Doesn't even feel like a sunday...

Where has this week even went to? Piano practice, work, Bier Halle pizza with Leah, Starbucks with Colin, new season of Lost, a day out in the countryside at Mugdock park, sunday shopping with my little sister, good ol' catch up with my bestie... Its all been a bit of a blur to be honest. And now I'm typing a super quick post whilst wincing at the thought of getting up at 5.30am tomorow morning :( I'm working on a film through in Edinburgh all week, so pretty safe to say my life will only get back to normal next weekend. Sorry Little Blog of Horrors for such neglection! :( I'll be back in action soon. In the meantime, photos can tell a little bit of a story eh?

:) ♥







Thank you to Kel over at Silver Peacock for these two awards! She awarded them both quite some time apart but this is the first chance I've properly had to mention it. So yeah, thanks girl :) You should check out Kel's blog. She is a hairdresser and therefore does a lot of really awesome hair related posts! But she has a really good way of writing her tips and tricks and its a very interesting blog all round :) I mean c'mon, who doesnt love hair, even in the slightest? As part as one of the awards I'm meant to share 7 random facts with myself. So, here goes...

1. I used to collect Paul Frank tshirts (not deliberately, they just kinda accumulated...) and including the two I bought last week, I have around 20 in total. Gotta love Julius! The Paul Frank shop in New York is absolute heaven.

2. I have family on my mums side who are from Odda in Norway, and family on my dads side who are from Vancouver in Canada. I have never been to Norway before but defo want to visit one day! And last time I was in Canada I went to Toronto and Montreal. It was lovely :)

3. I really hate waiting for my luggage on the carousel on holiday. Twice in my lifetime my case has been lost, the first time was when I was in Nice in France but luckily the case got delivered to the hotel the next day. The second time was when I was in Canada and I didnt get it back until a month later. Worst ever! So now I get butterflies while Im waiting for my suitcase at the airport :(

4. I love musicals! Especially one in particular. Wicked :) Read the book a few years ago but the show is just spectacular. I have seen in twice and wouldnt think twice about going a 3rd, 4th or 5th time haha. (David loves it too!) Me and Jenn are going to see Hairspray in May so that should be super.

5. My signature scent is Vera Wang Princess. This is such a lovely, girlie perfume that I will never get sick of. I have went through several bottles of the original version, and Im on my first bottle of rock princess, and I hope glam princess doesnt disappoint either :)

6. I have a pen pal! Her name is Nicole :) She also has a super blog which you can check out here.

7. Mines is a tall skinny vanilla latte with whipped cream. Doesnt matter if its Starbucks, or Beanscene, or Tinderbox. When I'm diverting from my usual (milk and two, clipper all day teabag) cuppa, this is the kiddy that I normally always go for :) yum!

Well, that was a fairly hard bunch of random facts to think of. I feel pretty boring right now! Either that, or things are so busy in my noggin that Im finding it hard to focus on one thing for a particular amount of time :( Feeling a bit frazzled. Hope you enjoyed none the less :) I tag everyone that wants to give it a wee go too. Like hearing random bits and bobs about all you lovelies ♥


  1. I've never seen Wicked but I've heard the book & musical are great, so I should really check it out!

    & I can't believe you've had your suitcases lost twice! I'm always so scared of that happening to me.

  2. Ooohhh - I loved Wicked, you will have a fab time!
    Claire xx

  3. Thanks for the mention and kind'll have me in tears I'm feeling a tad 'emotional' today. :)

    Great facts, I'm with you on the skinny vanilla latte. yum!!

    X x

  4. I love reading random facts hehe & awwh thank you, I feel so loved XD