?!?!?!
    The reason famous people are good looking is because THEY'RE FAMOUS. People aren't half as modest as they should be.

  4. The angels are coming along, look great so far (if one looks like a corpse bride I'd like to put that as my tired after a stupidly busy weekend!)

    The set looks great, you should be please!

    X x

  5. wow you are so talented!! Gorgeous painting!!!

  6. Amazing amazing work,great job my darling !

  7. Woah your work is amazing. Thats talent :) Hope your thing in Edinburgh goes well :) xo

  8. that work is so beautiful! And the doppelganger thing was pretty funny haha... Not too sure which mine is though... There is a photo of a girl eating a baguette in our college canteen and everyone claims it's me :/ lol

  9. First of all - that puppet scares me and I'd like you to remove it from my sight! Eeeep, I hate puppets! They're like clowns - what kind of weird, twisted children like puppets and clowns?! Shudder!

    Secondly - your art work is truly amazing and inspiring. I love it so, so much and can't wait to see it completely finished. Talented lady. xx

  10. the set piece looks amazing! well done to you and your group!

    your artwork looks great too, show us when its finished!! xx