'Tis the night before christmas...

I am tucked up on the couch in my paul frank hoodie with some tea and m&s jaffa cakes (yum!) Today was quite a tiring wee day. Me and David were planning on spending the day in Edinburgh like we did last year, but since the transport has been so disrupted the past few days due to the crazy weather, we decided to give it a miss :( Instead, we went to a huge local park and took my snowboard! Loads of people were sledging down the massive hill there, it was pretty cool. I haven't been snowboarding in quite a few months due to lack of funds, but this was an awesomely cheap and cheerful way to get out for a couple hours! I even gave David his first lesson :) He did so well, hope that's him hooked now ;)

It did make me realise one thing though - I am defo not as fit as I used to be :( Maybe it was the harsh, cold air and the fact that I've got a bit of a cold at the moment, but I honestly felt so sick everytime I walked back to the top of the hill. I was semi-diagnosed with asthma a couple of months ago, but then the doc decided she didnt think it was asthma anymore and so I was sent to the hospital for a chest xray. But that came back all clear, and I got so busy with uni that I never went back to the doctors for a chat about what we were going to do next. I still have my cough and feel like Im breathing through a straw sometimes, and I still get breathless and panicky in situations like today. Its something that really needs solving in the new year! Bleh.

But anyways, I literally cannot believe how quickly the last year has went in. Its been a busy one, full of ups and downs and good times along with the bad. I feel like since turning 20 I've gotten to know myself much better. I know what kind of person I would like to be, and what good morals I would like to follow in life. 2010 is going to be an epic one, I'm excited about what's in store next :)

I'd like to wish everyone a fab christmas and new year. Wether youre alone, with your other half, with family, friends, or furry creatures, I hope that this time of year is special and joyus and nostalgic. Just like it should be. See you on the other side!

l still believe, it's you and me 'till the end of time
Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror

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