Crafty stuff

I've seen blog posts about where people store their makeup, and I've written one myself about whats in my wardrobe... but where and how do you store your creative bits and bobs? What is your kit made up of? Wether you paint, make, sew, DIY or do any general crafty things, I'd like to see where all your creative stuff lives :) Actually, lets just include makeup bags/storage and clothing/wardrobes too! Why the hell not!

Now this is mine...

This is my plastic fold out artist carry case, that has three layers which contain pens, pencils, pastels, water colours, tape measure, sharpies, scissors, fimo, spare bobbins and sewing machine bits and pieces including pins etc. Its a good wee size and weight to carry around, and it normally accompanies me to uni each day. Especially for life drawing and anything costume related. Its also good to have as stand by on set when Im working as art department. It gets you in the good books being the person that has a spare pair of scissors or gaffa tape, if someone high and important needs it there and then ;)

This mucky bag is my scenic art kit! I have a wide range of small crappy artist brushes for detailing, and some medium sized brushes on the left that can be battered about and used for texturing or more nasty substances like gloss paint, french enamel varnish, shellac, meths etc. My red handled wall brush holds quite a bit of paint, so its good for giving a base coat on a big area of space when you dont have a roller handy! My brushes to the right that are sitting ontop of the yellow and blue cases are my Purdys ♥ they are bloody expensive and so lovely to paint with. Maybe the MAC of the theatre/tv world? Anyhoo, these brushes need to be looked after, but they are a joy to use and give such a spot on finish no matter what you are painting with them. They make my job a hell of a lot easier!

My kit also contains a brush comb (seriously helps when cleaning them) scale ruler (for interpreting the designers 1:25 scale model) a couple of natural sea sponges (they help with texturing, ageing, and other useful techniques) and I like to keep a pencil case with some bits and bobs handy, some newsprint paper, some string and safety pins, and my respirator! I replace the filters regularly, and its really important for me to wear this especially when I'm working with dusty or powder particles that could go airborne, and also when I'm using a spray gun. Teeny little paint particles can get into your lungs and thats not good :(

My kit will get bigger and smaller, depending on the nature of the job were doing and any specific needed to be done for the designer. This basic kit did me fine at the Citz, and on any other wee freelance jobs that I've done. It does me fine at uni aswell, but we have a huge department full of everything we need anyways, but its nice to use and take ownership over your own tools! Our tutor bought us four 3rd year scenic students proper lazer pens for christmas, bit of a geeky present but theyre good at pointing out things on big pieces of scenery and cloths etc... as unfortunately my arms arent 6 metres tall at the best of times :)

Now that I have ridiculously bored you all with my geeky painter chat, I'm going to be all girly again and give you a peep inside my makeup drawer! My hoarding days are over, I have one basket full of beauty and hair products, then on the opposite side of my room my top drawer of my wee cabinet holds all the perfume, makeup, and nail polishes I know. Hardly any, eh? I have 3 UO palletes, and 3 mixed benefit kits. All my other makeup is in that union jack zipper bag. Then I've got my Hello Kitty makeup bag that always is in my bag and contains my staple items of varying makes - foundation, powder, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, face primer, eye primer and occasionally an eyeshadow pallete. I'll pack one of each item and that does me incase I end up staying over at Davids, or need any sort of makeup top up if I'm out all day. Even though I don't own much makeup, some of the stuff I do have I hardly use. And I hate to see things go out of date with loads still left in it. So I tend to use something until I 'hit pan' and if I like it, I'll buy it again. If I dont, I'll venture into the unknown and try something new :)

So, just a wee reminder that I'm tagging everyone to do this. If you want to, of course :) If you do it, let me know so that we all can compare notes! Have fun ♥

Some things never change

20 years on, I have came to the indefinate conclusion that I still look like this in the morning.

Sharing baby pictures is nothing but a hilarious, embarassing and ridiculously cutesy thing :) You know you want to! ♥

Christmas Crackers

Here are some photographs from the goings on of the past month, enjoy :)

After coming back from Davids birthday dinner at the Oran Mor.
He's a nice boy :]

Panto after party for Sleeping Beauty at the Classic Grand. Szi, Ash and me.
My dress is from Zara and was bought for my auntys wedding back at the start of the year, this is only the 2nd time it's made a public appearance.

At the Garage for Jenns wee sister Emily's 18th birthday. Me with Jenn and Steve.

