Nice things on a Monday

Today I had an unexpectedly productive day. A friend of mine has entered a commercial competition run by Kodak, for Barclays Bank. I wont reveal what's been done... since it is a competition. But I spent the afternoon painting a puppet size set (1 to 4.5 scale) with Ashleigh. Its a fake, sorta cartoonized bank building front and pavement with a cute wee road. The doors are plastic and see through - did some really nice silver detailing on the door panels but its hard to see in these pictures! Ash also did some bank teller stands and I had a teeny little photocopier to paint, haha it was well cute. When they come to film it tomorow, the set will be lit and the little pieces will have LED lights inside, so that the photocopier can flash and 'scan' for example... cool eh?

Tonight I went to the Glasgow Fort shopping centre with Leah, and bought myself a lovely wee pair of Fred Perry trainers from Schuh, and a new pair of heels from New Look. I love grey, and I love bows. Good combo :) These shoes will certainly be getting broken in this week, pictures sure to follow!

I gots a job! Today I got a phonecall from the people at Talkback Thames (the company who I was employed by when I worked on Britains Got Talent) and the have offered me a couple of days work in January for a new BBC show called...

Its essentially another show from Andrew Lloyd Webber. Mind he did the programme where he was looking for a Joseph, and then a Maria? Well, now its A Dorothy! Which is exciting, because the Wizard Of Oz is one of my favourite films and I think it will be completely awesome when it gets brought to the West End. Not as good as Wicked, of course ;)

I really would like some new ink :( I spend aaages looking up tattoos online (this one is from and I have a wee list in my ipod touch where tattoo ideas float in and out of. I have a few nice ideas for designs, quotes, and the actual placement. But I think its good to let them settle, and see if I still actually like the thought of it in 6 months time. I don't know when, where or even IF I will get a new tattoo in the near future. Its my 21st birthday next summer and then me and David go away travelling. I think if I was gonna get another one, then I would do it around that time :)

Ps. God bless the person who invented, it is bloody awesome! Away to dance around my bedroom and finish wrapping Davids birthday pressies :]

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  1. loving those shoes! congrats on the new job =)
    i got a tattoo of a tiger on my back 2 years ago from this place called red rocket tattoo in new york city. you should check out their website and look up Adam Hayes..he was my artist. his portfolio is could get some pretty cool ideas
    awesome blog!