Friday feeling.

Goodbye lovely little paintshop :) See you on monday! I got my grad yearbook picture taken by these sinks today by one of the technicians and his canon slr (with the biggest lens I have ever seen) Shall I unveil it to you soon? Perhaps ;)

My weekend is consisting of work tonight and tomorow, seeing my lovely boy and going to the cinema to watch the new Studio Ghibli/Disney film Ponyo on the cliff by the sea. I have a few projects in and out of uni going on at the moment, everything felt a bit up in the air today but I now have an array of poly pockets and highlighted pages in my bag, so Im feeling much more organised! I hate feeling not in control of what Im doing :( It makes me anxious and panicky and I really dont like it. Some people are really making me feel strange right now. I dont like trying to make sense of other peoples actions and emotions, but Im always too sensitive to ignore it. Why can't I just be honest and let a person know when theyre bothering me? Hmm. A project I worked on a while back, doing some miniature scenic art, was an advert competition for Kodak and Barclays Bank. Mind I showed you all the wee link to the vimeo page? Well guess what, it got through to the finals in London :) Pretty chuffed! Here are a few production stills (I bored you with some more a while back)

So fingers crossed that we do well in the final. On a completely different note, I thought I would share with yous that I have been fake tan free for the past month and a bit! Haha I sound like a right addict :) But I was beginning to get fed up of the stink, and the hassle, and the stained clothes. My boyfriend didnt like it too much either :( I was a regular tanner, and ultimately I was just covering up the fact that I felt self concious about my body, as I think most girls know that sometimes bronzed skin just makes you feel that bit more slim. It too a bit of a kick up the arse for me to realise that I should feel better about my body and go about it in a more positive way. So, instead of slapping on the tan, I have been eating healthier, drinking more water, walking more and getting at least 7 hours sleep at night. The result: I feel so much bloody better! I've lost quite a bit of weight, and Im not bothered about being pale - my clothes look fine with pale skin and my makeup actually sits nicer. So heres a wee posery pic of me and my peely wally skin and minimal makeup :)

If I keep it up then I might treat myself to some new makeup on payday, and maybe a nice dress for my night out soon with my good friend gemma and our pal rea. Money's tight because Im constantly saving for Europe and we need to book our flights soon, but I feel triumphant for overcoming the whole fake tan malarkey, it may seem trivial to some folk but for me, well its an achievement :) I hope everyone has a nice weekend whatever their upto, wether is working or playing or both. Muchos love ♥

Tick Tock.

The biggest barrier I have at the moment, is time. There are so many things that I want to do, make, watch, and be inspired by but I feel like there arent enough hours in my day and days in my weeks for me to so do :( I am desparate to get to know photoshop and corel painter a bit better, so I've downloaded some tutorials and we have an intense day class next week covering the two. After doing my craft classes a wee while back I literally have a list of projects that Id like to cross stitch, and cute little plush brooches I'd like to sew. But my trip to hobbicraft and mandors will have to be postponed for the moment, I'd feel like crap buying my materials then them sitting in my room for weeks on end calling out to be made. So maybe the easter holidays will present me with some time to get crafty. I'll also be able to work on my website and portfolio which is needing some TLC before my degree show in june.

The easter holidays are also going to be my saving grace in terms of my watching/reading list. I have two books on my shelf that are new and untouched (and a whole load of art and photography books that are screaming to be re-read!) And a boxset full of old musical films that I've been working my way through a bit slower than expected. I want to have mornings in bed enjoying books and films and not feeling guilty for it :( I give myself way too much of a hard time in that sense. If I have a free morning or evening, my brain wont let me switch off and just enjoy it for myself. Il find some excuse or something on my list that needs ticked off and I'll keep myself productive. Im my own worst nightmare! Complaining that I want more time to do stuff, but when Im presented with a couple of spare hours I'll do the most mundane tasks that are needing done, just to get them out of the way, rather than taking some time for myself. Gosh, I feel bad just moaning about it. If youve read this far into the post then well done! You shall be rewarded with less chit chat and more pictures :) Haha here is what I got upto today. Painting the stage floor for the next opera, Kaspar Hausen. It looks a bit crazy and expressive, but its just like the designers model box... promise! Ash is our head scenic artist for this show and she is doing a jolly good job.