Christmas at the McDougall household (My mammys) Me and my uncle painted the wee ones like rabbits :) With a Snazaroo facepaint kit. I pure miss facepainting :( Used to do it full time alongside my job at the fancy dress shop.

My little bunny :) She needs some ears now.

Haha oh god, Tyler started painting my mum, uncles, and grans face. It was a total hoot :D

Looks like a drag queen, hitler, and a clown/convict! Safe to say she didnt get near mine or my papas face ;) Was a good laugh. Of all the toys they got, they spent the most time playing around with the cheapest one. Typical eh?

Back at my misters house on christmas night ♥

This is me playing with some of my new things on boxing day :) Skull candy headphones and my boys h&m elmo jumper. These were just two of the pressies David got me, he also got me mac vouchers, a moleskin diary, and the take that tour dvd, yippee. Im such a take that geek. Arent most girls my age? They were the boyband of our youth!

Other family pressies included the usual things, like money, dressing gown, hello kitty and fenchurch socks, lots of tigi hair products, lush and bath stuff, a new loop nyc purse (my old one is BATTERED to pieces!) clothes, undies and chocolate! I have a voucher for Topshop so I cant wait to hit the sales. I also got all the makeup pictured above. Its mostly benefit, which I havent used in a while as I kinda went off it. But I am very greatful for how generous David, my family and friends were this christmas, and I'm excited to have a play about with these pretty new things :) Also got a voucher for Mac... any suggestions on what I should get?! Im fine for blushers (have 3 MAC ones at the mo) and powder (got the mineralise skinfinish) and foundation (estee lauder is my staple) and eyeliner (blacktrack of course...) I was thinking maybe a mascara, if theyre any good? And the prep and prime for skin? I have 3 Urban Decay eyeshadow palletes now, so even though the Mac ES are so pretty, I cant really justify buying any cute little MAC ones. Your ideas and suggestions would be muchly appreciated :)

Oh, and my mum has also arranged for me to have a reading from my wee sisters godmother, Margaret Solis, on monday. She is a psychic and clairvoyant, and is a pretty amazing woman. I can be a bit unsure about things like that... and it will be wierd because I know Margaret as a person, outwith her 'working' life. I know how well established she is... and my mum has promised that I wont be disappointed! Ahhh, I'm scared! :) Have you ever been to a psychic before? Do you know anyone that has?

My daddy proposed to his girlfriend yesterday, and she said yes :) True romance! Maybe that Zara number will make a 3rd appearance if its lucky ;)

I am ridiculously enjoying the festive season. Hope y'all are too ♥

'Tis the night before christmas...

I am tucked up on the couch in my paul frank hoodie with some tea and m&s jaffa cakes (yum!) Today was quite a tiring wee day. Me and David were planning on spending the day in Edinburgh like we did last year, but since the transport has been so disrupted the past few days due to the crazy weather, we decided to give it a miss :( Instead, we went to a huge local park and took my snowboard! Loads of people were sledging down the massive hill there, it was pretty cool. I haven't been snowboarding in quite a few months due to lack of funds, but this was an awesomely cheap and cheerful way to get out for a couple hours! I even gave David his first lesson :) He did so well, hope that's him hooked now ;)

It did make me realise one thing though - I am defo not as fit as I used to be :( Maybe it was the harsh, cold air and the fact that I've got a bit of a cold at the moment, but I honestly felt so sick everytime I walked back to the top of the hill. I was semi-diagnosed with asthma a couple of months ago, but then the doc decided she didnt think it was asthma anymore and so I was sent to the hospital for a chest xray. But that came back all clear, and I got so busy with uni that I never went back to the doctors for a chat about what we were going to do next. I still have my cough and feel like Im breathing through a straw sometimes, and I still get breathless and panicky in situations like today. Its something that really needs solving in the new year! Bleh.

