Mind Boggling

Gauze! Its like painting on a huge pair of flat fishnet tights. The rules are, your paint cant be too thick (or you will block all the holes) and your paint cant be too thin, or it will bleed down the rest of the fabric! Oh, and you cant make any mistakes either, because they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to rub out. So for this crazily precise and geometric design, the pressure was on, a tad :)

This is the backdrop for the transformation scene in Sleeping Beauty. When a gauze is lit from the front, it looks opaque. But when it is lit from behind, it becomes transparant! And in that case, another scene is normally set behind this backdrop. Preparing for a 'mystery reveal'. However in this case the designers only wanted the clock face to disappear when backlit, and for the surrounding lines to remain. Incase you are wondering why the numerals are backwards, it is because the cast are meant to be inside a clock tower :) But anyhoo, how does one solve a problem like Maria? How do we make half of the Gauze features become transparant, and the other half remain intact even when back lit? Well... we painted the clock face as normal, and when it came to all the other geometric lines we based them with latex glue first (which blocks all the holes and prevents the light from shining through) and then painted over the top with normal black paint! Not that much of a mystery :) Its quite a tricky thing to do, but hopefully it will look stunning. And get a few "oooh's!"

I will try and get a proper picture of this transformation during the dress rehearsals. Not long to go now. I hope you all get to see a Panto this christmas, support your local theatres and get into the festive cheer :)

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