Last week it was my dads birthday, and we went to his fiances house for dinner and CAKE :) I got him a coffee machine for his birthday, you know the one in the advert that dances around to the james brown music? Surely thats enough reason to buy it. Apparently it makes a smashin wee coffee too! haha just aswell. However my dads celebrations were rudely interrupted by me being on clyde one radio station over the evening, in the final to win tickets to see Owl City in Brussels! There was 5 of us in total, a finalist from each night of the week and the numerical question we were given was to guess the number of owls in some random sanctuary in campbelltown. Whoever got closest won. I said 20, and a few others were close to me but one dude said 56 and the answer was 41, so he won! Gutted :( So close, yet so far! Was a giggle nonetheless.

Hedgehog cake from M&S! Gotta love their cakes. Ever had the caterpillar one when you were younger? I would eat a whole one if you let me! I had a cupcake with my friend Leah at Brewhaha today when we went for a pot of tea, chocolate butter icing is literally to die for. This is essentially what I look like when presented with cake:

Im not such a fan of chocolate and sweeties, but cake and crisps - youre talking my language :) Why am I not 30 stone? I have no bloody idea. Eating healthier food over the past few months has helped me loose a few pounds, but more importantly Im actually sleeping better and my skin is much clearer. Im not sugar crashing during the day anymore or feeling like I could fall asleep at 3pm. It is so nice waking up in the morning and seeing sunlight! Those winter months made me bitter, leaving the house in the morning when it was dark and coming home as the sun was setting too. From what I've heard, most folk are feeling a little less SAD, and even though its sub zero outside, we have some sunshine people :) Vampire days are over, joy. Its gonna hit summer before we know it people!

Feel like dancing

At the tender age of 20 Im pretty unphased by the fact that I don't drink very much, or very often, as most other young ladies my age do. But you know what, Im kinda over caring now I guess :) I dont think its strange to be in his minority! I do enjoy a nice glass of wine, or a yummy cocktail. And the fact that I only go out once in a blue moon makes me appreciate it that wee bit more. I love dancing and being silly, and that is exactly what me and my close friend Erin did on tuesday night :) Do you go out as much as you used to when you turned 18? Have any horrific hangover tales put you off from drinking again? I'd be interested to hear other peoples view on things like this too. A good weekend in my books doesnt necessarily contain a night out, or even a smidgen of alcohol :) And on that note, I hope everyone has a good weekend whatever theyre upto x

100th post


"This time baby I'll be bulletproof..."

Hello :) Got that song in my head, its catchy but really annoying at the same time haha. I feel like I havent posted a posery picture of myself in a while - so here is one of me on monday morning in Davids house. Working 12 hour days on a film set in Edinburgh all last week left me completely done in by saturday night. I had been surviving on 5 hours sleep every night and commuting to Edinburgh super early in the morning and not coming home till really late was killer :( But, the shoot went really well! I was only on for the last week as an art department assistant, but the stills photographer got some really good shots of the set and the actors. Much better than mine, my camera was completely washed out with the warm lighting, so when I get some proper stills then I promise to share them on here! We were well fed with catering all day, I ate so much and I was worried when I got home I would have put on at least half a stone :( Eating bacon rolls and scones every day too, now thats just tempting fate. But luckily I must have worn the calories off while I was working, Im still the exact same weight as I was before (silent woo hoo!)

