Notebook Doodles

to: ayden, originally uploaded by notebookdoodles.
Notebook Doodles gave an early christmas present to 100 of her followers. We sent a quotation of our choice (I feel bad, mines was uber long) and she doodled each one out for us and uploaded them all onto Flickr. 100 doodles in 10 days, very impressive. I wish there was something I could give in return... In the meantime, this is mine. I'm very pleased :) Sharing creative loveliness over the internet is underrated. Long may it continue. Rhianne over at For The Easily Distracted did a photoswap competition, where people from across the world teamed up in pairs and bought film or a disposable camera, took pictures, and then sent it for the other person to develop (and to their suprise see what exciting photographs lay inside) I think that is an awesome idea! You can look at all the photos that were swapped so far here. Maybe if fellow bloggers for up for it, I will arrange some sort of lovely creative competition/swap/game when my followers reach 60! :) Feeling happy today. Hope anyone reading this is having a good week too ♥


  1. i love notebookdoodle. it always help me with life haha. and i will join rhianne photoswap i think. will you?

  2. yeah i know, too bad i missed that one. but she will have that swap again in early 1020. will you join too? i already sign up! haha

  3. i'm very behind on my reading due to the holidays, but i will definitely play if you set something up!