Lovely films

Here is a list of films that I could watch again and again. For the storytelling, the cinematography, the art direction, the soundtrack, the quotes... you get the idea :)

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Old version and Tim Burton Version)

The Wizard Of Oz

Edward Scissorhands


Peter Pan

500 Days of Summer



The Lost Boys


Hocus Pocus

Little Miss Sunshine

My Neighbour Totoro

What an awesome quote, it is so true aswell. Music and film are the perfect source for inspiration, and I think you'd maybe agree that they keep your head above water and your spirits high when you loose faith in the world and the people around you. Good times :)


  1. OMG Hocus Pocus! I used to love that movie as a kid, and this year I saw it was on TV and couldn't resist watching it! Up & Amelie are on my list too.
    I haven't seen 500 days of Summer, but I really want to. I'll have to hire it some time soon!

  2. Apart from My Neighbour Toronto (which I've never seen but will definitely watch now), you've just listed my all time favourite films. Eeek!

  3. I love love love so many of these films. Great list!

  4. I think they are all my favourite films! charlie & the chocolate fatory,Willy wonka in that one terrifies me! :)

  5. YES! The only one I haven't seen is My Neighbour Toronto, so I'll be adding that to my queue now, and I'm sure I'll love it.