I caught up on my sleep over the weekend, but when I got home on saturday night I discovered Tyler and Aaron had been in my room at my grans and completely trashed my makeup drawer :( It took me and David a while to find everything and put it all back where it belonged. Then I found my pink raybans downstairs... Tyler had taken them from my room and was chewing the legs and shes actually bitten through to the white plastic underneath! Safe to say I was completely raging. She is only 5 but she really knows better, shes not a compleet numpty. To top it off I smacked my head on the open drawer when I was trying to find everything and I spent all of Valentines day with a huge egg shaped bump on the top of my head and a banging headache! Wahhhh :(

So was a bit of a nightmarish thing to come back home to, but its not the end of the world eh? I've been trying to put a lid on my general grumpiness and pms over the past month or so, and be a nicer and more positive person towards people. Wee things like on saturday night really get me wound up but I need to not get raging over material stuff. Anyhoo, here are some pictures of me and David at the weekend :) They are heavily edited but I was playing around with photoshop and liked the fact that they werent black and white but werent completely colour either...





We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and then saw Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief at the cinema. It wasnt the best film I've ever seen... but some aspects of it were really strong and enjoyable to watch. Was alright anyways! We had such a lovely day though. This boy has certainly stolen my heart. Was sooo good to spend the weekend with him after my week of being a total recluse! I'm desparate to see Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea, its a collaboration between Studio Ghilbi and Disney, possibly the best combo ever? We shall see :) I also hung out with Jenn for a wee hour or so on monday night, I hadnt seen her in like a week either and missed her and her chat muchly ♥


Our set was in St Margarets house in Edinburgh, its a kinda arts complex and we managed to steal some props from some of the other floors ;) But on our travels look what we found! All the stupid carpet mats are kinda blocking the picture but you get the jist of it. I think its pretty :) Makes me want to do a huuuge piece like this for my grad show.


Totally random picture, but I love Henry and Henrietta (think theyre so cute) and look what else I found - an Edward. I have never seen an Edward before! Do you think he is Henry and Henrietta hoovers son? Is it sad that I actually care? :) haha.

Aww, here is a picture of David with his brothers hamster Hogan. Hogan is a complete beast in comparison to my little russian hamster Milky Joe (whos sister Lola died a couple of months ago) He is a complete escape artist but is such a cutie and I think he likes David alot. I can't wait to move out and get settled into a flat (pet friendly, of course) so me and David can get Guinea Pigs! :) Im nealy 21 years old but the thought of it excites me a ridiculous amount. Maybe when were a wee bit older, a dog would be lovely but for now Guinea Pigs are something we look foward to ♥

Anyways, this has been a bit of a random rabbling post. My 100th, to be exact :) I liked when they used to have more of a theme but I've not really had the chance to be able to do that recently. Thank you for still continuing to read, you bunch of lovely people! Thank you to Gabi at Street Light Eyes for another blog award :) I did that one just recently so I wont bore yous all with my random facts again haha... But I do ask that you check Gabi out, she is a makeup artist and writes some really interesting posts, shes only got 29 followers and I think thats an outrage! Her blog is definately worth reading :) Still catching up on my google reader... Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Im in a positive and productive frame of mind right now and I'm trying to hold onto it for aslong as possible. Good times to be had :)

Sunday Best.

My life is finally back to normal! Expect a proper update soon :) In the mean time, I hope all you lovely girlies have a nice sunday whatever you are upto. Im heading back through to edinburgh for a little lunch and cinema date with my boy. He got me Vera Wang Glam Princess and some tickets to see Underoath in march - Thank you David! Much love to everyone. Looking forward to catching up on my google reader to see what everyone has been upto :) Bye for now xx



Personal projects




So this is what has been keeping me occupied while I've not been on production work. Completely screwed up the faces of my first two angels (one looks like shes had a spray tan, the other resembles corpse bride) but the third one is coming along alright so far. Here is where I got to before I had to pack up on friday...



