Christmas Crackers

Here are some photographs from the goings on of the past month, enjoy :)

After coming back from Davids birthday dinner at the Oran Mor.
He's a nice boy :]

Panto after party for Sleeping Beauty at the Classic Grand. Szi, Ash and me.
My dress is from Zara and was bought for my auntys wedding back at the start of the year, this is only the 2nd time it's made a public appearance.

At the Garage for Jenns wee sister Emily's 18th birthday. Me with Jenn and Steve.

Christmas at the McDougall household (My mammys) Me and my uncle painted the wee ones like rabbits :) With a Snazaroo facepaint kit. I pure miss facepainting :( Used to do it full time alongside my job at the fancy dress shop.

My little bunny :) She needs some ears now.

Haha oh god, Tyler started painting my mum, uncles, and grans face. It was a total hoot :D

Looks like a drag queen, hitler, and a clown/convict! Safe to say she didnt get near mine or my papas face ;) Was a good laugh. Of all the toys they got, they spent the most time playing around with the cheapest one. Typical eh?

Back at my misters house on christmas night ♥

This is me playing with some of my new things on boxing day :) Skull candy headphones and my boys h&m elmo jumper. These were just two of the pressies David got me, he also got me mac vouchers, a moleskin diary, and the take that tour dvd, yippee. Im such a take that geek. Arent most girls my age? They were the boyband of our youth!

Other family pressies included the usual things, like money, dressing gown, hello kitty and fenchurch socks, lots of tigi hair products, lush and bath stuff, a new loop nyc purse (my old one is BATTERED to pieces!) clothes, undies and chocolate! I have a voucher for Topshop so I cant wait to hit the sales. I also got all the makeup pictured above. Its mostly benefit, which I havent used in a while as I kinda went off it. But I am very greatful for how generous David, my family and friends were this christmas, and I'm excited to have a play about with these pretty new things :) Also got a voucher for Mac... any suggestions on what I should get?! Im fine for blushers (have 3 MAC ones at the mo) and powder (got the mineralise skinfinish) and foundation (estee lauder is my staple) and eyeliner (blacktrack of course...) I was thinking maybe a mascara, if theyre any good? And the prep and prime for skin? I have 3 Urban Decay eyeshadow palletes now, so even though the Mac ES are so pretty, I cant really justify buying any cute little MAC ones. Your ideas and suggestions would be muchly appreciated :)

Oh, and my mum has also arranged for me to have a reading from my wee sisters godmother, Margaret Solis, on monday. She is a psychic and clairvoyant, and is a pretty amazing woman. I can be a bit unsure about things like that... and it will be wierd because I know Margaret as a person, outwith her 'working' life. I know how well established she is... and my mum has promised that I wont be disappointed! Ahhh, I'm scared! :) Have you ever been to a psychic before? Do you know anyone that has?

My daddy proposed to his girlfriend yesterday, and she said yes :) True romance! Maybe that Zara number will make a 3rd appearance if its lucky ;)

I am ridiculously enjoying the festive season. Hope y'all are too ♥


  1. the face painting-ness looks fun, hehe. enjoy the new year!

  2. Great pics!!! Love the tattoos xx

  3. Look at all your stuff! Amazing!
    You look so lovely in some of these pictures, and the face painting looks so fun!

    My MAC staple is snob lipstick - if you're in the market for something different X

  4. What great presents - I bought my Mr some Skull Candys for his birthday and they're just so pretty! And probably very good for sound and stuff... but mostly pretty! :)