Playing with paint

I need to make a serious promise to myself that I will be more photoshop literate by the time I graduate. Its a pretty invaluable skill for me to have! The clock is ticking. My own copy of Adobe photoshop would really help first :( There is only so much time I can spend in the Digital Training Unit at the Academy, playing around aimlessley with tutorials. I need some home alone time and my own pictures to experiment with! I would love to be able to do some really effective and awesomely cool stuff with photos and graphics and the like. And where does Illustrator come into things? Is it similar to Photoshop and in what other ways can you use it? These are all questions I need to start finding answers to. I made the above photo a wee while back playing around with the joy that is 'Paint' on Windows, my camera, and and Ikea pillow :) Simples!


  1. missy you are talente. i love the eited picture

  2. Great photo! I splashed out and bought myself a copy of CS3, but half the tutorials of things i want to do are for illustrator :( I can't afford both!