Shes a work in progress! Still got lots to do but the basics are there. Will tend to this lovely lady when I get back from Edinburgh next week. Haha and I'll maybe attempt to salvage the others! Which I actually covered with newsprint since they were pissing me off so much. Here is the group project I did with the 1st and 2nd year girls all together and lit:





It was hard to photograph effectively but we were all pretty pleased with the end results. Was a nice little project to do :) Alot of texture, worn surfaces and trompe l'oeil. A dirty and dusty set, which was our original design brief. Shame you can see all the nice detailing and ripped wallpaper etc under the lights! :( You get the idea though. Lovely jubbly ♥

Haha oh yeah... I've found my doppelganger, apparently! Shame its a puppet. I would have liked for us to be friends. I dont have facebook but people in uni were talking about a doppelganger thing that everyone is posting at the moment? Share yours with me! :) Since I am socially excluding myself from such online networking malarkey like facebook, myspace, bebo etc. Not had anything like that in about a year, and its felt really good. This lovely wee blog is as close as I'll get to all that again ♥

Doesn't even feel like a sunday...

Where has this week even went to? Piano practice, work, Bier Halle pizza with Leah, Starbucks with Colin, new season of Lost, a day out in the countryside at Mugdock park, sunday shopping with my little sister, good ol' catch up with my bestie... Its all been a bit of a blur to be honest. And now I'm typing a super quick post whilst wincing at the thought of getting up at 5.30am tomorow morning :( I'm working on a film through in Edinburgh all week, so pretty safe to say my life will only get back to normal next weekend. Sorry Little Blog of Horrors for such neglection! :( I'll be back in action soon. In the meantime, photos can tell a little bit of a story eh?

:) ♥







Thank you to Kel over at Silver Peacock for these two awards! She awarded them both quite some time apart but this is the first chance I've properly had to mention it. So yeah, thanks girl :) You should check out Kel's blog. She is a hairdresser and therefore does a lot of really awesome hair related posts! But she has a really good way of writing her tips and tricks and its a very interesting blog all round :) I mean c'mon, who doesnt love hair, even in the slightest? As part as one of the awards I'm meant to share 7 random facts with myself. So, here goes...

1. I used to collect Paul Frank tshirts (not deliberately, they just kinda accumulated...) and including the two I bought last week, I have around 20 in total. Gotta love Julius! The Paul Frank shop in New York is absolute heaven.

2. I have family on my mums side who are from Odda in Norway, and family on my dads side who are from Vancouver in Canada. I have never been to Norway before but defo want to visit one day! And last time I was in Canada I went to Toronto and Montreal. It was lovely :)

3. I really hate waiting for my luggage on the carousel on holiday. Twice in my lifetime my case has been lost, the first time was when I was in Nice in France but luckily the case got delivered to the hotel the next day. The second time was when I was in Canada and I didnt get it back until a month later. Worst ever! So now I get butterflies while Im waiting for my suitcase at the airport :(

4. I love musicals! Especially one in particular. Wicked :) Read the book a few years ago but the show is just spectacular. I have seen in twice and wouldnt think twice about going a 3rd, 4th or 5th time haha. (David loves it too!) Me and Jenn are going to see Hairspray in May so that should be super.

5. My signature scent is Vera Wang Princess. This is such a lovely, girlie perfume that I will never get sick of. I have went through several bottles of the original version, and Im on my first bottle of rock princess, and I hope glam princess doesnt disappoint either :)

6. I have a pen pal! Her name is Nicole :) She also has a super blog which you can check out here.

7. Mines is a tall skinny vanilla latte with whipped cream. Doesnt matter if its Starbucks, or Beanscene, or Tinderbox. When I'm diverting from my usual (milk and two, clipper all day teabag) cuppa, this is the kiddy that I normally always go for :) yum!

Well, that was a fairly hard bunch of random facts to think of. I feel pretty boring right now! Either that, or things are so busy in my noggin that Im finding it hard to focus on one thing for a particular amount of time :( Feeling a bit frazzled. Hope you enjoyed none the less :) I tag everyone that wants to give it a wee go too. Like hearing random bits and bobs about all you lovelies ♥