But anyways, I literally cannot believe how quickly the last year has went in. Its been a busy one, full of ups and downs and good times along with the bad. I feel like since turning 20 I've gotten to know myself much better. I know what kind of person I would like to be, and what good morals I would like to follow in life. 2010 is going to be an epic one, I'm excited about what's in store next :)

I'd like to wish everyone a fab christmas and new year. Wether youre alone, with your other half, with family, friends, or furry creatures, I hope that this time of year is special and joyus and nostalgic. Just like it should be. See you on the other side!

l still believe, it's you and me 'till the end of time
Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror

Baby it's cold outside

That be all for today folks :) ♥

Sunday Best

Whats in your wardrobe? This is my 7ft tall, rather messy but organised arrangement of clothing :) Tshirt, casual tops, and shorts skirts etc are folded in the top section. And all my jumpers, cardis, dresses, and nicer skirts/some tops are hung from the rail! And at the very bottom I have my shoes, and a basket full of underwear. I keep all my leggings and jammies in the drawer under my bed. Not to mention a whole wicker basket full of 'painty' clothes that I wear to uni, and all my jackets are hung in the cupboard under the stairs. Pretty safe to say I need a bigger space! :( I often forget what clothes I have, because they cant all be hung up or have much space to be folded. I've stuck some polaroids and pictures to the inside doors. Its a bit too bloody cluttered tbh! Walk in wardrobe anyone? SJP will ALWAYS make us jealous in those terms.

My most recent addition to my wardrobe is these 3 new dresses - and the one on the far right which is actually a playsuit! And yes, the legend that is the Matalan clearance centre strikes again! ;) Guess how much these four lovelies came to? £27! I am pleased :)

Its really a case of luck at the clearance centre. They get new stuff in each week, and since it was christmas the shelves and rails were totally packed! I dont normally shop at Matalan, but I've got a few goodies from the Clearance centre in the past and it honestly makes me resent buying one shirt, for example, from topshop for like £30. I sold some new perfume on ebay last week, which I got £27 for. So the funds bought me these 4 newbies in exchange. You gotta love a bargain eh. Now I am sorted for an outfit for my grans 70th, christmas eve, christmas day and new years eve. Do most folks buy a new dress or outfit for christmas celebrations? I would feel strange not to! ♥

Lovely films

Here is a list of films that I could watch again and again. For the storytelling, the cinematography, the art direction, the soundtrack, the quotes... you get the idea :)

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Old version and Tim Burton Version)

The Wizard Of Oz

Edward Scissorhands


Peter Pan

500 Days of Summer



The Lost Boys


Hocus Pocus

Little Miss Sunshine

My Neighbour Totoro

What an awesome quote, it is so true aswell. Music and film are the perfect source for inspiration, and I think you'd maybe agree that they keep your head above water and your spirits high when you loose faith in the world and the people around you. Good times :)

Nice things on a Monday

Today I had an unexpectedly productive day. A friend of mine has entered a commercial competition run by Kodak, for Barclays Bank. I wont reveal what's been done... since it is a competition. But I spent the afternoon painting a puppet size set (1 to 4.5 scale) with Ashleigh. Its a fake, sorta cartoonized bank building front and pavement with a cute wee road. The doors are plastic and see through - did some really nice silver detailing on the door panels but its hard to see in these pictures! Ash also did some bank teller stands and I had a teeny little photocopier to paint, haha it was well cute. When they come to film it tomorow, the set will be lit and the little pieces will have LED lights inside, so that the photocopier can flash and 'scan' for example... cool eh?

Tonight I went to the Glasgow Fort shopping centre with Leah, and bought myself a lovely wee pair of Fred Perry trainers from Schuh, and a new pair of heels from New Look. I love grey, and I love bows. Good combo :) These shoes will certainly be getting broken in this week, pictures sure to follow!

I gots a job! Today I got a phonecall from the people at Talkback Thames (the company who I was employed by when I worked on Britains Got Talent) and the have offered me a couple of days work in January for a new BBC show called...

Its essentially another show from Andrew Lloyd Webber. Mind he did the programme where he was looking for a Joseph, and then a Maria? Well, now its A Dorothy! Which is exciting, because the Wizard Of Oz is one of my favourite films and I think it will be completely awesome when it gets brought to the West End. Not as good as Wicked, of course ;)

I really would like some new ink :( I spend aaages looking up tattoos online (this one is from and I have a wee list in my ipod touch where tattoo ideas float in and out of. I have a few nice ideas for designs, quotes, and the actual placement. But I think its good to let them settle, and see if I still actually like the thought of it in 6 months time. I don't know when, where or even IF I will get a new tattoo in the near future. Its my 21st birthday next summer and then me and David go away travelling. I think if I was gonna get another one, then I would do it around that time :)

Ps. God bless the person who invented, it is bloody awesome! Away to dance around my bedroom and finish wrapping Davids birthday pressies :]